Saturday, July 9, 2016

Road Kill - Win, Lose, or Get Out of the Way. #BB18

Here is your Saturday Status Update:

Bridgette is the HoH, of course.  She nominated Tiffany and Paul for eviction.

Frank is the Road Kill winner, and nominated Bronte for eviction last night.

Just now, the house learned the details of the new Have Not punishment.  They were locked in the HoH room while Production set up the "extra food" table, but saw what was set up the table before they even made the trip downstairs.

Paul:  Popcorn!  That looks delicious!

The house guests circle the table, which is covered with popcorn and peanuts. I think some "cheese powder" is also included, based on Paul's rants.

Paul:  What the hell!  Your boy got stuck eating berries last week, and you get this?  You've got to be kidding me!  I could live on nuts alone!  This is bullshit!

Bridgette read the card, which said that since they were eliminated first in the HoH competition, Team Freakazoid would be the Have Nots this week.  Team Freakazoid is Nicole, Corey, and Tiffany, of course.

And no sporting event would be complete without concessions, so the Have Nots can enjoy all of the popcorn and peanuts that they like this week.

Corey high fives one of the guys about this, and is excited with the extras they will get to eat.

Corey:  I wonder if I can grind up those nuts with some butter or something.

Zakiyah announces that she doesn't eat peanuts, but no one seemed to acknowledge this.  They are probably thinking that she should be glad she is not a Have Not again this week, but no one says that out loud.  The new Have Not team is happy and relieved at the way things turned out for them.

Natalie and Bronte immediately went up to the HoH room to chat.  Bronte thinks that the next HoH competition will be endurance, which is their strength.

Natalie:  James is strong with that, too.

(James actually won "the wall" competition last year.)

Bronte also reports that she's memorized the entire "board" in the departures lounge, and also the related messages throughout the house.  She's noticed patterns in the information, and says that just like Victor was good with finance, she is good with math.

(Obviously Bronte has told certain house guests about her aspirations to be a mathematician.  And I've heard Frank say that Bronte told him that she wanted to go to Jury so she would continue to earn money for grad school. The house guests earn about $1,000 per week as long as they are in the game or sequestered somewhere.  But the winners don't get this stipend money...just the prize money, which is taxed more favorably than the stipend "salary".)

Bronte recites all of the math classes she has taken, and says "the only thing in life she is good at is calculus".  Natalie thinks her mom will love Bronte, based on her career choice.


The live feeds were shut down for quite some time yesterday---about five or 6 hours --- for the Road Kill competition.  When the live feeds come back up after a competition break like this, the live feeders are always frantically looking for evidence of who won, and what went down.  With the Road Kill competition, we don't see a PoV medal or anything, but so far it hasn't been hard to figure out the results of the competition.

I keep hoping that whoever wins will keep it a secret, but unfortunately this hasn't happened yet.

When the feeds came back, a small group was gathered in the Have Not room, discussing the competition.  James is wearing some sort of life vest that he wore in the competition.

James:  I think Corey won it.

Then we see Da'Vonne and Frank in the  Nairobi Lounge.  I know that Da'Vonne didn't win the competition, because her posture and body language always indicate when things aren't going her way in there.

Frank told her that he won the Road Kill, and that she is safe.  He says he got lucky out there today.

Frank:  I want to put up Michelle.

Da'Vonne:  You can't, because she is on your team.

Frank: Oh, I forgot about that.

(That did not stop Frank from nominating Bridgette with his Road Kill win the 1st week. Clearly Da'Vonne needs to brush up on the rules of the game.  They have a notebook in Storage full of the BB rules and regulations.)

Da'Vonne:  I need to win a competition, Frank.

Frank reassures her that she will win one, at some point.  Then the two of them started low talking about who they want to leave this week.  Da'Vonne wants to split up Nicole and Corey, by getting rid of Corey this week, but Frank is still focused on Tiffany leaving.  Frank did think that Corey could get the votes to leave if he were nominated, though.

Tiffany is moving about the house now, probably trying to figure out who won the competition, and stopped by to talk to Da'Vonne.  I did not hear Da'Vonne tell her what she knew about it, though.

Tiffany's holding up pretty well, considering how she reacted to being on the block last week.  I think finding out that she had zero votes for eviction gave her a boost in confidence.

Tiffany:  The only good thing about being nominated is that you don't have to worry about your picture coming up as the Road Kill.

She needs to win the PoV--hopefully she knows she needs to use it if she does.  But even if she doesn't win it, she might still have a chance to stay this week, if Bridgette has something to say about it.  But Tiffany needs to hold it together, with no big outbursts, if she wants to have any chance of that.

The weather changes fast in that house...someone else can easily step up and be considered "IT" at any time.

Da'Vonne and Michelle were in the Have Not room with a few other people.  Paulie thought he won the Road Kill, because he "only had to do it once".  Several of the other house guests weren't so lucky.

I heard Nicole say she had to start over a few times.

Paulie:  Every time I think I won that thing, Frank beats me.

James:  Frank is a comp beast.

Michelle:  That's why he's Frank the Tank.

Corey was worried.  He should be, There is a risk he will be on the block this week, and if he is I think the others will take the opportunity to eliminate him.

Corey hasn't been very successful in the competitions though, from what I've seen.  With his physique and athletic skills though, it's probably a matter of time before he is able to showcase those skills and start winning.

Bridgette tried to relax in her HoH suite, but she was worried about the Road Kill results.

Bronte has a feeling that she is going to be nominated.  She knows they are outsiders in the game and people aren't telling them anything.


The Road Kill ceremony went down, and Bronte was indeed nominated for eviction.

Bridgette got a bitching red HoH robe..that's for sure.  Nicole just took a shower in the HoH room and is brushing out her hair and chatting with Bridgette.

Nicole has never used a face mask or any related products, and is nervous about trying them, in case it makes her face break out.  Bridgette says that she uses a face mask every week when she's at home, and points out her favorite skin care products.

Nicole:  That's why you have such nice skin.

Bridgette:  No!  I was a pizza face in high school!  And I didn't know how to use makeup to cover them up, so I just had to live with it.

Nicole:  I only put makeup on the zits, not the skin around them.

Note that Bridgette plans to have a Girl's Night in the HoH room this week, and invite Tiffany and Nicole to join the Spy Girls for it.  She wants to serve popcorn so Nicole can eat something, and have face masks for everyone.  She might invite other girls, but those are the two I heard her talk about. She wants to try and rally them to vote together to get Paul out this week.

The storage room finally got replenished, and everyone is very excited about the quantity and selection of food.

Paul finds some sort of cheese in the fridge that is wet and says it is disgusting.

Their produce always looks so colorful and fresh.  For those readers who are not familiar with Southern California, much of the country's produce is grown there, and then trucked across the states for consumption.  I used to date a guy from LA, and he told me that the "San Joaquin Valley is the salad bowl that feeds the world".

For example, the Subway sandwich chain started offering some sort of pasty guacamole as a sandwich topping in the last year or so, but 20 years ago in Los Angeles you could add huge chunks of fresh avocado to your Subway sub for an additional 50 cents.  All of those avocados were grown just down the road, and were cheap and plentiful.

They can't believe how much chicken they got this week, but they still have some rather expensive packages of fish that they need to use in the next few days, so it doesn't go to waste.

Frank is the one who pointed that out, so I'm sure we'll hear chatter later about how Frank is bullying everyone and telling them what to eat.

We already know that the camera loves Zakiyah, but I also think the camera crew does, too.

Paul is in the kitchen, putting together his midnight feast and being a showman about it.  (The current Have Nots were allowed to eat at midnight, and the next Have Not shift started today, as reported earlier in this post.)  You can easily hear the kitchen voices in the bathroom area, without even trying very hard to do that.

Paul:  James, you're a good man. That's why I keep you around.

James is chopping up a bell pepper and Paulie worked on squeezing ground beef out of a plastic tube.  Paul's plan is to make burgers with onions, green peppers, and mushrooms and they are all helping them execute it.

Bronte went upstairs to the HoH room and waited around until Bridgette came upstairs to talk to her.  Bridgette said that she's not used to the cameras following her around so much, and that Frank is trailing after her where ever she goes.

Bronte points out that she is not going to be swayed by "a boy" in this game, and that she wants the other girls in the house to know that she won't be influenced by "a boy".

(Saying "a boy" over and over with the fake-ish baby girl voice is way too much.  It's hard to be credible about "Girl Power" when you communicate like a toddler.)

Bronte: Paulie hates me, and I knew I was in trouble as soon as he got HoH.

(Paulie hates Bronte because she was so cruel to him when he was nominated in week #1.)

They go through the list of girls in the house who are being controlled by the guys.

*  Natalie - has James
*  Zakiyah - is wrapped around Paulie's finger
*  Nicole - has Corey

Bronte:  That's why they want us already have a boyfriend and I can't be swayed by them in this game.

They discuss what Bridgette should do if Paul or Tiffany wins the PoV and takes themselves off the block.

Bronte:  We have to put a boy up on the block, or our statement about wanting the girls to win will not be believed.

Bridgette: Well, the two I'd like to put up are on my team....and I told James I wouldn't put him up, so it would have to be Corey.

Bronte:  We've got to try and rally the girls up this week.

Bridgette:  I know, half of them all hate me!  I'm the wrong HoH to rally the girls.

Bridgette discussed the situation with Michelle---she has heard the rumor of what she said about shaving off Michelle's eyebrows.

Bridgette:  And that is when she started hating me!  I don't have any recollection of saying that!  I can't believe I said that and I will be so embarrassed if I actually did say that and it's on TV.  I know Frank sat Michelle down and told her that she needs to patch things up with me, but I don't think she wants to do that.

(Some of the Super Fans think Michelle is publicizing her beef with Bridgette on purpose, so everyone will think Bridgette is Michelle's only target in the game, which would be kind of smart, actually...)

Bronte:  But look at what is's like BB16 all over again.

Bridgette:  I know!  I promise I won't "Christine" you.  Sorry Christine, but that was mean!

(During BB16, Christine turned on her friend Nicole and helped to backstab her right out of the game.)

Bridgette: Who knows what Jozea and Victor were running around saying about us!  Maybe that's why people hate us!

(They are both going to feel SO STUPID when they watch the first week's episodes of the CBS show.  They aligned with a MORON and I believe THAT is what hurt Bronte, in particular, along with her haughty attitude about being in charge around there.  Which she wasn't, of course, but she didn't know that until it was way too late.)

Bronte:  But what is going on with Natalie?  Have you noticed anything about her lately?  I have to literally PRY information about of her. Like when she knew that Jozea would be leaving, she just told us she had a feeling about it--she didn't tell us the truth.

Bridgette: Yeah...but at least we know she can keep a god damned secret!

They know that James is infatuated with Natalie, but aren't sure the feeling is mutual.  They hope that the house will vote out Tiffany as they have been told, but Bridgette is worried that Tiffany will come off the block somehow and Bronte will end up going home.

Bridgette:  I didn't want this reign, but now that I won it, I want it!  I will be so pissed if the boys use my HoH to get you out!

Bronte addresses America, telling us that she'd rather go home fighting for the girls, then to be safe because she "hides under a rock that is attached to a penis".

I think there is a good chance that the girls alliance, in whatever form that actually takes, will prevail, and leave few or no men left in the house.

I don't think we've seen anything like that since BB6, have we?  There was A LOT of tension and anger in that season, but mainly that was due to the Friendship Girls trying to get Janelle out of the house.

I think we have some tough girls in there that may go HAM on each other once they have the end in sight.  If they keep around one or two guys at that point (maybe James and/or Paul?) those guys will have the opportunity to turn the table on the girls, but quietly.

For example, in Survivor Vanuatu, Chris Daugherty was the last guy standing with 6 girls who were working together, and he ended up winning.

*** ALSO ***

Please enjoy this moment from BB16, as the new Have Nots adjust to their new reality.

 In this scene, Nicole did not volunteer to be a Have Not, but Caleb Reynolds made her one.  A special bonus is that Frankie Grande was a total dick about it, which was fun for the viewers.


  1. Frank cannot nominate Michelle because Bridgette is HOH and all of their team is safe this week. In week 1 Nicole was HOH so Frank was able to nominate someone from his own team.

    1. So complicated, all of these dang rules.

      Thanks for that.

    2. Well, there's a book of rules in the storeroom . . . and there's The Book of Mormon on Broadway!

  2. Day was right. Frank could not have nominated Michelle because they are all safe for the week since Bridgette won HOH.

  3. This is the first time where I don't like anybody at all. What to do? Maybe someone will step up with an intelligent or amusing personality that we didn't see yet.

  4. No one? Really?

    You might try following Paul around on the live feeds. He has settled into a groove in there and is frequently profanely funny.

    No affection for any of the vets either?

    There do seem to be a boatload of BB fans who hate everybody every year, but they really enjoy doing that.


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