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Road Kill: Why Did the House Guest Cross the Road? #BB18

As the new Head of Household, Paulie was pressured by BB to make his nominations bright and early on Friday morning.  It seems like Production will be filming the Road Kill competition on Friday afternoons this season, with the PoV events remaining for Saturday afternoon and/or evenings.  Since each of the house guests will be competing in the Road Kill competition separately, that eats up a lot of time now, with a full house of players.

Paulie nominated Paul and Bronte, but the 8-Pack target is Victor.  At least, that is the plan now.  The group started gathering in the HoH room right after nominations to review the situation.

They said that Victor was visibly relieved after nominations----he was expecting to see his picture up on screen.

James:  Victor was over there smiling.  He couldn't help it.

They are fairly certain that the newbies aren't aware that Victor is a backdoor target, and might not even realize that is a possibility, due to their proven lack of knowledge of the game.

Please lose the braids, Tiffany.  You're going to get a lot of camera time this week so you might want to look your best.

I'm sorry but Boy George is all I can think about here.

Halloween is in October, Tiffany.

Either Zakiyah or Da'Vonne braided Tiffany's hair for her on Thursday---I think keeping it for three days is long enough to be polite, isn't it?  It seems like that would hurt your scalp after one day and who needs an extra headache in that house?

Paulie looks over at the fish tank, and announces that the "fish are eating each other again", which seems incredibly apropos at the moment.  Apparently one of the small fish is dead and the larger fish are bouncing it around as they consume it.

Victor joins the group, and he watches the carnage in the fish tank, too.

Victor:  Those smaller fish are terrified.

Paulie:  The fish are savages!

Not a trace of irony in any of this conversation, by the way.  I don't think Victor realizes he is the smaller fish this week, without a big school to protect him.  When we see the HoH competition air on this Sunday's CBS show, we should see James sabotage his own Team Unicorn's chances to win HoH, to prevent Victor and Bronte from having any safety this week.

Victor and Paul both discussed it afterwards, and had their suspicions, but Victor seems to have wisely chosen to let that topic of discussion drop.  He's trying to "go along and get along", by the looks of it.

Victor:  I really want Monday afternoon to get here so we can just relax, and sit outside and drink some fucking beers.

(After the PoV ceremony on Monday, Victor may want to drown his sorrows, all right.)

Frank was cooking up some sort of pasta dish made with bacon.

Paulie stopped by to get a look at what Frank was cooking, but really to mutter an update that Victor seems to have no idea that he is the target this week.  All of the group efforts are focused now on making sure Victor is not picked to play in the PoV competition, clearing the way for him to be backdoored this week.

They are locked indoors while the Road Kill competition is set up outside, but Bridgette bounces in and  says she wishes she could go outside and play.

Frank:  I have a game we can play.  It's called 'I'll choke around your neck until you pass out'.

Bridgette:  Tee hee hee.  Ha ha ha Frank!

Paulie let Bridgette borrow that red beanie she is wearing, but says now that he knows he won't get it back now that she's adopted it.

Bridgette:  Tee hee hee.  Ha ha ha Paulie!

Paulie went back upstairs where Victor was listening to his HoH music.  I don't know who the artist is, but I think it may be hard rock or heavy metal.

Victor:  This music is good, man.  I listen to it and now I feel like I'm ready to go out and kill someone!

(i.e. in a competition, I assume)

They discuss the fish-on-fish crime again, and Bridgette says it is Social Darwinism on display, right there in their fish tank.

Kill or be killed.  Or, as this year's Big Brother After Dark slogan says, "Play or be played".

Which path will Victor take this week?

Victor and Paulie sat down for a good old-fashioned fake game of chess, so Victor could talk to him.

I want to draw your attention again to those huge white "ribs" that swerve all over the ceiling on their way down to the floor in the living room.  They are STUPENDOUS and I don't understand why those house guests aren't touching them or talking about them.

Victor doesn't have time to discuss the decor in there, though.  He has more important things on his mind, like the Road Kill and PoV competitions.

Paulie:  I don't care if you win PoV and take Paul down.  My target is Bronte this week.

(Note that Bronte is really the second choice for eviction, but is totally believable as Paulie's #1 target after she cruelly taunted Paulie last week about being on the block for eviction.)

Victor:  I'm at your mercy Paulie.  I need someone to align with now.  I don't want to just shift back and forth every week.  I want to play with a team, an alliance.

Victor:  Do you trust James?  I think he will lie....James will lie.

Paulie:  I don't really have a deal with anybody right now.  I just trust Frank.


Paulie:  We probably should move some chess pieces around if we're going to pretend to play chess.


The competition involved some sort of numerical skills, and Victor won.  Victor did not keep this a secret, however, which must be a big disappointment for Production.  Having someone who is at risk for eviction win the Road Kill could result in a lot of great tension, particularly if Victor anonymously nominated someone scandalous.  A big target like Frank, or someone the others might be tempted to evict if they had the chance.

And Victor is blabbing that he won to EVERYBODY.

Corey:  Victor majored in accounting, so...

Michelle:  It was Finance.  He majored in Finance.  I wonder what went wrong with Tiffany though?  That should have been her competition.  She said she just lost focus somehow.

Corey: Since Victor was nominated, he's already talked more to all of us in the last two hours than he did for two weeks!  I don't know why he's telling everybody he won though.

When Corey speaks, he reminds me of someone.  I didn't know if it was Corey's voice, or his mannerisms, but it's been driving me crazy trying to figure out who I was thinking about.

Then it hit me during Thursday's live show:  Corey could be a stand in for Lance Bass.  Check it out.

I think Lance is from Tennessee or Kentucky, rather than Texas, but the voice comparison works, too.

I saw Lance one time at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.  He was with a group of guys and seemed just like a normal person.  Very approachable, even though this was just a year or so after the N-Sync craze started to slow down.

Michelle points out that if Victor can beat some of the smarter people in a competition not based on athletics, it is even more important to get him out of the game this week.

I hope the guys in the house know that if they evict Victor, the girls will outnumber the boys by 8 to 5.  I know Paulie did the math on that calculation, because I heard him say that it's okay with him if Bronte is the one to leave, since that will make the female to male ration seven to six.

Frank is in the know with all sides of the house, and tells James that he thinks Victor may be nominating him with the Road Kill power.

Frank:  Are you okay with that, if that happens?

James:  I guess so, if I have to.  I know we have the votes this week, I just hate to be the first vet nominated....

(Implying that it is a bit of a risk, since the vets could end up being targeted if the newbies get the opportunity to do so.)

Frank:  If you'd rather not, I think I can get Victor to nominate Tiffany.

Apparently Victor already told Paulie that nominating James might be "too obvious" for him, and that Tiffany might be a better choice for the Road Kill nomination.

(Since when is Victor concerned with being too obvious?  He has told EVERYONE that he won the competition!)

James:  You should tell Victor that people won't vote me out, because I'm America's Favorite Player.

Frank:  I don't want you up there James.  Let's tell him to put Michelle up there.

We see that Michelle and Da'Vonne are in the room and they laugh at Frank's "joke".  Da'Vonne kind of smirked when she heard Tiffany's name get thrown out there.

Da'Vonne doesn't trust Tiffany at all.  There was some drama with Tiffany earlier because she went directly to Nicole and shared the news that they were both on Victor's short list for the Road Kill nomination, along with James.  Paulie is the one who told Tiffany that Victor said that, and wanted to be the one to share that information with Nicole, not Tiffany.

This made Nicole think that Tiffany was trying to upset her or something.  Frank says he's a little worried how Tiffany would take being nominated....but Da'Vonne admitted later that she is looking forward to seeing her react to the bad news.

Meanwhile I'm sure Michelle is quite happy that no one seems to be throwing her name out there for anything.

Nicole and Paulie came in and Paulie says he's heard a few names get tossed around, including Natalie.

Michelle:  Oh, he won't nominate Natalie.

Paulie:  It could happen.

The main goal of the 8-Pack after they learned that Victor won the Road Kill has been to keep Victor from nominating himself, which I guess would be a valid choice.  If Victor nominated himself, then he would be locked in to play for PoV, which is the only way to truly ensure his safety this week.

Even Natalie and Bridgette seem to understand that Victor is the target this week. Victor seems to be the only one who doesn't realize it.  But if the 8-Pack can pull this off, things should be very interesting when Victor and his temper realize he got played.

Paul was doing a lot of talking about how he was "bamboozled" by Jozea and his teachings.

Paul:  I couldn't say anything about it, otherwise I would have become the next enemy!  It was hard to fight all of those grandiose ideas.

(Right, like Paul was being bullied by Jozea.  A half-wit blowhard with no pants on.)

Paul must have shaved his head before the live show, but I missed it.

Bronte and Natalie have faith that Victor is the real target this week, so Bronte is trying not to stress.

Bronte:  We just have to suck it up and grovel.

They promised to watch each other's back.

Natalie:  We need to clean our slates around here, and then just ride the big wave...and don't mention the Girls Alliance idea to anyone.  We have to start earning trust and we can do that now.

Paulie came in to the bedroom where Tiffany was resting.  He tried to reassure her, telling her that Victor had a couple of options for his nomination, but he wasn't planning to nominate himself so their plan was still in motion.

That bedroom is so confusing to me.  The colors are bright and cheery but I don't think I could relax in there.  This is Frank's single bed in the corner there.  James is just visiting in that space, squeezing in to do some low-talking with Frank and Nicole about the upcoming nomination.

Nicole:  James you're so calm about everything.


Tiffany was nominated for the Road Kill pick.  Nicole and James are obviously relieved.

And the store room got re-stocked for the week.  Everyone was thrilled about that.  Nicole ripped open a bag of Stacy's pita chips and got to work.  The chips were very crunchy.

Nicole is looking in the fridge here.  I think she took some hummus out.

Natalie is thinking smart in there right now.  She has a real chance to jump over to the big alliance if she continues to keep her mouth shut when she needs to.

As you might have guessed, Tiffany was not happy about being nominated.  She confronted people. She cried.  She was upset with Frank again, because she found out that Frank knew about it in advance, and lied to her about it.

Tiffany was concerned that this was a plan that she didn't know about, but is trying to trust that Victor is the one who will be going up and out this week.

Tiffany approached Paulie for a private chat.  She wanted his advice about playing for the PoV.

Tiffany:  You have good judgement.  Do you think I should just go all out and win the PoV?  Would you do that?

Note that since Tiffany is the Road Kill nominee, if she wins the PoV and saves herself, Victor would be the one to make the replacement nomination, as Frank did last week. Since the goal is to get Victor nominated in Paul or Bronte's spot, if Tiffany did win the PoV she should save either Paul or Bronte.

But that would leave herself on the block....does she trust the group enough to do that?  Should she trust the group enough to do that?

I like the Nairobi Room.  I think it looks really comfortable and cozy.

This is Victor settling down for a nap.  I thought the angle was interesting.

They were locked in the HoH room for a few minutes, and when they came out there were bowls of berries on the table, along with a note for the HoH to read about this week's Have Nots.

Everyone ran downstairs and said the berries smelled so good.  Paulie wasn't down there, and neither was Frank, so they kept calling out for Paulie to come downstairs.

I'm sure Bridgette is thinking about what she can bake with all of those blueberries.

There was an overall feeling of dread, as they tried to figure out who would have to be punished this week.

It seemed too good to be true, these berries.  Finally Paulie came downstairs with Frank and read the note.  The note said that the team who stacked the least amount of berries in the HoH competition is the team that will be Have Nots this week.

And that team is Team Big Sister---Da'Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah.

That might throw a wrench into Zakiyah's flirting with Paulie.  She can't sleep in the HoH room now....

*** ALSO ***

After the live show, the guys gave Nicole her birthday present.  They made her sit down in a chair and then Corey, Victor and Paulie  gathered around her, taking off their shirts.

A little gyrating.  Pulling their pants down.  Nicole squealing.

It was fun.


  1. That's a nice birthday present. ;)
    I watched Z flirt with Paulie last night. She's so beautiful, I'm surprised she isn't playing a little harder to get.
    I kind of hope Bronte or Tiffany goes this week.
    I also rewatched some of BB14 today. That Willie, what a basket case.

  2. Actually Nicole requested the guys come up with a dance routine for the final hour of her birthday.
    The "striptease" was the result.

  3. I can't with the Boy George reference. I'll I can think is "Do you really want to hurt me, do you really want to make me cry" which might be oddly fitting for Tiffany. I was a fan at first but the incessant crying is KILLING me. Just can't deal. She is still better than Jozea with his no pants wearing self.


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