Monday, July 18, 2016

PoV Ceremony Aftermath: Extra, Extra! (Yes, Da'Vonne, I'm Looking at You.) #BB18

The PoV ceremony happened this morning in the Big Brother house...we knew there would be drama, because we knew that Da'Vonne would be nominated, and that's never a smooth process.

So, Corey used his PoV to take himself off the block, which meant that a new Road Kill nomination would take place.  It seemed like the feeds were down for a long time....but when they returned, things were far from boring.

But like most good Big Brother dramas, finding out what happened took some time....and some listening and watching.

The cameras followed DaVonne as she stormed across the backyard, being really loud about what a great day it was, and how she's not stressed at all.  Being really extra about everything.  I heard Zakiyah saying something about that "being easier than she thought".

Da'Vonne:  And she can't even flip her hair...that's why I did that.  That's Shade 101.  But she tried to do it and she couldn't...that's why I was like "your hair's not long enough, bitch".


Da'Vonne:  Did you see their faces when he used the PoV?  I don't think they thought he would do it, but when we had to film it over she couldn't stop smiling when he used it.


Da'Vonne flipped her braids around in indignation after she saw her picture on the nomination screen, and the braids hit Tiffany, maybe even in the face.  This caused Production to re-shoot parts of, or maybe even the entire ceremony. I heard Corey say something about having to do his part twice, too.  I don't think Da'Vonne hit Tiffany with her braids intentionally, but I know she has struggled in the past not to react physically when she is angry.

(If anyone is questioning that last sentence, go back and watch the footage after "Butt Gate"---Da'Vonne lost her temper when Frank touched her and kept saying she "almost hit him" and also repeated that she would be out of the game if she did hit him----that is why she was so upset about it at the time.  And Da'Vonne said that, not me. She knows that keeping her temper in check is a necessity if she wants to succeed this summer.)


Da'Vonne:  They think they're going to get me to blow up and cause drama, but that's not gonna happen....I did that in my season, but I'm not gonna do that now!

Da'Vonne wanted some juice, and was very loud with the chatter as she went over to pour it and taste it.  Tiffany was in the kitchen and was nervous about going in the backyard, but both Nicole and Frank told her it was okay, to just go out there.

Honestly I thought this was Nikki Graham...I didn't recognize Tiffany at first.  Someone asked her if she was too hot to wear that in the sun, but Tiffany murmured something about it feeling okay.

And then the Mean Girls started making loud, derogatory comments about Tiffany, knowing that she's sitting right there and can hear them.  After a few minutes Tiffany got up and started walking back in the house.

Michelle, in a taunting tone:'s time to go inside and put the sunglasses on again!

Da'Vonne: She's so shady with her lyin' ass!

(What is Michelle doing?  She needs to tone it down three notches, at least.)

Frank just took it all in, surveying the damage and probably looking for opportunities to gather evidence against Da'Vonne. He told everyone about the intense rain storms that happen every afternoon in South Florida, like clockwork.

Frank had a quick little exchange with Tiffany inside earlier, where he said that the cameras caught it, and she could try to discuss the issue with Production.  He indicated that Production probably won't be mad  if Tiffany makes an issue about it, but there was no guarantee that anything would happen.

(Let's face it, even a penalty vote for Day would be a tremendous help for Tiffany this week, but I certainly don't expect that to happen, particularly if  Da'Vonne didn't mean to hit her.  I'm sure Production checked the tapes and are probably studying it now like the Zapruder film.)

Nicole came out and checked on Da'Vonne, asking her if she was okay.

Nicole:  You probably had an idea about this, right?

Day:  I did. But thanks for checking on me.

Apparently Nicole and Corey might be getting physical now, and possibly even kissed last night.  But I can not confirm that, and don't really care to investigate, particularly with all of this new action that actually pertains to the game.

Michelle asked Frank if he would be tanning today, but he said no, and did not ask her if she was wearing any sunscreen.

It's the New Frank, apparently, trying not to meddle.  But I think one of Michelle's issues with Frank is that she is jealous he is closer to Bridgette than to her----I've actually heard her talk about this several times on the live feeds.

I think Big Meech would actually welcome Frank's comments right now, because not only does she like the attention, it will give her something else to rip him for later.

Nicole wishes they had some sort of timer so they would know when it's time to turn over.  Pretty sure she can just look at Michelle to see if she is Medium Rare yet before turning over.

Da'Vonne went in the house and was very loud as she walked through. She saw Frank and Bridgette, I think, and made a Very Extra announcement.

Da'Vonne:  Ya'll gonna have to take more than one shot to get me....gonna have to take more than one shot to get me.....

Then she went in the storage room and said she hated everyone, and then said that now would be a good time to call her in the  DR.

A few minutes later, they did.  And she went in there to have a chat with Production.

In the kitchen Tiffany looked through the fridge as Zakiyah put on a little performance of her own, talking to Natalie about having some sort of costume theme night, using a jungle or safari theme.

Natalie:  I'm down!

Tiffany waited for the microwave, looking tired and a little defeated.  Bridgette came over and rubbed her arm and asked if she was okay.

Bridgette:  Just rise above it and try to be the bigger person, so when you look back at these tapes you can be proud of yourself.  She can't say that right now....but you can.

Tiffany went back outside, looking reflective.  She's not crying though...she just took a shot at her rival and she needs to keep both eyes open.

Meanwhile Paul the Rat is running his mouth like crazy.  In order to be effective, Paul needs to be a little more careful, but I think he just wants to make good TV right now.  He is loudly telling Nicole what Frank said to him today.

Paul:  Homeboy just told me he thinks you're on the fence about the vote.

Nicole:  Me?  I'm on the fence?

Paul:  And Homegirl is so passive aggressive...

If Paul is going to keep saying "your boy", "homeboy", "homegirl" and of course "friendship" I'm going to need him to leave.  He even said that America might hate or love the whole "friendship" thing, so at least he's self-aware enough to know that.

Paul:  I know I'm annoying sometimes.

When Da'Vonne came out of the DR, she went right over to the shady side of the backyard to talk to Zakiyah.  She wanted to know if people were talking about the whole "Braid Gate" incident.

(My term for it, not Da'Vonne's.)

Zakiyah:  You mean out there?  No, I haven't heard anything.

Day:  Well, I need to check in with a few people, like Nicole, because WE understand my hair flip, but THEY don't understand it.

Paul made some open faced sandwiches for the guys....peanut butter, jelly and bacon.  But of course he had to incessantly yuck it up about it being a "friendship" sandwich...saying it over, and over, and over again.

Frank said the jelly looked hard to work with, as it was congealed, and then proudly announced that he watches the Food Network.

Frank liked his sandwich.  It sounded crunchy when he bit into it, because there is toast underneath all of that delicious crunchy peanut butter.

And Frank held it up so the cameras could get it.  It's hard to talk with a mouth full of that, I'm sure.

Paulie did a little toast with his sandwich before eating it.

I think Corey is the one who said it was "sex on a plate".

Zakiyah had to make a very Extra opportunity for herself by walking around to each guy and pretend to use her lollipop to 'interview" each one about the sandwich.  Then she made a big production about the cameras watching her, and being the center of the action.

I just can't with her right now.  At some point, you'd think they would become accustomed to the strange situation they are in, but I think Zakiyah is going to play up the cameras each day she is in the house--it's already day 33, with no sign of a slow down.

James is a Have Not, so he took a shower in the backyard.  I'll bet it feels great in the sun like that.

He brought the shampoo out, too, and later said that it was incredibly invigorating to shower like that, and he might do it more often.


I found a post from last summer that is kind of fun now, because it involves Vanessa and Steve talking about how Da'Vonne disclosed information about Steve and their supposed alliance, and even made up a few details, according to Steve.

Apparently Da'Vonne was responsible for references to "scampering" last summer, although she probably doesn't know it.  These are the excerpts from the post that pertain to this, but the entire post can be viewed here.

(It's at the bottom of the "Austin is a Dirty Bastard" post.)


  1. Juicy..... So glad someone else recognized them as "mean girls"! .... and yes Mich-have several seats!...bBTW- I like Paul's scampering around, makes me laugh..

  2. Juicy..... So glad someone else recognized them as "mean girls"! .... and yes Mich-have several seats!...bBTW- I like Paul's scampering around, makes me laugh..

  3. I think the thing aout Paul is he probably has ADD. When you live with ADD, which in adult life is not as detrimental as when you're in school, and there are varying degrees to it, some of us tend to repeat ourselves when we talk to people. And then we get a kick out of an inside joke or something that we find funny, or sometimes it involves silly voices or sounds, an we repeat that. People close to us get used to it and know that we'll move on to someting else in due time and know that if we're not saying those silly things, we're not feeling well. If we're being our ADD self, then all is good.

    So, if Paul is self aware, which he seems to be, he may have to tone it down just a tad because the people in there are not family or a spouse who love him no matter what. BUT, he needs to keep doing it because those people, regardless of what they are aware of, will think he is up to something or that something is wrong the day he stops saying those things altogether. If he keeps acting silly, people will remain unsuspecting of him. Might be annoying for feed watchers but inside that house, it might be the thing that is making him stay off the block.

    Just saying.

    The days I felt self concious and decided to tone down my ADD, people thought I was going to kill somebody or get somebody arrested or something crazy like that. They were like ''Cel is too serious, something is wrong. Something bad is going to happen, she's gonna blow up at somebody...'' Which is funny because I never did. I can blow up at somebody on a good day, and then it passes as quickly as it came like a storm cloud :p

    Oh and yeah, can we get rid of Zakiyah and Paulie yet? Reasons for Paulie? He is not enough like his brother lol


    When people are wanting to post comments about current racial issues in this country, it's time to close the comments. This is a website about a stupid fucking TV show, and clearly some of you have lost the plot.

    And as usual, I will have the last word, because it is my website, my ideas, my efforts to document the show, etc.

    Frank DID NOT touch Da'Vonne in a sexual manner. If you watch the live feeds before, during and after the incident, you would know that.

    If you want to rant and rave about it, you will need to go somewhere else. As you know, there are HUNDREDS of websites that cover Big Brother. Maybe even THOUSANDS. So good luck with that.