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PoV Aftermath: If You're Not Greedy, You Will Go Far. #BB18

This weekend is a rather lazy weekend in the Big Brother house.  They were cooped up in the house for most of Saturday, but finally got access to the backyard on Sunday.

You may know that Corey won the PoV yesterday.  I don't have any intelligence yet, though, about the type of competition it was, but it wrapped up relatively quickly in just a few hours.  Last year several of the PoV competitions were still in play when BBAD started, and one PoV competition even outlasted the BBAD three-hour broadcast.

But this one was over and done with before 9:00 pm, BBT.

Corey was on the block as the Road Kill nominee, so he will be able to save himself during Monday's PoV Ceremony.  But then the Road Kill winner will put up another nominee....and that brings us to the drama.


Right after the PoV competition ended, several of the house guests who are now at risk were very unhappy.  Nicole, Zakiyah, and Da'Vonne all scattered around, moping and getting upset about Corey's win.  Corey noticed that all members of his crew weren't happy for him, and I think a few of them made comments about Corey not needing to save himself, because they easily have the votes to evict Tiffany this week.

Corey visited Frank, Tiffany, and Bridgette in the Tokyo Room and they congratulated him, and told him that of course he needs to save himself.  They gave Corey very strong indicators that they held the Road Kill power, and gave assurances that Da'Vonne would be the one nominated.

Corey doesn't like Da'Vonne, and he and Nicole have been talking about targeting Da'Vonne for at least a week now, so Corey was receptive to this idea, and left the room finally feeling proud of his PoV win.

Frank wanted to update Tiffany and Bridgette about his meeting with Paulie that he just had upstairs in the HoH room, where things got kind of loud.

Frank:  I put Paulie on the spot up there.  I'm just tired of people lying to me, and lying about me. And they still think I won the Road Kill and i can't seem to change that.  I told him that in the last 36 hours, I've heard things from him, and also the same things from Tiffany, so there is a leak in his circle and we all know who that is.  I said why don't we get the person out who caused all of this trouble between everybody?  I'm really trying to paint Day in a bad light....

Tiffany:  I love this, but I hate this.

The bow tie was part of the PoV costume.  I don't think anyone got dirty in the comp, from the looks of it.

Frank:  And Paulie said he's "bred for this"...I just told him, you may be bred for this, but I've already lived this mother fucking life.

Tiffany: When did he say that?

Frank: You don't remember that?  When he said that out there?  That made me fucking sick.

Tiffany:  Yes, he did say that.  And "I am COLD.....CALM....AND COLLECTED BEFORE EVERY COMPETITION!"

Bridgette says she could hear Frank and Paulie going at it in the HoH room from the kitchen, and it upset her because she doesn't like fighting.

Frank:  But we weren't fighting up there Bridgette. I didn't want to get loud, but I'm not going to let Paulie overtalk's just not going to happen.

Tiffany:  I've been playing this game all wrong the whole time, and I didn't know it until now.

Frank:  The only thing I did wrong was talk to Day.

(C'mon Frank....that's the ONLY thing?)

Frank:  Tiff, the only thing I said about you up there that you might hear about is that I tried to downplay your competition skills, so he won't think you're a threat.  He keeps bringing up Vanessa's name, though.

Tiffany:  My sister?  I'll take that as a compliment, but we're not much alike in this game at all.

Frank:  I told Paulie you were on an island, all by yourself, but that's not really true.  You're on our island, the Island of Misfit Toys!

They all laughed, but Tiffany admitted she had never heard that phrase before.

Frank:  You don't remember the Claymation Rudolf Christmas special?  Santa had an Island of Misfit Toys where all of the reject toys lived.

(I think Tiffany grew up in France like Vanessa did, and must have missed the annual Christmas TV specials.)

These are Santa's Misfit Toys that had speaking roles on the Rudolf Christmas special.  I guess Frank the Tank could be that choo choo train.  I know that the elephant was rejected because of his spots, but I don't remember what was wrong with the others.

Whatever the reasons for their rejection, I can't imagine this sort of thing would be encouraged today.  But back then deformed toys and handicapped stuffed animals were no big deal.

And I know he was supposed to be scary, but the Abominable Snowman was always my favorite.  He just seemed like such a pleasant guy, and happy to be there.  He didn't seem Abominable at all, once you got to know him.

Bridgette: I'm just going to bake some fucking cookies this week.

Tiffany wants to learn how to make the "chocofudge" that Bridgette made recently.

Tiffany:  What was in that...crack?  Seriously it was one of the best desserts I have ever eaten.

Bridgette:  Really?  I didn't have any of the evaporated milk that I usually use, so I used the cornflake cookies in there.  I'll make them again this week.

Frank loved that cookie that was the base of Bridgette's fudge.  Bridgette brainstorms and says maybe she will make the fudge but put a layer of cookie on the bottom, and also the top.

Bridgette:  Then we can cut in in slices, like a candy bar.

Tiffany also wondered what those peanut butter cookies were that Bridgette made.

Frank:  Those are the Peanut Butter Chewies...she made those for me.

Bridgette:  I still need to work on that recipe.  I think we might need marshmallows, but I can't make marshmallows without corn syrup.

Frank: We'll ask for a bag of marshmallows in our HoH baskets, Bridge.

Bridgette, nodding:  Next week!

Frank likes that positive thinking.

Frank:  But please don't go after me again Tiffany.

They all laugh and Frank assures Tiffany that he is kidding.

Frank: I do like to get freaking heated in this game...but Production loves it too!  If I have to, I'm going to put the fear of god into a few people's time to have a Come to Jesus Meeting, son!

Frank adds that he's especially disappointed in Zakiyah.  He really liked her and is surprised that she lied to him.

Frank:  Me and Ashton aren't going to adopt Zee after the game anymore...we're going to adopt our Cabbage Patch Kid.

Tiffany, head in hands:  I'm so sorry about that. Oh my God.

Frank:  It's okay, I've had a great time talking about how I'm a dictator in the DR!


Paul is a rat.  He's been hanging out with Frank and Tiffany, and they think they can trust him.  But he is sharing everything he's learned with Paulie.  So Frank and Tiffany can pretend they aren't working together as long as they want to, but Paulie knows the real truth.

And that is just feeding into Paulie's huge ego right now --his edit on last night's CBS show didn't even really hint at what is really going on with him.  I think Paulie's ego is so out-of-control that it's a little scary.  (I saw some memes out there of Paulie as "Napaulion".)

And Paul's scheming is so obvious, at least to the live feeders.  Yesterday he was talking to Frank outside, having a smoke, and as soon as Frank got up to go inside, Paul called Paulie over and started spilling every word that was just said.

And Corey stayed tight-lipped about the situation for a little while, but then he told Paulie and his crew about the little meeting downstairs he had with Frank, Tiffany and Bridgette.

Nicole:  We saw you were cornered in there with them.

Newsflash:  Natalie wore pigtails.

And painted her nails.  I overheard a conversation between Natalie and James a few days ago where she discussed the end of her cheerleader role with the New York Jets.  She said there was some sort of "rumor" and the girls were all saying that Natalie thought she was too good for them, and was better than everybody else.

Natalie:  I'm not sure I would get asked back after all of that.

She also told James that she tried to watch BB16, but gave up because it was "too long".  Last week I heard her ask James if Big Brother was a popular TV show.

Natalie:  You said it was popular, James.  Is it?

This is Paulie's competition costume.  I guess.  I hope.

It reminds me a little of an Oompa Loompa's uniform.  I always thought that the white overalls were a courageous choice for anyone who works in a chocolate factory, due to the potential for stains and all.  I don't think they had "Shout" or any other commercially-available spot stain removers back then, so maybe Willie Wonka had his own laundry in the factory, or maybe just a very generous uniform budget.

As usual Paulie is holding court in the HoH room, talking wicked smack about both Tiffany and Frank.  He is mocking the conversation he just had with Frank.

Paulie:  This is how I know that Frank is lying....he moves his leg up and down when he speaks, like this.

Da'Vonne wants to know what votes Frank has to evict her, and I remember her mentioning this several times.

I predict cloudy skies, with occasional bursts of paranoia after the PoV ceremony on Monday.

(I was shocked to see Da'Vonne take these braids off on BBAD last night.  Turns out they just clip on somehow.  Two weeks ago I saw Da'Vonne ask her mother through the live feeds to send her another "bag of hair" that was already packaged up to send to her.  Maybe these braids were in that package?  It just seems like such a struggle and waste of energy to go through these motions on a daily basis.)

I always think the goal with hair is for people to notice you first, and not your hair.

On BBAD Da'Vonne talked about leaving her daughter Kadence to come on the show.  She says she was much calmer this year...she served the baby some cereal, hugged her, and then her mother told Da'Vonne she was ready to take over, so Day left and went to sequester.  She said last summer, they were all wailing when she left, even the baby's father who was also on hand for the occasion.  I don't remember seeing him on camera, though.

This is Paul and Frank sitting outside smoking on Sunday morning, as mentioned earlier.  I've seen people online saying that Paul found this pack of cigarettes in the pocket of a jacket he brought in the house.  That may be true, but I don't think for one minute that Production didn't know about it.

They search EVERYTHING those house guests pack in their bags, not just for contraband but for clothing labels they don't want to show on TV, etc.  During BB9, the house guest who eventually won the game (Adam, or "A. Baller") told another house guest ("Matty") that he smuggled in some sort of pills into the house inside some rolled-up socks in his suitcase.  Shortly afterwards they had an outdoor lockdown and Production found those pills.

But there was a happy ending.  Adam used his prize money to start a drug smuggling business (Oxycontin, maybe?) and recruited his bro Matty to help him run pills up and down the East Coast.  I think one of them got popped at an airport or something.  Both of them did hard time.

And no one really talks about that season anymore.

I'm pretty sure they did a very thorough search of Paul's luggage, right?  I think Production may even use drug dogs to sniff the luggage, but I can't remember where I heard that.  It felt like a reliable source, though....I think one of the house guests was talking about seeing the dogs approaching and they were nervous.

Anyway, Paul told Frank about Michelle getting scared about the London room, I think.  She thinks it's haunted, because weird things keep happening in there.

Paul:  You know that Bon Voyage sign in there?  Well, it fell off the wall and Michelle screamed and ran off.

Frank:  It's a Boo Voyage!

(We saw a close up of that very sign on the Sunday night episode this week.)

There was a lot of talk about digestion issues here.  Because that is one of the Top Five topics that guys like to discuss together, apparently.

I would be remiss here if I didn't mention last night's televised Road Kill competition.  It was fairly tasteless, right?  I think their main goal there was to shame Austin, since they aired about 82 sound bites of all of the house guests talking about how "Uncle Austin" blew up the trailer bathroom.

If you don't know, Austin was very defiant last year with Production.....but Production always has a way of having the last word, and also the last laugh. Incidentally, I heard Tiffany tell Frank that one of the reasons why she won that Road Kill comp was that she was so tired, she wasn't moving very fast.  And it turned out that the people who were hurrying kept hitting the ropes and knocking the "air fresheners" down.

And when everyone kept talking about how much "Uncle Austin's" trailer smelled, I knew the source of that smell.  You see, I was a Howard Stern fan for many years, and know all about "Liquid Ass".

Frank, smoking the hell out of that cigarette:  Sorry Mama.

Nicole had a very rough Saturday night.  She found out that Tiffany told Paulie all about the Fatal Five alliance, which of course Nicole never told him about.  And why wouldn't Tiffany spill her guts about everything right now?  She's playing with her back against the wall and doesn't owe those girls anything, after the way they've treated her.

So, Nicole says she cried for about 30 minutes in the DR about it, and kept saying that she thinks Corey hates her now.  I think Nicole has already lost the plot here and has forgotten that she's here to play a damn game.  I think her infatuation with Corey is even worse for her game than Hayden was during BB16, because at least Nicole felt in control of that situation.

Nicole is so star-struck from staring at Corey that she's lost the Upper Hand.  She has No Hand at all with him.

(His hands were all over her last night, giving her a neck massage in front of everyone, but that's another story.  Corey has the Upper, Side, and Middle Hands in this relationship.)

Zakiyah can't swim, but Nicole and James were trying to teach her.  That pool is so shallow that it's hard to imagine someone being scared to try and float in it, but maybe Zee is really afraid of drowning.  I'm sure she'll keep trying.

Tiffany wanted a Sit Down with Paulie yesterday, and the two of them talked for a really long time.  I should say that Tiffany talked for a really long time, while Paulie glared at her from behind his shades, and ran his fingers through his hair constantly.

He also gave her a lot of "Yeah's", and impatient "Um Hmm's", which made the scene very uncomfortable as a viewer.

Tiffany isn't as good as reading people as Vanessa is, but I hoped she was at least perceptive enough to see that Paulie was very resistant to what she was trying to say to him.  Tiffany went through the game week-by-week and pointed out very honestly what happened, who said what, and what went wrong.

She was making a very strong case for Da'Vonne being shady and playing everybody.  And I think Paulie learned some new things that surprised him.  I wouldn't be surprised if Da'Vonne is Paulie's Next Big Enemy  (what a fucking SHOWDOWN that would be).

But Paulie seems to still want Tiffany out this week....he may regret that, due to the Battle Back competition, of course.

But check this out....Paul and Paulie were very busy gloating and laughing about how Paul has Frank & Co. eating out of his hand, so to speak, and feeding him so much information about their plans, and what they say to each other.

Paul:  Paulie they were clowning you big time right before Frank came up to talk to you.

The two of them "joked" about Paul throwing Tiffany a vote this week, so that Frank & Co. would still trust him and tell him everything.  You'd think Paulie would have learned that cute little voting scenarios tend to blow up in your face in that house.  All Tiffany needs is five votes to send someone else home (i.e. Da'Vonne Rogers), and Paul might be that crucial, necessary number for her, even if he didn't want that to happen.

Paulie:  Keep that quiet Paul, but it might be a good idea.

Michelle yawned, and probably burned the hell out of herself again.  Isn't that a bra she is wearing here?  It sure looks like one.

I don't have an issue with that, but it just seems strange for someone who knows they are on TV.

James was Natalie's cabana boy.

James really isn't doing anything in the game right now, but that is actually putting him in a great place.  It's boring, but it's working for him.

James told Zee not to lay out with that over her eyes, because she will get a stripe across her face.

On BBAD, a bunch of the girls sat around and talked about past seasons, and players.  Zakiyah is a huge Jordan Lloyd fan, and says she would "just die" if she met her.  They talked about how Production had blindfolds on them as they moved around backstage on Media Day, and then they removed the blindfolds to see Big Jeff right there.

Zakiyah:  I was like, damn....oooh girl.

(Maybe Production didn't want them to see the hallway that leads to the DR, or maybe to even catch a glimpse of the other cast members...who knows.)

Nicole:  I've been to Jeff and Jordan's apartment, and to a horse race with them...they are both so down-to-earth and friendly.  I can't say enough about them.

(I think Hayden and Nicole had a double date with Jeff and Jordan right after BB16 ended.)

Da'Vonne:  Jordan came up to me at the Wrap party last year and said "you could have won if you kept your mouth shut!"

Da'Vonne thought the theme this year would be "Second Chances" and feature people like her who never made the jury.

Da'Vonne: I was sure that Jason would be here, too.

Paul said he wanted to see an All Winners season, but they don't think there is any possibility that Jordan would return, particularly since she is about to be a mother.

Nicole:  She didn't want to be on BB13, but Jeff really wanted her to do it, so she did.  My family thought this would be a whole season of returning players, because they didn't think I would be selected as part of a small group that got to come back.

Frank cooked up some chicken while Bridgette baked.  Corey watched, and listened as Frank did his usual Frank Show.  I think Corey likes Frank.  I hate to say this, but I've even seen Corey walk up to Frank when Frank is alone, and pass some gas and walk off, giggling.  So while Corey may have better manners around the ladies, Corey still enjoys being a bro.

Frank gave Corey a nice pep talk before the PoV, saying things like "you're due to win one", and so forth.  And Corey did win, of course but is very humble about it, unlike Paulie.  Corey has to be humble though, because he was nearly evicted on the second day by Glenn, in a photo-finish nail-biter of a competition.

Frank added some olive oil, but unfortunately the camera crew did not give me any overhead shots to work with.

James just walked around with his baguette.  I would try to make some slop bruschetta with that bread, but I guess gnawing on it like this works, too.

They are trying to keep the basil stems alive, so they will have fresh basil for the rest of the summer.

Will Corey vote with his gut this week?  Or with Paulie's group?

That is the question......but I'm pretty sure Nicole will vote with him, whatever he does.

Natalie swept.  She was talking about Victor again this week.  No new news there, just the same old tired story about how she was rejected by him, and how much it hurt.

It's kind of like a soap opera that way, or maybe a Telenovela, the way they keep telling the viewers what happened over and over and over.

If Victor is the one who returns, I think he is going to be recruited HEAVILY by both sides of the house.   And THAT should be interesting....I guess it will all depend on which side has the HoH power next week.

Bridgette made sugar cookies.  She is using a wine glass here to cut out the cookie shapes.  She says being called "Bridgette Crocker" was fun.  She didn't mind at all.  Bridgette watched the Spring Baking Championship on the Food Network and Frank says he watched part of that, too.

Frank:  It was on one afternoon and me and Ashton ended up watching five or six episodes in a row.

Bridgette:  One day, I will shake hands with Alton Brown.

(Alton lives in the ATL.... I saw him at the grocery store one time, but did not speak with or touch him in any way.)

Bronte used to talk about how she had the hots for Chef Damiano, who is a veteran of one of the Food Network baking contests and is currently competing to be the Next Food Network Star.

Chef Damiano Carrera is one hot Italian piece of ass. Bronte has good taste.

I'd hit it.

Burn baby burn.

Bridgette mixed up icing that I believe was made out of  powdered sugar and cranberry juice.  She wanted the icing to have some color, and I think she said her grandmother taught her to use savory ingredients in her dessert recipes.

Tiffany:  How does the icing harden up like this?

Bridgette:  It's science, bitches!

Tiffany wanted to help, so Bridgette assigned her the task of putting the icing in plastic bags for piping.

Tiffany:  I think you're inspired me to do more of this sort of thing.

It looks like Tiffany is making a Mr. Bill cookie or something. She made one for Frank to commemorate his Road Kill wins somehow, but the camera guys must have been taking a smoke break because they never let me see the finished Frank cookies.

Later, the Mean Girls said they wanted to start throwing away Bridgette's cookies, so they wouldn't eat them.  I understand them not wanting hundreds of cookies around 24/7, but they should at least put a plate together and leave it in the Storage Room for the crew.

Because you know they have the munchies in that control room.  And it never hurts to butter up the crew....


As mentioned earlier, Austin was a thorn in Production's side all summer last season.  He was constantly saying "Fuck You" when Big Brother asked him to do something, and frequently made other comments to disparage management.

We first saw the Revenge of Production with Austin's BB Comic, where they drew a foul stench right on the comic, in case you can't read.

And the Zingbot took his aluminum gloves off when it was time to zing Austin, and also Liz, mentioning that Austin had a girlfriend when he came in the house.  This made Austin angry, so he made a huge mess in the HoH room during the Zingbot PoV competition, and openly mocked the fact that Production had to clean up after him.

And near the end of the season, when the crew apparently just didn't give a fuck, BB called him out for not washing his hands.   One of the funniest BB17 moments ever, in my opinion.  (I just realized that this post includes Vanessa telling Steve that Da'Vonne ratted out their alliance, which is so ironic, given the Tiffany vs. Da'Vonne situation this week.)

These are just a few examples of why "Uncle Austin" is on Production's Shit List.  I mean, literally.  A little too literally, actually.

I just looked at Austin's Twitter account and not only has he not commented on last night's CBS episode, he hasn't even tweeted AT ALL about BB18.  And that seems Extra Salty to me, since two of his BB17 castmates are on the show this season, along with a castmate's sister.

And who can forget Austin's desperate plea during the final moments of a live show episode to be cast on the Bold and the Beautiful?  Needless to say, that DID NOT happen.  Johnny Mac, James and Meg got the casting call instead.  In retrospect though, Austin might be happy about this, given the  sorry state of the schtick the script apparently called for.

Get ready to cringe....

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