Sunday, July 24, 2016

PoV Aftermath: First We Win. Then We Dance. #BB18

Big Meech pulled out a win last night.  She won the PoV, and it was a big was OTEV.  And apparently OTEV took the players to a rave.  They did some dancing.

Once again I was apparently unable to move the damn watermark to the right place on the screen...sorry about that but I am too lazy to go back and do it over.  When BBAD started last night, the PoV was still in full swing, so POP TV broadcast the entire Battle Back episode, and then most of the last eviction episode, before the house cameras came back on, live with excitement.

Let's review the players who played in the PoV:

James - HoH
Frank - nominated for eviction
Bridgette - nominated for eviction
Da'Vonne - random draw
Nicole - random draw
Michelle - random draw 

Looking at that list, it looks like the OTEV competition had Frank the Tank's name all over it, right?  Because one of the hardest parts of the OTEV comp isn't just trying to find the right puzzle piece in all of the goop and crap, it's trying to get back up that hill quickly with the puzzle piece.  The hill is steep, and the shorties often have a hard time doing it over and over again.  But I've seen Frank play OTEV before, and he can get halfway up there with just one huge Frank-sized leap.

But not only did Frank not win the PoV, I think both Bridgette and Michelle outlasted him.  (Frank should use that as evidence that he is not the threat in the game that he used to be, when he begins the eventual campaigning to save himself.)

The girls celebrated in the kitchen, but then moved the party to the storage room, where they felt free to really celebrate.

The Mean Girls had a little dance party in there.  But a quiet dance party, to celebrate their win.  It's a Big Brother tradition, you know.

Big Meech holds up her PoV medal.  She's proud, and said she wants to be known as Beastmode Meech now.

Michelle's new dance includes making farting noises while she jumps up and down, and she claims she will also reference this in her PoV speech.

Then Paul came in, and was very Extra about his celebration. Paul is very astute about where the good camera opportunities may be, and he is dedicated to participating in these opportunities, front and center.

I hate to say it, but Paul is really starting to show signs of being similar to a certain much-hated former Big Brother player.

Sort of a "shine bright like a flunkie" type-thing, perhaps.

Paul walked out, and Victor tagged in to celebrate, too.  His whole return to the house seems really easy, doesn't it?  Maybe a little too easy.  Victor seems to be fitting right in, no doubt drafting off Paul's hard work over the last few weeks, playing up to the Powers That Be.

And then, true to form, Victor immediately started rooting around in the freezer, foraging for food.  In fact maybe that's why he went into storage in the first place.  Maybe Victor was hungry.  Again.

That's right.  Did you know that one of the common complaints about Victor before he left the first time was that he ate too much, without regard for the others?

In fact, within 5 minutes of this scene, Victor's "boy" Paul was already starting trouble in the HoH room, tattling on Victor like a little bitch.

Paul:  Victor made four pizzas today!

Paulie: Really?  Why does he do that?  At least he cleaned that sink like a mother fucker though.

Corey:  What?  I cleaned that sink!  I was over there for over an hour, doing that.

Paul:  He tried to take credit for that, bro.

Speaking of Corey, he came into the storage room with Paulie right behind him and they did some celebrating, too.

And Victor is still in the corner, with his head in the freezer.

Just sayin'.

Natalie was the host of the competition, although from what I remember, OTEV usually does most of the talking himself.  In fact, that is the point of the competition, to have OTEV say his sassy rhymes and put downs, often taunting the players.

Natalie is trying to tell Paul that at least she got to put the PoV necklace on Michelle when it was over, but she bungled that sentence like a drunk and then apologized for it, saying she's exhausted.

Zakiyah came in and at Paulie's invitation sat on his lap for a quick grind.  Paulie apologized to his mother within seconds of getting up and leaving.

Um...didn't Zakiyah just say she was going to be "strictly business" with Paulie, and stop reacting to his flirty ways?

But then Paulie announced that he and Zee nearly "made a porno" in his last night in the HoH room.

Is that a candy necklace that Zee is wearing now?  Seems like a Rave snack to me.  But I've never been to a Rave before, so...

Do people chew gum with their mouths open at a Rave?  Because Zakiyah was doing that, too.

One of the issues with Da'Vonne for me is that she's just not fun to watch this season.  Last season she had Jason to play off of, and we all rooted for their hilariously wacky twosome.

But this season she never seems to enjoy anyone or anything in the house.  Her DR's are fun, but they all seem scripted and do not represent her demeanor in the house at all.  But I if you are just a CBS viewer, you wouldn't know that.

I think she may be so concerned with holding back, and focused on not losing her temper or causing drama that she is having to check herself every time she opens her mouth.  That's probably important if you want to win the damn game, but it certainly isn't the Da'Vonne we fell in love with last season.

I'm not mad about Victor coming back in the game.  Let's face it, he's nice  to look at.  And while they are all freaking out about the Threat of Frank, the real threat is sitting right there, ready to clean out the fridge and take credit for someone else's house cleaning efforts.

I loved it when he started getting sassy in Spanish during the Battle Back episode.  That adds such a layer of personality to Victor's game.  And another big plus is that even if Victor was just reading copy in Spanish, it doesn't sound scripted to my gringo ears.

If you haven't watched Victor work out in the backyard, you might want to pencil in some time to watch this, because it is sure to happen as soon as they open the backyard back up for the house guests later today.  I don't know much Spanish, but I do know what "muy grande" means.

Here's one for your scrapbook, Michelle.

The PoV looks kind of remind me of that movie where everyone was blue, except here they are green, of course.

(Avatar, but I never saw it.)

In the bedroom Frank and Bridgette sit in misery, really feeling the pain.

Frank:  Maybe somehow you can work something out.

Bridgette:  Are you kidding?  Everyone hates me.

Frank:  I just feel bad about you being alone after I'm gone.

Bridgette:  I still have Mr. Jenkins.

Frank:  Good old Jenk!

Frank is pretty sure it's him going this week, since they all want him out.  OTEV got him last time, he says.

James came in and admitted that he threw the comp, so that the two of them could really fight it out to win.  He made a weak statement about how he couldn't force Michelle to use the PoV, but if she planned to use it, the two of them could talk.

Frank:  James can you please agree not to fuck Bridgette next week when I'm gone?

James:  I won't.  We'll look out for her.

Bridgette:  That's what you told me before, but then you put me on the block!

Frank: It's just so mean of you to nominate a really sweet girl who has been picked on so much in the house.

James couldn't say much about that.  Because it's true.  But James kept telling both of them that this was just a game.  It's just a game.

Frank, later:  If he told us that it was just a fucking game one more time, I was going to shit in my hand and throw it at him.

(WTF?  Like an ape?)

Bridgette:  And that asshole won America's Favorite?  What the hell America?

Frank, himself an America's Favorite: Yeah America!  What the hell!

Bridgette enjoyed some Sabra hummus and Triscuits, sitting quietly with Mr. Jenkins.

I want to note that Paulie has been sidling over to Bridgette and making comments about how it's not cool the way the girls are treating Bridgette, and saying that he wasn't aware of it until Frank told him about it.  Paulie won't stand for that sort of thing, he says now.

Clearly Paulie is trying to pull Bridgette over, since she will be alone once Frank is gone.  But Paulie may be a little too slick in there right now.....Thursday's live eviction is at least a few months from now, in BB time.

I'm keeping hope alive for Frank, because the live feeds will not be the same without Frank's cheery, down-to-earth presence.


The ratings for the first-ever Friday night special Battle Back episode won the night for CBS, beating America's Got Talent by a nose.  Sure, the AGT episode was a rerun.....but a win is a win, right?

Who knows, news like this could pave the way for another Battle Back Friday night episode this season.  If you step back and look at this as a business, Production is really just trying to sell their wares to the network.  If the product is popular and they've proved they can pull off a CBS win, the product could sell itself.

If a new "Watch Frank Battle Back" pitch won't sell another special episode to the network, I don't know what will.


Tiffany talked to Entertainment Weekly, saying she wished she'd been a Friend of Frank earlier in the game.  She might also regret using so many emojis, but that's just a guess on my part.  (I have never used an emoji myself when tweeting but I did buy my dog a stuffed "poop emoji" from PetSmart recently. So cute.)


I decided to follow Jozea on Twitter, to see what he has to say to the world now that he has been officially crucified in the BB game.  My first impression is that The Messiah has a good sense of humor, since he loved the "Jozea's Delusions" parody account.

Jozea gets the joke, apparently, which is a good thing.  Unfortunately his thumb also got stuck on the emoji key, or whatever you do to make this happen.

But unfortunately I will probably have to unfollow him later on today, since he has entered the Self Promotion phase of this cycle.  I just can't with this type of stuff.  Much less all of the emojis.


  1. Loved your recap,thanks for all your hard work! I am a huge Frank fan and hate that he may leave this week.I love how he has been real and funny and so kind to Bridgette.I will be rooting for her to go to the end. I am so annoyed with James for putting her up with Frank.He should align with her and Natalie and Paulie.Da'Vonne is pretty boring this season and Nicole is ridiculous! I miss Tiffany and wished she had aligned with Frank way sooner! Victor deserved to return and the Battle Back show was awesome! I was cheering out loud! Thank you Big Brother!

  2. Nobody loves Jozea quite like Jozea loves Jozea.


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