Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Petty Little Liars. #BB18

Right after the whole Secret Room drama started to die down, Bridgette sauteed some vegetables and served them over rice.  There was not an egg involved (that I could see, anyway) so that is good news for me.

Bridgette squeezed some lemon juice on the top of Frank's plate before he tried it.  It was hot, so he blew on the first few forkfuls.

Paul walked by and Frank gave him some crap about how Paul blatantly lied to him about the code needed to unlock the secret door.  (Paul told Frank that he needed to add up a bunch of numbers, but all Frank really needed to do was punch in the word "Paris".)

Paul shrugged it off and admitted to it all.  I have been amazed and stunned about the amount of shit talking Paul does about Frank and Bridgette.  He actually calls Frank "Fool" now, which is probably a downgrade from "homeboy".  Paul also said that he can separate people from the game, and that he thinks Frank may be okay outside of BB, but Bridgette is just an all-around "horrible person".

I have no idea where Paul is getting the information to back this up, but if I were in the room with him I would have a VERY hard time not putting him in his place.  I think some of what Paul is up to here is trying to make it clear to his boss Paulie that he is no threat to him, since he's targeting Bridgette, but that is no reason for him to verbally savage Bridgette so often, and so harshly on the live feeds.

Things got worse last night, but we'll get to that later.

Yesterday the house guests enjoyed their day in the back yard, Last week they were locked indoors for 6 straight days so this probably still feels like a treat to them.

James came outside with his HoH camera and this weekly event gave everybody something to do for an hour or so.

Nicole also has a bright pink swimsuit that looks just like this.  It's cute, and this color really makes Nicole stand out in the crowd in some of these pictures.

Last night on BBAD James and Da'Vonne were sitting in the London Room, adding up the receipts about Nicole's shady dealings in the house.  Suddenly James jumped up and moved to another bed, saying that the bed he was sitting in "smelled just like B.O.".

James and Da'Vonne then discussed how badly Paul smells, and how much he needs to wash both himself, and his clothes and linens.  Michelle has actually been sleeping in that bed with Paul.  I watched her do some laundry early this morning and she did wash the sheets and blankets.  As she took them out of the dryer to fold them, she told Frank that she was grateful that the blanket didn't stink anymore.

So, Paul reeks, people. Maybe he loads up that nasty beard with sandlewood or whatever oil he keeps talking about, and the scent of that is preventing himself from smelling his own stench.  Or maybe he's just used to it.  Paul has probably been stinking things up in his life for a long, long time.  Just a guess.

You can still see the impact of the devastating sunburn(s) that Michelle has experienced this summer in the BB backyard.

After they took this picture, they took one of Corey standing next to James, who was standing on a chair.  When asked to pose like that, James started to complain about how everyone likes to make fun of the short guy, but he stopped himself and just posed for the picture, which they both said turned out well.

Weeks ago I remember seeing James in the Nairobi Lounge talking to us...I think Corey, Victor and Frank had just left the room and James was standing on something in that room that made him taller. He said he wished he would feel like that all of the time.  It was kind of sad.

Corey had some sort of blemish or bug bite on him, as reported by Nicole in her trademark accent.

Nicole:  Corey!  Ew...what is that on your body?

(Um, isn't Nicole a nurse?)

This is sort of homoerotic, right?  Two men kissing Corey's armpits?

All three of them loved the picture, by the way.

Nicole wanted one with James.  Before posing, James asked Corey if it was okay.

Like I mentioned earlier, Nicole may be headed for a rough patch with both James and Da'Vonne.  Day told James what Frank told her during the HoH competition, about Day saying she wanted Frank to leave the game before Victor.  At that point, Victor had only been back in the house for a very short time, so James doubted the truth of what Frank said.

Day:  But I did say it!  And Nicole told Frank that!

James said this made sense, because Nicole is always so scared of confronting Frank, or being in the room when someone else confronted him.

James:  Did you see Nicole hiding under the covers during that house meeting?  She was probably terrified he would call her out right there.

Da'Vonne:  If Bridgette wins HoH, she'll either nominate you and Nicole, or me and you.  But if she puts up you and Nicole, I'm not voting for you.  Nicole can go...bye.

Nicole was spending a lot of time in Chicago with Hayden at one point, and may have even moved there, but she did become very close with Andy Herren, who lives there.  Andy has been cheering Nicole on this summer, and is supporting her game play because he thinks it is similar to his strategy of being a rat.  But this season is very different than what Andy was up against in BB15.  And Nicole is making herself an even bigger target with this whole showmance situation.

James set up the camera timer for a group shot.

Paul and Victor saw them setting this up from the kitchen, so they opened the sliding door to get in on the action.  You can see how easily Nicole stands out in that bright color.  After Michelle looked at this picture on the camera, she announced she was going inside to change for the rest of the photo session.

Good call Michelle.

And let's chat about Victor for a minute.

Victor, Victor, Victor.....what kind of game are you playing?  He was gone from the house for only two weeks, but in that two weeks all three of the showmances really kicked into a higher gear.  Victor seems troubled by the NiCorey Showmance, or maybe he's just a shit-stirrer.

The first thing that I'm aware that Victor did to cause trouble is ask Corey a question about some girl that Corey mentioned to him weeks ago---a pretty girl named Shane or Shawn that he met out somewhere and wanted to meet up with again this fall.  Victor saw Nicole and Corey cuddling on the couch and asked him about that girl.  And he has been frequently getting into bed between the two of them and making semi-lewd comments like asking Corey if Corey could "feel his dick".  Trying to be funny, but still...

When Victor sat with Big Jeff to film his highlight reel after he was evicted, one of the clips that Big Jeff showed him was one of him trying to sleep in the Tokyo Room with Nicole in the middle of of a Corey-Victor Sandwich.  At the time, Victor kind of laughed about it, and said that he wasn't getting anything out of it personally, but he said he thought Nicole enjoyed it even though she whined about the cameras on her.

So, maybe Victor thinks that sort of thing is the way to get attention from the fans.  Because you know Victor has been trying to make a name for himself, with the whole stuffed animal thing and also by creating his own catch phrase.

Yes, you heard that correctly.  Victor has announced that he needs a catch phrase like Paul does (oh god PLEASE NO), and the initial choice is apparently his Instagram name (I think.)

Here it is:  Fit Vic.

Yes, Fit Vic.

In the picture below, all of the guys wanted a shot together.

But Frank saw this happening from inside the house and opened the door to get in on the action, calling the guys a slur that I can't remember now.  But it was funny, and they laughed.

And then Frank slid back in the house as quickly as he came out there.

Victor wanted to take a selfie with James.  So he did.

When they took this picture Michelle said "Fit Vic!" and it was funny.   You can see that Michelle is now wearing a dress over her swimsuit.  This look holds up much better against Nicole's swimsuit, but it is hard for either of them to compete with Fit Vic's abs.  Good lord Victor's body is fine.

He has said he would be clean shaven for the Thursday live show.  I think that's a good choice, particularly since there is so much beard and scruff action going on in there.   Paul is now referring to Victor as "the CEO" or "the executive" behind his back in a mocking fashion.

The guys were getting ready to take a picture pretending like they are all peeing on the wall.  When they first planned it, Corey wanted them to show some butt crack, because it would "look cute". The butt crack plan didn't really come through, but Big Meech jumped in for a quick shot while they were discussing it.

This was the final shot.  Both Corey and Paulie pretended to look at James' dick, which they all thought was hilarious, and Victor acted like he got caught doing something wrong.

Natalie's face was finally ready to be photographed, so she got in on the action.  She hasn't been wearing her hair up for the last few days---wonder why?

Does it have anything to do with Victor's return?  I have no idea, but the change did seem to occur around the time he came back in the game.

Another group shot.  Damn Corey is tall.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Zakiyah went to the storage room with Paul to change her tampon.

Just kidding.  I guess.  I might go back and delete that last sentence because the whole topic is so gross, but I might just leave that here in the interest of documenting this season of Big Brother.  Because we all know what Zakiyah did in the storage room at on July 25th at 5:12 AM on Camera 4.

Before you ask, here you go.

Da'Vonne stopped by for a quick Let's Bash Frank and Bridgette session with her "friends".  I do think Da'Vonne did a good job keeping her cool so far this week.  Her name is getting thrown around a lot, and she is doing a fair amount of dirty dealing, but she has stayed calm and held her temper, which is already a vast improvement over last year.

Last week she was making a lot of really shitty, passive aggressive statements when Tiffany was in the room, but I haven't heard her doing that with Frank or Bridgette this week.  I guess she was more defensive last week because she was on the block next to Tiffany.

James took some underwater pictures.

Like this one. I have no idea what they were doing down there, but they did delete it and then take the picture again, because the first time they shot it, Corey said Michelle's peace sign necklace floated right in his face.  For the second shot, he asked her to hold it over to the side.

I don't know if Frank has the Round Trip ticket in his sealed envelope (#6), but if he does have it, I wish that he was able to "bump" someone from the "flight" when he uses it to come back in the house.

Frank, in my Round Trip fantasy:  Paul, you're in my seat, son.

Michelle posed for a few pictures with "Fang", Victor's stuffed alligator.  She has no idea, of course, how much bad press alligators have gotten here in the US this summer.

(You know, after that gator snatched that child at the Disney Grand Floridian Resort.)

But this appears to just be a baby stuffed gator, so we can't blame him.  And it's not his fault that he's been doused with Axe Body Spray.  You know, I noticed something the last few days.....I think Michelle has been flirting with Victor.  If you think about it, it would make sense because Michelle did want a showmance this year.  And there are couples all around her now, 24/7.

This is just nasty.  Paulie really just ignores her most of the time, which isn't nice, but she still tries to back it up on him every chance she gets.

And I've heard a few people mention putting Day and Zee on the block together, and both times I heard that, Paulie chimed in that he wouldn't "be mad at that".  Why would Paulie mind if someone else does his dirty work this summer?

Who ever is running this camera shot wasn't a Paulie fan.  The camera kept closing in and then backing up to show us the horror that is Paulie's hairstyle.

I can't tell if he's tried to keep that style or not...would this be a week's growth of hair, or has he re-shaved the sides?

Natalie is on to Paulie, and doesn't like him at all.  She didn't like the way he behaved towards her after the whole Secret Room drama, when he blamed her for calling Frank and Bridgette into the living room to see the message on the TV screen.

She told James that when Paulie comes into a room now, she tries to leave as quickly as she can, so she doesn't have to be involved with him.  If Natalie is the HoH next week, Paulie might experience a paradigm shift, but he's insulated himself pretty well in there.  He's nothing like Cody, that's for sure.  Same genetics, different guy.

Last season we would have killed to have even one of these guys to stare at on the live feeds after Clay left, right?


Or rather, about this morning, because everything really went down in the wee hours of this morning. It seems to have started at the chess board with Paul and Paulie, who were of course verbally trashing Frank and Bridgette.  Da'Vonne joined them for a whisper session, dragging Nicole and Corey's purported deception into the conversation.

Day had a conversation with Bridgette a few days ago, and when Bridgette told her that she and Frank had been working with Nicole and Corey, something seemed to click with Day.  She realized that what Frank told her was true about Nicole's double dealing.

So...the three of them hatched a plan to get Bridgette to spill her guts with all of the details about Nicole and Corey.  They decided that Paul would corner Bridgette and tell her a long harsh list of ways that Frank has betrayed her, with the plan being to break her down and get her to share the NiCorey details.

They worried that Frank would try to intervene, so Paulie's role was to corner Frank and keep him busy while Paul did the dirty work with Bridgette.  Paulie actually spent this time with Frank to tell him that he wanted to keep Frank this week, and shared his plan to flip the vote.  (All lies.)

Paul started trying to hurt Bridgette by telling her that Frank is going around the house campaigning against her, and is telling everybody that Bridgette wants to go home this week.  Paul said that Frank has been playing Bridgette for the entire season, and everybody knows it but her.  He used Frank's Road Kill nomination as evidence of this, and also Frank's recent teasing of Bridgette because she wouldn't work out with him.  (Frank called her FattyFattyBoomBaLatti but apologized to her when  she told him to stop.)  Paul knows that Bridgette used to be overweight and was bulled, so he pulled that string to try and turn Bridgette against Frank.  Paul also told Bridgette that she's become very snooty and condescending to people since she's been hanging around Frank so much.

Brigette:  Snooty?  I'm snooty?

Paul, almost screaming at her:  I'm trying to tell you what I've seen about how you've acted in here.  I'm loud but I will tell you the truth!

So, after much ado and blow hardy conversation, Paul made Bridgette cry and got her to tell him what he wanted to hear, including Frank's recommendation for her to put Nicole and James on the block if she wins HoH.

This was the result of Paul's conversation with Bridgette. Paul gleefully reported back to Paulie and Da'Vonne that he "ruined her".

I apologize in advance to Bridgette's family and friends, when they watch whatever ends up being shown on the CBS episodes this week. (Probably Thursday's show.)  If it is any consolation, the tide of fan hatred is really turning on Paul now.  We all HATE him and look forward to what we hope is a painful and embarrassing demise in this game for him.

Frank eventually found her outside sometime after 5:00 AM and spent a long time trying to set her straight and make things right.  It wasn't easy.

Bridgette kept saying that everybody knows she's been played, and she feels so silly about it.

Frank:  Bridgette, I'm trying to have a real conversation with you.  I need you to look at me and stop giggling like that.

Frank told her that she's his best friend in this house, and he would never tell people to vote her out.  He says he's asked people who they're voting for, but that isn't what campaigning means to him.  He knows he's leaving this week, and needs to get her mind right so that they can enjoy the next two days in there.

Frank:  I keep sayin' in the DR that you're my Ride or Die.  Sometimes you get to Ride, but this time I'm gonna Die!  I keep saying it!  And they keep asking me why I'm not campaigning!

Bridgette:  But Paulie is doing the campaigning for you.

Frank:  And Day called him out for it!  And now she's gonna blame it on me!

(Yet another lie that Paulie told Frank,)

They went around and around, and Frank said he was getting tired of having to say the same thing over and over.

Frank:  I'm tired of hearing my voice.

Bridgette:  I love your voice.  That's why I listen to your stories.

She started to soften up, and Frank knew it.

Frank:  I want you to stop feeling sad, and start feeling sad for me. Because I'm fucking going home this week.

This is the last night they will have the backyard before the live show, so maybe staying up all night isn't such a bad idea.

The sad thing is, Frank seems to totally buy everything that Paulie tells him.  He told Bridgette that Paulie will not put her on the block next week, because he's going after Da'Vonne.

(Who really knows what Paulie really wants to do...I have heard him say so many things in so many directions....I guess we have to hand it to him for that.   He's no Cody, that's for sure.)

Frank:  All of these cameras are out here watchin' us...making me look like an asshole.

Frank was making her laugh by saying that when he leaves on Thursday, he's gonna pull her earring out.

Bridgette:  No you won't.  You won't hurt me.

Frank:  I'm gonna do it, so everybody else will be saying look what he did to that nice girl.  I think it's a good strategy.

Bridgette laughed.  They seem to have repaired some of the damage, but it's hard to go through what Bridgette went through in the last few hours and snap back quickly.  I'm pretty sure the  counselor will pencil in time for Bridgette's next DR session.

(The cast can request to speak to the "shrink" anytime they like, but I heard someone (Andy maybe?) say that the shrink is occasionally in their DR sessions to check in with them and see how they are feeling.)

I forgot to mention that after Paul's conversation with Bridgette, Frank had a pretty stiff conversation with Paul in the backyard, too.  Basically Paul came at Frank but he was no match for Frank and his silver tongue.  It kind of seemed like Paul ended up kissing Frank's ass.

Frank:  You know why they like me on this show?  Because I don't run from confrontation...I go toward it.

Paul:  Same. That's why I'm saying we have a lot in common.

I've had enough of Paul...this should last me a few days.  Let's all hope he doesn't win HoH because I don't think I can take a week of his pontificating and bloviating.   I've been talking about Paul here, but Da'Vonne was just as much a part of this as Paul and Paulie were....she was part of planning the whole thing, and was celebrating the operation's success afterwards.

Lying and deception are both a part of this game, but I expect both Paul and Paulie to take ownership of all of this in the DR, and I can't say that about Da'Vonne.


I saw some pictures this morning on Twitter of artwork made out of fruits and vegetables.  Two of them caught my eye because they looked like BB18 house guests to me.

This sculpture is made of potatoes and mushrooms, and looks like a cross between Victor and James, if either of those guys were bald, of course.

And I'm not typing his name again in this post, but I think we all know who this Dill, Tomato, and Kiwi sculpture looks like.  Unfortunately for the house guests though, it doesn't smell anything like him, from what I've heard....


  1. totallu had enuf of Paul too. I dont even know who to root for. Frank i think but not sure. Normally by now i have a clear favorite. so confused! i just know who i dont want to win....Z...Dayvonne....Paul....MIchelle

  2. You are going IN this week!!!! Paul is very two-faced and this is his game and it is working for him so I feel like he'll just keep at this for a while. He's so shady tho, he reminds me of Andy on steroids....i think Victor sometimes has anxiety and does not know quite how he'll fit in (long term) so he is extremely impulsive, thirsty, with occassional word vomit......I wish the tables would turn soon with an unexpected winner... zakiyah (yuck) I couldn't believe it when I saw it and still can't, and she cooks food (nauseating).. I'm voting for Nat Nat!, It takes a real champ to clean that bathroom like she did! This morning was crazy, evil was clearly at work, I got nervous for Bridgette.. But sometimes I can't take her serious because of the intonation of her voice and her thought process. I always find myself trying to decipher the meaning behind her (shrug) what she's really about hmmph... Father Frank was so so so... I don't know with her..Iwasn't sure he was using the best approach for forgiveness and was waiting for him to get called to the DR, but she forgave him so that's that... I'm not going to say who that dill tomato and kiwi looks like either but lol!! Great Job!

  3. So, Paul and Frank are the stinkweed bros. Apparently Paul's aura convinced Paulie to do the haircut and change the side his hair parts on, or at least I think that happened.... and Frank's alleged aura made Paul be stinky. All that rather overdone beard has got to stink, somehow. Tonite's show sure left one salivating for the reveal coming up on Sunday, didnt it?

  4. I hate Paul!!! I haven't even been able to watch the show or BBAD for the last week because I can't stand him! Or Michelle for that matter. I want Frank to stay. He's the only one worth watching this year imo.

  5. I'm sad that I won't be seeing anymore Eudy after tomorrow. He was the most interesting hg IMO.
    I know I'm a perv for noticing, but it looks like the three guys on the end of the picture Nicole took are really excited to be there. I doubt they'd mind much if all the looney girls left.

    The girls have been a disappointment this year. I thought for sure with all of the smart women in the house we would see some powerhouse ladies.

    I'm glad Bridget forgave Frank. It's sad to see her so mistreated.

    I've known a dozen guys like Paul. They all crash and burn at some point. Hopefully his will be on camera.

    Paulie's exploration under the cover with Z is twice gross because everyone knows her Aunt Flo was in town. *insert puking emoticon*

    1. Paul is a bully, Z is a nasty embarrassment to women, and Frank is playing one hell of a game. If he leaves tonight, I don't care who wins this game. They won't deserve it.

  6. The comment about Z changing her Tampon was hysterical. I laughed very loud when I read that. I had hoped you saw that on the feeds. I am glad to know you did. Sooo freaking gross!!!

  7. You, dear (((((FeedWatcher))))), are ahhhh-MAZ-ING!!!

    Thanks so much for doing this for all of us!!! love. Love, LOVE reading it, can't imagine how you find the time to put this all together not only once, but sometimes TWICE a day!

    Plus, you always seem to say EXACTLY what I'm thinking!!!

    I just don't know where I'd be without your addiction!!! ;-)

    You're the BEST!!!

    xoxo Cat

  8. What Paul did ''break'' Bridgette is totally Sith stuff, it's not just manipulation. It's a form of abuse. Believe it or not, harsh sounding or not, what he did is a form of abuse. It breaks my heart to know that he did that to her. Things like that were done to me too. THankfully he stopped there and did not take it to the next level which would bring her down even lower emotionally, make her powerless, make her forget she holds her own power and eventually control her. I've not been the biggest Frank fan, but other than a few game moves I foud dumb on his part, I've really enjoyed the Fridge dynamic. Frank really holds a place for Bridgette in his heart, like a sister, and you can tell that he cares for her on a human level. I'm glad he was able to bring her back to her chirpy self, somewhat. I dread to think what will be done to her once he's gone, she is so young and probably is not able to pick herself up as well. Best case scenario, Frank gets round trip. If Bridge or Frank (returned) or Natalie win HoH, then she is safe and will have people to support her. And then they can put Paul up, and people won't complain about that. Sending much vibration love to Bridgette, I hope she can create a mental and emotional protection barrier so that they can't ''break her'' anymore.

    1. Well that crap wouldn't of happened if James had been aware of it!! At least James and Nat will watch out for Bridget after Frank leaves.

    2. I agree. It's disturbing how easy it was for him to "break her". It's almost as if he's done this sort of thing before and knew exactly which words to use to tear her down. That's an issue that goes far beyond the game. I hope the future Mrs.Paul is taking notes.

    3. Oh yeah, warning bells for chicks who would want to date Paul. I know this is a game of manipulation, but there is a fine line between game manipulation/suggestive thinking and abusive manipulation. Paul crossed that line. Of course, they didn't show that part on the show, only what was ''ok'' to show.

  9. Re: Nat wearing her hair down recently, I heard her say yesterday that she didn't know where any of her hair ties went. (Sometime around when she was cleaning the bathroom.) I think she then took one she found in the bathroom and went back to a ponytail look.
    Love reading all your updates (even though I'm a Paul fan, we can agree to disagree).

  10. I will be glad to see Frank go. He has gotten better (at least from what I have read on jokersupdates com as I can't afford the live feeds.. THANKS JOKERSUPDATES, been using you for MANY years) but I still can't get over tha ahole he was at the beginning. Paul showed his true nature at the beginning of the show and in true rat style hid it when he saw jozea go home.... at least for a while. Would LOVE to see Frank, then Paul, then Z go home. Z is nice eye candy but seems to be full of herself and what she did in the storage room was just NASTY.
    Anyways, those are my pics for the next three evicts (hey, that rhymes. lol and why I want them to go...

  11. I hope Frank comes back in, wins hoh and puts up the bobsie twins. I can't stand watching davonne, z. paul or paulie.

  12. I didn't see a resemblance of an actual Houseguest's face in the potato mushroom sculpture. However, if you just isolate the nose and focus on that, there may be a tiny Paulie poking out. Also, if you rotate the mouth just right vertically and then zoom out a hair, to me that resembles Paul. I'm not really sure though, maybe I just dislike them too much to appreciate a nice piece of art.


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