Saturday, July 16, 2016

One Big Crappy Family. #BB18

As usual, PoV day is always a real nail biter for everyone.  Once again there is a lot on the line, and that line keeps getting bigger and uglier as days go by.  But some people are willing to cross that line, or to keep a foot on either side.

The PoV will be played later today, and the players will be:

Paulie - HoH
Tiffany - nominated for eviction
Natalie - nominated for eviction
Corey - Road Kill nomination
Bridgette - random draw
Da'Vonne - random draw

Zakiyah is going to host the competition.  Nicole told the girls that if you are HoH, you have to tell the DR who is going to host the PoV well in advance, to give them time to put the costume together.

And earlier today, the new Have Not foods were presented:  British Baked Beans, French Bread, and Italian Basil.

Everyone gathers around and they all think this looks like a great week to be a Have Not.

Paulie opened the card and I think he tried to play a joke on someone about them getting picked, but the joke didn't last long.

As expected, Team Unicorn will be the Have Nots, since they were the first team that was eliminated from the HoH competition.

Natalie: Why did they give us bread though, when we're trying to lose weight.....I guess I can eat the basil like a salad.

Paulie:  You can mix the beans in with slop.

The beans are sweet, and Paul doesn't understand why they aren't thrilled about these extra foods. He lived in London for a while and is very excited about the selection.

Paul:  I would have white bread, mayo, and beans every day.

Natalie went upstairs but stopped to ask an important question.

Natalie: James, so I can't cheat now?  I can't eat anything?

James confirmed those were the rules, and says he was going to make himself an omelet, and had just gotten the vegetables he needed to make it when Production locked them upstairs for the reveal of the extra foods.

I know there are a lot of people out there who are into this relationship.  If you don't already have the live feeds, this may be the week to get your free trial so you can see tender little scenes like this one.

There was some baby talk going on.

Natalie hears the cameras spin around and she tells James how abandoned her.  And how lonely she felt.

James broke it down for her how many consecutive weeks he was on the block last summer, and how he had to fight for every vote the two times he survived the vote.

Paulie is turning into a different person in that house.  Is it the isolation and the quirks of living with so many people that is getting to him?  Or is it power....and a very aggressive will to win, no matter what...

Almost EVERY time I have watched Paulie on the live feeds since he became HoH, Paulie has been talking big smack about Tiffany, but in a voice that is bitter and hateful.  He keeps talking about how weak she is, and how she will never win a competition, but then counters that argument by saying she's just like Vanessa.

Paulie:  Vanessa didn't start winning comps until later....just like Tiffany.

(No.  No that is not true.)

For some reason Paulie has just started hating Tiffany, and at one point was saying "I see you Vanessa" when he was talking about how devious Tiffany is.  And he's very rude to Tiffany as well.  The first few times I noticed it, I thought I must be hearing him wrong, but now I don't think so.  He just seems to be overly hyped up about wanting to get her out.

Like Frank's been telling people, if Paulie wanted Vanessa out he had a prime opportunity to do that last week.  For everything that happened Thursday night and into the wee hours of Friday, Frank seems to be pretty calm.  At least he's acting like it.

I don't think Paulie has any idea that Frank struck a deal with Tiffany, because he keeps saying stuff to Frank about "getting her ass out" on Thursday.  At first I thought Paulie's cruelty towards Tiffany was just his way of trying to keep Frank in the dark about his role in keeping Tiffany, but I think it's gone way too far for that.

Maybe he just laser-focuses on his opponents, one by one.

This is Nicole holding up her outfit that she wore for her intro video.

Nicole:  It's like a 50's outfit.

(Super cute.)

I watched a little of the action as the Have Nots ate at midnight, but the energy wasn't that big.  The house is very fractured, so maybe that explains the mood.

I was surprised to see Corey and Nicole doing the dishes so quickly.  I think they were at it within 20 minutes after midnight, I think.

This morning Paulie was busy cooking up a sheet pan of bacon.  They like cooking the bacon in the oven because clean up is so easy--they just throw away the tin foil.

(That oven must be FILTHY inside.)

Nicole is cooking up a huge pan of eggs. You know what kind they are.

The gross kind.

They must be using the broiler setting on the oven, because that bacon was all crisped up within what seemed like seconds.

Da'Vonne:  That family is gone.  They are gone...

Sweet, innocent pig:  Has anybody seen my Mama?

Paulie was on bacon duty, clearing the pan to get ready for another batch.  I don't think Paulie has ever cooked bacon using this method.

Paulie: The edges are all curled up.

Zakiyah: That's supposed to happen when you cook it right.

This is "Raffi" and I can only assume he came from the Nairobi Lounge.  Maybe Production realized how fun Giselle was last year so they brought it back on a much smaller scale.

At first I thought this was spilled milk, but it is actually sudsy water that is leaking from the sink.  Paul said he could actually hear the leaky water running like they had the faucet on.  Later, I heard Frank report that the pool of smelly, dirty water that is leaking out has reached the big dining table.

I'm guessing that Production will get a plumber in there during the PoV competition, but it's really hot outside today so they have to be careful leaving the house guests out there for too long.  I think they put a Port a Potty out there for the longer lockdowns, but nobody ever really wants to use that.

I watched Paulie make a second batch of bacon and his secret seems to be covering each slice with brown sugar.  When I used to eat bacon, sometimes I would spread some dijon mustard on the bacon, and then sprinkle just a little brown sugar on it.

I would then chop up the cooked pieces and sprinkle them on top of a salad.

I don't understand the grape jelly here, however the yellow stuff on the other side of the bread keeps me from really looking too closely.

The best part of the Bronx Zoo for me was the giraffe exhibit.  I watched two giraffes for about 45 minutes while they snacked on some leaves on some very high branches.  And their necks intertwined a few times while they ate.  They are so graceful and peaceful.

And there was a baby giraffe sitting in the shade, too.  Total cuteness overload.

They really are amazing animals, and seemed to just ignore the crowd watching them.  Which is probably good, because as I recall, the fence around them was no where near as tall as they were.

Once again everyone thinks it is the "cube" PoV, and they've all been practicing for it.  Bridgette wanted to practice with Tiffany, so she used yards of dental floss to make the circles on a dice cube, while giving Tiffany an update on how she feels.

Bridgette:  I hate all of the fuckers in here.  No one will even talk to me..

Tiffany:  I know...ME NEITHER!

Bridgette:  I'd love to give them all a big fuck you today, and make them flabbergasted a little. And if you don't win, we're still going to campaign.

Bridgette:  I didn't talk to you much last week, because....well.....I was scared of you.

Tiffany: But imagine if Bronte was here, and stopped talking to you, how would you feel about it?

(I think Tiffany is referring to Michelle, who hasn't spoken to Tiffany in days.)

They heard someone come to the door, and both jumped as Tiffany got ready to pull the covers over their practice board.  But they relaxed when they realized it was just Frank, coming to check in on them.

Frank:  You confident?  You've gotta be....let's do this.  Don't let it get to positive.

James suddenly came in the room with a baguette, eating it as he moves about the house.

Frank:  It's cold as hell in here.  I need a sweatshirt in here.

Tiffany tried to play off Frank sitting there by discussing the competition.  James cautioned her that sometimes BB wants a certain number on the top, and other times they want the number to be on the bottom.

At this point I might like "Raffi" better than a few of the house guests, but things can still change.

James looks like he's playing double agent duty, in a way.  Frank wondered what was being said about him up in the HoH room.

James: Oh, he's just talking about her not winning today...

(So, James seems to be erring on the side of the current HoH, since he is in the pool of nominee candidates.  I'm sure he will lean over on the other side if the HoH competition goes his way this week.  It's just good business for James.)

I've heard some chatter about James though....specifically about James and Natalie.  James told one of the girls that he's not going to let Natalie ruin his game, and he will be ready to cut her when necessary.  Maybe that's true....I just watched a long, drawn out Q&A between James and Natalie where he tried to find out if she was in favor of long distance relationships, though.  And James said he wanted to see pictures of her other boyfriends, to see what they all look like, and if there are patterns there.

(So maybe James is thinking with his big head just a little.  I certainly don't get the impression from Natalie that she is interested in making out with him while she's in the house, but things can change around there.)

(Remember how Liz felt about Austin at first last year?  Jeff Weldon and Jace were her picks at first.....)

Zakiyah and Michelle feel "some kinda way" about Tiffany, who came in and sat at the breakfast table and apparently just stared at the two of them like a tennis tournament, according to Zee.

Zakiyah:  And if you don't like Paul's stories, then just get the hell out, because we all enjoy it and are having fun together.

Paulie's tiny picture on the Memory Wall beams at Zakiyah while she slams Tiffany.

I just watched Michelle eat baked Lays chips, and now she is enjoying a large bowl of cereal.

No shade.  Just the (carbo-loaded) facts.

A little later, Zakiyah, Nicole, James and Michelle sat in the Have Not room and discussed how much they hate Bridgette.

Nicole:  I think she needs to leave before Frank does...


Michelle:  She's so scary.

Zakiyah:  And Bridgette is really smart.  I'll bet she be in med school.


Zakiyah:  And when she starts talking (imitates her voice) about how she wants to do stuff for charity, girl please.  Ain't nobody in this house gonna do anything for no damn charity!

At one point Michelle jumped up and declared she was going to go in there and confront Bridgette, but I don't think that happened.

After she left, Zakiyah said Michelle was "a hoodlum" and they all snickered about what a trip Michelle is. It sounds like no one knows when to take her seriously or not.

(I know I don't.)

I like the way they painted the sky blue, with some floaty clouds way up there on the ceiling.  I'd love to have a ceiling painted like that.  Maybe if I ever have a beach house.

Corey made himself a sandwich this afternoon.  He spent a long time twirling the bread bag, making sure it was air tight after he removed what he needed.

And he ate the first half of the sandwich standing up, taking huge bites and seeming to relish each one.

Big Brother asked someone to clean the window over the sink.  So Corey did, using his pitching arm.  You know, the one with all of the surgery scars.

BB:  Thank you.

Corey opened a fresh box of Triscuits and started eating some Sabra hummus with the rest of his sandwich.

(YUM.  Triscuits and  hummus are my jam. Also the Buffalo Wing Flavor Wheat Thins....really a treat with plain hummus and a few cold beers.)

I wonder how often Corey has lunch alone.  It seems like his house in Texas is always full of roommates or family, but he sits alone now, crunching and looking around.

Just before the PoV competition, Frank was updating the group about the kitchen leak, and how serious things were getting in there.

Frank:  We cut off the water, but that cut off the water to the refrigerator, too.

(For ice and cold water, maybe?)

Frank does use deodorant, no matter what Janelle said.....

Frank:  A little deo.....


  1. I've been a BB fan since Season 1 (that was a loooong season) and a FeedWatcher fan for 3 years (thanks for the laughs and updates!)
    That said, I'm confused by the dynamic in the house right now. Just when I'm sure I understand the sides, I realize I don't because so many people are 'unknowns' least to me. James, Michelle, Day - I don't think they're committed to any side of the house and as far as sides go, there aren't even 2 distinctive's more like a hexagon. Possibly because of this, this season is far more interesting than the past several. I could do without the nastiness in the house - not just the girls, I'm looking at you too, Paulie. Curious to see how loyalties shake out over the next couple of weeks.

    1. It is a big mess in there right now....I think the vote this week will depend on how James and Natalie vote...and Natalie was running around yesterday trying to hide from Bridgette, and mocking her a little.

      The house is chock full of some big liars and flip floppers, which is GREAT!

    2. Natalie can't vote this week, of course, because she is on the block, but she is trying to hang with the Anti-Bridgette crowd.

  2. Paulie contaminated the whole bag of brown sugar because he kept putting his hands in the bag after touching raw meat.

    Zakiyah should only speak for herself regarding charity. I think at least James would donate some of his winnings because he has already done that with his prize money from BB17.

    1. Ewwww! And no disrespect to pigs, but I think raw pork may even be more dangerous than raw beef.

      We haven't heard Zakiyah talk much, but now that she is proudly expressing thoughts like these, I predict everyone will hate her, maybe even before we crack August.


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