Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nicole the Lovesick Nurse. #BB18

OK.  Let's chat for a quick second about Nicole and Corey, or "NiCorey".

I've already reported that things have gotten physical between them. Without getting too graphic, I will say that the rumors actually started the day before I posted about them, so it's been a physical thing for at least a few days now.

And Corey has been meeting Nicole at her locker between every class, but she is upset because he didn't say Hi to her in the hallway outside the gym.

Just kidding, of course,  But it is like the 9th grade in there, all over again.  But in today's world, the 9th graders might even be more sophisticated then Nicole about this.  Because this girl is a real Piece of Work right now, obsessing and stressing about every little detail.  But Corey is playing along, too.

On last night's BBAD, there were several scenes where Corey was asking Nicole questions, trying to talk in code to her about their nocturnal activities.

Corey:  Did you tell anybody what we did?

Nicole:  Noooooo.  Noooooo.

Corey:  Are you sure?

And then my jaw dropped when I read the BBAD news "crawl" at the bottom of the screen on Monday night.  I told you that the guys were busy baking pizzas with bacon on them, so the intern who is responsible for that over at POP TV tried to make a funny.

POP TV News Crawl:  ......and Nicole and Corey know something about makin' bacon.....

Can you believe they did that?  I can't.  But I will be paying more attention to those news crawls in the future.  Know that.

There are two really silly incidents that I want to discuss.


Nicole was talking to Corey when someone else was in the room, another girl, and she told him a conversation that Zakiyah, I think, told her about James.  The surrounding people in this story aren't that important, but I want to let you know they were not alone at the time of the re-telling of the story.

Nicole:  And then James said he usually likes girls who share the same interest in hunting and fishing, but Natalie doesn't.  So she asked him why he didn't try to find someone else, and  he said that he was interested in me (Nicole) at first, but he didn't know how you (Corey) would feel about that. But she didn't mean the girls in this house...she meant out there, where he lives.

Corey kind of snickered and said:  Well, I'll just step aside to make way for James.

(From watching this, it was CLEAR to me that Corey was having a joke at James' expense.  He was being sarcastic, and a little mean about it.)

So imagine my shock at seeing Nicole emote about this later with her friend Zakiyah.  Nicole was very upset about Corey saying that....she was very worried that Corey would actually do that...step aside to let her be with James.

WTF, right?  And she even went to Corey later to whine about it and tell him that it upset her that he said that.  And this was HOURS later, after she had been stewing about it.

No wonder men think we're all crazy.


Nicole has known for as long as we have that Corey has an ex-girlfriend who he had a hard time separating from.  He told us that he gave her plenty of chances, but she kept screwing up, and would do things like climb in a window in his house and stay in his bedroom. I posted a summary several weeks ago about the two of them discussing their exes, and if I remember it, then Nicole should remember it.  (I would link to it here, but I can't seem to find that post at the moment.)

But he told a group in the bedroom last night about this ex-girlfriend, saying that she moved into an apartment near Corey's house, even though her school is an hour's drive away.  And she got a job in a bar that is right across the street from the bar where Corey works as a bartender.  (Of course CBS didn't describe Corey as a bartender, but this is often the case with house guests aspiring to different professions.)

We got FISH during the conversation, to protect this girl's privacy, but Corey already said where he worked, so it's only a matter of time before the internet sleuths find her and make her life a living hell.  If it isn't one already, watching her ex-boyfriend get all handsy on nationwide TV, "makin' bacon" and all.  Because this girl dated Corey for 7 years, I'm sure she is already getting enough crap from everyone she knows about it, so people please go easy on her.

Everyone in the bedroom was riveted to Corey's story, and the guys reacted with the predictable "that girl is so crazy" responses.  Frank really enjoyed it, and made several comments that probably gave Nicole pause.  For example:

Frank:  Corey is going to need to be in the Witness Protection Program after this!


Frank:  She's gonna beat Nicole's ass!

He also said something that we're not allowed to hear, but from what Nicole said later, I think Frank "joked" about the ex-girlfriend watching the overnight live feeds, since Nicole and Corey had a camera pointed at them for the last few nights.

(ha ha ha.  Frank tells it like it is, son.)

So here we go again...Nicole is near tears and is very upset about this ex-girlfriend of Corey's.

Nicole  I hope he's not doing this to make her jealous!

Zakiyah:  No....guys get with girls like Natalie to make you jealous.

(So shady.)

Nicole is concerned that this ex-girlfriend may seek her out, and try to beat her up.

Nicole  I mean, she beats up random people...why not me?


Nicole:  I mean, climbing through the window?  She might be sleeping in his bed....but I know she's known him a lot longer than I have, but....

(Corey dated her for SEVEN YEARS, Nicole.)

Zakiyah tried to give comfort, but in kind of a shady way.  Pretty sure she is extremely jealous that Nicole is getting more action that she is.  (Zakiyah wants to be Jordan to Paulie's Jeff.)

Zakiyah:  But you know Corey's woman is going to be really fine though.  She's probably already found somebody else to be with.

(Girls are so damn mean.)

And speaking of Mean Girls...a clever BB fan put this together to commemorate the occasion.

This morning, Da'Vonne was at it bright and early.  And I have to say, I didn't see Da'Vonne much at all on the live feeds for the first few weeks.  She usually sleeps most of the day----we are on different shifts as far as the live feeds go.  But ever since her nomination on Monday, she's been up early, up late, and she's even been making a point of everybody making sure to see her clean the kitchen.

Frank:  Look who's cleaning all the time now.  You want to know when I stopped cleaning?  When I got called a dictator...dictators don't clean.

But back to Da'Vonne, she awkwardly started a conversation in the kitchen.

Day:  Ya'll know I'm a big fan of this I have to I okay this week?  Can I get your votes?

Paul said of course she does, because Tiffany is going home.

Paulie echoed that, but there was an uncomfortable silence, a tension in the room.

Zakiyah:  She ain't even askin' me, 'cause she knows!

(But Zakiyah has had several conversations with Nicole about how Da'Vonne needs to go at some point. Her vote can be bought for the right  price.)

Tiffany got up and spent a long time trying to put enough ice in her cup.

The cameras panned down, but not in a pervy way, to show us her socks.

This was kind of pervy, but I'm only posting it because she looks great.  We should all keep a picture of ourselves looking trim and toned from behind like this to look at when we are old and flabby.

Just after 3:00 am today, James strolled into the storage room, followed closely by Paulie.  James wasted no time getting to the point.

James: You're my boy and I want to be totally honest with you.  The other day I was talking to Da'Vonne and she said she wanted to go after the showmances, and then you and Zee walked by and she pointed to you.

Paulie:  Oh, I know!  She is going after me, hard!  Or maybe not coming after me, but putting things out there so other people will go after me.  She throws me under the bus all of the time.

Paulie said he's also heard that Da'Vonne has been talking about targeting Nicole and Corey, too, and James acted surprised about that.

James:  What?  Whoa...didn't know that.

(Of course James already knew that.  This is actually the first time that I've seen any indication of what James really wants to do this week.....he is clearly putting out feelers about voting Da'Vonne out.)

But then Paul bursts in, and there is an awkward moment for all three of them.  (James quickly opened up the fridge the second he heard someone's hand on the doorknob, pretending to look in it.)

Paulie:  Oh, we're just talking about this week, and if the plan is still on.

Paul, at an 11 on the energy scale:  Of course!  Yes, Tiffany has got to go!  And then Frank!

They entered a round of "Let's Get Frank", followed closely by "Let's Get Bridgette", overlaid with an air of "Tiffany is Already Gone".  I noticed Paulie has added verbage now about how Da'Vonne is "coming after him hard", but neither James nor Paulie mentioned the real topic they had been discussing, that Da'Vonne is openly targeting the couples.

Paul is all hyped up about the upcoming Double Eviction, a term he no doubt learned recently, and is being very aggressive about who his targets will be.  (If Paul is smart, he won't try to win a damn thing until the shoot out between Paulie and Frank is over.)

After a few minutes with Paul and his constant "friendship", James left the room.  I wanted to, also, but stayed for a few moments to hear what Paulie had to say to Paul.

I have no doubt that James will circle back around to talk about this with Paulie...this was just his first step in the Eviction Dance this week.

Paulie wants to talk about himself, of course, in a soliloquy co-starring Zakiyah.

Paulie:  She's a great girl, and I'm sure I'll hit her up after this and ask wassup.. But now she wants to kiss and all that...I'm not doing that.  When I do that, I like to do it right, and the right place to do that is not here.

(Hear, hear Paulie.  Not here here.  Or whatever.)

Paulie says the order will be Natalie, Meech, Zee, and then Nicole, but that information is "too sensitive" and they shouldn't tell anybody in the house about it.  Paulie also told Paul that Da'Vonne didn't like him either, when Bronte was around, because she didn't like the couples.

Paulie:  And when the couples are targeted, it's the men who go.  But Da'Vonne will go after James last, because she likes him.

I really don't know what to expect for this week's eviction.  There are certainly at least three people besides Frank and Bridgette who want to evict Da'Vonne, although they aren't enthused about keeping Tiffany.  All three of them will not want to vote that way unless they are positive they have the numbers to make it happen.

The problem is, Frank seems to think both Paul and Michelle will vote with him.  But I feel pretty confident that neither of them will do that.  I've actually heard Corey and Nicole say that Michelle cries just thinking about Tiffany staying in the house, so the thought of having to live with Michelle after the vote is not helping the cause.

Just like last week, the live feeders won't know for sure how the vote will go until we see it happen.  And that is rare....especially two weeks in a row.  Let's just enjoy the suspense and try to stay calm.  No one in the house really hates each other.....they're just talking smack.


Jason Roy has been fighting off especially mean tweets from "fans" who want to give him shit about everything that Da'Vonne says in that house.  I love his No Holds Barred (i.e. Zero Fucks) style of fighting back.

I guess someone accused Da'Vonne of targeting people in the house based on their religion.


I peeked at the Jokers Updates polls today, and what the hell has happened over there?  Did their site get hacked?

Frank is even ranked higher than Glenn now!  And Paulie and Zakiyah are down in purgatory!

(The reason why I actually don't want Glenn to win the Battle Back is that he is super close with Paulie....I heard people say that Paulie was "attached at the hip" with Glenn, and "followed him around everywhere" during the two-days that Glenn was in the house.  I don't want Paulie to have another number on his side...although surely Glenn would be fun to watch otherwise.)


  1. Love love love this post! Im dying......

  2. This week is WILD. Because I don't want to have to wait to watch my show, my husband arranged the TV so the sound comes from the TV (although a bit tincan style) while he unplugs everything else and packs everyting else. The TV is the LAST thing we are packing Friday right after the battle back show. So I won't have to wait until after we move to watch. We move on Saturday. I'm doing boxes and I stop to watch. I am not missing this.

  3. I just can't stand Nicole and her whinney voice, Corey didn't win that Comp Paulie threw it to him, and what a class act the two of them are with their late night Underthecovers Gate, really! Frank and Bridgette are just mind numbing, they are like in a classic abusive relationship the more Frank kicks her the harder she clings to him! I really like Mich and really dislike Tiff with all the emotional crap that she doesn't control it makes her seem so volatile and such a loose canon. I wonder what her students think of her being so wishie-washie with her now hooking up with the Dictator n his Kid, but at least she has finally made a move! I also like Nat, James,Z and Paul. Paulie is a little too cocky thinking he's running the whole show, especially with all the macho talk! Can't wait for the Battle back!!

  4. Nicole is pitiful. Her parents must be embarrassed beyond. She needs to grow up. She's not 13 anymore.


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