Thursday, July 7, 2016

Live Show Aftermath: The Power Shifts, but Stays the Same. #BB18

Oh boy.  This was one of those HoH competition outcomes that you just don't expect.  That is one of the great things about the "crap shoot" games ---no one really has an advantage so the outcome is so unpredictable.

Bridgette won, and looked like she had a great time doing it.  A lot of people are complaining about it online, because now Frank is safe from the HoH nominations, and this was supposed to be Get Frank Week.

Also, everyone feels that Frank will have a big influence on Bridgette's nominations.  And he probably will.  He tried to ask her what she is thinking about nominations, but their conversation was interrupted.

Frank also escapes being a Have Not for another week.  Frank Eudy has never been a Have Not, so that streak remains unbroken.

Michelle is thanking her lucky stars that she is on the same team as Bridgette, since she has virtually declared war on Bridgette for what seem to be some small and petty reasons.  She's playing so well otherwise----having public beef with someone who is not fighting back is just stupid.  Why not just pretend to be civil, for the game's sake?

Michelle wore one of Natalie's tops on the show tonight and spilled something on it.  She's trying to hand wash and scrub the stain out.

When the live feeds came back, two of the four camera shots were really wonky.  The screen showed Jeff's little live feed break videos, but the sound featured live action of a few houseguests already stressing about Bridgette's plans for the week.

And look at Big Jeff.  Did he get work done?  Or just a little Botox?  Does anybody else see that?

Nicole is very distressed about the way things went tonight.   Zakiyah isn't happy, either, and is very concerned about being nominated.  Her birthday is coming up this week, and I heard Paulie say several times that they should all just let Zakiyah win the HoH so she could have the room for her birthday.

Like everything would just be that easy.  I think the competition tonight would have been hard to throw gracefully.  Do you think anyone threw it?  I had a hard time figuring the scoring out, and matching the people to the team names.  I really had to rely on Julie Chen to tell me who the loser was for each round.  I did hear Frank talk to Nicole about how they both "ate shit" out there when they were eliminated.  I think Frank's ball bounced back on him instead of going towards the goal.

Nicole:  I'm frickin' worried.  This is really going to be Frank's HoH.  Whatever Bridgette does is going to be Frank's doing.

Paulie:  Tiffany is Frank's target.  100%.

Frank came down the hall and now Zakiyah and Nicole are glad to see him, and want to know what he knows about it all.

Frank:  Well, I don' t know if she'll listen to me.  I think she's putting the two of you up...Just kidding.

Nicole:  Are you trying to get her to nominate Tiffany?

Frank:  ***snorts***  Yeah!

DaVonne comes in and Frank points out that they all spent the last week giving Frank shit about him wanting to keep Bridgette around.

Frank:  I'm glad I called her up there last week to talk to her!

Nicole:  Well it's really your HoH then.

Frank and Paulie talked to Bridgette in the London room.  They are pushing to get Tiffany out.  Tiffany just "came out" to Bridgette about Vanessa being her sister a few days ago.  I think Bridgette already knew, but played along.

Bridgette:  My family all thought Vanessa should have won.

Tiffany:  Yeah, that's nice.  Who else did you like from last year?

Bridgette:  Johnny Mac.

Tiffany said she didn't understand why everybody likes Johnny Mac, because he wasn't really doing anything to play the game, but Bridgette liked that Johnny is funny.

Anyway, Bridgette is saying now that it's weird that all of a sudden Tiffany wanted to share her secret.  Bridgette says the only ones who don't know about Vanessa at this point were Paul and Victor, so it seemed sketchy to bring it up now.

Paulie:  Well, no matter what happens, Tiffany will go.

Frank:  No blood on your hands.


  1. Brigette (a nurse in real life) said she'd shave Michelle's eyebrows off when she was unconcious. I think Michelle had a minor blackout or faint of some kind, anyway she heard about it and has been throwing shade on Brigette ever since.

    1. In her defense, she said it jokingly... as in "I should have shaved her eyebrows off before reviving her, ha ha ha". If I were Michelle I would have laughed it off.


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