Monday, July 18, 2016

Let's Discuss the Battle Back Situation. #BB18

This is it....the week that we will finally get some closure on this whole Battle Back situation.  Here are the facts we do know, so far...


1.  The competition will be televised on a special episode that will air this Friday, July 22nd, at 8:00 pm EST.

2.  Each evicted house guest will compete against the previous evictee, and the winner will then compete against the next evicted house guest.

3.  The house guests who are eligible to play in the Battle Back competition are Glenn, Jozea, Victor, Bronte, and whoever gets evicted this Thursday.  Most people think that is going to be Tiffany, but that's what they thought last week, too.  I think there is a good chance that Da'Vonne could be the one evicted----if she doesn't want that to happen, she needs to keep her cool and keep her mouth shut.  Easier said then done, because Frank and Tiffany are coming for her.

Even though it might be crazy for Glenn to be the one to come back, the odds are against him, since he will have to beat four different people to win.  I really think Victor has a strong chance to be the actual victor here, because he seems to be the strongest mentally as well as physically.

Da'Vonne has never won a BB competition, but if she plays in the Battle Back, that would be a great time for her to pull out her first victory.


This is the part I really want to talk about....we really have no idea how the Battle Back results will fit into this week's game.  We all know that the HoH competition will be held on Thursday, and if history is our guide, the nominations will take place early Friday afternoon.

If the Battle Back competition is televised on Friday evening, when will the winner come back in the house, and will they be eligible to be nominated immediately?

I don't think the Battle Back will be a live competition.....there are just too many things to go wrong there, when they can just pre-tape the competitions and edit them into a tight hour of television.  Maybe we'll also get to see some footage that shows what they've been doing since their eviction, and how they prepared for the Battle Back comps.

Or....maybe they will pre-tape the first three Battle Back comps, and then show the last competition live, between whoever is evicted this week and the reigning Battle Back champ.  That seems possible, right?

I really think the returning house guest will pop out of that blue trunk in the living room, but maybe I am just being stubborn about that idea.

But maybe all of the Battle Back comps will be pre-taped on Friday afternoon, and then maybe the house guests will be gathered in the living room, and will get to see some of the competition footage, but the actual winner will be revealed through the Blue Trunk Pop-Up.


How will the live feeders fit into this situation?  Are they going to block the live feeds so we don't get to see what happens until it airs on CBS Friday night?

(I hope not...)

There really is no precedent for this sort of thing here in the US.  I can guess until I'm blue in the face but no one really knows.

I think the teams will be dissolved on Thursday night, but I do think they will continue the Road Kill competition for at least a few more weeks.


Top Chef on the Bravo Network has had a series called "Last Chance Kitchen" that allows the chefs who have had to "pack their knives and go" to compete against each other for the right to return to the competition.  Bravo actually tapes these as webisodes for their website, and as the "cheftestants" lose their Last Chance Battles they join a group on the sidelines to cheer and narrate the competition.

The thing is....the Last Chance Kitchen segments are all filmed on the same day (or series of days), and then released each week since the series is pre-taped well in advance of airing.  But on the last webisode, they make the announcement of the winner a cliffhanger, not showing us who will return until they surprise the Final Three for the finale competitions.


  1. Next Food Network Star has been doing the same for the past three years.

  2. Each week two of them have gone into the Roadkill RV after the HG have finished and competed in the same challenge. All these will be shown on TV and in the BB living room on Friday with the winner coming in the front door. The old guy won easily. (They should hire me, bet this is better than they end up doing.)

    1. I got upset reading this and then I realized you are just guessing.

      Please not the old guy. ha ha ha

  3. Why call him the old guy and why not have him get a chance to win this game?

  4. I think teams will be dissolved after the battle back too. I would like to see Glen get another chance but I think Victor will win. I go back and forth between wanting Da'Vonne or Tiffany out. Ultimately I don't much care, just not sure which I would prefer.


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