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Hurricane Tiffany Was the Real Category 4 Storm in the #BB18 House Yesterday.

The first live show is in the books now.  We didn't get the drama we were hoping for after Julie read the vote count, after all of the threats about punching each other if this or that happened.

Well, this AND that happened, but everything seemed to go really smoothly.  No one even gave a shout out in the DR as they voted, or even seemed to make any special hand motions or signals for the folks back home.  Production must have given them all a stiff talking to, a real Come to Jesus meeting about what being on live TV means and who is in charge around there.

(Frank and Paul had some funny jokes yesterday about Les Moonves yelling at someone over the phone about "getting that bearded freak" off his network if Paul got to answer one of Julie's live questions.)

Here a a few things we learned last night on the live show:

1.  The pre-season rumors about Julie not revealing the vote count were apparently a load of hooey.  Although I guess they could introduce this concept later in the game, if they need to.  I think the main point of that rumored concept was to try and prevent the dreaded "house vote".

2.  The returning evictees will compete in the "Battle Back" competition, that will apparently be broadcast in a "special episode" on Friday, July 22nd.  But that is all we know....we don't know where that event will be held, or if the house guests will get to see it.  We don't even know the sequence of the Battle Back competitions, for example, will there be four competitions, one right after the other?  Will those occur "live" or will they be pre-taped?

That is an awfully long time for people like Glenn and Jozea to wait around to compete.  They might even be sequestered together somewhere.  During BB13, Brendon said that before he competed to return he stayed in a nice house with a family who lived there.

Oh yeah...if we had had this Battle Back competition last year.....coulda, shoulda, woulda for our old friend Jason.  And Da'Vonne, too.  And all of the other early BB16 boots.

3.  The HoH's entire team is safe from being nominated by the HoH this week.  So Category 4 team  members can't be nominated by the HoH, nor as a PoV replacement.  (I think the Road Kill competition is a different story though.)

3.  Production really flipped the script on the live feeders last night, by not letting us see ANY of the live HoH competition.  I can only assume that they had to block it out due to constant communications between the cast and crew, which can't be broadcast on the feeds.  I hope this is not a sign of what is to come this season.  Because I actually had to SCURRY to get my dinner ready and SCARF IT DOWN so I could SCRAMBLE back upstairs to get to my computer to watch the HoH competition and cover it for you.  But instead I had to wince through Jeff's live feed break commentary and videos.

But this isn't about me, of course, it is about Paulie, who is the new HoH this week.  And trouble is brewing in the house, my friends.  Just add water and stir...

*** BUT FIRST ***

Let's revisit Thursday's events as they led up to the live broadcast.

At the stroke of midnight on Thursday, it was Nicole Franzel's 24th birthday.  Everyone gathered around in the living room and wished Nicole a happy one.  One of the girls "joked" to Nicole that her first present was that Bronte was called to the Diary Room at 11:59, so she wasn't included in the little celebration.

(Bronte has few fans in the house outside of her alliance.)

James and Frank had the munchies, so they made some hot dogs.  Frank likes the Hebrew National hot dogs, but I think vegan hot dogs are all they have in the house right now.  (As the week draws to a close the cupboards are rather bare again this week.)

Frank teased Nicole that being 24 is a year that sucks, and then says that Michigan rocks, except for Dearborn Michigan. Frank is referring to Dan Gheesling's Dearborn T-shirt that he wore nearly every day in the BB14 house.

Michelle overheard this, though, and immediately corrected Frank, saying that Dan actually comes from West Bloomfield Michigan, not Dearborn.  Frank didn't have anything nice to say about West Bloomfield, either.

Michelle:  Well, sticks and stones....

Frank:  The way I've heard that saying is that sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can send you to a psychiatrist.

That's Michelle there in the gray hoodie.  When she was stuck in that pixel costume, I heard her say several times that she wished she could wear her hoodie.  She is much more talkative and involved now than she was in the last week.  Maybe that pixel costume was really dragging her down.

I just remembered something---Nicole was talking to Michelle a few days ago, trying to pep her up since she was so depressed about wearing that pixel costume.  Nicole told her that she felt very insecure during BB16 because some of the girls were so beautiful. She specifically mentioned Brittany Martinez as being absolutely gorgeous in person, even though she "had three kids".

Nicole: Amber was really pretty, too.

When Nicole looks back, wearing the Germantard costume was her favorite memory of BB16, because wearing a costume is such an important part of playing Big Brother.  She did not feel that way about the frog costume, saying that she felt down about wearing it.

I'm guessing that the costumes are more unpleasant when you have to wear something big on your head.

Paul makes fun of the deli meat, saying that its some sort of private label "honey select" before shoving a slice of it in his mouth.  Frank revealed that sometimes they get called in the Diary Room to do "punch up" lines.

I understand the look the girls were going for with Tiffany's hair, but I don't like it on her.  It looks pretty from the front, but with a look like this you really need to consider how it comes off at all angles.

The cameras slowly back is a little scary.

The big chatter leading up to the live show is a decision Frank made to strongly imply to Natalie that she might want to re-consider her planned vote to keep Jozea.  I didn't hear Frank specifically share any alliance news with Natalie, or confirm anything, but he did plant a seed with her about it.

This ended up turning into a BIG MESS, but what you see here is Nicole low-talking with Corey about it.

Nicole: See, Frank did that because he's thinking about options for himself outside of our alliance.

Corey: What?

Nicole:  I like Frank, but I just want to point out that he's playing the game.  Frank wants to win and he's trying to keep his options open outside of our alliance in case he needs them.

When Nicole and Corey are talking alone like this, she tries not to turn directly toward him.  She seems uncomfortable face-to-face with Corey.  Or maybe it feels too comfortable.

Paulie was pretty calm before the live show.  He wasn't as upset with Frank as a few other people were, but as usual there was some misinformation floating around the house.  For example, they were saying that right after Frank spoke with Natalie, Natalie went and grabbed Jozea for a private chat.

There was plenty of nervous chatter, but what Natalie did do is tell Bronte and Bridgette that she "had a feeling" that the vote might not go her way.  And Bronte had a little episode about that, telling Victor, Paul and Jozea that both Natalie and Bridget was losing it and were overcome with paranoia.

Bronte:  Just having a feeling is not a fact.  I tried to tell them that.  It's just paranoia.

Tiffany, however, was VERY upset with Frank, and felt that Frank ruined their chance for a big blindside.  She's right about that, but I'm sure Frank was just trying to do what Nicole told Corey he was doing----put out some friendly feelers in case the other side won the HoH battle.

Frank is a huge target, and he knows that, so he was trying to hedge his bets a little.  He wants some those "Revolution" newbies to feel like they have a friend in him.

But Tiffany was FED UP with Frank.  She wanted to talk to him about what he did, but the conversation did not go well AT ALL.  She got aggressive with him, and he got aggressive with her, and the rest of the crew just stood in the Nairobi Lounge and watched it happen. (The HoH room was closed earlier in the day to prepare for the new HoH.)

Tiffany:  You act like you don't even want to hear what I'm saying!

Frank, leaving the room:  No, I really don't!

Zakiyah tried to calm things down in there, as did James and Nicole, but Tiffany started spinning like a top, and there was no stopping that swirling force.

I don't know if you can see, but this angle of Tiffany's new look is one of the angles I was referring to earlier.  The bad angle.  Maybe that is why Tiffany wore a little hat perched on top of her head for the live show.

Frank's abrupt exit from the room threw Tiffany into a tizzy, and I think the Big News here is that when Tiffany gets mad, she has a hard time controlling her emotions.  And she cries.  Yep. The old Rousso Routine.   Tiffany stormed through the house, heading to her bed that she usually shares with James.  She had to march through the Anime Bedroom, where the Revolution was having a meeting.  Without speaking to them, she rushed into the London Bedroom and SLAMMED the door behind her.

The Revolution Newbie crowd:  Wow.  What the hell was that?

Nicole scurried after Tiffany, who started YELLING about Frank.

Tiffany:  He doesn't want to hear anything from women that challenges him!  I HATE THAT!  He's done this to me THREE TIMES NOW!  He's intimidated by me because.....(realizing Bridgette is in the corner of the room)...well, because you know, and he's SCARED!  He's THREATENED by me.


Tiffany:  Frank is a CHAUVANIST and I can't stand that!  He's so rude.

Nicole and James try to calm  Tiffany down, but she just gets louder.

Tiffany:  HE'S PLAYING WITH FUCKING FIRE RIGHT NOW!  He asked me if I was trying to one up him, well, I WILL FUCKING ONE UP HIM!  I WILL!

Nicole says Frank is waiting downstairs....he wants to talk to her.

Tiffany:  GOOD!  You can tell him he's going to wait.

She starts crying and says "this will be GREAT for America to see".

Bridgette, who does not know who Tiffany's sister is:  It's okay.  America will see that you are a strong woman who stands up for yourself!

Tiffany:  No, because......well....they better show some other people crying too.

This breaks the tension and they laugh a little.  The key takeaways that I learned from this little episode are that:

1.  Tiffany was clearly unable to control herself, and let the other team see how upset she was.

2.  Tiffany was SCREAMING her threats with the other team just outside the door.

3.  Tiffany did not seem to GIVE A DAMN about the rest of her alliance, and how afraid they might be of her angry threats.

4.  In her anger, Tiffany felt it was more important to assert some sort of power over Frank, then to play a good Big Brother game.

5.  Unlike Vanessa, Tiffany cannot keep a Poker Face.

Things were going too well for the 8-Pack alliance.  This little episode is far from the first visible crack in their group, but it was by far the loudest.  Even Corey was talking later with the guys about wanting to switch Tiffany out with Natalie in the 8-Pack.

So, not good. Not good at all.

And let me tell you about James.  James actually went to Natalie after Frank did, and basically confirmed her suspicions about Jozea getting voted out.  James let Natalie know that her team is considered a sinking ship, and she should start considering some alternate plans.

But no one was yelling at James, Or calling him a Chauvanist Pig.

Look at little Bridgette back there, trying to compute all of this information.  She's not a dummy, but some of this drama must have seemed strange to her, since Tiffany alluded to Vanessa's Big Brother legacy indirectly at least twice.

And she was on the block for eviction yesterday, so she was probably wondering if all of the yelling and door slamming would impact the planned vote.  Or maybe she was thinking about the next batch of muffins or scones she would bake.  Who knows, because Bridgette is smart enough to keep her mouth shut at a time like this.

Victor and Jozea enjoyed a little snack amidst all of the chaos.

Here is Bronte talking to Paul about how paranoid Natalie is acting.  Paul was complimenting Bronte on her composure and game sense, and she was eating that up.

Note that Bronte's voice is not so high and squeaky when she has something real to talk about.  In fact, she sounded almost like a normal person, a real human being.

Then Jozea came in to hear what Bronte had to say, and you could see his nerves kick in when he heard that some of the girls in his alliance were getting nervous about the vote.

In fact, the news scared Jozea's pants off.  I know this is hard to look at----I can't believe someone in that house didn't go in the DR to complain about feeling uncomfortable around Jozea and his junk.  That's all you have to say----that someone else is making you feel uncomfortable by their conduct and the complaint is lodged.

That is Workplace Harassment Prevention 101, people.

Da'Vonne talked with Tiffany, and she seemed to have an impact on the situation.

Da'Vonne:  Tiffany, you're like me...sometimes you question people a little aggressively.

Tiffany took this news well, and they calmly discussed how both of them contributed to the argument, blowing it into a big ordeal.  Tiffany knows that Frank has said he learned some of his bad tempered reactions from his father, but that doesn't excuse the way he treats her.  She and Frank had a talk to clear the air later, after the live show, and Tiffany actually used some of Da'Vonne's terminology in her half of the apology.

Frank actually told Tiffany there was no need to apologize, and that he was fine with her.

But she's not fine with him, really.  Frank and Corey considered swapping Tiffany out with Natalie in the alliance.  Paulie doesn't want to do that, because he thinks Tiffany is smart and he has had no problems with her.

But Tiffany's 8-Pack Alliance contract is under review.....I'm not sure if this is her first, or her second or third Written Warning.  When she figures this out, she'll probably just take the news calmly, cool as a cucumber.


Later Paul gave shaving tips to the guys.

Why would Corey need shaving tips from Paul?

Bridgette has an abrasion on her ankle.  I think the cameras feel free to give us some close ups of Bridgette's various body parts now since she's not in that pixel costume anymore.  That costume was cute for a few days, but that joke ended up going way too long.

Jozea did Tiffany's makeup, spending a long, long time on her eyes.  He did Nicole's makeup, too, and I heard some whispering about how much foundation he caked on her face.  The chatter was that he used half of her bottle of foundation in one shot.

And Jozea was wearing pants, so he's barely recognizable here.

*** ALSO ***

I scouted around a little to see what some former house guests had to say about the show, and if they had any words of support for Cody.  Or for James or Da'Vonne.  Or for Frank or Nicole..or anybody, really.  Please don't get excited, because there wasn't much out there.

I thought I stumbled on a big Twitter fight between Meg and Candice from BB15, talking about the Messiah Jozea.  But it turns out this isn't really BBCandice.  But it's still a good burn, I guess.

Shelli is pulling for Paulie.  Probably not Da'Vonne, and maybe not James, but they weren't on the block last night.

The Nolan Twins had a front row seat for the action last night.  I didn't see much commentary, if any, about that, either.  And yes, that is Lawon Exum tucked back in the next row.

Austin tweeted NOTHING about Big Brother last night, or even yesterday or the day before.

Neither did Nicole and Cody's BB16 cast members Amber Borzotra or Brittany Martinez.  Hayden Voss hasn't tweeted anything  at all since his tweet on premiere night.  Donny and Derrick retweeted a few things, but had nothing specific to say about who they are cheering on this summer.  Nicole's BB16 friend Christine Brecht is tweeting about how everybody is tweeting about everybody's tweets, basically.

Ian Terry didn't let us down, though.

I've seen people referring to the Battle Back as the Big Brother version of Survivor Redemption Island.  But in that situation, the entire cast met in an arena to watch that week's battle between players with a snuffed torch.  I don't think the Battle Back will be like that, but I do understand the reference.

I was actually thinking it would be more like Top Chef's Last Chance Kitchen, but that isn't right either.

Last night was the first time in Frank Eudy's Big Brother career that he voted for the person who was evicted.  During BB14 Frank only voted twice, and both times he voted for someone who stayed in the game.  That partially explains why Frank was either the HoH or sitting on the block for the other six weeks he was in the game.

Ian picked Frank as his #1 seed during the BB18 draft on the Dom & Colin podcast, so he's rooting for Frank the Tank.  He's got some coin invested in Frank's game.

Now this is interesting. The house guests sitting in the living room can hear Production unlock the front door just before the live eviction.  What a scary sound that must be!

*** AND ***

I hate to say it, but I found Glenn's little session with Jeff on the live feed break to be extremely boring.  Not only did it take place in front of a plain white screen, Glenn wasn't in the house long enough to have any interesting insight into the game right now.  And Jeff couldn't talk to him about anything juicy, because Glenn has a chance to come back in the game.

Glenn was evicted on the 2nd day in the house, so all he had to talk about was the following:

1.  He wanted to make sure his bed was near the door, because he is an older guy and needs to pee frequently during the night.  Glenn actually told that last part to Jeff THREE times.

2.  Glenn thinks the girls felt comfortable talking to him because he's older.  I think he only said that twice to Big Jeff.

3.  Glenn says the kids in the house just couldn't believe he is 50.  I think he specifically mentioned Natalie saying that.  And we all know how sincere Natalie is with her compliments in the house, right?

We did get to see evidence of the short-lived Victor-Natalie showmance.

After just a few minutes of this action, I can understand why Victor bailed.  Or hit it and quit it.  Whatever.

Natalie fishes for compliments about her beauty, even in a situation like this.  It looked exhasuting.

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  1. I remember hanging out with my good friend and her neighbour and sister and he was constantly complimenting the girls and they were asking this and that to prompt more compliments. He never complimented me. I wasn't jealous of my friend, I just felt bad after several weeks of this and found it ridiculous that I felt that since I didn't even fancy the guy. One day, while both other girls were off somewhere, he turns to me and apologises for never complimenting me and said that he doesn't want to make the other two jealous in front of them because he wants to date one of them, but tells me that he doesn't need to compliment me because ''you know you're pretty and you get it''. I was like ''uh, yeah'', A little confused but I got what he meant.

    I was 15, or 16. Nathalie is certainly older than 15 and has one sexy body. She needs to realise how beautiful she is and that a lot of people are differently pretty, very few are less pretty. It's a question of preference.

    The only person I expect compliments from daily now is my husband, because that's how we are, and I compliment him, and we have our baby talk and our silly stuff we say to each other.

    If I were Nathalie, I'd do what I did one Summer, getting out of a bad relationship, when there were a lot of new guys around me. I'd compliment them, I'd compliment the other girls, I'd hold myself high and use that sexy charm to get them to do what I wanted (which usually consisted of buying fries down the street). We were playing a lot of MTG back then, so I'd slouch while playing, so I had my push up bra and a low cut T or camisole. That rebound flirting was the best. Nathalie could have half those boys wrapped around her finger if she stopped fishing and just worked it instead.


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