Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Get Your Lies Straight Before Telling Stories. #BB18

The first set of pictures here are from yesterday afternoon.  Paulie brought out the HoH camera, but the general reaction to that was very lukewarm by the house guests.  It seems like the thrill of the photo session is already gone for much of the cast.

Paulie "got the selfies out of the way" first, and didn't really push people to pose or appear in the pictures.  In fact, I kind of forgot about the HoH camera myself, even though it is usually kind of a big deal out there.

Da'Vonne spent countless hours undoing and redoing her braids in the last few days. She told the group that she had about 170 braids to start with, but I think she combined them to make larger braids, or something like that.  It just seems like a lot of effort, but I guess Da'Vonne has to fill all of that time in the house doing something.  I remember Da'Vonne telling Big Jeff last year during her exit interview that she took pride in the fact that her "weave was flawless" the entire time she played BB17.  The risk of a flawed weave this season will probably grow exponentially as Da'Vonne's time in the house grows, right?

(Remember when Britney Spears shaved her head to get her extensions off quickly?  And when she attacked a car with an umbrella?  Just a few suggestions for Da'Vonne, to spice things up around there.)

Being a Have Not is really getting to Da'Vonne and Zakiyah.  Apparently the excitement over having unlimited berries to eat along with the slop has been a big let down.

Zakiyah:  I told them that we needed more berries!  And they said didn't we get you some, and I told them we've all been eating the berries off the display and they're gone!  So they said they would work on getting more for us, but there is only two days left!

Nicole took a picture of Paulie and Zakiyah.  I'm not sure what is going on with that whole situation.  I've heard Zakiyah kind of back off about it, telling the girls that Paulie spends way more time talking with Tiffany than he does with her.  But then she heard that someone else heard that they heard Paulie say that Zakiyah was his type.

Or something like that.  Da'Vonne advised her to pursue it out if the house, not in it.

(Like in the Jury House Da'Vonne?  Is that what you meant?)

Natalie laid in the sun next to Frank and spoke AGAIN about how her romance with Victor fell apart after he blew her off.


Natalie also detailed for the 132nd time the various comments Victor made about the amount of cheese or mayonnaise she added to her sandwich. Or whatever.  I know we all have a friend who is THAT GIRL who talks about a brief romance over and over and over.  You know, THAT GIRL who constantly talks about who he is dating now, and the nerve of him to take the other girl to the same Starbucks they went to one time.  Or whatever.

In fact, we might all know the same THAT GIRL, right?

Natalie even told Frank that after Victor said he wanted to cut off their showmance, she asked him what she could do to change his mind.  Frank later told the HoH crew about this comment, saying that he thinks Natalie thinks that her relationship with Victor was real.

(It's too much to hope that Frank brings up Danielle and Trey, but how GREAT would that be?)

Natalie asked Frank a lot of questions about his girlfriend Ashton.  She even asked if Frank plans to marry Ashton, right there in front of thousands of prying live feed eyes.  And that is likely a sensitive question for Ashton, whose friends and family probably know her boyfriend Frank is on TV this summer.

To his credit, Frank said he "probably will marry her", and then explained that they met last June, and have been dating since last October.  Frank says that Natalie reminds him of Ashton because Ashton is also very short and very girly.

Frank wishes he could get Ashton to eat a vegetable sometime, instead of just meat, cheese and pasta.  They like to go out to dinner and have a few drinks, and don't really go out partying together.  Frank even keeps her dog at his house during the day sometimes. Frank and Ashton had a busy spring going to weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties almost every weekend, so they just wanted to stay home and relax in the weeks leading up to Big Brother.

Frank:  She was saying, I won't see you until September Frank? but then I told her that she can still watch me, I just can't watch her.

I also heard Frank talk recently about how going out to brunch is kind of a drag now, because they have to wait until noon or so if they want to drink cocktails, but by then you have to wait a long time to get a table, and Frank is so hungry by that point that it is uncomfortable.

(We have the same Brunch Problem where I live, too.)

Paul tried to talk game with Paulie, and did a pretty good job acting like he was unsure about whether his ideas were valid or not.  He was making the point that keeping Victor around would be keeping a big target in the game, and that might be good for the guys.  He also brought up the gender imbalance right now, saying that the girls can easily grab the voting power any time they want to.

Paulie:  Yeah, that makes sense, but I think the girls in my group are pretty solid.

(Because Frank told you that Paulie?  What if Frank is very, very wrong about that?)

Later in the evening a group convened in the bathroom area to discuss what they would do in different dating scenarios, such as going to a party and finding that your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend is there, or finding out that your boyfriend spoke to her but never mentioned it to you.

Nicole talked some big game about this, saying that she would just waltz into the party and not worry, because he's with her now, or something ballsy like that.

(I think Nicole would like to be that way, but it is easier said than done in real life.)

I must also let you know that Bronte was twirling that plastic coat hanger around and stating that this conversation didn't hold her attention very well.  Because Bronte gets so bored and all.

Paul, who is not a boring person, shared a story that he says happened to him recently.

Paul:  So I went out with this girl, and a guy came up and said 'hey you're with a very pretty lady' and I agreed with him.  Then he asked me if I wanted a little something to put into her drink.  I didn't even hesitate, I just BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HIM right there.

(This story is terrifying, isn't it?  Because I'm sure that guy has found takers for his offer before, or he wouldn't be asking.  Paul should have called the police instead of beating him up.  If indeed he did really beat him up.)

(Most great story tellers will tell you that the best stories have just a little exaggeration built in...but they also say the truth is stranger than fiction, so who knows.)

Everyone (except maybe Bronte) was riveted.

Paul also said that he could never blame his actions on drinking or getting wasted.  He would never use that as an excuse for doing something he shouldn't have done.

Everyone thinks Zakiyah does great accents, but she says she can only do it if she pretends she's on the phone.  She is pretending to be British here, but I would have loved it if she had broken out her Bronte impression, just to see if Bronte was listening.  It really is laugh-out-loud funny.

Da'Vonne, Zakiyah and Nicole were huddled in the Have Not room plotting and scheming, and talking about the Big Bad Wolf Frank, and their plans to take him out of the game.

And who comes in but the Big Bad Wolf himself, Frank the Tank.  And the talk immediately turned to all of the clothes Zakiyah brought into the house.  Nicole admired all of the rompers she brought, and wants to borrow one to wear on this week's live show.

Zakiyah:  Those rompers go right up my coochie. I'm serious ya'll.

(I guess Nicole may want to rethink borrowing a romper, after all.)

Frank could feel the tension in the air and started massaging Da'Vonne's shoulders and arms. Paulie came in and kind of tag-teamed Frank, who left the room after muttering "I just saw 15 rompers" to Paulie on his way out.  I'll bet the two of them were listening at the door before they came in to bust it up.

===>  The guys knew the girls were talking game.  And they busted them.

Michelle spent time on the hammock with Frank and Corey.  They knew this was the last night they would have access to the backyard for a few days, and couldn't believe more people weren't out there to enjoy it.

The topic of discussion is Tiffany, and how she got caught making side deals with people outside of the 8-Pack Alliance.

Frank:  It happens every year, though.  It's unrealistic to think we can have an allowance with half the damn house and nobody is going to cut side deals.

Note that Bridgette is the one who is providing this information to Frank.  She told Frank that Tiffany came to the PowderPuff Girls (i.e. the Spy Girls) and wanted to work with them.  And Frank chose to tell his group that Bridgette did that.  So now Bridgette is now seen as being very sketchy and shady, and suspicious for being in Frank's pocket.

Michelle wanted to be able to trust Tiffany, but now she sees she can't do that.

Frank: I wonder what advice her sister gave her before playing this year?

Michelle:  Well, Tiffany told me that one of the mistakes her sister made was not being loyal to the people she was working with, so what Tiffany is doing is surprising...

Note that Frank has been telling his group that he spoke with Mike Boogie just before getting sequestered, and Mike told him that if Vanessa was cast for BB18, Frank should work with her because Mike was "totally in with Vanessa".  I just took this to mean that Frank would have a common bond with her right from the start, through Mike.  I have seen Vanessa tweet out pictures with Mike Boogie, and also support for his new Vegas restaurant, so they are friends.  Mike plays poker, too, so I'm sure they bond over that topic.

Michelle was very perturbed over the laundry situation.  Apparently Michelle's clothes were in the washer, but Tiffany took them out and put them on the table instead of putting them in the dryer.  Michelle says her clothes smell bad now but Frank says they can fix it.

Frank and Michelle went over to the laundry area and Frank took Tiffany's clothes out of the dryer and started folding them while Michelle put her own clothes in the dryer.  Michelle discovered with horror that she somehow put one of her sets of hair extensions in the washing machine, ruining them.

Michelle:  I wish I could blame this on Tiffany, too,but I guess I'm the one who put them in the washer.

Frank:  That shit is ruined now!  There goes the mullet I was going to wear on the live show!

Michelle says she has another set, but she just flushed $50 down the drain by ruining these extensions.

Frank:  Tiffany is the worst.

Michelle:  No, Bridgette is...

Frank: No, she bakes me cookies.

Frank says that if they still had the old-style washing machine with the agitator in the center, that hair would be all wound up around everything and Michelle would be in trouble with Production.

Paul had a bad day, and was very emotional about things.  He thinks being a Have Not is part of it, but he also felt really lonely today.  He had a nice chat with Corey about it, and they both agreed that they love to tell stories, and that is what these experiences are all about.

Paul:  We can say, remember that time in the Big Brother house, and we'll always have those stories to tell.  That's why I love to travel so much, and I think being genuine with each other in here is so important.

Paul says he just needs to get really drunk soon to snap out of his mood, and of course they started discussing the Wrap Party again.  Frank told them that the party is held on the CBS lot, and that the bar is unlimited for as much as you want to drink.

Frank: And if some of the people back there like you, you might get asked back to their desks to take a swig out of flask, but that probably won't happen to you.  Just me.

( Production has flasks of booze in their desks....)

I think there is a chance that Bronte could go this week, because there is a lot of negative chatter about her from both the guys and the girls.  I've heard Corey and Frank talk about the radical change in Bronte's attitude over the last week.  She was so arrogant and nasty to everyone last week when she thought her group was running the house, but now she's trying to be Miss Personality in there.

Corey:  I wouldn't blame Paulie for wanting her out, after the way she spoke to him last week.

(Remember this?)

Paulie told Paul that since he loves to play chess, he should play more chess in the house, and listen to Paulie's music for the next few days, while he can.

Paul:  I may take you up on that.

(Paulie's music is from Breaking Benjamin.)

This is Corey trying to spoon Nicole while she was napping, but he gave up after several seconds, saying it "wouldn't work".

Victor had some vanilla ice cream, and it sounds like they still have leftover apple pie from their July 4th dinner party.  I tried to count all of the pizza boxes in the kitchen when they were cleaning up after the party, but lost count.

Paulie:  I don't really like apple pie, but I love pie crust.

Victor:  Me too.


Frank came in and reported that Tiffany had been crying all day, and is still wearing sunglasses because of it.

Paulie:  Why?

Frank:  She thinks she's going home this week.

Frank thinks that Tiffany is more fragile than Vanessa, and that she probably cries in the house a lot more often then they even know about.  Apparently Tiffany is really paranoid about a Team America situation this year.

Frank:  There's no way they would do that this year.

Paulie:  Maybe America's Player though?

Frank:  No, they can't, because of the returning players.  I'm four years out by now...I'm kind of out of it, but with people who just played, it wouldn't be fair.  Like in BB14, we had Britney and Janelle, both America's Favorites, and Dan and Mike Boogie who were former would have been a landslide.

They discussed how Paul was emotional today, too.

Paulie: Damn.  Why does everybody have to be crying and emotional on the day that I have the camera?

Zakiyah came in and Frank teased her about not getting too fat after Have Not week is over.

Frank:  I can't be hanging out at the pool with two fat girls.

Zakiyah:  You need to be careful with that....

Frank:  But big booties though...I'm all about that big booty life now.  People will be wondering what this guy puts in his drinks....

Paulie: too.

When they were alone, Paulie assured Zakiyah that she can trust him in this game, and he used the fact that Cody and Derrick struck up a Final Two deal on their second day in the house.

Paulie:  They never had to question it after that.  That's the way I play it, too.  I watched James' season, and he was loyal to his team, and Frank's season, too.

Paulie also told Zakiyah that he approached Tiffany after being in the house for a very short time and told her that he thought she was related to Vanessa.

Paulie:  She said, hmm...I've never heard that before.  But a few days later she told me it was true, so....

(Tiffany really fucked up with her identity situation.  How could she not be prepared to deal with that topic, since she looks and sounds JUST LIKE her sister Vanessa?)

Paulie also mentioned walking into the Have Not room earlier and knowing that he interrupted a conversation he wasn't supposed to hear.  Zakiyah later frantically told Da'Vonne about this, and how Paulie was supposedly mad about it.

Zakiyah:  He went in!  I felt like I was in trouble!

(Yes, she's exaggerating.  She also told Day that Paulie said he didn't trust Frank, and do not recall Paulie saying that.  I was typing at the time, but my ears still work when I type.)

Paul had a heart-to-heart talk with Tiffany at the chess board.  I love this cool shot of the kitchen in the background.

Tiffany doesn't know who to trust anymore, she says.  Paul thinks she should take more things at face value, and stop trying to read so much meaning into everything.

Tiffany:  There are so many fakey fake people in here.

Paul thinks there are a lot of followers in the house, who will repeat anything they hear as long as it isn't about them.

Paul:  I like to check my facts first.

Tiffany:  Can we agree to watch each other's back if either one of us is HoH next week?  I mean, I'm not gunning for you or anything.

Paul:  I'm not gunning for anyone at this point.  That's why I don't need HoH right now.  But if I do, you have my word, unless you do something to piss me off.

*** ALSO ***

I am very into the whole 1970's New York City art and club scene.  I read a lot of books about that era and have visited many of the memorable spots and historic areas.  One of my favorites is an artist named Jenny Holzer who became famous in the late 70's, and is known for using words instead of paintbrushes as her tools, like a philosopher.

You're probably familiar with some of her work, without ever hearing about her.

Anyway, Jenny is one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter.  She follows no one, and only tweets out a few words at at time, often sporadically.  She actually stopped tweeting for three years recently, but she's at it this summer.  And many of her tweets actually sound like fantastic advice or reminders for the BB18 house guests.

Jenny's Twitter tag line is "abuse of power comes as no surprise".  (HoH-itis anyone?)


  1. It's almost as though this artist is watching Big Brother lol very fitting indeed.

  2. I love love your blog!! Thanks just you, I read it everyday! So great!

  3. Thanks Amanda. I will try to keep it coming...

  4. I am guessing if you are fascinated by the 70's arts and club scene in NYC that you might have read "The Andy Warhol Diaries", which continues into the 80's. I used to check it out of the library every year or two to re-read, then bought a used copy on amazon so I could have my own. If you have not read it, you might want to look into it.

    1. Yes, I love it! I actually bought a first edition of this book at an Amish garage sale for $5. The newer versions have an index in the back so you can easily look up the celebrity names---I am going to try and print out a copy of the index to use the next time I read it.

      I just went to a Basquiat show here in Atlanta that featured his diaries and notes, but the friend I went with kept talking the whole time so I couldn't enjoy it. I need to go back alone before the exhibit closes so I can really soak it all in.


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