Sunday, July 31, 2016

Everybody in the House is Getting Tipsy. #BB18

So I think the PoV competition was the "Ready Set Whoa" HoH competition from last year.  Paulie won it, and said that his skills "getting started quickly" came in handy.  That HoH competition had a lot of technical difficulties last year...the live feeders were all complaining because so much of it was not shown.

However, compared to this season's total shut out of any HoH competition action on the live feeds, we actually  had nothing to complain about, but hindsight is 20/20, as they say.

Zakiyah has a habit of putting her makeup on looking into her compact mirror, so she probably won't have any awkward close up makeup shots like these.

So ladies, if you are planning to apply to be on Big Brother, you might as well learn to put your makeup on like Zakiyah.  Just a suggestion.

These pictures were taken in the morning, as everyone scrambled to get ready for the PoV player pick ceremony.  They got called for it much earlier than they usually do, and wondered what that could mean.

Victor hurt his neck somehow and Nicole put some Icy Hot on it for him, rubbing it in well.

That little unicorn sticker on Victor's cheekbone is really hanging in there---Natalie put that sticker on him last night.

Later, in the hour before BBAD started, the house guests got a liquor delivery, and Paul decided to drink his HoH booze along with everybody else.  Production hasn't given them very much alcohol this season.  According to the house guests, the night of the Outback Steak dinner was the last time they got a booze delivery.

Apparently Michelle got very sick, and they think this is the primary reason they've all been on the wagon.  Michelle said she was ill because of the steak she ate, after not eating meat for 4 years.  But we all saw how wasted she was....I think that is the reason why she vomited.

Victor cracked a beer and tipped it up, ready to get his drink on.   Watching this, I was immediately reminded of how greedy Victor was with the beer in the days just before he got evicted.  At the time, I thought he had a sinking feeling that he was leaving, and was just adopting an "I don't give a shit" attitude about the situation.

But I think Victor just isn't someone who likes to share.  I heard a drunken Nicole complain later that Victor grabbed her almost-empty bottle of beer and drank it.  But from the looks and sounds of things, Victor may have done Nicole a favor.  She was tipsy enough as it was, sort of a high-school type of buzz, where Corey had to walk her through taking bites of food later.  I heard her say that this was the "drunkest she's ever been in the BB house.".

Even Da'Vonne was going to drink last night, and that rarely happens.  I think she was going to drink wine, and she wanted it really cold, so she put her glass in the fridge and even put ice in there, I think.

Da'Vonne:  Now this would be the perfect time for them to put a 6'7" handsome chocolate man in here for me.

Someone asked, what about Devin?  Da'Vonne snorted and said he was handsome, but....

James made a pizza, but without Frank's supervision regarding when to take it out of the oven.  It looks like the center isn't cooked enough to me, and it might even still be cold in the middle.

Frank tried to teach James, but apparently James didn't want to learn.

Somehow Paul took a dare to chug two of his beers.  He couldn't decide whether to do it in a bumper car, or the phone booth, but in the end he chose the phone booth.  This is Paul sucking down the first bottle of beer.

Da'Vonne kept time with a chant and clapping, and everyone cheered.

(Da'Vonne is going to HATE Paul within 24 hours, after he puts her on the block in what is sure to be a devastating blindside.  But will she find out that Zakiyah and Michelle already know?  Because they do....)

And this is the second beer.

And as you might guess, all that beer made Paul very extra, but actually he was a bit calmer then he usually is, because alcohol is a depressant.  I'll go on record and say I think I like Paul better after he drinks.

Paulie and Corey had a very long conversation about the game, and also about Nicole.  Paulie was really putting the hard sell on, saying that Cody told him that the reason why he hung out with Nicole so much is that she was really cool, and a nice girl.  Paulie thinks she's a good catch, and Corey nodded and smiled.

Then they moved on to discuss the current status of Bridgette.

Paulie:  She told Paul that she likes that he's a straight shooter.

They both think that Bridgette will target the girls in the house, particularly Michelle, and they like that.  They also like the fact that her ankle injury might still be tender, and now Bridgette is reporting that she hurt her knee playing the PoV.   They plan to keep Bridgette around for a few more weeks,

Paulie:  They really stacked the house with some strong girls who can start a girl's alliance, like Tiffany, Day, and Michelle.  And all three of them are the type who can turn the other girls like Zakiyah and Nicole and get them to join up.

(This afternoon I heard Paulie tell Corey and Nicole that he thinks next week might be a good time to get Zee out....that is also very smart of Paulie, to evict her so the other couples will be the targets, not him.  Plus, she's becoming a problem for his game, so she is expendable.)

Paulie then launched into another tutorial about the Hit Men, and how Derrick and Cody were always thinking two steps down the road.  When they spotted threats, they took them out the first chance they could.

Right on cue, Zakiyah walked in, and based on what Corey and Paulie were talking about, there was some tension.  Zakiyah either didn't feel it, or didn't feel like acknowledging it, because she jumped right in bed with Paulie.

It's another Dignity-Free Day for Zakiyah, apparently.

Zakiyah:  Everybody is tipsy out there, especially Nicole.  You better go out there and get your woman Corey.

Paulie:  What about Paul?

Zakiyah:  Paul is tipsy, too.

Paulie:  He's tipsy?  Just tipsy after all that drinking?

Zakiyah:  Yeah, he doesn't seem drunk.

Corey couldn't get out of there fast enough.  Note that all three of them are the Have Nots this week, so they are all sober while everyone else is stumbling around outside.  Zakiyah had some things to say about Paul, likely annoyed that he and Paulie are spending so much time together now.

Zakiyah:  Paul is a threat.  You need to remember that he wasn't for you or Michelle when we got in here....he said a lot of things...he could slip and get to the end.

Zakiyah:  And I want Victor gone too.  Everybody seems to love him, but not me.

Paulie:  Everybody loves him?  I don't know about that, but Day says she's seen Nicole looking at him.  I know he is rubbing Corey the wrong way.

And right on cue, Nicole comes in and she is obviously under the influence.

Nicole:  I can't believe Victor gave me a lap dance!  And he chugged the rest of my beer.

Paulie:  He's The Exec.

They went in the HoH room and Nicole and Paul broke into his bag of Mission tortilla chips and some guacamole.  Paul says everything tastes so much better when you're buzzed.  Note that he asked Corey if he was okay with them snacking in front of him, which was certainly a nice gesture.

The guys started talking about how long it's been since they have had sex.  Nicole wanted to know what the longest time Corey has gone without having sex.

Corey:  Probably 5 months.

Nicole:  But Corey!  You've been broken up with her for  over a year!

Corey:  But we still talked and would hang out and all.

Nicole:  But hanging out doesn't mean intercourse!

(Does Nicole think a guy who looks like Corey is going to be celibate just because he doesn't have a girlfriend?  Working in a bar? Nicole is so is actually very difficult to date a guy who is as handsome as Corey.  Women literally throw themselves at guys like Corey.)

Nicole announces that she dated a guy 4.5 years before even thinking about having sex with him.

Corey:  What?  But that was your first...what about after that....what was the longest time?

Nicole:  A long, long time.  I've gone 2.5 years before.

Paul:  I would literally explode if I had to do that.

And here comes Victor again.  It's funny, because when Victor is hanging with the guys, they seem to have a really good rapport, and lots of laughs and seem to enjoy each other's company.  But as soon as Victor leaves, they mock him and and say every time they have a conversation, he appears.  It kind of makes you wonder if people act like that in everyday life.  (I hope not.)

They talked about Natalie, and her "F.T.'s".  Victor mentions the conversation he had with Natalie where she told everyone about "her friend" who had breast implants, and how you could get a discount if you were in the entertainment industry.  Victor was training her and she said she couldn't do several of the exercises because they hurt her chest, but she wouldn't admit it to him either, and even said she wanted them to be bigger.

Zee, now in the HoH room with Paulie:  She admitted to me that they were fake.

Victor started giving his opinions about women who were loose.  He said that "girls are  like a lock, and if anyone can unlock you, that's a shitty lock".

Paul :  Hey Vic, I'd tread lightly if I were you....

Nicole understood what Victor is saying, but Paul said it was a two-way street, and everyone is a person who should be equal.

Victor:  Oh, I'll concede that some of the locksmiths can be trashy as well.

Nicole:  I got you....I see what you're both saying.

Outside, Big Meech is getting in a workout, motivating herself to work up a sweat.  She ran, and set up some interval stations while Da'Vonne looked on.  Day said she would join Michelle in the workout after she was finished running, but it was obvious that Da'Vonne's one glass of wine had kicked in and her motivation was gone.  Michelle ended up sitting with Day and talking about the situation in the house.  Day made some statements that indicate that she has NO IDEA that she's going on the block tomorrow during the PoV Ceremony, such as:

*  I wish I could have won the HoH this week.  It might have been the only one that I could really win.
*  This would have been a great week to be HoH, getting no blood on my hands, It's an easy week.
*  With Tiffany and Frank gone now, I don't have to worry about anybody whispering behind my back.

Michelle also admitted that she talked to Bridgette and realized that she doesn't have a problem with her now.

Michelle:  I thought I hated her because of what she said about my eyebrows, but I think I was just jealous about Frank, and getting Frank's attention.

Da'Vonne:  That's very big of you to say that Michelle.

Michelle:  I'm a very jealous person.

Note that while she was working out, Michelle was singing "Tipsy" and kept getting told to shut up by Big Brother.  Da'Vonne giggles at Michelle when she spews rap lyrics.  It's funny.

Meanwhile in the London Room, Natalie wants to know what is really going on in the house.  She's heard people say that all they needed was to get Paulie off the block, but she doesn't understand what the plan is.

Natalie:  You mean you don't know?

James:  I know. I know everything. It's going to be a blindside.

Natalie:  A blindside?  Really?

James:  The less you know, the better.

Natalie also covered her usual topics about her weight (too high) and her work out schedule (too little).

James wants a kiss, since they are now boyfriend and girlfriend.

Natalie:  No, we're Big Brother boyfriend and girlfriend.


  1. You make a boring season seem interesting. "Thanks for that, actually." lol My Frank rarely watches BB with me cause he hates the show, to him there are too many conspiracies, but he watched today, and while we were laughing at the excess of "friendship" during the HoH room reveal, he enjoyed the the Paul vs Paulie segment. We both face palmed at the same time because of PP. PP on the block? Really? Well, I mean, I'll make *ahem* PP jokes with my step kids or in a private environment lol I think it speaks to how boring the season is, the editors have reverted back to preschool. Don'T get me wrong, I love me some slapstick comedy and basic bodily functions jokes, within reason, but that they had to put that segment, with the other segment, with the Corey dog segment is a real indicator that the season has reached a low gamewise.

    Speaking of Corey, I think, like Clay, being a guy who does sports, he might have had one of those coaches who, instead of just coaching, they sort of break you down, wear you down, so that they can shape you how they want. I've read about it happening to a lot of athletes and professional sports players. ot everyone gets a coach like that, but it kinda messes with your mind a bit when you're young. I've also heard that Corey takes Adderoll, I think that's for ADD. I never took anything for my ADD but combine lack of focus with that kind of conditioning, and some people will seem a bit more dodo than they are. I'm sure if you spoke with Corey about, I dunno, the third eye, you'd get a lot from him, but I think the BB house is not the best environment for him and he probably does not have any conversatipns stimulating enough to help him focus. I could be wrong of course, but that's my observation. Speak to me about boring things and I seem like a female Corey or Clay. Speak to me about stimulating things and you've got my undivided attention and I'm all into it.

    Anyway, great blog, once again. I truly hope Day has that Round Ticket because = EPIC.

  2. James is clearly in the friend zone. I wonder if he knows?
    Do you think Paulie is going to bulldoze his way to the end? You'd think someone that controlling (game wise) would have been the vets first target.
    I think Bridget may surprise the guys if she ever gets HOH. I'd love to see her put both P's on the block.
    Victor is growing on me. Like you,I wonder if people are that mean-girlish outside the game. I've known catty women, just not catty men. I'm an introvert and like to keep my interactions with people to a dull roar, it helps me avoid the Paul's of the world.
    I think Z is going to hate to rewatch this season and see how desperate she looks.
    Da is usually really observant. I wonder if she is saying thise things to get a feel of people's reactions? Or maybe she just feels too safe.

    1. Since James was just talking last night about how much he and Meg were texting last year, I have to conclude he is tone-deaf to being in the Friend Zone. And he and Meg aren't even there, anymore, apparently.

      I like to watch Victor, and I like how everybody bitches about how much he eats. It's fun when you see how the little things anger people so much....just like having roommates in college!

      Day knows she is going up now, but I don't think she knows she is the target. She was whining about being alone and not having a partner in the game like James or Frank to campaign for her.

      Waaaahhhhh. I think she may indeed have the Round Trip ticket, so if she returns all turnt up we may have quite a show to watch....

  3. Love your blog! You do make a super boring season seem better, especially with your attention to detail! I do not know how you can watch these feeds not fall asleep. So disappointed that no one is cooking, it's pretty sad to miss the twins and Austin, their cooking competitions were entertaining. Maybe more alcohol will continue to up the entertainment value of the show, I can not imagine that the ratings aren't going down the drain. Appreciate all you do, you have the only blog worth reading.

    1. Thanks so much. I was listening to a true crime writer on a podcast this weekend, and he said he realized that nonfiction readers want to read as many facts as they can...I think that applies to many of my readers as well.

      I rarely just sit and watch the feeds, though. I am usually working and take notes and pictures if something catches my attention, and then I write it up later. Although I have to confess that one of my favorite things to do late at night is get stoned and just sit on the couch, watching BBAD on the big screen TV. I get really lost in it sometimes and forget to FF during the commercials! I actually saved a few days worth of one of the early weeks and will probably watch it in November. Last year I saved the BBAD episodes when Vanessa was HoH and was planning to backdoor was so much fun to watch months later.

  4. James tells Nat the less she knows the better, and she just accepts it. According to the feed transcripts on Jokers, Corey told Nicole at one point that he didn't give her the code to Paris because he wasn't sure the guys would want him to, and this doesn't make her wonder about where his loyalties might really reside in the end. I'm not even going anywhere near the mess that is Z, or Michelle for that matter, other than to include them when I rhetorically ask what is wrong with these women? I'm truly appalled. It's really hard to keep watching.

    I found your blog some years back through a link on Jokers. I now visit here first before going there. Love it! Thanks!

    1. Laura you are so right on with your comments. What is wrong with all the women this year. If they watched last season they should be able to conclude that Paulie talked to his brother and Derrick at length about how to play it, and he is being so obvious about it too. Are the women that dense, it doesn't seem possible. It's making for a season which I'm sure will have low ratings, no one has a backbone.
      And again this blog is great. I always read Jokers, found your blog this year and its so much easier to get great info and pictures, thanks for doing it.


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