Monday, July 11, 2016

Big Steaks and Things That Go Bumper in the Night. #BB18

So I turn on the live feeds today, mid-morning on the East Coast, and I see this.  It's Nicole moving around in her bumper car.  I was getting ready to flash back to see stuff I missed last night, and I realized there were a pair of knees sticking up next to Nicole.

And then I thought, "is that Corey"?  And "is Nicole wearing her underwear"?

What the hell?  Someone on Twitter got right back to me and said that Nicole was wearing her bikini with a T-shirt over it, but frankly I don't see the difference.  Nicole is still nearly naked from the waist down, and is smushed into a tiny bumper car with Corey, who is 6'5".

She made the move to get in her own bumper car, which is separated from Corey's bumper car with an empty bumper car between them.

Nicole:  Can I have my blanket though?

Corey tried to toss it over to her but he missed, so she had to get out of her bumper car to retrieve it.

It looked like this particular show was over so I started the flash back process.


Last night around 8:30 pm, the house was very quiet, with two of the teams in the backyard for the Outback Steakhouse dinner that Bridgette won in the PoV competition.  Apparently she found out that she could invite another team to the dinner at the last minute, and she chose the Big Sister team (Da'Vonne, Zakiyah & Paul).

James and Natalie sat on the couch and had a light, breezy conversation.  When James gets home, he'd like to hit up the Chick-Fil-A, What-a-Burger, and also the Texas Roadhouse.  Natalie says they just opened a Chick-Fil-A in Manhattan, and everyone went crazy over it.

(They also had to shut it down briefly for health code violations, but whatever.)

Corey and Nicole could hear music in the backyard and tried to listen in at the glass door.  Nicole says she will be angry if there was a live performance by some country artist that she likes.

Nicole:  I mean, I'll be happy for them, but upset that I missed it.

Tiffany strained to hear something, too.

Natalie is now freely talking about her NFL cheerleader status, but in every conversation it sounds like she is telling them that she still cheers, and will be back at it this fall.

(I don't think she has cheered for the Jets for at least one season, so she is lying about this to James and a few others.)

Natalie talked about her sister, who looks like Natalie but is a "normal sized person" and is a bartender.  (Natalie claims to be 4'11".)  She dyed her hair platinum blonde and is not girlie at all.

Natalie:  She got engaged when I was at finals (BB sequester) and she was bawling that I missed it.  She was so upset that I wasn't there. But I'm going to go to her proposal, when she proposes....she's engaged to a woman.

James:  Oh.

Natalie, not bothering to be humble:  Yeah, there are people who have my calendar up at their desks....yeah, I'm in a couple of calendars....I'll give you one..

James, trying to keep up:  Well,  I know that fans see me places and post pictures of me, like when I'm at Wal-Mart.  I bet they're all posting those pictures now that I'm on the show again.

James wants to go to some Jets games and wants Natalie to "wink at him in the stands" while she's cheering.

(Note that I have NO PROBLEM with Natalie lying to the house guests about her situation --I think that is fair game in the Big Brother house.  But for people to think this is some kind of deep love connection is ABSURD.  Hear me now and believe me later.)

James wonders what her plans are after the show is over.  Clearly he wanted to hear a certain thing from her.

Natalie:  Well, I'm going to go home and see my family.  And then I'll got to Massachusetts and see my friends.  And they always bring all of their friends, because their friends all think I'm really cool, and they want to be around me and they always ask me a lot of questions.

James:  Sounds like you'll be busy....

Natalie:  Yeah, and then I'll need to plan a trip to Venezuela with my mom.  We like to go there and get away, and I need some time off after all of this.

When James looks at Bridgette, sometimes he thinks that is what his daughter Bailey will look like someday.

Natalie, wanting to turn the topic back to her:  Bridgette is a halfie!  And halfie's are the best!  I'm a halfie!

James agrees that his daughter is a halfie, too, but has not shared his revelation with Bridgette about the future resemblance yet.


Look.  I'm hesitant to even say this, because I wanted to mention it last year, but I never did.

I think James should be LIVID with CBS over the segment they aired during BB17 about his daughter.  James had basically been telling the house guests his tale about being a single dad, wanting to support the kid, etc, and CBS smacked him right in the face by airing the segement, in my opinion.

The segment CBS aired explained that the baby's mother had no idea that James was the father until after the birth, when obviously the baby had some Asian features.  The mother then contacted James from the hospital, telling him he was a father.  Now....what does that say about the baby's mother?  And how is that baby going to feel one day when she sees that?  It's not even clear that James even knew the girl was pregnant until he got that call.  It was just so messy.

I was SHOCKED that CBS did that to James. And I was further shocked that the BB community all thought the whole thing was so great.  I remember Derrick tweeted something about how hilarious that CBS segment was, and how is was "classic" for some reason.

I thought it was in extremely poor taste but apparently I was the only person who felt that way.


The feeds went to FISH for a few minutes and then the house was a rush of energy and chatter as the Outback crew came back in the house.  Their voices were very loud and it was clear that some people were buzzing.

Someone reported that they met "Adrian the Outback Steakhouse Guy" in the backyard, and that Frank is going to be the new Outback Steakhouse ambassador.

Zakiyah loudly announces that each one of them drank two beers, and they were big beers, too.  Paul later said each glass was about the size of a pint.

We hear Frank discussing his meal with Corey, and the cameras close in.

Frank:  My steak was a little overdone.

(So much for that Outback ambassador position....)

Frank: But Zee had a good on the inside and perfectly cooked.

Clearly everyone had good cheer.  Even Tiffany was happy.  Bridgette reported that she ate a Bloomng Onion, which fit into her vegan lifestyle.

For you international readers, this is what a Blooming Onion looks like--it is a signature item for the restaurant.  They get some HUGE onions and cut them so there are hundreds of "petals" but they are all still connected at the core.  Then they fry it up and you  eat it by pulling out an onion petal and dipping in a zesty, creamy sauce.

It's pretty damn good.  But definitely not good for you.

Everywhere you turn, there is laughter and motion.  Bridgette reports that she stole some of the coasters at the table, and Paulie is surprised.  And impressed, too.

The coaster says something like "it's 1:00 am, and it's ale time".  Or something like that.

I wonder if Natalie was pissed that Bridgette didn't pick Team Unicorn to join them at dinner, since both Bronte and Natalie are on that team.

I guess Bridgette could support her Team Big Sister choice by saying that midnight is Zakiyah's birthday.  Or maybe say that the Big Sister teammates were all Have Nots for two weeks.

But really, I heard Frank say later he was glad they had discussed the potential for another team joining them earlier, and Bridgette agreed.  So it was probably Frank's idea---I think he was trying to appease Da'Vonne.

Brdgette is a Buzzed Hugger.

And a Buzzed Giggler, too.  But aren't we all, under the right circumstances.

The entire cast went down to the bathroom area, for some reason, and Bridgette hobbled along behind them on her crutches.

Can you see where Michelle burnt her back the first week of the game?  I guarantee you that skin is flaky.

Michelle is LIT up, getting TURNT up too.  She wants to try to use Bridgette's crutches.

Whatever Michelle did, it was funny and cracked everybody up.

Frank was trying to get more comfortable--he says he's stuffed.  He ate his own (overcooked) steak, plus a few bite of Zakiyah's (perfectly cooked) steak.  He also had a whole piece of chocolate cake (his favorite) and also bites of both Bridgette's and Zakiyah's cake.

I haven't heard anybody talk about the Outback Steakhouse bread, but surely they got a few loaves of that, too, right?  The Outback serves each little loaf impaled on one of their steak knives like this, and you slice it up yourself.  It's a brown bread, and sort of sweet.  When it is warm and you slather some of that butter on a hunk of it, you are really eating something special.

(I am jonesing on that picture now.  It's dinner time.)

Nicole, Michelle and Zakiyah met in the storage room and danced up a little storm.  Nicole was the only sober one here, but as you can see that didn't stop her from going along with the group.  I heard one of them say "Fatal Four" during the celebration.

Zakiyah checked the fridge to see if BB left any booze in there for them, but they didn't.

When Zakiyah gets buzzed, her personality certainly turns up a few notches.  She turned 25 at midnight and there was quite a bit of energy around that.

Natalie carried Michelle around the house while Michelle screamed.  Before that happened, Michelle yelled that everyone should now "conjugate" in the living room.  Paul corrected her and suggested they"congregate" in the living room instead.

Michelle confessed that she ate a steak out there tonight, and she hopes that is not on TV.

(I don't like to be one of those non meat-eaters who shames others, but I FUCKING KNEW Michelle wasn't committed to it for the right reasons. And that's all I have to say about that.)

(She doesn't even really want to be a nutritionist!)

Paul got handsy on the couch with Bronte, who was equally demonstrative.  I used to hear Paul say all of the time how he wanted to marry Bronte, but I haven't heard that in at least 10 days.

Probably because he's made new connections in the house and doesn't have to hang around her now that Jozea is gone.

Just a guess.

Frank started a chant to "shave Paul's beard!  shave Paul's beard!", and to "do it for the friendship!"

Paul:  Why don't you shave your head, you curly-headed fuck?

(I really like Paul and what he is bringing to the table now.  But I would rather either one of them be evicted on Thursday, instead of Tiffany.)

Michelle showed no signs of being tired.  I heard Paul say that Bridgette can hang with him and his friends after this, because she can "definitely pound some beers".

(I've already heard Bridgette say she wants to go and get a tattoo with Paul after the show. Sorry Mr. & Mrs. Dunning, to deliver this awful news.)

But Da'Vonne looks like she didn't enjoy her meal, doesn't she?  Her body language always tells the story.  I'm sure it had something to do with Frank, right?

Once Frank leaves I expect Da'Vonne to be all sunshine and unicorns, since he's the root of all of her problems.


Right after I took this picture Bridgette was saying that she wanted to go upstairs for a minute, and wanted to get there on her own.  On the stairs she had to hold both crutches in one hand and hold on to the railing with the other, hopping up each step.  By the time she got to the top, she was huffing and puffing and saying she was awesome to accomplish that.

Bronte was kind enough to walk up right behind her, to make sure she arrived safely.

Frank was already in the dark HoH room, with the spy screen on.  Bridgette literally fell on the bed and it was obvious that The Sandman was hot on her heels.

They talked for a long time, watching the Spy Screen and occasionally laughing at Michelle's antics.

Frank:  I can't wait until Michelle throws up in her hair.  Or maybe just on Tiffany.

Frank doesn't seem buzzed at all, comparatively.

Frank:  If Tiffany had won the PoV, I would have wanted to cut Corey this week.

Bridgette:  Me too.

Frank:  Really?

Frank:  Da'Vonne is dangerous, too.  She has what we call a "High Eye", because she can influence others.

(Must be a sales thing, to spot the decision maker.)

Bridgette: Mmm hmm.

Frank:  Maybe I'll win the Road Kill this week and put her up.

Bridgette:  I need to win a fucking Road Kill competiton!

Frank:  You do, Bridge.  I think this may be your week though.

Frank, obviously oblivious to what is going on in the house, made the following statements:

*  Nobody in the house really thinks bad of me now.
*  None of the vets want to get me out.
*  I don't even want HoH until late in the game, when I need it.

Bridgette:  You haven't even played a PoV yet...people don't know that you're a beast.

Get This:  I think Bridgette may be lying to the Spy Girls....or is she lying to Frank?

Bridgette:  I know exactly what I've told the other two girls, and what I haven't....and Natalie is...hmmm

Frank:  Stubborn?  Or strong minded?

Bridgette:  Yes, Natalie is strong minded.

This is their Spy Cam view of the living room.

They laughed as Michelle ran into the frame, appearing to drop kick a pillow at Paul.

Look at how close Nicole is sitting with Corey on the left side there.....almost like being squeezed into a bumper car.

And then, this happened:

Frank:  I won the Road Kill this week.

Bridgette:  You did?

Frank:  Yeah.  And I won the first one, too.

They discussed Frank's reasons for nominating Bridgette for eviction, and she said she got it.

Frank:  I knew you would understand...I'm glad you're not mad.

Bridgette: You're  a fucking beast!

(Wow.  Bridgette told Big Jeff in her pre-season interviews that she didn't know how to be a liar, but I think she underestimated her own skills.  Maybe Bridgette is a little wolf in sheep's clothing!  I love it.)

(Also, I think she feels comfortable snuggling with Frank like this because they are the only two people in the house in committed relationships.  It makes sense in a weird, BB type of way.)

Downstairs Zakiyah leads the girls in a dance.  Nicole really gets into it, but I watched Natalie and I don't think she's really giving it her all.

I don't know where Zakiyah got her dancing skills, but she certainly has the moves and the choreography.

Day got ready to do something at the group's urging, but she ran right out of the camera frame so I couldn't even see it, much less take a picture.  I thought she might do a cartwheel or something, but Natalie announces it was a "double stag" jump.

I'm familiar with the "single stag" jump, so I will just have to imagine what a double stag looks like.

Apparently the guys are going to have a dance off with the girls, and Paulie is trying to each Corey some steps.  The cameras keep giving us close ups of Corey's feet.

Maybe two left feet, by the looks of Corey's dancing.  But in his defense Paulie is just blowing through the little steps, pivots and ball changes and Corey needs him to slow down.

Corey:  Wait.  What did you just do right there?

Paulie uses the 8-count to demonstrate, and I can see how helpful that is.

James looks like he's got rhythm, and picked right up on the step and slide movements. He said he planned to improvise a little during the performance.

Paul came in with his American flag undies.  He is going to be the finale, apparently, dropping his towel for the Big Reveal.

Before these guys go through with this, I think they need to get a load of Paulie's BB intro footage, because what the hell is going on here?

The moves he does in the background just before this little ending flourish are of equal concern.

(About the intro images, I think Victor's is good, with the latin dancing, and I also like Corey playing with the baseball.  Tiffany threatening us with a ruler isn't bad, either.)

They did a rehearsal, but just around this time the live feeds started going really wonky and I couldn't watch anything but Camera #1 for much of the day.

I'm sure we'll see some portion of this on the Jeff highlights later this week.  Over, and over, and over..


  1. Outback bread is honey wheat and the butter is just whipped unsalted butter. Put a stick in your kitchen aid and bam! Whipped butter

  2. I have always suspected that the Outback makes the croutons for the house salad out of that honey wheat bread, too.

    The house salad is simple, but always cold and crisp, the way a side salad should be.

  3. That giant blooming onion does not look vegan lol It depends tho, provided tey used oil, breadcrums from bread without eggs... I still eat meat but have started a more plant based diet for health reasons. I'm already allergic to cow dairy so I always check the labels of everything anyway. Amaing how there are hidden milk ingredients everywhere. But I agree, Michelle is not committeed to her nutritionist thing. I know that changing your diet is a big commitment. And a process. I know someone who took 5 years to become truly vegan, but tey went gradually and as their body felt it so that once they were it, they wouldn't feel it was such a big change.I guess it depends on the person. I eat vegan a couple times a week. I enjoy meat, but I can't handle most fish and some poultry. Depending what chickens are fed,I have trouble with digestion after. Free run grin fed chicken I can handle. If the fat is yellower than whitish, I don'T eat them.

    So we've started doing boxes cause we're moving and I'm sitting here staring at a kiddy arm chair with a huge image of Dora l'Exploratrice (French version) and I swear it's Bridgette. That image, with that laughing smile, that hair.

    What Frank needs to do to save his butt is realise that there are tons of showmanes around him. This season of BBUS is turning into BBCan3. And then he needs to make peace with Da'Vonne and Tiffany and form an alliance because they are not will not be in showmances. But I'm not attached to that idea. I think Tiff goes home this week, but then, if they succeed in getting Frank out next week, the Battle Back comp is going to be EPIC. And watch Tiffany win it. So I don't mind so much her leaving this week only because I believe she has the potential to beat the boys. We shall see.

  4. About the James "unexpected daughter" thing - he told the story himself on the BB17 feeds, and he clearly meant it to be funny, and everyone was laughing. So that's probably why no one had a problem with it airing. James himself didn't.

  5. The only thing I don't like about Outback is their bread. I prefer the rolls that other steak houses use much better


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