Sunday, July 31, 2016

Everybody in the House is Getting Tipsy. #BB18

So I think the PoV competition was the "Ready Set Whoa" HoH competition from last year.  Paulie won it, and said that his skills "getting started quickly" came in handy.  That HoH competition had a lot of technical difficulties last year...the live feeders were all complaining because so much of it was not shown.

However, compared to this season's total shut out of any HoH competition action on the live feeds, we actually  had nothing to complain about, but hindsight is 20/20, as they say.

Zakiyah has a habit of putting her makeup on looking into her compact mirror, so she probably won't have any awkward close up makeup shots like these.

So ladies, if you are planning to apply to be on Big Brother, you might as well learn to put your makeup on like Zakiyah.  Just a suggestion.

These pictures were taken in the morning, as everyone scrambled to get ready for the PoV player pick ceremony.  They got called for it much earlier than they usually do, and wondered what that could mean.

Victor hurt his neck somehow and Nicole put some Icy Hot on it for him, rubbing it in well.

That little unicorn sticker on Victor's cheekbone is really hanging in there---Natalie put that sticker on him last night.

Later, in the hour before BBAD started, the house guests got a liquor delivery, and Paul decided to drink his HoH booze along with everybody else.  Production hasn't given them very much alcohol this season.  According to the house guests, the night of the Outback Steak dinner was the last time they got a booze delivery.

Apparently Michelle got very sick, and they think this is the primary reason they've all been on the wagon.  Michelle said she was ill because of the steak she ate, after not eating meat for 4 years.  But we all saw how wasted she was....I think that is the reason why she vomited.

Victor cracked a beer and tipped it up, ready to get his drink on.   Watching this, I was immediately reminded of how greedy Victor was with the beer in the days just before he got evicted.  At the time, I thought he had a sinking feeling that he was leaving, and was just adopting an "I don't give a shit" attitude about the situation.

But I think Victor just isn't someone who likes to share.  I heard a drunken Nicole complain later that Victor grabbed her almost-empty bottle of beer and drank it.  But from the looks and sounds of things, Victor may have done Nicole a favor.  She was tipsy enough as it was, sort of a high-school type of buzz, where Corey had to walk her through taking bites of food later.  I heard her say that this was the "drunkest she's ever been in the BB house.".

Even Da'Vonne was going to drink last night, and that rarely happens.  I think she was going to drink wine, and she wanted it really cold, so she put her glass in the fridge and even put ice in there, I think.

Da'Vonne:  Now this would be the perfect time for them to put a 6'7" handsome chocolate man in here for me.

Someone asked, what about Devin?  Da'Vonne snorted and said he was handsome, but....

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Just Like Camping, This is Intense. #BB18

The house guests were locked in the HoH room this morning for what seemed like a very long time while Production set up the Have Not food table.  On Friday I thought the Have Not foods were going to be hot dog, bacon and capers, but that was just what the house guests were guessing.

Each week the Have Not foods have correlated to the theme of the HoH competition, or at least the background decor, so apparently the theme this week is camping.

The foods are marshmallows and trail mix, and the house guests were whooping with joy as soon as they could see the table over the railing.

Nicole:  Bridgette!  Marshmallows!

(So Bridgette can bake with them, of course.)

Corey is excited to see the trail mix, since it will have protein for him with the nuts.  It sounds like some of the packages of trail mix contain chocolate and peanut butter covered marshmallows, so he is thrilled about that.

Corey: I'll be eating this stuff all day!  I'll probably gain weight this week!  Carb city!

Paul reads the instruction card, which says that due to having the lowest scores, this week's Have Nots are Natalie, Paulie, Zakiyah and Corey.

Paul: However, since Natalie won the Never Not Pass, she will not be a Have Not this week.

Paulie didn't say much about it, but he didn't seem upset.  I'm sure being stuck in that Have Not room with Zakiyah is going to be a real chore this week for both of the guys, because the thrill is definitely gone for Paulie in that relationship.

And Zakiyah isn't handling things very stay tuned for that.

Michelle and Natalie pick at and snack on the new treats, with Victor's picture silently watching them, counting all of those carbs.  Everyone agrees that some of those marshmallows are big daddies.

Paulie looks like he's gained weight already in this picture. It's probably the angle.  Yesterday Corey went in the kitchen wearing a T-shirt and Paulie asked him what the hell was going on....Corey doesn't wear shirts in the house.

Corey:  I just felt like a change.

The PoV will be played later today, and the players are as follows:

Paul - HoH
Paulie - nominated for eviction
Bridgette - nominated for eviction
Victor - Paulie's pick
Natalie - random pick?
Corey - random pick?

PoV Host - Nicole

Both Paul and his boss Paulie told Bridgette that if she wins PoV and takes herself off the block, Da'Vonne will go up and out in her place.  And if Paulie wins and gets taken off the block, Da'Vonne will also go up and out.

Paulie: So either way Bridgette, you're not going home.  Day is going home.

(Um...unless Paulie goes home.  I don't see anybody talking about that, but that doesn't mean it can't happen.  Thursday is at least a month away, in BBT.)

Nicole, Bridgette and Corey sat and had a nice chat about the nursing profession.  Nicole wanted to sign up to be a traveling nurse, but when she looked into it they said she needed a year of experience.

Nicole:  And that year would be up in August, so they're going to start contacting me soon about it.

Nicole is ready for a change, and doesn't want to "get trapped in Michigan".  One of her friends works in a hospital where everyone hooks up with each other, just like Grey's Anatomy.

Bridgette - Yeah, it's like that at our hospital......the Christmas party was off the chain!

Nicole:  Even the married people do it!  And then they come back from break with their hair all messed up!  They don't do that in my hospital.

(Nicole is so naive. That's actually part of her charm.)

Friday, July 29, 2016

Slow Your Roll, Son. #BB18

I took a mental health break after last night's live show but I'm back now, trying to get up to speed with the current situation in the house.

I'm sure you know by now that Your Boy Paul won HoH by rolling a score of 21. He's not my boy, of course, but he won the HoH anyway.  That was a strange situation last night, watching the house guests practice on live TV.  There is a lot of chatter online about that, but I think it was exciting to watch them scramble and figure out a strategy.

What I didn't like, however, is that the live feeders didn't get to watch it play out on the live feeds.  Scorned and screwed again.

We did see that Paulie threw the competition in a very obvious fashion.  He was the first house guest to use his red ball and he used it pretty quickly after the live show ended.  Paulie expects next week to be the first Double Eviction, and he wants to be able to play for HoH, so that's why he threw the competition.  Paulie rolled a score of 6.

But it won't be a double eviction, though, because Julie always tells us about that in advance, to pump us all up for the next live show.

Corey must have had a really bad roll, because he is one of the unfortunate Have Nots this week.  I thought this might be a great competition for him, since he was a pitcher on his college baseball team.  The other Have Nots are Zakiyah, Paulie, and Natalie.

Zakiyah:  I'm a Have Not, but I don't give a shit!  I'll lose some belly fat this week, but it's worth it to have Paul as the HoH!

Supposedly the Have Not extra foods are bacon, hotdogs and capers.  So....not really such a hardship for the meat-eaters.  After Corey passed out the last time he was a Have Not, maybe they decided to let them eat some more protein.  Hopefully they will let Corey sleep on the floor of the Have Not room.....even if you hate him you have to agree that it's not fair to ask someone his size to squeeze into those bumper cars for seven nights.

And here's Paul wearing the key to the HoH room, along with a smirky grin.

Da'Vonne is happy, too, but maybe she shouldn't be, because Paulie has been doing a lot of talking about how she is the backdoor target this week.  Of course, many people think that Day may have the Round Trip ticket in her Secret Room envelope, since she picked envelope #8.

Da'Vonne:  Best!  Best!  Couldn't be happier!

In case you're wondering, this is the reason why people think envelope #8 is the winner.  This is a picture taken at least a month ago, coincidentally of Day as she strolls down the hallway next to the sign.  It says "Ocho Rios Your Dream Destination".  And "ocho" means "eight" in Spanish.  It makes sense, particularly due to the "dream destination".

If Day indeed has the winning envelope, I'm sure Production would be THRILLED for her to be evicted this week, so the whole Secret Room twist would have a major payoff.  Can you imagine Day coming back in the house, flipping her braids at everyone who voted her out?  Fantastic.

I haven't had time to watch all of the post live show action last night, nor even one minute of BBAD, but I do know that Paulie wants Da'Vonne out, so he has convinced Paul that she is a better target than Bridgette.  Paul plans to nominate Bridgette next to a pawn who will come down off the block after the PoV, leading the way for Da'Vonne to take a seat on the block.

Note that one of the things that Paul finds "sketch" about Da'Vonne is that she "still tried hard to win" the HoH even after seeing that Paul rolled such a high score.

(Never mind that Da'Vonne has a kid that she would like to see pictures of.....)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sleeping With The Frenemy. #BB18

Frank Eudy's eviction tonight is a done deal.  I grieved about it on Monday after Big Meech pulled off that surprising  OTEV PoV win, and I've made my peace with it.  I have waited for Frank to return to play Big Brother again for years now, so I'm glad it finally happened, even if he leaves like this, before Jury.  Sure there were some rough spots here and there, but I think last night's CBS episode sent Frank out on a high note, showcasing his humor and charm.

Of course there is a chance that Frank may be holding the Round Trip Ticket envelope that may result in Frank coming right back in the game, but if that happens, I'm pretty sure we'd see the same "Fridge" Hate Extravaganza all over again.  Production can make anybody win the Round Trip, to be brutally honest about it.  They know which numbered envelope each house guest selected, and they know where those envelopes are stashed.  They could easily come in the house during today's HoH lockdown and make a few envelope substitutions.  I'm not saying they would do that, I'm just saying that they could do that.

But this Secret Room twist is a four-week initiative...I'm not sure they would blow their wad on the first week of the time frame, even to Save Frank.  We all know that even if Frank's #6 envelope contains the Round Trip ticket fair and square, everyone will think Production intervened, anyway.  So Production loses either way, and so do all of the Frank Fans, a group that is growing every day.

I'm not even sure Frank will do podcast interviews or any other media other than what he is contractually liable to do for CBS.  Frank likes his privacy, and probably took a tip from Mike Boogie, who has no social media presence at all, and likes it that way.


OK. Let's talk about an even crappier topic: Zakiyah Everette and her thirsty ways.

This is just so ridiculous but Zakiyah is upset because of two primary things:

1.  Zakiyah saw Paulie rest his legs on Nicole while they were in a group talking, and Nicole scratched the strip of hair on the tippy top of  Paulie's head.

2.   Zakiyah saw Natalie groom Paulie's fingernails.  Zakiyah doesn't want anybody touching Paulie Califiore but her, even if it involves cleaning cuticles.

I am going to type this really big, in case that helps Zakiyah hear it:


I really don't want to get into it here, but Zakiyah's mom is on Twitter, and made some sort of nasty comment about Natalie "spreading her legs wide for Paulie".  (Some times I type up some of this shit, and I just laugh and cringe at how stupid it all is.)

As Michelle Meyer knows, Reddit can be a tough place. Big Meech is getting trashed on Reddit right now, but she has her fans, too.  She has plenty of time to recover her image with them this season, and winning that PoV was a good start. And Ian Terry wants to meet her, and maybe have a little date or two with Big Meech.

Michelle did tell Bridgette that Frank never campaigned against her, so that's at least a start in reconciling with her.  She might even like Bridgette once Frank is gone, maybe even enough to work with her.  ("Midgette")

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Petty Little Liars. #BB18

Right after the whole Secret Room drama started to die down, Bridgette sauteed some vegetables and served them over rice.  There was not an egg involved (that I could see, anyway) so that is good news for me.

Bridgette squeezed some lemon juice on the top of Frank's plate before he tried it.  It was hot, so he blew on the first few forkfuls.

Paul walked by and Frank gave him some crap about how Paul blatantly lied to him about the code needed to unlock the secret door.  (Paul told Frank that he needed to add up a bunch of numbers, but all Frank really needed to do was punch in the word "Paris".)

Paul shrugged it off and admitted to it all.  I have been amazed and stunned about the amount of shit talking Paul does about Frank and Bridgette.  He actually calls Frank "Fool" now, which is probably a downgrade from "homeboy".  Paul also said that he can separate people from the game, and that he thinks Frank may be okay outside of BB, but Bridgette is just an all-around "horrible person".

I have no idea where Paul is getting the information to back this up, but if I were in the room with him I would have a VERY hard time not putting him in his place.  I think some of what Paul is up to here is trying to make it clear to his boss Paulie that he is no threat to him, since he's targeting Bridgette, but that is no reason for him to verbally savage Bridgette so often, and so harshly on the live feeds.

Things got worse last night, but we'll get to that later.

Yesterday the house guests enjoyed their day in the back yard, Last week they were locked indoors for 6 straight days so this probably still feels like a treat to them.

James came outside with his HoH camera and this weekly event gave everybody something to do for an hour or so.

Nicole also has a bright pink swimsuit that looks just like this.  It's cute, and this color really makes Nicole stand out in the crowd in some of these pictures.

Last night on BBAD James and Da'Vonne were sitting in the London Room, adding up the receipts about Nicole's shady dealings in the house.  Suddenly James jumped up and moved to another bed, saying that the bed he was sitting in "smelled just like B.O.".

James and Da'Vonne then discussed how badly Paul smells, and how much he needs to wash both himself, and his clothes and linens.  Michelle has actually been sleeping in that bed with Paul.  I watched her do some laundry early this morning and she did wash the sheets and blankets.  As she took them out of the dryer to fold them, she told Frank that she was grateful that the blanket didn't stink anymore.

So, Paul reeks, people. Maybe he loads up that nasty beard with sandlewood or whatever oil he keeps talking about, and the scent of that is preventing himself from smelling his own stench.  Or maybe he's just used to it.  Paul has probably been stinking things up in his life for a long, long time.  Just a guess.

You can still see the impact of the devastating sunburn(s) that Michelle has experienced this summer in the BB backyard.

After they took this picture, they took one of Corey standing next to James, who was standing on a chair.  When asked to pose like that, James started to complain about how everyone likes to make fun of the short guy, but he stopped himself and just posed for the picture, which they both said turned out well.

Weeks ago I remember seeing James in the Nairobi Lounge talking to us...I think Corey, Victor and Frank had just left the room and James was standing on something in that room that made him taller. He said he wished he would feel like that all of the time.  It was kind of sad.

Corey had some sort of blemish or bug bite on him, as reported by Nicole in her trademark accent.

Nicole:  Corey!  Ew...what is that on your body?

(Um, isn't Nicole a nurse?)

This is sort of homoerotic, right?  Two men kissing Corey's armpits?

All three of them loved the picture, by the way.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

This is a Secret That We Need to Keep Quiet, So Tell Everybody Not to Tell Everybody! #BB18

Well, Julie Chen told these people last Thursday that there were more secrets in the house to be exposed.  That should have let them know that something big was out there, but unfortunately the house guests seem to think that PEOPLE were keeping the secrets, not the house.

But Production has their timeline already planned out for the season....they needed to get some footage relating to the "secret room", and they needed to get it fast, so they can edit it into the Wednesday night episode.

The first Big Hint that Production was about to pull the trigger on some action was this tweet from Heath Luman, who is on the creative team creating the competitions for Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and several other reality or game shows.  (One of you kids with some ingenuity and maybe some craft and construction skills should try to get an internship or something with Heath....imagine getting paid to do what he does someday?)

Within an hour or so after Heath posted this rather obvious message, trolling us, a message appeared on the TV screen.  Most of the house guests were napping---it was around 4:15 PM and James, Natalie, and Paulie were hanging out by the pool, but I think BB asked them to go indoors.  As soon as they came in, the screen over the sliding doors went down, but I don't think it was a formal lockdown.




And for everyone who is trying to make this into some sort of "Hail Frank Pass" by Production, you should note that Frank wasn't even in the area when these messages started scrolling.  Paulie, Natalie and James were, so think about that for a moment.  And James is the one who noticed it first.


Natalie came out of storage and started whisper-reading the words....

James may have realized that he should have kept his mouth closed, but it's hard to tell. Natalie was planning to make pasta, so I am impressed she didn't drop anything due to the excitement of it all.

James, looking around nervously:  Secrets revealed.....

And then Paulie is there.  And Paulie isn't playing around.

Note that much later, after all was said and done, Paulie was putting it out there that James and Natalie were the ones who were loud about the scrolling message, blaming it on them.  Because once this action kicked off, Paulie wanted to keep it close.

Once Paulie saw the "you may want to keep it to yourself" part, he looked at James.

Natalie: What is it?  Tell me.

James, weakly, asking his boss Paulie:  Maybe we don't want to tell anybody?

Paulie agreed, and the three of them stood in nervous silence.

And right on cue, here comes Frank the Tank, awakened from his slumber.

Frank silently stares at the message while James awkwardly reads the scrolling message again, in a normal "street" voice.  (Clearly trying to pretend he just saw it, too.)

And now Bridgette arrives, silently absorbing the message.