Thursday, June 23, 2016

Welcome Back Nicole Franzel. #BB18 (America's Sweetheart Part Deux..)

Nicole burst out of the suitcase on the BB18 premiere episode, looking svelte and a little different without her trademark glasses.  Nicole first captured America's attention by playing BB16 with her heart on her sleeve, as well as her Michigan-tinted accent.

Nicole came into the season that year as a Super Fan, vowing to play hard. And she teamed up with another girl who also fit that description in Christine Brecht.  They giggled and laid out together, but when push came to shove Christine had to vote her friend Nicole out, where she joined a Jury that already included Nicole's crush, Hayden Voss.

Nicole had the chance to return to the game later, and winning a suspenseful competition on the live show.  That competition was a crap shoot,  a real squeaker that gave all of the fans cardiac arrest, when it looked like Jocosta Odom would be the juror returning to the game.  When Nicole did rejoin the game, she was full of tales about how Hayden made breakfast for her every day in the Jury house, and about all of the kissing.

Hayden and Nicole were a solid couple in the last two years.  He even moved to Chicago, and I think she did, too, so they could be together.  There were recent rumors about a break up, but I don't think anyone knew for sure until Nicole said it herself on last night's show.  She's single now, and doesn't expect romance to distract her from winning again this year.

I got the sad vibes, big time from Nicole when she said that she was single.  I think Nicole needs to make lemonade out of that situation, and discuss her broken heart with all of those vengeful newbies.  It will make her seem more human, and will emphasize weakness.

Nicole is known for having to wear two different costumes in BB16, a German-tard and also a Frog Costume.

I knew Nicole Franzel would be in the running for America's Favorite Player after wearing these costumes in such good spirits.  The fans always love that sort of thing.  (See AFP Frank Eudy.)  She was one of the top three AFP vote-getters, losing out to Donnie Thompson, who apparently had the support of the BB Facebook group.  The biggest story there, of course, was that Frankie Grande wasn't even in the top three, much to his chagrin.

Nicole's Pros:

*  Fierce competitor
*  Long-time BB SuperFan
*  Arguably the least-threatening returning player
*  Considerable fan support
*   The only BB16 player to really see Derrick's game

Nicole's Cons:

*  Difficulty hiding emotions
*  Rumored to be a Froot Loop Dingus
*  May tend to give up when her chips are down
*  The only BB16 player to tell Derrick that she recognized his game

One of the more memorable Nicole BB16 minutes is when Victoria collapsed in the wash closet, and she yelled for Derrick to "get help for Victoria".  Now,there's nothing wrong with that...I would have done that too.  But I'm not a REGISTERED NURSE like Nicole.  The fans had a ball with that information.


Clearly there a few loud-mouthed newbies who are out to get the returnees. (Yes, I'm looking at you, Paul.)  Nicole's team, the "Freakazoids", had a poor showing in all of the competitions on the premiere episode, even with strong players like Corey and Tiffany.  It's too easy to blame it all on Glenn, and you might say they could have avoided being at risk tonight if they had listened to Glenn's feedback about the puzzle piece at the base of their castle.

But in any case, there is a competition on the 2nd premiere CBS episode tonight and one of the following Freakazoids will be the HoH, and one will be immediately evicted.  They've all been in the house for a week at this point, but whoever gets the boot will be gone before the live feeds start.

*  Nicole Franzel
*  Tiffany Rouuso (displaying some horrible judgement on the 1st episode, I'm sorry to say)
*  Corey Brooks (who has probably NEVER been a loser three times in a row)
*  Glenn Garcia

I saw a sneak peak at tonight's competition -- it's not my picture so I won't post it, but it looks like an endurance competition, which would not bode well for Glenn's chances.  That fact, and the way that the first evictee is not determined by popular vote, is probably going to save Nicole from the disappointment and embarrassment of being the first house guest evicted.

I did hear some information that pretty much solidifies that the first couple of evictees will have a chance to return to the game later.  Rob Cesternino was told by Production that instead of being able to conduct a live interview with the evictee, he will submit written questions instead.

That's a dead giveaway to having someone re-join the game, so who knows, depending on how the next few weeks go, Nicole may be in a position to come back to the BB house for her 4th chance to win.

I hope not though.  I think her sweetness and how adorable she is will gain some favor in there.  I think Nicole needs to be ready to flirt it up, too, since she has the advantage of being the only blonde.

And check this out:  Nicole loves Frank Eudy, too.  This is a snippet from her CBS Bio.  I'm sure she's putting out feelers to Frank, maybe even right at this minute, to see if there is potential for a stealth alliance.
Fricole?  It has a certain ring to it....

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  1. So Julie said the loser of the third competition will be evicted and the other three will make the decision of who the HOH will be. If it's an endurance comp would it be safe to say the first to fall is the first to go?


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