Thursday, June 23, 2016

Welcome Back, Frank Eudy. #BB18 (Preesh, Allison Grodner.)

It's been too long, my friend.

Because that's what Frank feels like to me, after all this time.  Frank and Mike Boogie were my favorite players in the BB14 game.  I loved the way that Frank totally committed himself to Team Boogie.

He played the game with heart and soul, and passion. Frank was a tall Tower of Power in there, which made him an instant target in the game.  In fact, Frank was either the HoH, or on the block for eviction for six out of the eight weeks he played that summer.

And Frank was funny as hell to watch on a daily basis on the live feeds.  He's not one of those people who sleep all day in there.  In fact, Frank was often the first person up, brewing up a pot of coffee (Frank:  I love the coffee ritual.) and then sitting in the backyard, talking to the live feeders while enjoying a cup of joe.  I love Frank's accent and his colorful turn of phrase.

For example:  You can stuff your sorries in a sack, son!

Frank Eudy seems to be a polarizing Big Brother player.  Some of the BB14 fans hated Frank with a passion, and others loved him.  In fact, he won America's Favorite Player, taking the $25,000 prize.  I think how you felt about Frank may have depended on how you felt about the other players in the game, and their relationship with Frank.

Frank got stuck with two memorable costumes during BB14, but he was a good sport about it, even though that cheerleader outfit didn't even zip up all of the way.  Cheerleaders don't come in Frank's size, apparently.  But the Carrot Costume fit just fine.

Frank's Pros:

*  Fierce competitor
*  Loyal teammate
*  Long-time BB SuperFan
*  Gift of gab on the live show
*  Julie Chen is his home girl.

Frank's Cons:

*  Physically intimidating
*  Lack of subtlety
*  Tends to be a hothead
*  Lack of self-restraint during disagreements

Here's a taste of Frank losing his temper as he berates Ian.  I'm proud of the way Ian stood up to him, challenging the Killer Carrot.  And it's funny to see Dan Gheesling smirking and loving the whole thing.


I liked what I saw of Frank on the premiere episode.  He's older, and seems to be quite a bit wiser about this game.  It certainly helped Frank that most of the newbies didn't even seem to recognize him, so they don't remember his wrecking ball run in BB14.

He got a GREAT TEAM to work with in these early weeks, too:

*  Michelle Meyer, who already approached him as a SuperFan
*  Paulie Califiore, who was a STEAL in the 3rd round of the draft
*  Bridgette Dunning, who is SUPER LUCKY to be on this STACKED team

Yes, Frank cut his hair.  He's been in medical sales for a few years, getting transferred from the Fort Lauderdale area to Charlotte North Carolina a year or so ago.  Frank is smaller now, physically, which is great for him since there are so many muscled men in there.

I think Frank can play the "old, tired athlete" role right up until Jury, when the newbies will find out too late that Frank still has PLENTY OF GAME.

I can't help it:  I LOVE FRANK and am SO HAPPY for the opportunity to watch him play again.

*** ALSO ***

*  Here is my Frank Eudy intro that I wrote before BB14. Frank was in a different stage of life at that time, but hey, times change.

*  Longtime readers know I love to talk about what the house guests are eating.  Here is Frank adding some TLC to a sandwich he was building, as two drooling Have Nots watch his every move.  Frank was NEVER a Have Not in BB14...we actually tweeted back and forth with each other about that, and about this sandwich and also some Chex Mix that Frank tried to make.  It was too salty, he said.

*  If you are a Frank fan, too, you might enjoy this BBAD recap.  Back then BBAD was on Showtime, a pay channel, so I used to write detailed recaps of BBAD every day.  They seem rather boring now without pictures, but I did have a pretty big daily readership for those posts at the time.  Anyway, on this episode, Danielle was driving Frank crazy by telling him that Janelle said he was "touchy feely" with her.  Frank started OBSESSING about this so the other house guests started piling on, too.  When I read this back, I read Frank's lines in his voice in my head, and it makes me laugh all over again. Ian also discusses Pokemon here, too, Frank's potential penchant for cougars, and Dan discusses the cereal he has on auto-order from Amazon.

Here is a snippet from the action if you don't want to go back and read that long BBAD post.


  1. Frank is my favorite. His fight with crazy Willie and his Froot Loops comment endeared him to me.
    The fact that he would try so hard to have a serious conversation about strategy while dressed as a carrot was hilarious.
    It will be interesting to see him play without Boogie's influence.

  2. I was prepared for heartbreak last night, so worried that Frank's team would be the Big Losers.

    I wish Mike Boogie was on Twitter so we could get his feedback as he watches the show, but I'm sure Rob C. will line him up to be a guest on the podcast this year.

    Hopefully soon.

  3. I remember not liking Frank, but I remember his morning coffee talks that you'd recap, and it's easy to see him doing super well in med sales - social game is so on point! I am surprised to say it, but I'm glad he is back and hoping he goes far this season!

    Love your recaps!


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