Thursday, June 23, 2016

Welcome Back Da'Vonne Rogers. #BB18 (Point Blank, and the Period.)

Da'Vonne Rogers is probably the most-controversial of the four BB18 players who are returning for her second season.  The fans loved Da'Vonne, and enjoyed the show she gave us during her time in the house.

But she was the 2nd person evicted, which is not a proud achievement for anyone who is a fan of this game.

It was obvious from the moment that we saw Da'Vonne sit down for her Big Jeff interview last year that she would be something full of life, swagger, and slang.  But those same qualities that made us love her, also put her at risk in the game.

Da'Vonne was best known in the BB17 house for the following:

*  Figuring out the Twin Twist before anyone else in the BB17 house
*  Blabbing that info all over the house, rather than using the information to gain power
*  Threatening Julia Nolan with the Twin Info, while brandishing a butter knife
*  Going off on Audrey in front of most of the house (one of the best BB fights ever, in my opinion)
*  Randomly winning the "secret power" to negate votes through the Kathy Griffin phone call
*  Totally wasting the "secret power" to negate votes through the Kathy Griffin phone call
*  Being hilarious BFF's with her main Apple Scrapple Jason Roy
*  Having some of the best Diary Room sessions ever

Well, other than the last two bullet points there, everything on that list is entertaining, but a horrible game move.

Once all of that information is absorbed, it is easy to see why Production asked Da'Vonne to come back and give it another try.  That is certainly A LOT of action to happen in just two broadcast weeks, right?

One of the most frustrating scenes I watched on the live feeds last year involved Vanessa trying to get Da'Vonne to come clean with her about being a poker dealer.  (Austin already figured that out somehow.)  Vanessa clearly wanted to forge this bond with Da'Vonne and work with her.  What might have happened if they had an alliance?

And how would this impact Da'Vonne's approach with Tiffany, now that she knows Tiffany is Vanessa's sister?  I'm frustrated already, thinking about all of this.

Da'Vonne's Pros:

*  Long-time Big Brother SuperFan
*  Highly observant about details
*  Not afraid to make big moves
*  Willing to share info

Da'Vonne's Cons:

*  Highly emotional
*  Lack of control over emotions
*  Combative with others
*  Willing to share info, a little too willing
*  Lack of Poker Face


I would really like for this to be Da'Vonne's year, because I really like her as a person.  However, after watching the first premiere episode last night, unfortunately I have to report that this will not be her year to win Big Brother.

You can see that she was ready to BLOW already having to work with those newbies.  If she could keep those feelings to herself, and save them up for the Diary Room, then there might be a chance for her to make a run for it.

But....she can't.  I know that Da'Vonne knows what her issues are, and I know she wants to change them, but Big Brother is designed to push your limits to the point where you can't conceal who you really are.    I want you to note what I said about Paul Abrahamian when I wrote his introductory post:

Well, that was Da'Vonne I was referring to when I wrote that. Yep.  And clearly that is going to happen.  It's inevitable.  It's destined.

And it's unfortunate.  Point blank and the period.

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