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The True Value of a College Education. #BB18

Twice each day Big Brother asks the house guests in the backyard to adjust the awnings.  Usually the same person ends up doing it in the morning, since only certain people tend to get up early enough to do the job.  And apparently it was a late night in the BB house---it was Paul's 23rd birthday and they were up late celebrating and pulling "funny" pranks on each other.

It's usually a two-person job, because it's tricky.   Victor starts off strong....

But then runs into trouble.

Still struggling.

Bridgette came over to lend a hand and things seem to go much easier.

It's kind of rare to see the microphones in the camera shot like this.  Personally I didn't expect to see them placed so closely together,

And here is a good look at the table made from a jet engine, or whatever that piece is that sits under the wing.  I used to fly over 40 weeks each year for my job, and one time I overheard a conversation between two flight attendants as we were landing.  One of them said she always looks out of the window at whatever this piece of equipment is---she said she looks to see if it is on fire.

So that was comforting...

I guess Bridgette likes to do house work naked.  I've heard of maids that will come to your house and do that, if that's your thing, but I'm sure Bridgette is more thorough than those girls.  The table is squeaking as she wipes it down.

I mean, now we're talking with this whole nude cleaning concept.

You missed a spot, Paulie.  But I don't think anyone will care.

The cameras came back to this view at least twice, but did not show us the view from another more interesting angle.  Paulie apologized afterwards and explained that his back is sore and whatever pose he is in here makes it feel better.

And I don't think all of Paulie's tats are necessary.  I understand that he and Cody have those matching Califiore tats and that's cute and all, but why would he fell the need to ink up his right thigh like that?

As a model, doesn't that limit your casting choices?  That is a rhetorical question, since I'm guessing nobody taking the time to read my rambling live feed updates is actually an underwear model.

Except Cody.  Cody might be reading this.  Because apparently all we need to do is cast a family member in order to convert someone like Cody over to our side.  The SuperFan side.  Cody was glued to the live feeds late Saturday, during Jozea's political commentary.

I also heard Tiffany say that last summer, she and her mother both watched the live feeds together. Tiffany said she was OBSESSED and that she watched the live feeds 24 hours a day.  And now Vanessa is an obsessed live feeder and SuperFan.  And there is still another Rousso sister who is an eye doctor now---maybe we can get her on the show next year.  I've heard Vanessa say that sister went to University of Florida and was engaged to a guy who is studying to be a podiatrist.  And Tiffany said yesterday that the podiatrist fiance "looks just like Corey", and "played baseball too".

Why not cast that guy, Robyn Kass?  Or better yet, why not just conk Corey over the head in the DR and drag him out by his feet, and send the Podiatrist Fiance in to replace him?  You know, a new twist, like Corey got Road Killed. I like it.

Cody is not worried, by the way.

Must be nice.

Bronte is enjoying the view with her cup of coffee.  I started this season thinking Bronte might really be some sort of mastermind, but unfortunately that was wrong.  She doesn't even seem to interact much with anybody who isn't Jozea, Paul, Victor, Natalie or Bridgette.  Outside of that group, I don't think she's very well-liked in the house, and part of that is due to her close association with Jozea.

I just heard Tiffany say that Bronte can't be that smart, if she's so bamboozled by Jozea.  (True.) Tiffany had a conversation with Jozea today and she says she asked him 80 questions but he didn't ask her anything.

Tiffany:  He's delusional.  He said he was going to host the Grammys, he said he was going to be paid to go on vacations and live in someone else's house...

(i.e. Marc Jacob's rentboy)

Michelle:  He told me that he makes $100,000 per year doing celebrity makeup.

Tiffany:  Why would he tell someone that, even if it was true?  Why would anyone want to let him win if he has that kind of money?

Tiffany also said he knows absolutely nothing about this game, and what is really going on.  Tiffany can't believe how stupid he is.

Michelle:  What if he was on last year's cast with your sister?

Tiffany:  I don't even thing she'd talk to him.

Michelle:  How do you think Evel Dick would handle him?

Tiffany:  *** snorts ***

Paulie talked about Glenn and how he left so abruptly.  From what I can gather by eavesdropping on all of these conversations, The first three competitions on premiere night happened on the first day in the house.  And then the SOS competition took place on the 2nd day, which is the day that Glenn left the house.

I have heard Paulie talk about the great pasta dish that Glenn made them ---it was "legit", he said, so Glenn must have cooked for them on that first night in the house.

(I heard Tiffany and Michelle start drilling each other on the "days" last night and they did confirm that "Picture Day" was on Day #3, so Glenn did get "Jodi'ed" in the sense that he had to re-visit the backyard to take photos after he was already evicted.)

I heard Frank say that Paul and Victor were saying they wished Glenn was still in the house.

Frank:  I said I was GLAD Glenn was gone, because if he was here my butt would be on the block!

(Frank needs to watch that cockiness that is creeping up as he gets more comfortable in there.)

James is cooking and Paulie is the only one in the kitchen with him.

James:  Derrick told me to let my social game carry me through the first half of the show.

Paulie:  He told me that, too.

James:  Derrick is a great guy....his dad Tim is, too.  Derrick's dad is really like a dad to me, too.  I think some people take advantage of him though....but he always tells me that if I ever need anything, to let him know.

(Tim Levasseur is kind of a complicated subject.  He got Caleb involved in something called Bullies Reality (or whatever) and now James, the Nolan Twins, and some other random reality stars like Sheana Shay from Vanderpump Rules, etc are involved too.  I think Derrick and his dad may have patched up their differences by now, but they actually stopped speaking due to some sort of Caleb situation.  See the bottom half of this post for more information about this rather juicy topic.)

James is putting together a big bowl of raw ground meat, along with some chopped purple onion.

A little salt...

I thought it was going to be meatloaf, but it turns out James plans to make some burgers later.

Paulie just stares at the Picture Wall while they talk.  I heard Michelle tell Tiffany last night that she was really surprised that Paulie seemed to have already been studying the "days" information.

Michelle:  I think he may actually be smart.

I'm not sure what Michelle was up to by saying this to Tiffany, since Paulie is not in the 8-Pack nor the Fatal Five alliance with them.  Maybe she was implying they should work with him, or maybe she was implying they need to evict him.

If James can stop the G.D. "funny" pranks I might decide to like him more this season.  On Saturday night he put shaving cream on Paul while he was passed out on the couch and it was better than the whole "jumping out of closets" pranks, if not much messier.

When James added the green pepper, I was positive his goal was a meat loaf, but I can confirm he made burgers.  I don't recommend putting green pepper in hamburgers, though, because I think the taste will be confusing.

Paulie asked James about where Meg grew up in New Jersey.  James said that he's not sure exactly where it was, but he took an Amtrak train from the city, and then they drove about 35 minutes after they left the station to get to her house.

Paulie might want to move to Texas, he says.  He heard the youth soccer movement is very big in Texas, and he thinks his speed and agility training business could be really successful there.  He says that Cody might be thinking about moving out to California, too, and that his dad wants to retire out west, maybe in Arizona.

James says Rodney from Survivor moved to Austin, and is looking for a roommate, if Paulie is interested.

Paulie:  I might like Texas.  I know a few of the Cowboys cheerleaders.

James:  ***snorts***

Paulie:  They used to be Knicks girls, so...

(Yep.  Paulie definitely has some previous carnal knowledge of the Knicks Girls.  Cody told us so.)

Paulie says that Paul's face is very symmetrical.  That's something a model would notice, I guess.  I do think Paul's facial structure is classically beautiful, even though he is trying to make himself ugly with that tangled, bacteria-filled mess on his jaw and chin.

And let's talk about how wasted Paul was on his birthday night.  He had two beers, and two glasses of wine.  And he was stumbling around and slurring for HOURS.  Do you think he was faking it?

I don't.  I think Paul is a lightweight.  And this confirms my position that the "Jack Daniels" that Paul was chugging in his You Tube video was really sweet tea.

Yeah, I said it.  Paul is a pseudo poser.  But he provides a lot of energy on the live feeds.  And we need that sometimes.  And other times we really, really, really need that.

Ugh.  The squishy part.

Bronte is quiet a lot in the house.  I'd like to think she is being super-observant and calculating, but I'm just not sure due to the Pledge of Allegiance she has apparently made to the Messiah Jozea.  I am 4,000 miles away, but I knew Jozea was an idiot the minute he opened his mouth.

Some of the so-called Big Brother Experts even picked Jozea to be on their "draft BB teams".  So now I'm wondering about their instincts, and also their own sanity.

Sure, Jozea is providing a lot of fun fodder for the live feeders, in a Devin trainwreck sort of way.  But I wouldn't bet any of my hard-earned coin on him.

Frank thinks Bronte is faking it with the whole voice thing.  I hope Production has a nice wide shot of the living room, maybe a split screen with Jozea's close-up, so we can see everyone's face when Julie gives the verdict on Thursday night.  An early pre-season rumor was that this year Julie will not be reading the vote count, only the results, so the house guests won't really know who voted for whom, or who they can really trust.

If that new twist is true, it is going to cause CHAOS.  And will allow people to backstab freely without fear of being easily caught.  It might even be better if Julie doesn't announce this, but just does it.  Because then they will have to worry every week if Julie will blow their cover or not.  I dont think we really need all of these team and Road Kill twists, if this rumored twist is true.  It is simple and is sure to TERRIFY everyone.

Everyone that understands the game, that is.  So, at least 31% of the house guests.

This is Bronte's breakfast.  Paul always "jokingly" asks her to marry him, and they all joke about Bronte's dad kicking his ass.  But last night I saw them sitting on the couch together, with him stroking her leg.

I think this may end up being the REAL showmance in the house this summer.  The JURY HOUSE, that is.  But kind of in a Jase and Holly way, for those of you who are hip to BB5--one of those "look at me I'm on the TeeVee romances", maybe.

Paulie does a lot of stretching, and then runs down this grassy area doing a few soccer kicks, one with each leg.  I wanted to get a picture of the kicks but ended up just watching.

He and Natalie started talking about bullies, for some reason.

Natalie:  I've been bullied before.  A boy in school said I would be the prettiest girl in the school, if only I had better fashion.

Paulie:  ***crickets***

Natalie recovered from that by describing all of the good that her charity employer does for the community, and how every penny goes to people who need it, rather than administrative expenses.  I think she works for the Madison Square Garden Foundation, or something like that.

Deep pockets, indeed.

I know some of you are saying, why does Natalie work out...she's so tiny.  Well, that's how you keep it like that, people.  Once you have muscle tone, those muscles chip in and burn a lot of fat while you sleep.  So you can slip up once in a while without totally blowing it.

Paul wondered how silly things got last night.  I think Bridgette had to "clean up" after Paul, from what I've heard.  And I think I heard the word "chunks", so.....

***cough cough *** lightweight**  **cough cough**

Maybe Paul did miss out by not going to college.  Because we certainly learned how to have two beers and two glasses of wine at FSU.  That sounds like a Tuesday afternoon in Tallahassee, actually.

Paul studied Philosophy, because he loves the topic matter, but didn't pursue a degree (I don't think.)  Maybe because weed is so easy to get now in California, the kids don't really learn to hold their liquor anymore, like we did back in the old days.

But isn't Paul in a band, too?  And don't band people party like rock stars?  And what the hell is this all about, then?

IMPORTANT QUESTION:  If one of the house guests had their California medical marijuana card, would Production let them have their "medicine" in the DR?  Maybe a vape pen or some edibles?  Why would that be any different from a birth control pill or Adderall?

Natalie has veiny arms and doesn't like it.  The guys say that comes from having low body fat.

Natalie:  No, I don't have low body fat...

(What?  Bitch please.)

Bridgette knows how to deal with drunks, that's for sure.  She told Paul a story about a guy who came in the ER and was out cold.  She watched him, and sat with him to be sure he was okay.  But when he woke up he was in a foul mood.

Bridgette:  He wanted to know why he was in the hospital, and then started bitching about wanting some Cheerios.  I went to get him some, but the kind we have in the hospital are for diabetics so they taste different.  He started yelling about how the Cheerios sucked.

(The job responsibilities of a Nurse are actually staggering, when you think about it.)

Bridgette says she likes Nicole, and that Nicole is the only former BB house guests that she follows on Twitter.

Bridgette:  Because she's a nurse...she told me that she just got a new job in the ICU and I said I know...because I read her Twitter.

I'm guessing it was this tweet that Bridgette is referring to.  So they really do have a lot in common.

As if on cue, Nicole came out and high-fived Paul on his performance last night.

Paulie did a spectacular jump into the pool while wearing his pixel costume.  Then he wrestled around with Natalie.  Sorry about the watermark placement. I know some of you pervs are cursing me right now.


Maybe this will make it up to you.

Or this. He really should have more of a straight torso line for his Plank, but maybe the soreness in his lower back is preventing him from following the correct form.

Did I really just criticize Paulie's exercise habits? I'm officially obnoxious.

Paul entertained the group with a story about a visit to Target.  One of the customers was giving the cashier a really hard time, so Paul confronted her from further back in the line of people waiting to ring their purchases.

Paul:  I called that lady a cunt!  And told her to get out of our line!

Everyone:  Wow. What happened?

Paul:  She left the line.  And when it was my turn the cashier thanked me and gave me her 30% employee discount on everything I bought!  I don't like people treating people like that, and it usually works out like that for me.

I don't remember what Frank said here, but it was probably funny.  Maybe I'll think of it later.

Jozea had a dream last night that they were all in cult, and he was wearing a turban in the desert. To get there they had to drive down a really long dusty road.

Then he went into the W.C. and took a huge dump.

(I don't know if that actually happened, but it made me laugh.)

I really just wanted to feature that wall, and all of the texture it has.

Here's Frank, getting stoked up on some java.  Somehow the topic turned to pizza.  Bronte announced that she doesn't want any.  She said that due to her lactose intolerance, she has to take a pill prior to eating any dairy products.  It sounds like she has a limited number of those pills, so the pizza would really have to be worth it for her to eat it.

Frank:  Oh, okay.  Get back to me after being in here for a while though, and we'll see how happy you'll be just to get one slice of DiGuorno's.

Ha ha.  This is what Frank said before he came into the BB14 house.

Bridgette has a good attitude about the damn pixel costume.  The punishment is almost over.  She plans to spend most of the late afternoon in the pool, where she can be pixel-free.

These are a few of James' hamburgers that he made, with two different kinds of cheese. There is obviously a lot of debris in that pan from earlier batches.

That's what paper towels are for, James.

The sizzling sound and the smell of food cooking brought a lot of excitement to the kitchen. James originally wanted to make oven fries but they decided to make those for dinner.

I don't even want to talk about Corey and his filthy stories about trying to kill sweet innocent animals.  I went to a petting zoo once when I was traveling for business and was immediately surrounded by a naughty pack of little goats.  Goats love paper, and one of them pulled out my plane ticket from the outside pocket of my purse and ran away with it.  It was so funny, and the guy at the Delta counter laughed when I explained why my ticket was tattered.

How could anybody want to hurt a sweet little goat and how can Corey think that is so hilarious?  And that it's okay for him to share this horrific story?  It hurts my heart to think about it, and my eyes are welling up with tears.  I know everyone says online that they are LOL'ing, or they use that emoji with the teary face, but I'm being real here. If I were an actress, I'll bet I could think of Corey's terrifying story and cry on cue for every take.

I'd be a famous as Jozea if I got my big show business break. And then who would be hosting the Grammy's, bitch?

FYI, some of you know that Jozea talks about Marc Jacobs the clothing designer frequently on the live feeds.  He obviously had some sort of fleeting encounter with him, and is obsessing about it.  If Jozea mentions this 3 times every day, that must mean that he thinks about it 3,000 times each day.  But is Marc Jacobs thinking about him?

No.  Not if Marc's Twitter can be used as evidence.  Marc is pretty focused on Marc, so maybe Jozea and Marc are a match made in heaven.

But even in heaven, I'll bet Jozea would need to have a ball gag in his mouth.

Tiffany had kind of a bad day.  She had a meeting with the Fatal Five and kind of lost her cool when she heard that the other side of the house was currently saying she needed to be the next to go.  The girls had to calm her down, reminding her that they had the votes.

Nicole:  And it will probably be me they're after next, so don't worry about it.  The target will probably change every day.

But Tiffany's mini-episode gave Da'Vonne more ammunition.  Things are going way too good for Da'Vonne right now, so you just know that she's going to do something to screw it up.

(If you need you go.)

And then Frank snapped at Tiffany about their booze allocation, and this upset her to the point where she fled to the hammock to recover.

Some of you remember how the house guests used to negotiate the booze situation.  They usually only get a standard booze delivery of 6 cans of beer, and 1 or 2 bottles of wine each night for all of those people.  So players like Mike Boogie devised a strategy where they would take turns drinking, so that they can get more bang for the buck.

Mike Boogie:  Why would I just want to have 1.5 beers?  Why wouldn't I want to wait until it was my turn to drink, and really catch a nice buzz with 4 or 5 beers?

(True.  Booze and buzz allocation could actually be an elective course at FSU now for all I know.)

I used to watch Mike Boogie negotiate and it was amazing.  He could tell you who had what and when they would have it.  Everybody stuck to the plan and it worked.  In BB13 they used to split up the drinking nights by gender---the girls would be doing the drinking on one night, and the  guys would drink the next night.  And then they played "cards" with a deck that Rachel Reilly and Dani Donato made with nail polish and tea bags.  Good times.

But when Frank tried to implement this system in the BB18 house, it didn't work very well,   For example, Victor was supposed to abstain for the evening, but ended up drinking just as much as Paul did.

(But he attended 4 years of college, so he didn't blow chunks like his best buddy Paul.)

Anyhoo.  Frank got heated, son, and Tiffany happened to be the one standing there. And check out Michelle's sunburn.  It's starting to heal, but that spot is going to peel and flake for weeks.  And I know, because when I was Michelle's age, I was a Tanorexic.

Yes, that's a thing, unfortunately. But you can recover from it.

So this is Tiffany on the hammock with Michelle, where they practiced for comps.  James came and sat with her before that, though, and they talked about BB17, of course.

Frank also came out to the hammock to apologize to Tiffany for the second time.  He felt really badly about it. She pulled the bunny hat over her eyes though.  Tiffany is extra-sensitive about letting us see her cry, after Vanessa's BB17 waterworks.  She needs to get over that, if she's going to be here for the long haul.

Michelle is so ready right now to put a damn shirt on.  I'm actually looking forward to seeing Michelle's real clothes.  She's been in this pixel thing since before the feeds went live, which was at least three years ago.

They would recite the events that happened on a few of their BB days, and then Tiffany would stop and review the information, and they would make up creative ways to remember it.  Sometimes I remember that Tiffany teaches high school math and I'm a little freaked out by that.

Do you think her students are watching this summer?  What would that be like for them?  I'm sure they know who Vanessa is, too, so that is extra pressure for Tiffany to perform this year.

*** ALSO ***

Tiffany told Michelle that Da'Vonne and James are the only two BB17 house guests that she hasn't met, which I don't think is a coincidence.  I doubt casting would have worked out the way it did if Tiffany was already formally acquainted with the vets.  Unless they made some sort of extra twist out of it, which is entirely possible.

Tiffany was in Las Vegas Halloween weekend, when so many of the BB17 house guests arrived to party and stay at Vanessa's house right after the season ended.  The group actually had two different costume occasions that weekend, from what I recall.  This happened on one of those nights.  A little side boob action for The Twins.  Pun intended.

And Jessie Godderz appeared with Big Jeff on the live feed break.  They watched Jeff's house guest intro videos together and then Jessie commented on each one.  Jessie is always a good sport about being portrayed as a buffoon when he appears on Big Brother, so it always surprises me to hear him speak so intelligently, with so much insight.

Jessie picked Tiffany as his winner choice, by the way.

And he seems very fond of Big Jeff now, after all these years.  I guess they are both part of BB11 history, since Jeff used his unprecedented Coup d'Etat power to end Jessie's game in an instant.

Jessie has made his career of being a heel, so he's cool with the concept.

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  1. I'm reading these backwards lol First day I sit down and don't fall asleep. Sleep pattern = irregular = moving jitters. So much to organise.

    Anyway, I'm looking for hatgate. Maybe I'll find it, maybe you can point me to it.

    I don't know if houseguests woud like me were I in the BBCan house. I see them using all those cleaning products. Perfumed products, cheical products. I'm allergic to all that stuff. Let alone being allergic to so much dairy I buy a lot of vegan stuff, just because it's safe for me. No hair spray or perfume. I can't breathe and get a skin rash. So houseguests would not like having me in there. But I'd teach them all you can use for cleaning instead. My mom swears by baking soda. Add some lemon juice to cut grease. As for hair products, replce hair spray with argan oil.

    As for the goat thing, it scares me. Probably cause I'm a conspiracy Theorist, but still. I hope I'm wrong, but I've red scary stuff about animal sacrfices. I hope we was just being a dumb ignorant jerk when he did that. And I think he's bicurious. Straight but curious but afraid what it would look like, proabably due to his upbringing. Society doesn't help teaching us men and women need to be a certain way. I know a lot of straight men who are attuned to their feminine aspect and they are very gruff men all the same. Corey just needs to balance out his masculine and feminine energy, meditate a bit and he might be able to let go of the fear of being perceived as gay. I rly do think a ot of that has to do with upbringing. Peopl fear based on what they were told groiwing up. I had to explain to a friend why they teach kids about homosexuality in elementary school. He was afrid his kid would turn gay. I told him it's because of families like mine, my step kids have a gay mom. They have two step moms. It teaches acceptance. Hehad not seen it that way. Somehow he wasn't worried anymore. It's a matter of perspective and understanding.

    Anyway, long comment, I know. Well I write these for you, I'm sure you'll enjoy my commentary.

    Girls might make BB history this year and squeak and sqawk their way to the end while the guys buff themselves out of the house and into jury with their 6 and 8 packs. I wiah I had money for live feeds :p to watch the fights, not the 6 packs. I like my guys scrawnny and geeky looking, like Peter Brown.

    Btw, I think Nicole's perception of Hayden changed when he cut hair, I can't imagine anyone changing that drastically after cutting their hair (shrug)

    Thank you so much, I love your blogs!


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