Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sorry, Not Sorry, That I Have to Tell You I"m Sorry. #BB18

The last few days have been a relaxing treat for many of the house guests.  Sure there are three people on the block, but there are 12 people who are safe from eviction so they can exhale.  We've seen some hangovers, a few people sleeping all day, and some people slyly trying to set up their game for the next round.

Paulie, Jozea, and now Bridgette are on the block for eviction.  Lines are drawn, allegiences have been pledged...things have kicked off quite nicely to set the stage for the first live eviction on Thursday.

But Bridgette is still the first girl up, just about every morning. She brewed a pot of coffee, and then saw all of the ants running around.

She cleaned the kitchen herself the night before, so she's very annoyed and maybe a little bit amazed at how the ants have returned so quickly.

You can see that Bridgette has taken to wearing her own undergarments under her pixel suit.  There was a bit of a revolt yesterday by Frank, at least, about having to wear the same costume two days in a row, and also about the poor fit of the briefs.  I think what Bridgette is wearing now is a short-term compromise while a few changes were made.

You can't see from this angle, but they got Frank some nude-colored longer briefs that will be more comfortable, but Frank is having trouble getting his rear pixels to stay on due to a missing bobby pin.  The pixel cards had velcro attachments that worked for a few days, but aren't so sticky anymore.

I guess there is a big difference  between wearing a Halloween costume for about 5 hours, and wearing it for one whole week, during every waking moment..

FYI This may be where Production got the idea for the costumes. They are apparently "naked and afraid" costumes, and there are a few websites that suggest do-it-yourself costumes for this. That does kind of look like Frank, a little around the edges.

Bridgette is trying to spray the organic bug spray where it needs to be...but shouldn't she move the food out of the way first?  I'm not an ER Nurse like Bridgette is, but sometimes common sense is all you need to get by.

Frank knows his hair is getting crazy.  It's probably been nearly three weeks since Frank had a haircut. They've been in the house for nearly 2 weeks, and he was in sequester a few days before that.  I think we're going to see some classic Frank curls in another week or so.

He looks like he's lost weight already. Some of the guys find it easy to lose weight in the BB house because they're not drinking beer like they usually do. It's rationed in there, so that will cut some calories. Bridgette is a baker, and has been making them coffee cakes and other treats though, that everyone agrees are delicious.

Frank and Paulie both say that life would be a lot easier if they just had to wear the pixels over the front of their costume.

Frank:  That way I could sit down without taking it off.  I think my butt is okay in these shorts....Jozea walks around here in his undies, so this should be alright!

Outside Frank flashes us as he talks to Paulie. Paulie is still upset about something that happened last night.  A few people were apparently teasing Paulie and giving him crap, especially Bronte.  At one point Paulie said to her, "I can't wait until you're on the block so you can see what it feels like".  And she said, "Well, you won't be here to see it!".

Paulie says the comment that she made wasn't so bad to him, because they all joke around all of the time, but it was the silence afterwards that made him uncomfortable, and the way Jozea laughed.

Paulie: I heard that Jozea put her up to that...he told her to give me crap and thinks the vote against me will be 8-2.

Frank: Look, there are a few people in here that we thought might be secretly smart, but it turns out they're not. Like Bronte...how smart can she be if she takes orders from Jozea? So don't worry about it...just wait it out.

Paulie really is troubled by this.  I think he's trying to keep his temper under control, particularly because he needs to stay cool to make sure nothing changes for this week's vote.  I heard him say last night that it's never happened before, but if Paulie is the one to be evicted, and Jozea gets to stay, Paulie may punch him in the mouth before he leaves.

Nicole:  What?  On the show?

Paulie:  Yep.  On my way out.  I want to punch him in the mouth.

(Wow. I do think there is a slight chance that the script could get flipped for Paulie to be the one evicted---knocking Jozea's lights out would certainly be an effective way to be remembered in Big Brother lore.)

It seems like Paulie woke up angry today. And irritated. Bridgette had bounced out there to ask if they wanted some coffee, and when she went back in the kitchen to get it, Paulie took a breath.

Paulie You see, that's another one. That's getting to me, too....that giggling. She's been with the other side from the very beginning. The beginning. And they all keep popping up when we're talking...and she's with them. I'm over it Frank.

Paulie has had plenty of fun moments this week, though, before this sad mood set in. There was some funny chatter about Paulie shaving for the live show, leaving his mustache and some mutton chops, but I don't know if he will go through with it.

Paulie: I would definitely rock some chops.

Paulie went inside and Frank started to take down the awnings all by himself. Then Corey and Bridgette came out to help, and Paul came outside and stood and watched them work while he ate a banana.

Frank Look at that lazy cock sucker, standing and watching a lady work while he eats a banana.

Paul laughed and then settled down on the couch to spend time with Frank. You can tell he loves Frank, because Frank really livens up a lot of conversations and just kind of goes with the flow.

The other day Frank had to have a little talk with Paul about his attitude in the house, and how it will hurt him in this game. I really don't think Paul know much of anything about how Big Brother works, so Frank's advice really made him think about his actions. I've seen him being nicer to Nicole, and he has had some good moments like this one where he has relaxed social moments with people on the other side of his game.

I think some of this little meeting might be a conscious effort to do that on his part, but he had fun, too. Paul is a different person when he's not with Jozea. Frank brings up the way Paul and his boys treated Paulie last night.

Frank: Look. It's not very smart to poke a bear when that bear is in danger. What happens if the vote doesn't go your way? He's coming after you. That happened to me in my season. I was on the block and they were poking at me...I ended up pulling out a curve ball and stayed in the house with a 5-4 vote. And then I was mad...so don't put yourself in that position. Let's just let these last few days go by smoothly without creating more problems.

Paul: I agree. But Paulie says stuff to us, too. Like the other day he looked right at Jozea and said something about 'the second you underestimate this game, you lose'. Now, what did he mean by that?

Frank: Oh, I know you want to talk shit. I understand that...it sucks not to be able to. But you have to think about the jury votes---when people start going home they're going to vote for the winner, so you have to keep that in mind.

Paul: I get you....don't piss against the wind.

The cameras shifted quickly to Jozea, who just went into the Have Not room and started some sort of soliloquy before the cameras shifted back to the backyard. I just realized that I haven't covered one scene originating from this Have Not room, since the live feeds kicked off on the night that the Have Not week is over.

Those bumper cars can't be healthy for the house guests to sleep in. I wonder if that is why we didn't have any Have Nots this week? I could see having to experience that for one night, but one week of sleeping in those cars seems like it would cause some serious back problems.

How are big guys like Corey, Victor and Frank going to get by on those? I smell a lawsuit, and it stinks. FYI -- The veterans are already planning for the HoH competition, and they are saying that James' Team Unicorn can't win, because they want to target Victor for eviction (i.e. his team can't be safe next week).

Da'Vonne: If I'm HoH, I'm gonna put Victor on slop, too, because I want to weaken him before the other comps....sorry James but I have to do it.

James: I know, I know. I'm going to lose one way or another.

James actually "joked" about falling on Victor "accidentally" if Victor needs to fall or let go of something in the HoH comp.

Frank also explained to the group outside how the live eviction will go.

Frank: For the live show, everyone's nervous. I mean, you're sitting there, with Julie talking to you and all, and then you have to go down the hall one by one to vote....it's a lot to handle.

Paul: But what about the eviction?

Frank: Well, Glenn's was different, but on the live show they say your name, and then you just have to get up and walk out to talk to Julie on live TV.

Paul: Holy shit.

Frank: I don't even think you need to pack, Bridgette, because I don't think you'll get one vote. I had one nomination week where I didn't pack in my season.

Da'Vonne walked out in the backyard and went to sit in the hammock by herself. Knowing how Da'Vonne is, she probably shot Frank a dirty look since he was sitting and holding court with the newbies. (***RED FLAG *** RED FLAG ***)

Frank: Hey Da'Vonne...there was a dog that was laying in that a little while ago....a dog with mange, and fleas, and an extra leg, and an ingrown toenail on the extra leg!

Everyone laughed, including Da'Vonne a little bit. But she still stayed over there by herself, stewing in her own likely paranoid juices.

Frank really enjoyed Bridgette's coffee cake. And also the cup of coffee she made him, but he told the newbies not to put pieces of fruit in their cups and then dump them in the sink. They don't have a garbage disposal in the BB kitchen, so if there is food in the drain someone has to pick it out by hand.

(I can't even believe they don't have a garbage disposal in there. No wonder the ants love the BB house! Last year there was a situation early in the season when James dumped his uneaten cereal bowl down the sink and all of that soggy mess clogged things up. Vanessa confronted him and he took care of it. You can read more about that exciting incident here.)

Frank: I saw some nuts in the sink from the coffee cake.. So you're going home Bridgette.

Bridgette: Fuck you!

Frank: What's your mom's name? I want to be sure to give her a shout out next week,when you're gone! Sorry! Sorry not sorry!

Paul seems to be having some digestive issues, so the topic turns towards hemorrhoids and then hernias. Brigette says the main way to avoid at least one of those ailments is to avoid being constipated.

Frank entertains the gang with his shout outs. Usually Production doesn't like it if you look at the cameras when you do shout outs, but Frank is the star of this show. If he wants to take off his rear pixel card and look at the camera while he talks to the folks back home, he does it.

Frank: Shout out to Mama and Nana. I love you. And Ashton, I don't know if you're watching this, 'cause you might be at work, but I miss you and love you, too. I miss your butt.

Everyone laughs.

Frank: She's got a sweet ass! Shout out to Juice and Cake, Dirty Mike and the boys, Taco and Pablo. Also Mike Boogie and Soulfish Poke in Las Vegas.

Paulie didn't know that Mike Boogie moved to Las Vegas---if he knew that he might have visited Mike when he was there a few months ago.

Frank: Mike is a great guy. When I was in the Jury house, Mike was already out of the game. I had given him my boy Daniel's number (aka "Jungle Juice Daniel") and Mike called him. They were all coming out to California but Mike had to go to Vegas for a bachelor party. So he gave Daniel his assistant's number, and when they came out the assistant gave them the keys to Mike's condo and also his car keys. And he never even met them...he just did that for my friends! I love Mike.

Paulie: Me too. Mike Boogie was Cody's favorite. When Mike heard about that he set up my family finale weekend with a big sushi dinner. It was really nice.

Frank also requested some fingernail clippers, because he's seen everyone's dirty feet and doesn't want to use the dirty toenail clippers on his hand. He realizes he has been cursing like a sailor without apologizing to his mama, so Frank pretends to bleep himself by dropping words out of sentences.

Frank: You can go         yourself.

They all laugh. Of course.

Paul launches into a story that involves a house just down the street from his family's house. Whenever those parents went on vacation, the daughter who lived in the house would throw huge parties---the kind with cars parked up and down the street. The parties were noisy, and the kids who attended really trashed the neighborhood when they were there.

Paul: So one time...

BB: Frank, please come to the Diary Room.

Paul: Oh, you're going to miss a good story.

Frank: Go ahead and tell me...

Paul starts talking, and speeds up his delivery.

In fact, Paul told the rest of the story so quickly, I didn't really understand the entire thing. Apparently the girl's family left town for the weekend, so she threw another huge blow out party. Paul planned to throw an "M-80" firecracker over into the party, to show them who was boss. But when he lit the firecracker, it apparently exploded before he could throw it, and the BANG was HUGE.

Paul: It was like BOOM! And the police came, the helicopters came...

Frank: Is that why you talk so loud ?

(Ha ha ha ha)

Paul is probably lucky that he didn't throw it at some kids and hurt them.

And does it seem strange that Paul wasn't trying to attend the party, instead of breaking it up? Wouldn't the Paul that we know stroll over there for fun and fellowship? Maybe he was like 8 years old or something when this all happened. I guess that could explain it.

I don't think I've mentioned this yet, but Bridgette does have a serious boyfriend at home and might even live with him. She's addressed the cameras on BBAD, telling him how much she misses him, and about the scavenger hunt. Apparently she left a series of love notes hidden around the apartment for him to find and read this summer.

Bridgette: Look behind the tapestry in the bathroom, and also on the mantle....

I forgot all of the places he was supposed to look, but hopefully he was watching BBAD that night and took some notes about the locations. It may be a little Gone Girl, but it's a sweet idea on Bridgette's part. The boyfriend is the reason why she doesn't want to sleep in bed with a boy this summer. Unless it's him,, of course.

Bronte was stressing about how snippy and sassy she was the night before with Paulie. She knows she needs to try and make things right, even if she thinks she won't see Paulie again after Thursday's live show until the Wrap Party. She is aware that a few other house guests didn't approve of her behavior, so I'm guessing she wants to be sure they are the ones who know that she's sorry about it.

Pre-season, it looked like all of these smart girls were going to be a formidable team. But of course things get more complicated every day. Bronte and Paul HATE Michelle, so I'm assuming that Natalie and Bridgette hate Michelle, too.

After the Road Kill competition, Michelle was apparently overcome by the heat, or hunger, or something, and she passed out in the house. I think it was about 90 minutes after the comp was over, from what I've heard. Everyone was very worried about her, and I think some people cried. I'm not sure if the Medic came in the house or not, but I'm guessing that Bridgette helped out either way. And hopefully Nicole, too.

Anyhoo, Bridgette apparently made a joke about it that got back to Michelle. Bridgette "joked" that she should have shaved off Michelle's eyebrows before resuscitating her. So Michelle is PISSED, and apparently addressed the live feeders about trying to impact Bridgette's life outside the game.

Now, I like Michelle in this game, but she is one of those live feeders who either engages in these sorts of things, or encourages others to do it. You know, like calling someone's employer in an attempt to get them fired.

JUST TO MAKE IT CLEAR: I do not condone this AT ALL. Leave their families and their jobs ALONE. Use the Golden Rule, people.

I am not a religious person, but this is one item from the Bible that works for me. Because karma.

Paulie asked Bridgette haw she was doing being on the block, and assured her that he doesn't think she will get a single vote. She still doesn't know who won the Road Kill and put her on the block. There is still quite a bit of chatter among those who don't know about who might have won the power.

Then this happened

Paulie: Whatever happens, I know people were throwing my name out there, but listen to me when I tell you that I would never nominate a teammate.  Never.

(Is Paulie going to throw Frank under the bus for nominating Bridgette with his Road Kill re-nomination?  Clearly, he's stressing the whole "teammate" concept here.  And Frank, Paulie, Bridgette and Michelle are all part of the Category 4 team.)

Is Paulie going to be a turncoat?  Is a member of the Califiore clan going to go rogue and do Dastardly Deeds?  Paulie's expression in this picture looks rather Dastardly to me.

Bronte came in and literally dragged Paulie off by the hand to the living room so she could apologize for the way she treated him last night. She says she just got caught up and was too mouthy and she is very sorry.

Obviously she knows that the record stopped when she said that to Paulie last night in front of a huge group, and it wasn't the first time she's done that, either. I do think the "Spy Girls" told her to start doing some damage control to take the focus off her....after all, a new round of the game is starting on Thursday and there just may be a kernal of doubt in Bronte's mind about the outcome of the vote.

Or maybe Bronte wants camera time. By the way, listening to that voice on the live feeds is a struggle. I'm struggling when I listen to her. My sympathies to the Production Assistant who is responsible for tracking Bronte's story line. You are certainly earning that paycheck this year.

And the conversation went on, and on, and on. Bronte just went on and on about the way she deals with her feelings, and how she doesn't want there to be tension between them, or more moments in the kitchen where they don't speak to each other.

Paulie assures her it's fine, and that if somehow he ends up staying in the house they can smooth things over.  But Bronte wants to go another round about what a stand up person she is, and how expressive she is about her feelings.

Bronte:  Me me me me me me me.

I got bored and switched camera views.

The Messiah has risen for the day.

Along with the Apostle Victor.

Victor told a story about one of his boys back home. His friend got a blow job in a parking lot from two girls at the same time. It was his birthday, and he tried to film the encounter but had to stop when one of the girls caught him.

They all agree that New Orleans is nuts. Corey implied that he (or somebody he knows) had a threesome in New Orleans.

Jozea: I can top that, but I'm not talking about that on the live feeds...I told you guys about that last week.

Victor: One night in Paris...

Jozea: Exactly. Paris' got nothing on me.

(So...Jozea participated in some sort of orgy during Paris Fashion Week. ***yawn***)

These guys are all laughing and whooping it up in there, but have they realized that after this week their numbers against the girls will be 6 against 8? Even if one of the guys wins HoH, the girls still have the deciding vote.

If I were Paul or Victor, and if Jozea gets the boot on Thursday, that is the story I would start to sell to Frank and James, as well as Paulie and Corey. If Victor doesn't do that, he may be in grave danger, even if he wins HoH.

And if Victor or Paul wins HoH, Frank and James better get up to the HoH room ASAP and talk about a Girl's Alliance becoming a huge threat to them all.

Corey has said that in the first week of the game, Victor and Jozea were speaking in Spanish in the bedroom, right in front of him for hours. Production had to get involved, to tell those guys to SHUT IT DOWN.

It might be fun, though, to see some of that Spanish conversation on the CBS episodes, with subtitles, because I'm sure the topic was insane and ludicrous.

Because Jozea, of course.

Corey started telling a presumably filthy story that included Saint Louis Cardinals pitcher Micheal Wacha, but had to stop after he realized he already said Michael's name.

(Call your lawyer, Micheal Wacha, unless you want to tempt fate with Corey's extreme lack of judgement and filter this summer.)

I know many SuperFans are now rooting for Jozea to stay in the house, but not because they want him to win, but because he is bat shit crazy, and we all love a train wreck in the BB house.

(Apologies to Becky Burgess for that. Sorry hon.)

The #NotGayCorey hashtag is sweeping the internet this week. Usually I don't participate in that sort of thing---I don't have the time-- but because Corey thinks it is funny to try to torch a sweet innocent goat, I am going to hit him where it hurts.

First Victor lotioned up Corey's back. And then it was Victor's turn.

Corey: OK. Pull your pants down...ha ha ha....just kidding bro.

I am NOT KIDDING about Corey "joking" about Victor pulling his pants down. Corey said it, but he was JUST KIDDING because we all know Corey is not gay.

James pulled a prank that may have gotten him in trouble. Yesterday he put mayonnaise in the suntan lotion, and Natalie is one of the victims who wore it all day. I don't know if she was wearing the Mayo Lotion in this picture, but she was having a conversation with James about this game.

Natalie doesn't like Victor now, based on the way he speaks to her.

Natalie: He's always making comments about my food, and if I'm barefoot he doesn't like that. I'm sick of it. If I want to be barefoot, I'll be barefoot! He's so moody. That's why I don't want our team to be Have Nots...I think Victor will go crazy!

(Da'Vonne thinks he will, too, Natalie, and that's why she's going to do it.)

Bronte agrees, and James does a pretty good job of just listening and not giving away too much.

Couple of things here:

1. Natalie has already been rejected by Victor before the feeds went live. They had some sort of "date" but then Victor doesn't want any part of that scene now. So there's that.

2. Natalie has been planting little comments here and there about James, like how good he smells, how funny he is, etc. She knows he has a weakness for the ladies, and is planning to use that as a lever.

3. Natalie and Bronte know their current group of male supporters are not very well-liked right now, so they need to grease the skids in case their side loses HoH again this week.

4. Obviously these girls want another guy to leave, so the ratio of women to men is 8 to 5. Even Bronte can do the math on those odds.

In other words, James is getting worked. But I think he knows that.  I heard him tell Paulie today that he knows it, and is just enjoying their company, and will "line them up like ducks" when the time comes.

I know that Da'Vonne saw him spending time with these girls, and was talking some trash about it in the house. She was very suspicious of James today.

Da'Vonne: If he doesn't come and tell us anything about it, then we know we have a problem.

(But he did approach her, telling her he was trying to dig for information before scurrying away when Natalie came in the room.)

Across the backyard, Nicole and Michelle were having a nice chat. Just two girls from Michigan, sitting in the shade, being watched by thousands of lurkers.

Nicole: Which one of our guys do you want to leave first?

Michelle: Um...James.

Nicole: Yeah, I'd say James, too, because now he's covered on both sides.

Nicole watches James, who is deep in conversation with Natalie and Bronte across the yard. She tells Michelle that the Jury started in her season after the first 5 evictions.

Michelle: Really? What's the Jury house like?

Nicole: It was so much fun. We just hung out all day. Hayden still says it was the best time he's had in his whole life. But we were in love, so maybe that was the reason we liked it so much.

(Gee. You think?)

By the way, Production has told Michelle that she needs to stop covering her pixel costume with a blanket.

Michelle: They said if I was cold, to just go outside.


Michelle: I'm not sure how to say it, but with Hayden, I didn't see that coming when I watched the show last year.

Nicole. No. No one did.

Michelle says Hayden was cute, and she liked his long hair and nose ring.

Nicole: Yeah, he's cute. He cut his hair though, and everything changed. I liked his long hair...I fell in love with him having long hair, but things changed when he cut it and I realized I didn't know him anymore. We're still friends, and want the best for each other, so it's not like that...I'm okay with people changing, if you include me in the change, but if you don't....

Nicole got called the the DR and got up immediately to leave. I took this picture to feature Nicole's beautiful long hair. Who wouldn't want to have that hair, just for one day?

I wonder what the rules are about talking about former house guests? I'm assuming that Production doesn't have to get a release from Hayden in order for Nicole to talk about him, since he's already a "public figure" of sorts from being a former house guest. But I'm just guessing about that and don't know if that's true.

If we see a DR session on TV with Nicole discussing Hayden while wearing those overalls, you'll know exactly when they filmed it.

Before she left, Michelle told Nicole that she thought she did a good job keeping the gossip about it off the internet.

Michelle: This BB message board I read talked about it, but only said they think you guys might have broken up because you stopped posting pictures together.

Nicole: I just stayed off social media---I avoided it entirely. I wasn't really that involved in it anyway, and when you see the comments....

Michelle: I'm sure being on the show this summer helps.

Nicole: Yeah, it does. It gives me something else to focus on, so I'm not so sad. I'm tired of my heart hurting. I'm ready to move on.

(I saw that Reddit thread that Michelle is referring to, and what she said is exactly what was discussed in that thread when Michelle last saw it. She's playing it straight with Nicole about this.)

Da'Vonne's energy is way off this morning. You can read that immediately, just from looking at her. She is going to to expect the worst today, and she might just get it if she's not careful.

Those braids are a lot to carry around. Wouldn't they hurt her scalp? Aren't they heavy? Sometimes my own scalp hurts if I wear a high ponytail for just a few hours, so I can't imagine what strapping 2 pounds of braids on for a few weeks would feel like.

Da'Vonne went to the the lounge room (Nairobi) and sat down heavily on the couch, saying good morning to Cadence (her daughter).

Da'Vonne: Ya'll, please tell Mama to send me my bag of hair. It's all packaged up and ready to send. I'm ready to ditch these braids and put my weave back in. I'm bored and need something to do. So please send me my weave.


Da'Vonne: Jason I wish you were here with me. I wish you were in here playing the game with me.

This is what Da'Vonne's weave looked like last season. I prefer the look, so I'm looking forward to the hair change, too. I don't think they will give the bag of hair to her though, unless she wins HoH. That's they way they handle hair color, too, but maybe the vets have different contract terms.

Da'Vonne gave one too many shout outs for the camera crew, so we switch back out to Nicole and Michelle. She looks just like Jennifer Lawrence in this picture to me, and they actually both seem to have the same sassy attitude, and dry humor.

She told Nicole about a boyfriend she had that cheated on her, and Nicole sympathized with her. Nicole wondered if Michelle would be interested in any guys in the house.

Michelle: Um. Frank, but he has a girlfriend.

Nicole: Yeah, Frank is funny.

Michelle names Ian Terry, and says he is very attractive to her. Nicole met Ian at the Hearts of Reality event last year, and says she absolutely loved him. They had a few drinks and talked all night.

(You can see evidence of that here.)

Nicole: So that's one date for you. And Ian is very mature for his age---you wouldn't have to worry about him going out and drinking or partying too much.  Who else? What about Big Brother Canada? Do you watch that?

Michelle: I like Jordan.

Nicole: Who was that? I don't know who that is.

(Jordan Parhar co-hosts the RHAP Big Brother podcasts on the Reality Recaps site.)

Nicole: What about Peter Brown?

Michelle: Yeah, he's okay.

Nicole: He's so smart...he's brilliant. We text...I text him questions in the middle of the night and he comes back with the answer immediately.

(I regret to report that Michelle DID NOT ask a follow up question here. Such as, "what in the hell kind of questions do you need help with in the middle of the night?")

Michelle wasn't chomping at the bit to get a piece of Peter Brown, but she said she'd let Nicole set her up.

Nicole: OK, so that's two dates for you.

Michelle: But what about you? Don't you think Corey is cute? Do you see yourself with anybody in this house?

Nicole: No, I'm not ready. I need more time before I date again.

(It sure seems like she does need more time to heal....)

Then James came outside to run with Bronte and Natalie, and Nicole groaned.

Nicole: Oh, now they're going to have to run by us a bunch of times.

You can see Nicole and Michelle on the left side of this picture. There was tension out there during this scene. Neither Nicole nor Michelle have the type of personalities that would allow them to make jokes or banter with the runners in a friendly way.

(Like Frank did with Da'Vonne laying in the dirty dog hammock as reported earlier.)

*** ALSO ***

A special thanks to loyal reader @DocTaBBie, who saved the day for me. I finished this post hours ago and posted it, but then something crazy happened and I lost it.  And then another crazy thing happened when Tabbie sent me the post in a format that I could cut and paste.

Day ruined, then day saved.  ***whew**


  1. I absolutely love your posts! I read them last summer & look forward to reading them this summer. I have a son who has a severe disability & my life is quite stressful so I really appreciate the comedic relief! Thanks for posting!

  2. I can not even watch live feeds anymore, I would much, much rather read your posts and the commentary, you are so funny!I look forward to my daily laughs! Thanks for making being locked down from summer heat liveable!

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  5. Thank you so much for posting these updates!

  6. Thanks everybody for the compliments. I do it all for the Super Fans!

    About the 8-Pack, I do think it is pretty certain that Jozea is being evicted, but I'm not sure about the longevity of the 8-Pack alliance.

    If little cracks are starting to show when they have the power, I wonder what is going to happen once they are not in the HoH room, and up for eviction.

    We'll see.................

  7. I can't believe you've been able to do this each day! That's insanely amazing! I definitely appreciate it though. Where was Tiffany on this day? She must have been laying low.

  8. Hi! I just wanted to stop by and comment that I have been DYING without your updates this summer. My hubby and I are newer fans (since S16) but always relied on your posts to get the skinny on the houseguests. We relocated, job changes, new house etc and have just gotten back into BB18 this week. Now I'm binge reading/watching. Thank you for another season of hard work...I know this is hard work!! We appreciate it!!

    1. Thanks Katie. So many exciting changes for you!


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