Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Smile and Say Cheese, Please. #BB18

It's Tuesday, so this is yet another day with no scheduled events in the BB house....just hanging around and enjoying the scene.  They will likely lock down the backyard sometime tomorrow, or maybe even tonight to build the HoH competition set for Thursday night's live show.

The feeds will be down for much of the day on Thursday for rehearsals.  First Production will lock them all in the HoH Suite sometime in the morning so they can test the lighting and camera angles downstairs.  Then in the afternoon they will actually practice voting live in the DR.  They usually have to evict either Britney Spears or Madonna, or whoever.

Although it would be fun for us to watch all of this, there are good reasons why they can't broadcast it for us over the live feeds.  There are some sort of entertainment union rules that say if they broadcast someone's voice, that person needs to be paid as a performer.  And Production can't afford to do that.  They also can't afford to let us hear the morning wake up music, because they would have to pay for that.  There was a juicy incident last year when we heard nearly all of Missy Elliot's "Work It" on the feeds before someone in the Control Room noticed what was going on, and shut it down.

I was amazed to watch several sleepy house guest stumble into the storage room while the song was blaring to change their batteries and go right back to bed, without even shaking their ass one tiny bit.  Incredible.

Frank woke up on in his usual chipper, cheerful mood, and started with the verbal zingers right on schedule.

Paul is also someone who likes to chat it up in the morning, so that's nice to have on the live feeds.  Bridgette made monkey bread last night, which as I understand it is a bunch of little biscuit balls glued together with glaze or frosting, and sometimes various fillings.  I think cream cheese frosting  was that ups the game right there, doesn't it?  Here is an example of somebody's monkey bread...I can't imagine having a buzz on and being presented with this...

Frank was in bed and missed the monkey bread, but Victor and Paul said it was incredible.  It's impressive that Bridgette seems to have so many recipes committed to memory, because baking is so precise.  It's like a delicious little chemistry experiment.

Frank says he would have had a good night's sleep, but some people weren't using their inside voices. Paul and Victor admit they were loud.

Frank:  I went to Myrtle Beach recently for a few days, and we went to this restaurant and there was a sign that said "Remember to use Inside Voices" and I knew I hated that fucking place.

Paul: What's your favorite pastry Frank?

Frank, without hesitation:  Oh, that would be a cinnamon roll.

Frank likes to go to brunch at a little spot near his house where they get some, big gooey cinnamon rolls.

(Speaking of cinnamon rolls, this place was featured on Shark Tank and recently opened up a location here in Atlanta. It's on my list of things to do to trek down there and pick up a few yummy treats.  Yes, they are vegan, but the owners got a deal on Shark Tank, so I think the taste will speak for itself.)

Paul is making himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but runs into a snag when way too much jelly spilled out.

Paul: I was pouring it because I didn't want to peanut butter up the jelly jar, if you know what I mean, but it backfired..

Nicole came in the kitchen and talked about all of the ants in there. Nicole washed her hands and Frank lobbed a zinger in her direction.

Frank: Nicole, why don't you use three whole paper towels to dry off your tiny baby-like hands?

Nicole, laughing:  You're a jerk!

Frank:  I can't help it...I'm at my best in the morning!

There's Tiffany, getting ready for her day.  I think she's kept a low profile for the last day or so, or maybe that's my imagination because I didn't really see her yesterday.  Maybe she stepped back from the fray on purpose, after she learned that the other side of the house wanted to target her first. I think their target probably changed five times since then, so I think she can relax.

After all, everybody can't be evicted next week.  Just one person, and there are plenty of people in there that are pissing people off and drawing some heat.

Tiffany does a good job with her daily makeup.  She doesn't need much, but it all looks very natural.

Tiffany missed The Frank Show in the kitchen, but maybe she planned it that way.

Natalie was very self-conscious about her hair, for some crazy reason.  She didn't want to wear it down like this, and planned to go inside and fix it.

Natalie:  It looks so gross straight like this.

All of the guys said that no, they love her hair like that, it looks great.

Tiffany:  Natalie!  There are four guys here that are telling you they like it!  It looks good!

I hate to spoil the ending for you, but Natalie went inside and put her hair up. The moral of this story is that even girls like Natalie don't like things about themselves.  And it seems like a waste of energy, and ridiculous, to boot.

Lots of beefcake on display out there.  If you haven't watched Victor work out yet, you might want to schedule it when you can, in case he is evicted before you get the chance.  When he works out, he works out HARD, with a lot of intensity.

He is jump roping here, and the sound of the jump rope whirring through the air is loud.  The rope hit Victor's body but he kept right on going.

Frank: I heard that, Victor.

Victor, not missing a beat:  Yep.

Paulie says he has bruises from hitting himself with that jump rope.

(Me too. I recently bought a new jump rope that is metal covered with plastic and I was painfully reminded of my relative lack of coordination.)

How should I say this?  I'll try the direct approach:  Victor bounces around a lot when he jumps rope, in a very impressive way.

So go ahead and pencil in watching one of Victor's work out sessions on your calendar.  Just once, so you can see what I just saw.  Let's just say it was not a disappointment.  It's probably on You Tube by now, or will be soon.

And then he does pull ups like this.  This was impressive, too, but in a different way.

Frank used to go hard during BB14 when he worked out in the backyard.  In fact, that is one thing that made him such an immediate target for eviction.  Frank did push ups against the wall, upside down with his feet up.

I'm sure Frank is thinking about that while he watches Victor put on this show.  It's good for TV, but bad for his Big Brother game.  But Victor will have to learn that the hard way.

Corey and Natalie were flirting in the kitchen while Victor was flexing and bouncing outside.

Corey: So, how is Victor?

Natalie:  I don't know!  What do you mean?


Natalie:  He's the one who told me he didn't want to be in a showmance!  He told me that!

Corey:  Well, if you need a replacement...heh heh heh.

They both feel polluted after eating so much unhealthy food in the house.  (i.e. like Monkey Bread late at night....)

Natalie:  You don't understand. I eat so healthy and clean at home.

Corey:  I know exactly what you're saying, because I do, too.

Natalie flirted right back with Corey.  I have heard several house guests mention the beef between Victor and Corey.  There seems to be a little tension between them....maybe situational...or maybe it's always there, simmering.

For example, Michelle was chomping at the bit to get Victor and Corey "in the same room", whatever that means.  She wanted to see them fight, I think.

And look at what was going on in the bedroom.  A little morning snuggle between Paulie and Tiffany. Paulie had both hands going, too, with the light stroking.  I think we all know how good that feels.

I wonder what Vanessa thinks about this? Does she think that this looks like something, knowing her sister the way she does?

Tiffany asked Paulie if he liked riddles,because "riddles are her thing".  She told him a riddle and Paulie did a pretty good job trying to reason out what the answer was.  His vocabulary was good, and his was trying to be analytical, but she had to give him the answer.

It was an old riddle that she told him, so I knew what the answer was as she was telling it, but she added a lot of little details to the riddle that were probably designed to confuse.  Basically the riddle was about the father and son that were hurt in a car accident, but the surgeon announced that they could not operate because the boy was the surgeon's son.  The answer to "who is the surgeon?" was the boy's mother.  It used to be a shocking riddle because female doctors were supposed to be so mind blowing. I actually remember answering the phone as a young child and having someone ask to speak to the "man of the house".

Times have changed, kids.

Paul came in and Paulie pretended to be asleep, but he left the room quickly.

Tiffany wondered if Production told him he had to go by "Paulie" in the house since there was another Paul in the house.  (I've been wondering that, too.)  Paulie said no, that his family calls him Paulie.

Tiffany:  You don't look like a Paul to me.  You look like a Cody, even if that wasn't your brother's name.

(I think Paulie looks like a Scott, or a maybe a Tommy.)

I swear the resemblance to Vanessa is unnerving sometimes.  She looks and moves just like her.

Tiffany was talking to the Fatal Five girls in the HoH room last night, and Nicole asked her about her relationships back home---was everything all set in that area for Tiffany?

Tiffany was hesitant to discuss it, but she said she had some "trauma" back in October and November, and then again in January, but things have stabilized now.  She looked at the camera and said that due to the feeds she didn't want to chat about it.  But then I think she realized that she needed to share something with them.

Tiffany:  I did have a very traumatic event back in 2014.....I actually moved for love!...I moved for love, and ...

The BBAD cameras changed to another room.  I just flashed back to that moment on the live feeds and the live feeds cut off even before she even mentioned moving for love, so I guess Production is protecting Tiffany here.  I'll say one thing...Vanessa NEVER told stories about her sisters' problems when she was in the house.  She never mentioned that Tiffany liked girls, either.

I'm guessing that Tiffany got a horrible surprise after moving for love that sent her scurrying back to where ever she moved from.  I actually have a little movie playing in my head about what happened, but of course I don't know anything and merely have a vivid imagination.

As far as this game goes, Tiffany is about to be in Big Trouble. Da'Vonne and Frank were talking last night and they are tired of Tiffany overreacting to everything, and freaking out.

Da'Vonne:  Her sister was like a rollercoaster....and this is the same thing..

Frank:  I have to keep reminding myself that we're the same age!  I don't want to have to hold her hand all summer.

Da'Vonne:  Yeah...I"m like, do we have to have eight in the alliance?

Michelle is on their Shit List, too.  They discussed it with James and he understands.  They think Tiffany is going to be a big target for the other side, too, because they make fun of her wearing sunglasses all of the time during the day.

Frank:  I hope she's not going to be like her sister wearing a damn hat and glasses every day.

(So as you can see, there is Trouble on the horizon for Tiffany.)

Bridgette is making some sort of stir fry that involved using a bag of spinach.  Lots of sizzling and popping noises.

Bridgette is a vegetarian, too.

And so is Michelle, of course.  Bridgette wondered what drew Michelle to the nutrition field.

Michelle:  I was actually taking advertising classes, but I took one nutrition class and I just loved it.  Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the US, and nutrition can help prevent that.

I don't know whose plate this is, but it does not belong to either one of these ladies, unless that is Faux Sausage.

Da'Vonne is talking to James in the loft area.

Da'Vonne:  I knew they'd bring you back to play again.  You played one hell of a game last year James.  I never thought I'd be asked back...never.

James thinks that if had won the "Ready Set Go" HoH, things would have worked out very differently for him.  It came down to him and Austin, and he thinks he could have gotten Austin to throw it to him if he made some promises out there on the track.

James:  I would have put up Vanessa and Liz on the block, and just let the chips fly.

They talked about Johnny Mac, and how he lasted until day #88 or so.

James and Paulie had a conversation about Natalie, Bronte and Bridgette.  James knows they are looking for someone to cling to in the game, and assured Paulie that he's not fooled by them...he is just enjoying the conversation.

Paulie:   I'm glad to hear that, man.

James: I've got enough going on in Texas, with the Texas girls.

Paulie says he's learned to spot the people who might be using him.  His father prepared both he and Cody for that, as they started to get successful in soccer and got picked up by soccer teams.

Paulie:  When that fell apart, all of the people who were along for that ride disappeared, and that was fine with me.  The one that hurt me was a girl I liked...when I wasn't a professional player anymore she took off.

I was hoping Paulie would talk a little bit about Cody's Big Brother fame, and what that was like, and that James would chime in with some juicy stories.  Because you know they have them...

There's Jozea in that Fucking Hat again.

We've had a HatGate in the BB house before, but not like this.  We actually had TWO HatGate episodes during BB15, but this one was my favorite because it was based on something so ridiculous that I couldn't believe I was typing, or even thinking about it.

Even as the HoH Picture time was kicking off, and the house guests scurried around primping and grabbing props, Bronte had a rather snotty announcement.

Bronte:  I am massively bored right now.

**whatever**  Maybe she should amuse herself by getting into some interesting conversations with some different people, maybe make some new connections.  Just a suggestion Bronte, because it's boring to be bored.  I think the expression is "only boring people get bored".

As the HoH, Nicole started the photo session and asked Paul to pose with his PoV medal.

Nicole actually had to explain that they will get the use of the camera for about an hour, and this will happen every week.  They were all excited about it and I saw everybody participating except for Frank, who must have been in the DR or was sleeping.

Or maybe Frank stepped out to see a movie or to eat a bucket of chicken wings.  Because, Star Treatment.

Posing on the stairs is a classic HoH Picture Day pose. As many of you know, near the end of the season it will be very hard for the HoH to get people to participate in the photo session.

There have even been occasions when the HoH had to take pictures of sleeping house guests, because that's all they could get.

Can Zakiyah take a bad picture?  I seriously doubt it.  With her wholesome yet exotic look, I think she could get a Cover Girl ad or something like that.

Michelle and Nicole posed with the blow-up pool toys.  Michelle's pixel costume is in the worst shape of all of the Category 4 people, maybe because she was wrapped in a blanket for the first half of the week.  The little squares are tattered and some of them are falling off.

Yesterday both girls got new sets of the nude underwear to wear under the pixels.

Michelle:  This one is a size large, so it's kind of loose.

Bridgette:  But it's comfortable.  So that's what's up!

Check out how GREAT Paul looks with no beard or horrible tattoos showing.  He should walk around backwards from now on.  Let this be a lesson to you kids out there.

And now, back to the unsightly view of Paul.  To me, anyway.

He's holding those big rope things that seem to have been popularized by the Cross Fit craze.  I don't do Cross Fit but they have those ropes at the LA Fitness I frequent.  I really want to try it for just a few seconds, to see how heavy they are and how hard it is, but I am intimidated by all of the big muscle heads who are always using them.  Maybe today will be the day I ask to cut in for 5 seconds.  The hardest part is actually getting to the gym, so that is the first test for me.

As usual, Jozea is walking around wearing his undies.  He dressed up said undies last night by putting on a T-shirt.  And that's it.  He was walking around in his underwear right there on BBAD.  They used to bleep out curse words on BBAD, but they don't anymore.  That is a big step forward for American TV, actually.  Maybe POP TV realizes that the kids are watching and hearing all kinds of filth on Netflix, or You Tube, or whatever.

This is an example of what I heard on last night's BBAD, with no bleeping or blurry pixelation:

Jozea, wearing revealing undies as pants:  Fuck this shit, bitch.

For once, maybe you are happy about the watermark placement.

James has possession of the camera now.  I don't know what is going on back there in the background, but Victor is holding Nicole upside down.  With what looks like one arm.  That looks dangerous to me...what if his arm is sweaty and Nicole slipped?

She would land right on her head, and maybe break her little neck.

A group started to gather around Jozea, standing up high on something for a group photo. While they were gathering, James walked behind them and took a selfie with Jozea's ass.

Ha ha ha.

Jozea heard the sound of the picture saving, and wanted to see it.  James showed him and Jozea loved it because his butt looked so big next to James' tiny head.  I hope CBS posts that one on the website.

Poor Michelle, wearing those ugly rags.  James wants to take one more of these pictures, just to be sure.

So Jozea decided to show the world his best side, as you can see.

I'm glad I got a snap of this.  Otherwise you might not believe me.

Here is Paul, on the ropes again.  Supposedly those ropes really give your core a good burn.

I wonder if Natalie thought she would be Queen Bee this summer, and the only really beautiful girl in the house.

Everywhere you turn, there is a photogenic person.

I wonder if this is a peace sign or a Final Two symbol?

Because this hand motion is supposed to signify the Fatal Five.  Although that could turn into the Fatal Four, if someone doesn't start pulling herself together in there.

Paulie is holding the camera now.

Da'Vonne:  Use the flash.  Because I'm chocolate!

Now things get interesting, with a few pictures of Paulie and Zakiyah, and a stuffed giraffe.

Giselle Junior, maybe?

Can you imagine what their child would look like?  Damn.

While this picture was taking place, the live feed shot flickered over a closeup of Tiffany's face, who was sitting with Nicole while she was taking this picture.  I think the camera crew sees the same thing I do about this situation.

It was Tiffany's turn next.  All smiles now.


You may not believe me, or maybe you will.  But there is about to be a shit storm coming down over Paulie Califiore.  Paulie has been running his flirt game all week, and he is reaping dividends now.

But which girl will get their claws out and scratch?

*  Zakiyah - She and Paulie have been flirting and snuggling from way back before the feeds went live.  We actually saw them wrapped around each other in a chair, stroking each other on the first night of the live feeds.   Zakiyah is in game mode  now, though.  She knows how to work this situation, and is kind of haughty about.  I don't think she has any real emotions tied up in Paulie.  But she might play the Mean Girl game about the whole thing.

*  Tiffany - This would be the stealth relationship with Paulie.  They spend a lot of time together during the day having real conversations. I think Paulie would go there if she would.  I don't think Tiffany will be getting possessive or bitchy about Paulie, but I do think she feels hurt about some of this, and that may be what is making her cry and get emotional.  And I know CBS will be more than happy to show us some of these emotional scenes.

*  Bronte - This is a new thing, in the last day or so, I think.  And Bronte is GIDDY about it.  Last night she was openly flirting with Paulie and kind of harassing him.  She said she asked the DR to extend the pixel costume punishment, and also mentioned how great Paulie looks in a black speedo.  Bronte thinks a lot of herself, and I mean A LOT, so I expect both Zakiyah and Tiffany to react to this in some way, if the flirting continues.

Get this:  Last night Zakiyah was telling the Fatal Five about how Bronte got upset because Paulie slept upstairs last night in the HoH.

Tiffany:  Wait.  What?  Who slept up here?

Zakiyah:  Paulie. Paulie did.  He came right up here and laid down and all four of us slept.

Tiffany:  Oh.

CLEARLY Tiffany was processing this information and it hurt her.  She's not going to fight about it with Zakiyah, but the information hurt her.  I could see it, and so did the camera crew.

We might even see a "Paulie Love Triangle" segment on the CBS show this week.  Because this is a situation that Production must be salivating over.  They probably called an emergency Production meeting to discuss all of the twists and turns.  Maybe Allison Grodner kicked back and lit a big cigar to celebrate their good fortune.


  1. Whatup Livefeeder... I want to see Paul stay long enough for a How Much Do You Want It competition. He's the type of person who'd go all out to win and shave his beard off completely. I want to see what he looks like without the beard! Maybe under all that shrub hides a decent looking guy. Maybe it'll make live feeds more interesting and YouTube errupt with images of Paul and ''From Beast to Human' captions or 'Neanderthal becomes Cromagnon' LOL

  2. Hey girl!

    There is a picture out there with a clean-shaven Paul -- he looked so much better. Even a close-cropped beard would be fine, but I hate the kind he has now. All I can think about is the bacteria involved....

    1. Oh gosh, ew lol Let's hope he does NOT do like Austin and actually WASHES his hands.

  3. Among other things, I am disappointed in these "healthy" eaters not creating some masterpiece recipes for us all to drool over! I can not believe these girls are going to let the Nolan twins go down as more health conscious but guess it boils down to lack of knowledge of the game and stress eating.


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