Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Production Reveals New Details and Inside Info About the New #BB18 Season.

Once again Production has teamed with The Hollywood Reporter to get the scoop about tonight's premiere of the new Big Brother season.

It's a great Q & A with Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan, that apparently took place in the last few days.  The house guests moved into the BB18 house on June 15th, so the first cycle of the game was well underway at the time of this interview.

You can read the entire article here.  I plucked out a few notable comments to discuss here, but trust that there are a few more where these came from.

Allison lets us know that they're not going to wait until Thursday to spring the four returning players on us...we're going to see them in action tonight!

Who is the bi-sexual woman?  Do we know that yet?  I'm kind of drawing a blank on that---I can't even venture a guess.

Anybody know?

Based on this, I'm pretty sure we'll see a DR tonight of Victor extolling Natalie's physical virtues.

And about Bronte....apparently she's giving good DR so far....

And Michelle is getting some Producer love, as well.  I'm glad about that---I was kind of worried Michelle's bark was going to be way worse than her bite.

Alliances forming!  Sparks of a showmance! And more comps on opening night than ever before!

This indicates to me that we might have someone leaving tomorrow night (Thursday).  It's not exactly getting "Jodi-ed" if they got to unpack and sleep there for a few nights, but if that happens it will mean we never get to see one of them on the live feeds.  (Because the BBLF start after Thursday night's CBS episode ends on the West Coast.)

So we'll see someone win HoH, and maybe see the new competition take place, since it is supposed to be so crucial to changing up the game.

Lines drawn in the sand!  A fast game!  SHIT TALKING IN THE DIARY ROOM!

Hmmm.. Did they finally invent a method of Floater Prevention?  Not to be a buzzkill, the the Battle of the Block was supposed to eliminate floating, too.

America will participate "in a way they've never done before".  Once again I caution you not to get too excited about this.  (Remember this?)

Note that Allison and Rich really pushed both Bronte and Michelle in this interview, even going so far as to say they may look the strongest for winning at this point.  I'm not being pessimistic....more like realistic, that this means it looks like our siblings (i.e. Tiffany) and the returnees may be in Big Trouble already.

But maybe Allison doesn't want to confirm the existence of the returnees yet, saving that for tonight's CBS episode.  I have a bad feeling about Tiffany though.....hope I'm wrong.


  1. Tiffany is the bisexual woman, but who is the gay man? Jozea did not directly answer Big Jeff, but said he was bisexual in another interview. Probably Allison was just making assumptions based on his stereotypical mannerisms rather than how he identifies himself, but maybe Corey the homophobe is the gay man...

  2. Jozea barely communicated anything to Big Jeff, about anything.

    There may be a closeted gay that Allison Grodner is not aware of, but it's not Jozea.

    I was going to guess Tiffany would be the bi girl, but I didn't based on the story Vanessa told last year about coming out---she said she was very worried about what her family thought about her, and didn't want to disappoint them.

    Maybe that's true, but we're learning now that Tiffany "came out" 8 years before Vanessa did. I can't see Vanessa discussing her sister's personal stuff on the live feeds, though, so maybe that's why she didn't mention it (that I'm aware of).

  3. I thought Cody's brother was gay. There were some suggestive pictures rolling around Twitter of him and another guy last year. Maybe he's bi though.


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