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Meet Zakiyah Everette - She's Slaying For Love and Money. #BB18

This new house guest is Zakiyah Everette, who is a 24-year-old preschool teacher from Charlotte, North Carolina.

First of all, she pronounces her name just like it's spelled, with a soft "y".  Like this: Zak-e-ah.  And obviously Zakiyah is a KNOCK OUT.

Zakiyah:  I'm a pre-school teacher.  I teach three-year-olds.

Jeff:  That's perfect timing for this summer!

Zakiyah is just bursting with energy and excitement.  She keeps kind of clapping and waving her arms around.  It should come as no surprise that she's a BB fan.

Jeff:  So, are you a fan of da show?

Zakiyah:  I am!  I am!  I've been watching since Season 3.  (giggles)

Jeff:  Are you tripping out, being here?

(i.e., sitting next to me?)

Zakiyah laughs and says it is becoming more real now.  I can see that she is indeed tripping, which makes me so happy. In fact she's nearly speechless, putting her hands up in front of her face as an ineffective shield.

Jeff:  I mean, this is happening.  You're on!  This is real.  It's all happening now.  The wait is over!  You're here!

Zakiyah:  And I'm sitting next to you!

Jeff:  This is it---it's all going down!

(I think it would be so funny if she scooted way over so she was touching Jeff.  Do you think he would be the one tripping out?  What would Big Jeff do if someone went in for a kiss?  I DO NOT want to be on BB (maybe Survivor, though) but I kind of want to apply just so I can make a (faux) move on Big Jeff to see what he would do.)

(Although, we've already seen a house guest be very suggestive with Jeff, and that didn't go so well.  Yes, I'm looking at you, Amanda Zuckerman.  And get a load of that HORRIBLE spray tan.)

In response to Jeff's probing questions, Zakiyah admits she is single.

Zakiyah:  Yep, and I'm ready for a showmance.

Jeff:  You just went right for it!

Zakiyah:  I'm trying to be like you and Jordan!

Jeff, holding up his wedding ring: never know!

Zakiyah:  I'm ready for him!

(One of the rumored returnees lives right there in Charlotte,too, and they would make a beautiful couple. Now get in there and go get it, girl.)

Jeff:  You're a good looking girl, so are you gonna use that in da house?

Zakiyah:  I am going to use my looks and my flirty abilities to my advantage, yes.

Jeff:  But what if you really fall in love?  And what if someone is playing you and you don't know it?

(What a fucking buzzkill.  Shut up, Jeff.)

Zakiyah:  See, that's the thing.  That's where you need to play smart.  You gotta read people, you gotta observe....hopefully I have options, so I don't have to worry about that.  I feel like if I really meet somebody, he's going to prove himself to be genuine towards me and we're going to take each other to the end.

Jeff:  Awww.  I like that.

(You don't look like Zakiyah does and not have experience with guys trying to play you.  So there's that.)

I think Jeff looks different this year.  Maybe it's the lighting in there.  Maybe our Jeff is just growing up.  You know, with getting married and being a father and all.  I watched his Houseguest Hotspot interview and he said that Jordan got a job helping to manage a hair salon, but he is still "grinding it out and going to auditions".

Advice to Jeff, for the last time:  Go to a sports channel and do whatever they want you to do until you can get some on camera work.

He'd fit right into that scene, right?  I can see him now, standing in the snow on the sidelines in Buffalo, holding a mic and asking the players some tough questions:  So, Gronk, are you single and ready to mingle?

Ha ha ha.

Zakiyah says she wants to win, so she's willing to lie, and you have to manipulate.

Zakiyah:  It's nothing personal.  I just need this money, so you gotta do what you gotta do.

Jeff wonders about any negatives....what could be her downfall?

Zakiyah:  Oh, my mouth. I feel like if somebody tries me, or steps on my toes, there's going to be points where I won't be afraid to voice my I feel like this could be a problem for me.  But hopefully not!

Jeff, chuckling:  I might know a little bit about that....just a little.

Jeff wonders if Zakiyah is ready for the unexpected.  Has she thought about that?

Zakiyah:  Hmmm....maybe a surprise.  Hopefully there's no twins in the house, or no enemies from back home, ...if they have that I'm gonna be kinda mad, Big Brother.

Jeff:  You are a fan!  You are!

(Because the whole secret "frenemy" house guest concept was done way back in BB4, and BB8.)

Jeff assures her he has no idea of what BB has in store for her, but he wonders what type of player she's going to be.

Jeff:  Are you going to be a physical threat?  Or a tactical threat?  Are you gonna take naps all day?

Zakiyah thinks for a moment and says she will probably be a more cognitive player.  Jeff nods like he understands that and looks down at his note cards, shuffling them frantically.

Zakiyah:  I'm definitely going to think before I act-----I'll be more of a mental player.

Then Jeff asks the Big Question about being hated or loved.

Zakiyah, after a moment of thought:  Ya'll just gonna have to hate me, because I need this money!  I'm a teacher, I'm a student, and I need it!

Jeff:  Go get it!

Zakiyah, tripping out for a moment:  Thanks Jeff!

(Do they specifically tell the house guests not to touch Jeff? Because I've seen the guys lean back and put their arms on the back of the chair, but do they tell them to keep their hands off Big Jeff?  Why doesn't someone just put their arm across his shoulder, and then if that goes well, pull in for a smooch?  How great would it be to tell the other newbies that you took liberties with Jeff?  You could disclose that as you introduce yourself to the others, standing in the living room with your champagne glass in hand.  I'm kind of obsessed with that idea now. Objectifying Big Jeff.  Ha ha ha.)


Meeting Zakiyah is a breath of fresh air.  For real.  She is obviously smart, and she chooses her words carefully.  And it's great to see a real Super Fan on the show.

And she may be the prettiest girl in the house this year.  I mean, look at her.

She seems really calm and sweet, but I'm sure she has an edge.  She says she might go off if someone steps to her, so she knows she must be mindful of that.  But we all know that you can only hide yourself for so long in there---the True You eventually shows itself whether you like it or not.

But that goes for everyone else, too.  Once again it is hard for me not to mention how she might react to some of the rumored returnees, but as a Super Fan she should be very familiar with all four of them.

I'm happy to say I didn't hear her mention religion once, so that is a relief.  I am so tired of the southern women making faith their platform on the show.  (Yes, I'm looking at you Jocosta.)

I don't see a whole lot of info out there on the web about Zakiyah, so let's look at her CBS bio to see if there are a few more clues.

And this is pretty sparse, too.  I've seen people already disparaging Jakiyah's chances because she named Jordan as the player she liked most.  But c'mon people.  Jordan is from Charlotte, where Zakiyah lives, and she played twice and built a life with someone she met on the damn show.

Why wouldn't Zakiyah like her?  That doesn't mean she's not going to play tough in there.

At least, I hope not.

Don't let us down Zakiyah.  Please play a strong, smart game while still being fun on the live feeds.  If she can hold it together in those first few weeks, I think she may have a shot at this thing.

After all, Rachel and Jordan both did...and they are also proud North Carolina natives.

I've already got this song stuck in my head today, so you might as well get the earworm, to.  I think that's what they call that.  I went to a party one summer with a bunch of strangers on the 20th floor of a high rise in downtown Chicago.  They started blasting this song.  I was dancing on the balcony with a French guy who spoke very little English, but by the end of the tune, he was singing along.

Good times.  Go ahead and click the button. Get your chair dance on. Let's celebrate a little, because Big Brother is just around the corner....

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  1. Out of the 12 house guests she is my favorite. I hope she goes far in the game, truly I hope she wins.


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