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Meet Victor Arroyo - He's Ready to Sling Some Latin Love #BB18

This dashing fellow is Victor Arroyo, who is 25 and from Slidell Louisiana.  I can tell you that Slidell is a fairly small town, where a majority of the residents speak with a slow Cajun drawl.  But not Victor.  Victor has a slight Latin accent, which will make it easier to pick his voice out of the crowd when watching the live feeds.

Those first few weeks on the live feeds are always action-packed.  There are so many people crammed in that house, with conversations in every room, all of the time.  It makes it hard to determine who said what, but I think I'll know when Victor is talking.

Victor tells Jeff that he's the manager of a gym back home in Louisiana, but he says the gym is in New Orleans "where he's from".  I realize most of the world could care less, but there is actually a difference between growing up in Slidell and New Orleans.  According to the New Orleans people, anyway.

Jeff tells Victor he's looking pretty fit and Victor says his shirts are getting tight.  Jeff says his shirts are getting tighter, too, but for the wrong reasons.

Jeff:  Must be all that jambalaya.  Ha ha ha ha.

Victor agrees that jambalaya is indeed tasty.  If you don't know what that is, it looks a little something like this:

Louisiana cuisine has quite a reputation, due to the distinct taste with the Cajun spices and all.  Plus having someone like Emeril publicize the food all over TV doesn't hurt.  I actually worked in New Orleans for 2 months and it really does get to you after just a few days.  I mean, they even had Cajun dishes on the breakfast buffet. And don't even get me started on the beignets.

With all the food and the drinking on our expense accounts, I'm pretty sure our shirts AND pants were tight by the second week of that trip.  But I digress.  Sometimes I get bored with these interviews and I want to start talking about food.

(Sorry Victor.)

Jeff:  So, are you a fan of da show?

Victor:  I am a fan of the show.  I wouldn't call myself a Super Fan, but I've seen a few seasons and it's hard not to get locked in.

So....Victor is a recruit.  He was probably cast from one of those reality TV casting websites. But we can't blame Victor for that.

Not yet, at least.

Victor:  You know, you start watching, and then you start binge-watching (he actually said "bin watching", but whatever).  It's hard not to start tripping, and thinking that you could have done something so much better.

Jeff reacts to that.

Victor:  I start thinking, I could have won that.  I know it's going to be so different being in there, because when I lose something....hopefully never.....I couldn't have done that better, because I just did it.


Jeff:  So, you don't want to leave there with any regrets.

Victor:  Absolutely.

Jeff:  Everyone thinks it's easy on da couch, but when you're in dere, it's not that easy.

Victor thinks that he has some advantages going into the game.  Besides his "physical attributes", he knows how to manage people.  He currently manages 14 people at the gym and wants to use those skills to work with people in the BB house.

Victor also majored in Finance at the University of New Orleans, so he's got the book smarts like that, too.

Victor:  There's numbers games in there, too, so because I'm smart I can use that to my advantage.  I kinda feel like I'm the trifecta package.

Jeff:  The triple threat?  You're the triple threat?  So not only the physical challenges, but you're going to dominate the mental challenges too.

Victor:  Yeah, and the social challenges, too.  The social game is probably the biggest thing here.

Jeff:  For sure.

Jeff: How's your nap game?  Because you're going to be doing a lot of that in dere, too.

Victor laughs and says his nap game is pretty strong.  Victor is single, ladies, and he says he would like to use that to his advantage.

Victor:  If a showmance comes up, that's a possibility.  But if not, just flirt with as many girls as possible....pull a Cody.

Jeff, grinning:  Not bad...

Victor:  And not have any girls be mad at know, to keep them on my side.

Jeff:  You gotta use that cute face.

Victor: You know, I've gotta try.

Big Jeff is ready to get down to Business with Victor.

Jeff:  Just how far are you willing to go?  Are you willing to take one of those cute girls and drag 'em to the end and then stab 'em in da back?

Victor:  Um...we'll see.  I'll be thinking about that half million it worth stabbing someone in the back for the money at that point in the game and hurt the relationship or is it not?

Jeff:  Hopefully you get to that point.

Victor thinks some of the endurance challenges could be a problem for him.  He focuses mainly on strength training, rather than running, so that could be a downfall for him.  He also thinks that he may try too hard to get people to like him.

Victor:  Having everybody like you might be a problem in this game.

Jeff:  And getting everyone to like you in dere is impossible.

Victor:  Exactly.  It can cause friction.

My favorite lunch when I was in New Orleans was the Fried Oyster Po Boy sandwich.  Once they set the plate down in front of you, all you need to do is squeeze some lemon juice over the oysters, and then hit it with some Tabasco.  And of course there are fries on the side, too.  So that's about 1,200 calories right there, just for lunch.

But now that I don't eat meat, I don't know what I would be eating in New Orleans.  I am tempted to say the Red Beans and Rice, but they usually cook those beans with sausage.  That cornbread muffin  though......

I've been saying that the back of Jeff's cue card looks like it has blood dripping down it, but after closer inspection I see that those are actually red palm trees.  I'm a little disappointed, not gonna lie.

OK, back to Victor.  Jeff pops the big "hated or loved" question and not only does Victor appear to have never heard the question before, he gave the answer that we all dread.

Victor:  The thought of having America hate you.....whoo...I'd much rather lose and have them love me.

Jeff:  Or, you could do both.

(But can you really do both?  Not sure about that, based on my years of watching Big Brother.)

Victor:  Absolutely.  That would be the best situation.  To win and have them love me.

And then Jeff finally asks a good question, and the content shocks me.

Jeff:  Do you know how to cook Victor?

Victor, snorting:  Yes!  I'm a latin guy, my mom's a Latina, she cooks....of course I cook man!

Jeff:  A latin guy who knows how to cook...the ladies are gonna love this guy.

(I guess Jeff was thinking about food during this interview, too.)


OK.  So Victor was obviously trapped in his hotel room, "bin watching" BB16.  I'm guessing that he also had seasons 14 and 17 available to him, too.  Just a guess....

He seems like a nice guy, but regardless of how  jacked up he thinks his own physique is, he is going to have some serious competition in that area with a few of the other guys in the house, not to mention one of the rumored returnees.  This should help Victor out, since he won't be the only physical threat in the house.  Far from it.

He seems very mature for 25, based on this interview. Let's take a look at his CBS bio to get some more clues about who he really is.

Based on the bio, Victor is definitely 25 with all of the girl-chasing references.  But that's okay, because the fans like to see a little action in the house, a little flirting and romance.

I like that he mentioned missing out on the Presidential race (because it is going to get NASTY right about now) and his comment about knowing one peek at Google could change his game entirely.  I'm assuming that's what he was referring to, rather than settling an argument over the point spread on the Super Bowl, or whatever.

There are a few other people out there with the same name, but I think this is our Victor's Facebook, except that doesn't look like our Victor, does it?

After seeing this, I have hope that Victor is not as mild-mannered as he was in his interview with Jeff.  Maybe he was just on his best behavior, being polite and all.

I'm trying to imagine Victor being the one to win the first HoH, and then getting a terrible case of HoH-itis because that first HoH reign is twice as long as it usually is.  Maybe he'll start ordering people around, and will lock the HoH door so no one but his crew can enter.  Maybe he'll start a big alliance and then get tipsy and invite a bunch of girls to join without asking the guys first. (I'm looking at you, Devin.)

Now I'm getting enthusiastic about Victor Arroyo as a BB house guest.

But maybe Victor will be one of the first batch of Have Nots, which is also the worst because it is the longest stretch and they don't have any extra Have Not foods to eat.  Maybe he will be one of the ones who whines and complains about it, bitching about losing muscle tone and not being able to sleep or lift weights properly.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.  I'm pretty sure that Victor will be one of the ones who has NO IDEA how the live feeds work, so I hope someone schools him on that before he gets too cozy in there.

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