Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Meet Tiffany Rousso: All I've Heard All Day is Marcia Marcia Marcia! #BB18

So.....the rumors were true.  Vanessa Rousso's little sister Tiffany will join the cast of BB18.  Tiffany is 32, and she lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  And this is what I'm referring to in the title of the post, if you don't know.

The SuperFans all know that Tiffany Rousso had a strong possibility of being in the BB18 house, because Vanessa already spilled the beans.  Accidentally, I'm sure, but this was a spill that you can't just wipe up with a paper towel.  Last week it looked like she wanted to do a web search of "Tiffany Rousso and BB18", but she tweeted that instead.

Oops.  She deleted the tweet, but it fed right into Facebook, where it stayed for several hours.  I think the most damning part is that Vanessa never commented on it, to deny or deflect, even though there was a whole thread on Reddit about the subject.

But here's the problem:  If any of the other newbies, or even the 4 remaining returnee players were online doing any type of Big Brother research or reading, they surely know Tiffany is going to be in the house.  Because this rumor caused a little FRENZY for the Super Fans as we all scoured the internet for clues about casting.

I'm already stressed out about Tiffany and her not-so-secret secret.  Let's see if Big Jeff can make sense of it all.

Tiffany tells Jeff that she is a high school math teacher.  She certainly doesn't look like any math teachers I ever had.  The tone of her voice sounds a lot like Vanessa---its kind of eerie.

It's been awhile since I went to high school---what is high school math, exactly?  I remember taking geometry ---is that what it is?  Calculus maybe?  Algebra? Word problems about the square footage of the grass area around the pool?

Well, enough of this small talk about employment --- Jeff wants to jump right to the juicy part.

Jeff, smugly:  So, you watch a lot of Big Brother? Are you a fan?

Tiffany, not taking the bait:  Totally.  I've been watching since I was a teenager, but off and on since then.  More recently, I've been watching more of it.

Jeff, looking confused:  What was your favorite season?

Tiffany, pretending not to notice that Jeff is confused:  Hmmm, favorite season?  Um...  I liked Season 10.  Season 10, for sure.

Jeff is all like, what the fuck is this?  I swear Jeff just aged 10 years in the last 10 seconds.

Tiffany:  So Season 10....and 12 and 13.  (gives Jeff an elbow nudge)

Jeff:  Oh...nice....nice.  I'm fishing for other reasons though, not just compliments.

Tiffany;  Oh yeah, I know.

Unbelievably, Tiffany keeps going on and on about not having an absolute favorite season.  The way she feels about a season depends on the characters who played, blah blah blah.

Jeff finally has had enough of this business, and tells Tiffany that this little chat won't be seen by the other house guests.

Jeff:  They're not gonna hear any of dis.  This is just me and you...and da fans.

Tiffany still refuses to cooperate.  I wonder if Alison Grodner is banging her head against the wall backstage, in frustration.

Vanessa:  Are you asking me who I know?  Who I've met from the cast?

Jeff:  Yes.  Yes.

Tiffany:  I've met a few of the cast from last year.  Because my sister is.....Vanessa Rousso.

Jeff:  There you go!  You scared me for a minute.

Jeff has to tell her that is what he was getting it, and says she is a "tough nut to crack".  She acts like this is a revelation to her, like maybe she thought Jeff actually gives a shit who she's met from previous casts.

(No way, right?  No way Tiffany isn't smart enough to get the drift here.)

NEWS FLASH FOR TIFFANY:  I hope you're not already tired of talking about being Vanessa's sister.  I'm sure Media Day is long and grueling, but damn.

(Although, a little hostility can be fun to watch sometimes.)

Tiffany doesn't plan to go in the house and just "throw that out there", that she is Vanessa's sister.  She's going to play it by ear.  If she's confronted with it, she won't lie about it, because that will make it a much bigger deal than it already is.

Jeff thinks Tiffany has some of the same mannerism as Vanessa, except he pronounces it "man-yer-isms.

(Ha ha ha.)

Tiffany is going to try to play the game less emotionally than her sister.  She says they talked about it and Vanessa realizes it was an issue for her, so Tiffany is going to try and tone that down.

(It suddenly feels like they are both tiptoeing, walking on eggshells to avoid being critical.)

Jeff says it is a different story once you're in there (actually, "in dere"), so it's easy to get caught up, but he's sure Vanessa has told Tiffany all about it, so she knows what to expect ("in dere").

Tiffany says she's super-competitive, and that might be her downfall.  Something comes over her when she competes, so if she doesn't need to win it's going to be hard to throw a competition.

Tiffany:  I'd kind of like to lay low in there for a few weeks, and not win, especially the first one.  Unless it all comes out and it makes me a huge target and I have to win.

Getting cast on the show is a great accomplishment for Tiffany, but her biggest accomplishment to date was starting her "first business" last year.

Tiffany:  I started an SAT prep business for students and enrolled a few classes, so that was pretty big for me.

Jeff "jokes" that he took one of those classes, but his SAT score only increased 2 points.  Tiffany assures him that it's better than the score going in the opposite direction.

Jeff:  If you win this, is it just for you, or are you going to dangle it over your sister?

Tiffany:  What do you mean, dangle it over her?

(Oh C'MON.)

Jeff:  You know, be like "I won and you didn't".

Tiffany: No, that's not me.  But I see what you're getting at though.  Even just getting on the show is an accomplishment at this point, so I want to enjoy it.  But winning is my biggest goal.

Jeff says it will be interesting to watch her, and he hopes she has a great summer.


I do think that Tiffany is just as smart, if not more emotionally intelligent than her sister Vanessa. I also think that a gorgeous, brainy math teacher like Tiffany could get cast on Big Brother without a famous relative.

But can she win?  I'll be honest and say I have some concerns.

*  First of all, it is highly likely that several of her cast mates not only know who Tiffany is --they already know that she will be part of the cast this year (as discussed above, from Vanessa's tweet).  They've been expecting her.  In fact, Tiffany probably already knows about that stupid tweet.  Maybe she's mad about it, and that adds to her irritation about having to talk about Vanessa today.  That's understandable.

*  Tiffany says she won't lie about Vanessa being her sister, but even a whiff of trying to keep it a secret might spell trouble for her.  For example, do you think she will use her real last name on the show?  I don't.  And I think that is going to make her look sneaky.

*  Tiffany actually just played in Audrey Middleton's new online "Sequester" game, which is apparently some sort of Big Brother competition, but you play from the comfort and safety of your computer at home.  And Tiffany won.  And that makes her a threat, too, although I have no idea what the caliber of competition was, or who she was playing against.  (Or even what its all about.)

You know, if Tiffany didn't have the whole Rousso situation on her shoulders, I might pick her to go far in the game.  Or if her casting secret had actually been more of a secret, I might be more high on Tiffany.

But on the bright side, maybe only the true geek Super Fans on the cast will be the ones who know who Tiffany's sister is.  And maybe they will try to keep that information to themselves, in order to weaponize Tiffany's strengths.   Because aligning with someone who is brilliant, and knows a thing or two about how Big Brother works could be an asset in there.

I know everyone loves to rag on Jeff's interview skills, but he really dropped the ball on this one.  He didn't ask Tiffany any other questions about her life, or background, such as her romantic status, or how she feels about teaching.  Or how her teaching skills might help her in the game.  Or even a super-honest question about how irritating it is to live in Vanessa's poker player shadow.  Or how painful it was to watch some of last year's show.  All interesting topics to allow us to get to know her better.

For Tiffany's sake, I hope the rumors of the four returning house guests coming in as PLAYERS (and not coaches) will take some of the heat off of her, and give everyone someone else to focus on.  And if the names of those returnees are true, then two of them played Big Brother with Vanessa.

Or should I say:  They played against Vanessa.  And maybe they will try to correct that mistake this time.  Or maybe they will want to get her before she can get them.

There's only one way Tiffany can beat Vanessa's Big Brother track record, and that is to make the Final Two.  I hate to say it, but it's going to be hard to do that when you're voted out before Jury.


  1. So if anyone from season 17 comes back on, if the rumor mill is true there will be two, do you see an alliance? Surely they would know who she is.

  2. So if anyone from season 17 comes back on, if the rumor mill is true there will be two, do you see an alliance? Surely they would know who she is.

    1. I don't think it does much good to speculate about alliances until we see the format for the returnees.

      For example, even if they don't return as coaches, there may still be a team concept, where they are separated in teams of 4. I loved the way the coaches picked their players in BB14 after just a few minutes in the house. It was mainly based on first impressions, which made it GREAT.

      If they are in teams, that would create natural alliances, whether the players like it or not. Then once the game cranks up, people started to cross team lines, and that resulted in some great paranoia and tension.

      Or they might use a "clique" type of house guest breakdown. In BB11, they had the popular kids, the jocks, and the "misfits". I can see that same sort of breakdown within the four rumored returnees.

      There is a brain (by profession), a jock (big and strong), a popular or social person (funny and loud), and also a misfit (none of the above).

      I never thought of this approach until just now, but already I'm putting all of the 12 newbies into those categories, and it works.

      Surely CBS will put some sort of safeguard in place to ensure the returnees safety for at least a few weeks. A team concept would help prevent the whole house from ganging up on them from the start.

      I'm STOKED about three of the rumored returnees. I think it's going to be a fun summer.

      Thank you for your loyal readership, Sarah!


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