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Meet Paulie Califiore - You Can Hate Him Now, But You'll Forgive Him Later #BB18

You might already know him, but this is Paulie Califiore, who is 27 and hails from Howell, New Jersey.  Why would you know him?  (And better yet, why doesn't Paulie have a damn shirt on?)

Because he's BB16 Cody's brother, and started making a name for himself with the fans way back then.  Paulie was very active during BB16 while Cody was in the house.  He did interviews, he visited California a few times and made the BB rounds, and he was very social with his media.  For example:

He was photographed with Brittany Martinez, Cody's semi-boo in the BB16 house, after she was evicted. I think they watched a few of the BB episodes together, as recall.   I remember thinking, "who's having the last laugh now?" as Brittany obviously got all liquored up and had her paws all over him.

And he was somehow involved with that Ryan Carillo, doing god knows what.  I don't like Ryan Carillo because he is so self-important and condescending to some of the BB house guests that he and Rachel Reilly interview together.  (Like their interview with Donny Thompson.)  I don't know what was going on in this studio when this picture was taken, but I have to think Paulie had his reasons.  

I'm going to try and forgive Paulie for associating with Ryan. And that's all I have to say about that.

OK.  Big Jeff actually looks big next to Paulie right now, and that's not what I expected.  Maybe it's because Paulie is hunching over a little bit.  The minute I heard Paul speak, I immediately heard Cody, my BB16 Boo.  Cody was very humble about his looks, and was so sweet, but I didn't expect that to be the case with Paulie.

But I think it might be.  He has kind of a thick New Jersey twang, that comes off sweet instead of tough.  Just like Cody.

Paulie tells Jeff that he owns an entertainment company, and a "sports specific" gym.  Now, what in the world is that?  I can only assume that BB is preventing him from specifically describing his gym.  For example, if it is a Cross Fit place or something.  No free advertising for them, apparently.

Jeff invites Paulie to just come right out with it and tell us who he is.  Paulie proudly tells us that his brother is Cody Califiore, who was part of the Hit Men alliance and took that all the way to the finals "with his boy Derrick".

Jeff:  Boom.

Paulie is obviously very proud of Cody.  In fact, everything I've ever seen or heard from Cody indicates that his family is extremely close.  I don't think they even razz or tease each other.  That's kind of amazing to me.  I also heard Cody discuss how big of a BB fan his dad is----he is a live feeder.

Paulie thinks it would be stupid to lie about his brother.  He's going to just "feel out the house" to see how soon or how much he will be discussing it.  Some people think he looks and sounds just like Cody, and other people don't, so he's not sure if they will recognize him or not.

Paulie:  You know we got matching tattoos, don't you?  Over on our ribs, it says "Califiore".  Both of us.  The same.

Jeff wonders how he'll handle discussion of that, if it comes up.

Paulie:  Well, anybody that's a fan of the show is going to notice, and I can't just say I got the tattoo because I was such a big fan of that guy and I love him so much.   I'll just have to tell 'em who I am.

Jeff notes that they have matching abs, too, and Paul says they worked on them together.  Jeff even calls back to an episode of BB17 where the cameras visited Cody and Derrick at Cody's house.  Jeff remembers that Paul was doing something sporty with his shirt off, and says that he noticed Paul's abs were putting Cody's to shame.

(What the hell?)

Jeff, trying to get a grip:  But this isn't about your brother, Paulie, it's about you!

Jeff asks what Paulie will do to separate himself from Cody and his game.

Paulie:  First of all, I'd like to play just like him.  He had the best social game around...out of anybody.

Jeff:  Oh no, I think he played a great game.  I didn't mean that you needed to improve on it.

Paulie:  Cody's the man.

Paulie then alluded to doing a few things differently at the end of the game, if he goes that far.  I'm kind of confused about what he actually said.  At first I thought he was saying he wanted to be the strong one in the finals, but then he said that the jury might resent him if he takes a goat. And then Paulie started weaving a tale about the final five knowing that whoever wins the comps moves forward, and that all of them will be in it for themselves and the "best man or woman" would win.

Paulie: And then it will come down to who can talk better....do you think you can talk better than me?  (gesturing to an imaginary opponent).

Jeff:  Wow.

Maybe Paulie  should be topless when he describes his plan in the BB18 house, so it will sound better when he's pitching it.  And maybe he can try to hide his gift of gab from them, as long as he can.  Because Paulie can talk.....I know he and Cody used to work for some sort of party promoter where they would MC a crowd and work the audience, keeping the party moving along.  In fact, at one point, Cody was kind of recruiting Zach for a job with them.  You can read about it here, about halfway down the post.)

Jeff:  So if you go all the way to the end and get the 2nd prize of $50,000, would you be satisfied with that? (actually, "with dat")

Paulie says no, he would not.  He wants to use the money to help some family members who "are struggling right now".

Paulie:  I've just visualized paying off my parents' mortgage for so long now.....I would love to manifest that for them.

He also says he has a sister who is "killing them trying to be a doctor of psychology".  He says she's got a long way to go, but the student loans are very high already, and he'd like to help her out.  Every penny would go to a good place, he says.

Paulie:  We'd like to live the kind of life we'd like to live, we'd be debt-free, stress-free....just take care of everybody.

Finally Jeff asks Paulie the Big Question, about being loved or hated by the fans.

Paulie:  You can repair relationships with people over time, and you can repair your image.  But I'd rather be hated as a winner, than hailed for being a loser.  You can always repair your image later.  Look at Tom Brady---people hate him, but he wins. And then he goes home to Giselle.  He has no need for social media or all of that...he's a champ!

Jeff:  I always tell people that there's no right or wrong answer to that question, but if there's a right answer, he just gave it!

(Please take a look at Jeff's note card in the picture above.  Does that look like dripping blood to you? Is that a theme of some sort?)


OK bitches. You say you want eye candy?  Well, Paulie will step right up and volunteer.  He knows he's like a piece of meat, but he still seems so humble and sweet.  Maybe he realizes that he can't help looking like that, so he doesn't blame the world for gawking.

Or maybe he's just getting paid?  I'm not sure who would be footing the bill for these type of photo shoots, but I guess someone is writing checks.

So that's what we're dealing with here, people.  But contrary to his model poses, he seems just as precious as our sweet angel Cody.

Hot Take:  Having a famous Big Brother sibling will boost Paulie's game.  Big time.

(As opposed the cross Tiffany Rousso will have to bear this year.)

Cody was known for being fiercely loyal, and making the team his priority.  He didn't bitch and moan, and was even a good sport after losing to Derrick, who kept a few big secrets from Cody along the way.  I think people who watched BB16 will assume the same is true for Paulie.  And let's face it, it probably is.

The guys will want to be his friend, the girls will want to be his very good friend.  I think Paulie will be able to just go with the flow.  And I think there are going to be quite a few people who will need to leave before anybody thinks about giving him the boot.

So yeah, I think we'll be hanging with Paulie for a good long time.  But we can't forget the rumors about the four returnees who will show up premiere night.  Rumor has it that one of the returnees may have played with Cody during BB16.  I don't see that as a problem for his game, though.  In fact, that may be a boost for both of them, having that connection.  

I don't know what Paulie's romantic scene is like, but I'm sure we'll all be experts about this by September.  I just found an old post where Cody was discussing how his brother was dating a Knicks dancer.  Yep.  I just re-read the post and was horrified to find that Cody also said that he was hooking up with a "smoking hot girl who looks 12".  What the hell?  I don't remember being horrified at the time so maybe he didn't mean it like that.  But how else can you mean that comment?  Right?

But I digress.  I think Paulie has potential to go as far as he wants to go.


Last year, it was a big deal for Little Cody to meet Big Jeff.  Cody was as giddy as a school girl.  In my intro post for Cody, I actually included a picture of Paulie in my analysis.  After I figured out my error a few weeks later, I left the picture in there, because it was so damn hot.

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