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Meet Michelle Meyer - To Tell the Truth, She's Going to Be a Liar. #BB18

Meet Michelle Meyer, who joins the cast this year from Washington Township, Michigan.  She's 23 and she is a nutritionist.

OK....I hate to be Captain Obvious, but Michelle's picture and bio certainly remind me of a certain former houseguest.  Which is a little ironic, considering the rumors of the identities of the four former BB players coming into the game this year.  I'm not sure why I'm pretending you don't already know who they are....I guess I want to get through my assessments of the newbies before I tackle that discussion.

And I don't want to put something out there as fact that may or may not happen.

Anyhoo, Michelle is Super Fan who is super-pumped to be sitting with Jeff for her pre-season interview.

Michelle tells us she lives in the Detroit Metro area, and just finished schooling to be a nutritionist. All  she has to do is pass her registered dietitian exam and she's good to go.

Jeff, with a controversial question: So, are you gonna keep some of the fatsos in da house in check this summer?

Michelle:  Yeah!  You are what you eat, and I'm gonna make sure I whip up some good things with that slop.

Jeff:  Well, when you're done in there, I think I need to get on a plan.

Michelle, scanning Jeff's bod:  You're fine. Your BMI seems fine.  Don't worry.

Jeff doesn't know what that is, of course, so she tells him it's his Body Mass Index.

Michelle tells us she's a big, big fan, and watches the international versions too.

Michelle:  I love, love the show.

Jeff wonders if she's tripping out right now, because she's in the Diary Room.

Michelle is surprised, and gives the room a good look.

(I know people are saying stuff like, how can Michelle not know that's the DR?  Does she really watch the show?  Well, you'd think she'd remember where Jeff did the live interviews last season, but the DR does look very different, with the new pink chair and the snazzy paisley wallpaper.)

Jeff points the way to the interior house, and tells her this is it, this is her summer home.

Michelle:  So I'll be in here....this is not what I pictured at all.

Jeff:  Tell the people at home why...what's different to you?  Is it bigger?

Michelle starts to tell us it's not just a blank wall in there, and then she starts to tell us about all of the lights before Big Jeff cuts her off, telling her not to get to behind-the-scenes.

(Or, maybe whoever speaks into Jeff's earpiece said that, and Big Jeff just repeated it.)

And Michelle laughed.  And she actually SNORTED when she laughed.

Michelle is going to miss her family this summer, and her dog.  Today is actually her little sister's Sweet Sixteen, so she's missing that, too.

Jeff points out that she'll always remember that, and tells her to talk to her sister now.

Michelle, waving:  Happy Birthday Birdie Boo!  I love you!

(Or something like that.)

If Michelle wins BB18, she's planning to take her entire family to Hawaii.  Speaking of winning, Jeff wonders how far Michelle will go to win.

Michelle: I'll lie, obviously.  I have no problem lying, breaking alliances, stabbing people in the back.  Bring it on.

Jeff:  Why was lying the first thing out of your mouth just then?  You're ready to just go in there and start backstabbing people?

Michelle:  Yeah!

Michelle says that the Super Fans usually go into the house and are awkward at first.  Michelle doesn't think  she'll be awkward at all...she's very bubbly, she's not serious about stuff...she hates being serious, and she thinks that will throw people off the trail of how much she knows about the game.

Michelle knows she needs to not let little things bug her, and she can't start freaking out, because that could be a downfall for her.  Jeff wonders what her biggest accomplishment in life to date is.

Michelle:  Just being one step away from being a registered dietitian.  I feel that nutrition is the best form of preventative medicine.  In America right now, two out of three people are overweight, and one out of three are obese.  The US has such a high rate of heart disease, diabetes, stuff like that and nutrition can combat that.

(Yes.  Michelle needs to teach and preach that this summer.)

Jeff:  So you love what you do.  That's important.

Now it's time for Jeff to ask the Big Question, and he's sure that Michelle will know what that is.  But she doesn't---instead she thinks Jeff is going to ask if she is ready to Expect the Unexpected.

This makes me think (along with not recognizing the DR) that Michelle might not be a live feed watcher.  Because you have to have the live feeds to watch the pre-season interviews.  They eventually show up on You Tube, of course, but I don't think Michelle is the type of fan who watches them.

But when Jeff finally does ask the question, the answer is what we always hope for.

Michelle:  Oh, I want to be hated and win, HANDS DOWN.  Everyone has a hater...even if you're the best player in the world.

Jeff, giving props with his body language: I hear ya..

Jeff: So we're gonna see some game play from you this season.

Michelle:  Oh.  Definitely.  I'm excited.  This is a dream come true.

Jeff:  How about da live feeders?  You got anything you wanna say to them?

Michelle:  Oh...I wish I was watching the live feeds right now, so I could see all of the other house guests!  You guys are awesome!  I'll try to give some shout outs, but I don't know if I can.


I'd really like to believe that Michelle, being a sweet young thing, will go in the BB house and play like an assassin. I'd like to believe that her looks will be deceiving, and that she can run serious game on all of the other players.

But unfortunately we've all been disappointed before.  (Yes, I'm looking at you Meg.)  But maybe Michelle will be a different story.  She certainly seems confident, and the Super Fans have already found Michelle's Reddit account.  Apparently she spends a lot of time in the Big Brother subreddit, and her various posts can be summarized as follows, thanks to a fellow Redditor:

But one of the Reddit mods waved a big Caution flag at all of the posters, telling them that they better mind their P's and Q's, or else they will "deal harshly" with you.

I feel Michelle is entitled to her opinions, just like everybody else.  Even if you don't agree with her, surely you agree with me that having a BB18 contestant who actually watches the show and interacts with others about it is a good thing.  This situation provides a few key take-aways for me about Michelle:

1.  Michelle is not afraid to give her opinions.

2.  Michelle  is bold enough to state unpopular opinions.

3.  Michelle has not yet developed the ability to edit herself.

4.  Michelle has a definite point-of-view about Big Brother and the way it should be played.

5.  Michelle is not going to like at least one of the returning players, and in my opinion probably hates three of them.

6.  Michelle certainly knows about Tiffany Rousso and Paulie Califiore as rumors about both being part of the cast have been posted on Reddit for over a week now.  And Michelle doesn't like Vanessa, that much is clear.

We should be able to get a good idea about Michelle being able to play this game in a smart way if we're able to see how she handles seeing Tiffany and Paulie in the house.  Will she try to weaponize that information or blast it all over the house?  (Yes, I'm looking at you Da'Vonne, although that is certainly ironic of me.)

Although, that would require CBS showing us that Michelle read the online rumors before sequester, and I know they don't want that discussion on TV.  Maybe they can edit it down to an acceptable story line for the prime time show.  Because, as usual, all of the juicy twist reveals happen before the feeds go live.  For all we know, Michelle is blowing up Tiffany's game RIGHT NOW.

(For example, in BB5 Nakomis and Cowboy figured out that they had the same father somewhere around Day #3.)

Let's see if Michelle's CBS Bio provides any new information for us.

It turns out Michelle is indeed a live feeder.  I like that she knows she needs to stay away from the rumor mill, and realizes that has gotten her in trouble before.

So maybe Michelle is developing that filter, after all.

I like that she wants to win competitions, and take out a big threat every time she has the power.  I like that she wants to be underestimated.  And I think it's cute that she has the hots for Ian Terry.  Ian is in the rumor mill for the returning house guests, but I honestly don't think that he is coming back this year.

I like Michelle, and once again we have another female contestant who pursued a science-related profession.  I hope this is an indicator of the trends out there.  On a non-game note, I will say that Michelle has chosen a profession that is going to be BOOMING for decades.  America is one of the least-healthy countries in the world, and we have all the tools we need to fix it.

I predict Michelle is going to give us a good show this year, one way or another.  And I think she'll make the Jury, and might even get close to the money.

And if her ears are burning, or itching, or however the saying goes, it's probably because someone is posting in one of the dozens of Michelle threads in the BB subreddit.

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  1. If she does recognize Paulie and Tiffany she needs to learn from the mistakes of Da'vonne and utilize it. They all say they want to take out big threats but very few do. Can't wait to see how she plays the game.


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