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Meet Glenn Garcia - Don't Push Him, 'Cause He's Close to The Edge #BB18

And who is this?  This is Glenn Garcia, who is a 50-year-old former police detective from the Bronx, New York City.  He's a dog groomer now.  Yep, a dog groomer.

Glenn introduces himself as being from the "Boogie Down Bronx", and his accent does not disappoint.  No one will mistake Glenn's voice on the live feeds with someone else's, that's for sure.

Jeff:  So are you a fan of da show?

Glenn:  YUUUGE.

Jeff tells us that Glenn just asked him if this was the real Diary Room, and Jeff tells us now that it is, this is real, pointing over to the door that leads to the living room (or "Departure Lounge")

Glenn: This is crazy.....I'M HERE!

Glenn tells us he has a fiance back home, and a beautiful 9-year-old daughter.  He gestures at Jeff's ring finger, and mention's Jeff's marital status.

Jeff:  I'm getting married!

Glenn, chuckling:  I've been engaged for awhile too....that's another story!  She'll kill me...she's gonna kill me when she sees this!

(Some of you may know that Jeff and Jordan had been planning a big wedding blow out for October, but they recently announced that since Jordan was pregnant, they went ahead and had the ceremony, due to the circumstances. I think they may be planning a post-baby family gathering, but I know Jeff didn't want to get into a big discussion about it during Paul's interview.)

Jeff:  Sometimes they put attractive ladies in da house. What is she going to think about that?

Glenn:  She already knows I'm gonna do what I gotta do to win.

Jeff:  What will you do to win?  How far are you gonna go?

Glenn:  As far as I have to go...there's no limits.  If I gotta flirt just to let them think there's a possibility or something, I'll do what I gotta do.

Jeff, clearly delighted with this news:  You'll use that boogie down Bronx attitude?

Glenn:  That's right.  I'll just get yelled at later on.

Jeff is loving this, and pantomimes his girlfriend making a list of things to yell about.

Glenn:  Maybe later on when I present her with the check, or a new house, she'll say okay.

(Before you scoff at this, don't underestimate Glenn's ability to flirt with any girl in that house this summer.  Good old-fashioned flirting doesn't have to be suggestive or uncomfortable.  It can just be fun.  And he's going to know how to talk to the girls.  I think it may actually be easier for the girls to flirt with Glenn then someone like Paulie Califiore, because there is no way there will be any action with Glenn, so you don't have to stress about it.  I lived on Long Island for three years and guys like Glenn would always say stuff like "how you doin', hon?" and it can feel natural, like family.)

Glenn thinks his greatest strength in the game will be being versatile, like a chameleon.

Glenn:   I may be older, but I can blend in with all types of ages and personalities and ethnicities.  That's what's gonna get me in there, and I'll learn all about their pros and cons, and how I can work against them.

OK.  That's almost exactly what Derrick Levasseur said in his pre-season interview with Jeff.

So far Jeff hasn't brought up Glenn's police officer background, but he should.  I know Glenn knows all about Derrick's sweep of BB16.

Glenn thinks his mouth may get him in trouble this summer.

Glenn:  It can, if someone gets under my skin and I blow up, but I'm not gonna let that happen, 'cause I know I  gotta (***puts knuckles in his mouth***) bite my tongue...I gotta bite my lip and just.....

Jeff:  I'm just sayin', odds are, someone's gonna get under your skin.

Glenn, shaking his head:  They're gonna try!  They're gonna try, but

Jeff:  I'm just guessing, you know, I'm not Nostradamus, but...

Glenn:  But I'm from the Bronx...I'm from New York..people are always trying to get under your skin for an angle. They'll try, but it's not gonna happen.  Unless I'm about to get evicted, then I'm gonna let hell loose.

Jeff:  Oh, you're not going down without a fight.

(Well, Derrick never threatened to do that.....)

Jeff:  So, you'll do anything to win this money?

Glenn:  Oh, it's mine already.

(And now that Glenn is talking seriously, you can really hear the tough edge in his voice.  His voice is deep and friendly-sounding, but we've all seen the cops in the movies say something like that and you know they mean it.  You can see how Glenn would command authority--you don't lose those instincts when you retire.)

Jeff asks Glenn if he's not going to win BB, would he rather go out first, or take third place, because either way you win no money (i.e. leaving in third like Vanessa did is called "bubbling out" in Poker).

Glenn:  Third place.  I want to play the game.

Jeff:  Me too!

Glenn:  That's why I'm here in the first place, to play the game.  Why come all the way over here just to get bounced?

Jeff:  And if you're there all summer, you will have chances to win some money.

Glenn:  Yeah, but third place..its not....if I come in second place, I lost.

Jeff:  Really?  Fifty G's isn't enough for you?

Glenn:  Still a loser.  I'm from the Bronx, remember Derek Jeter?

Jeff wonders if Paul would rather win the $50,000 and have no one remember him when the season is over, or would he rather not win the season and be thought of as one of the legends of the game?

Paul:  Why not do both?  Why not shine and take the money?

(I think Jeff was trying to get an idea of how much the fame might mean to Glenn, and I think his answer was inconclusive.  But let's take someone like Devin Shepherd----he is unforgettable to the Super Fans, and he not only lost, he went down in flames.  And on the other hand you have someone like Vanessa Rousso, whose stunning loss in the last 30 minutes of last summer's show made her story even more memorable.  It's complicated, obviously, this whole reality TV equation.)

Glenn said the last time he cried was earlier today, talking about his daughter during one of his interviews.

Glenn:  I had a daughter late in life, but once they clicked that Man Switch, after I had her I cry all the time.  Talkin' about her...I cry.

Jeff cautions him that it's going to be tough in there, missing his family, but Glenn says he will not quit, and he will use that as a motivation to keep going.

And finally, Jeff asks the big "loved or hated" question, even though he says he thinks he already knows what the answer is.

Glenn:  Win and be hated!  That's it.  Too many nice guys win this game, but I'm gonna be me, and I'm gonna win, and if you don't like it....(***makes bye bye motions***)

Jeff spreads the word about his new weekly show on Fridays this summer during the season, and says he doesn't want to see Glenn on that weekly show for a long time, maybe not until September.

Glenn:  You won' won't see me.  September?  Are you gonna be married by then?

Jeff:  We'll see.

(Which is a funny answer, since he is already married.  He better hope he is still married to Jordan in September....)

(But why is Glenn so fixated on Jeff's marital status?  Weird, huh?)


I know it's easy to look at the grid of BB18 player headshots and to just dismiss Glenn.  I admit, I kind of felt that way at first.  But now after hearing him speak, I think he will be a compelling personality in the house this summer.

He won't be like Derrick--I think he's got a much bigger ego than Derrick does (or did in the BB16 house) and a much bigger temper.  I could see flashes of it when he talked to Jeff, and the way he repeated things like "it's not gonna happen".  If we're comparing Glenn to police officers that we know, I think he's probably more like Tony Vlachos, the recent Survivor winner.

As you might remember, Tony was much more of a wildcard than Derrick.  You never knew what he was going to do or say next, and he was much more ruthless.  He wasn't afraid to lie and cheat, which was part of his winning strategy.

Just as I would say with any house guest who is so much older than everyone else (all of the newbies except Tiffany are in their 20's), Glenn needs to make some fast bonds in the house without trying too hard.  He needs to get past that "first impression" hump that will make it easy for all of them to vote him out because he's so different from everyone else.

And he needs to calm down in there, which may be a challenge.  Will Glenn be able to kick back and let other people make themselves the target?  Sometimes you just have to let other people blow themselves up so that you can survive.  Can Glenn do that?  We'll see.

From what I've found online, Glenn started his mobile dog grooming business in 2004.  That would make him 38, indicating that he started with the police force at age 18 and retired after he completed 20 years of service.  That totally makes sense to me.  On Long Island, one of the guys who worked on my team told me that he and his friends all applied to be both police officers and fireman as soon as they were 18, but that sometimes you have to wait years to get called back for an interview.

Glenn hasn't used his Twitter account in a few years, but like many business owners, he tried to promote his own business a little.  Oh, and he loves Howard Stern and Bubba the Love Sponge, too.  Typical for his age and stage in life.

Here is Glenn's mobile grooming business, but the picture was taken back in the day, when Glenn had hair.  I have a dog that requires professional grooming every 6 to 8 weeks, and Glenn's prices are actually very reasonable for the NY market.

I love the police theme to the business name and website.

Like this...take a bite out of grime.  And you call Glenn to "report a dirty dog".  So clever.

And here are some examples of Glenn's work -- this little doggy looks clean and happy.

And this one...poor baby.  This must be a rescue.  Bless his little furry heart.  Nothing like a good scrubbing and a haircut to make you feel human again.  Or something like that.

I wish Jeff had asked Glenn if he planned to keep his law enforcement background a secret.  If that is the case, I think that's going to be a challenge, because he just screams cop to me, now that I've watched him carry on a conversation.  He might be better off just "copping" to it, so that he won't be seen as too sneaky when the truth comes out.

I think he will be immediate best friends with both of the returning male players.  I can imagine Glenn hanging out at the pool table, or on the couch, in the wee hours of the morning with either one of them.

There are some answers to his CBS Bio questions that concern me.  For example, his list of players that he admires for the game they played is confusing to me:  Dr. Will, Evel Dick, Mike Boogie, and Frankie Grande.  I can see the reasoning for two of those, but as a whole the list of four bewilders me.

Maybe because they were all villains?

I hope we don't have to use the #GlennHasADaughter hashtag this summer.

I am predicting that Glenn will get in at least one big argument---with yelling and finger pointing, but maybe that is just wishful thinking.

Unfortunately my main prediction will be that Glenn will not win the money, but will be memorable enough to make a BB name for himself.  But for good, or for bad reasons?

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