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It Doesn't Take a Village to Have an Idiot. #BB18

I heard that there was some big house meeting convened by the Messiah Jozea on Friday night.  I've watched some of it, but later in the night, he sat alone in the bathroom, sipping water from an orange cup.

Everything was so quiet you could hear Jozea swallow.  He has a big plastic jug of water that he refills the cup with.

*** glug glug glug ***

Paulie walked through the room and Jozea put some water in his cup, too.  Jozea was slurring a little bit when he spoke.  He seemed very emotional and made a few statements to Paulie that indicated that not only did he think he would be going home, he was looking forward to it.

Jozea:  This's not right. What is going on, it's not right.

It was all too sad for me, so I decided to watch the live feeds on Saturday in real time, which works out nicely here on the East Coast.  Da'Vonne and Zakiyah sat in the HoH suite and chatted lightly while Zakiyah did her makeup.

Zakiyah:  Why am I taking the time to do this when it's just going to melf off outside anyway?

I've heard both of these girls comment on how Natalie always compliments both of them on their appearance.

Da'Vonne:  That's her strategy, complimenting all the damn time.

And sure enough, later in the day when Da'Vonne appeared poolside in a bright pink bikini, Natalie started yelling to us that Day is the hottest mom in America, and that "this is what a Mom looks like", or something like that.

It was a little too too, as they say.

Meanwhile, out by the new BB pool, the house guests have some toys to play with .  These are big blow-up Lincoln logs.  They have five of them, and Bridgette and James are blowing off steam having a fight using them as weapons.

It looks calm now, but...

When they start going at it, it sounds like a boxing match.  Lots of huffing and puffing, along with splashing and a lot of "ooofs".

Bridgette gives as good as she gets.

Frank is over on the far right of the picture below, propping his feet up on the edge of the new in-ground hot tub. I think that they incorporated the hot tub into the new pool to make it easier to convert the backyard for competitions.  I think they can just put one big cover over the pool and hot tub now and easily build on top of it.  But that's just my guess.

Both Frank and Bridgette are loving the opportunity to get out of those pixel suits.  As long as they are sleeping or dipping in the pool every so often, they don't have to wear them.  I think they can stop wearing them on Tuesday.

Frank says that the water in the pool will be much hotter later in the season.

Frank:  It's already warmer now then it was when we moved's going to be hot water before too long, so we better enjoy it now.

Production gave the guys shorts to wear that have a little pocket in the back to hold their mic packs.  Frank says that's new, because in his season they didn't have "fancy pants" like that.

You can see Natalie running laps around the backyard in the lower left corner of the picture below.  Frank is also working out a little, but in a much quieter fashion then he did in BB14.  I just watched him do a set of push-ups with his feet elevated on a block, followed by a set of deep squats that ended in a jump just a few inches off the ground.

Try's harder than Frank makes it look.

Frank and Bridgette both brought the same brand of 70 SPF sunscreen into the house this summer.  Bridgette said at home, she knows her dad is making biscuits.

Frank:  This late in the day?

Bridgette:  It's Saturday!  So he'll make some biscuits and then leave them out on the kitchen counter all day, and we eat them with butter and jelly.

Frank:  Mmmm.  Homemade biscuits?

Bridgette:  No.  We like to buy the ones in the can so you can go WHACK on the counter with it.  My dad also makes hash browns from scratch, though.

Frank says that "Mrs. B's" frozen biscuits are pretty good, and he dreamed last night about being at Aunt Bonnie's house where she was making chicken-fried steak.

Frank:  I woke up hungry!

Frank told the newbies a little story about how the Big Brother game works.  Paul, Bridgette and Corey had no idea how the last week of the game goes.  Frank had to explain that the last HoH has two parts to it and this was new information to these kids.

Frank:  In BB7 All Stars, Production spent days building a volcano out here for one of those final HoH endurance comps---there were all kinds of special effects and everything, but Mike Boogie dropped out of the competition before the CBS episode was even over, because he knew both of those girls (Janelle and Erika) had to take him.  The people backstage were furious.

Corey:  What do you mean, "take him"?

To his credit, Frank did not sigh or call Corey a dumbass.  He simply explained the concept of Jury votes.  (Mike Boogie said at the Wrap Party the guys who built that set wanted to have a word with him about it.)

Frank announced he was going to head inside and make himself a big sandwich to eat poolside.  I think he had to make this point so that Production wouldn't make him put his pixel panties back on.  Both he and Bridgette were fuming about having to wear the same dirty drawers that they wore the day before.

Frank:  When they gave us these costumes, they said every day we can come in the DR and give them the old one, and they'd give us a new one.

I'm sure Paulie and Michelle have the same issues with their pixel costume experience, but I did not hear them comment on it.  The kitchen was a hub of activity and chatter.

There were half-dressed bodies in every direction.  Bronte was walking around with a piece of lime, offering to put a squeeze into anybody's water glass.

Frank:  My old lady wouldn't even know what a lime or a lemon is!  If it's not pasta, cheese or meat she doesn't know anything about it!

Frank's "old lady" is named "Ashton", in case you were wondering.  No word about whether she is actually old or not.

Nicole is at the stove, and is making James a breakfast sandwich.  I think a few of these house guests may be a little hungover.

I don't think emotions fit into Bronte's BB game equations.  Because she seems oblivious to how the vote is going to go down this Thursday.  During the drunken antics the other night, Paulie was goofing around with her and in front of everybody she snapped at him, "You know your ass is on the block right now, right?"

Everyone chattered the next day about how rude that was.  Jozea and Paul loved it, but the 8-Pack had a good laugh about it, too, but for different reasons.

Frank kind of put a verbal slap down on Paul last night, explaining how relationships in this game work.  Paul apparently didn't understand how the PoV he won works, and had been making a lot of harsh public statements about Nicole, who he thinks won the Road Kill comp and nominated him.  I think he even made a vengeful statement to her after he won it, calling her "bitch".

(But it was Frank who won the Road Kill comp!  And nominated Paul!  Ha ha ha.)

Frank had to break it down with Paul, explaining that the people who support Nicole will come after Paul if he continues to display that type of behavior.  I think Paul was listening to Frank's little speech, but who knows what was going on in his head.  It actually felt like Frank was Paul's dad or parole officer or something.

I heard Frank tell the vets later that Paul is only 22--and is one of the youngest people in the house this summer, so that may explain some of his behavior.

This is James' breakfast sandwich that Nicole made for him.  I do not know whose ugly toes are in the photo, but it's not James' foot.  I know this because James went over to the fridge to get some mayonnaise.

Is that normal?  Putting mayo on an egg and bacon sandwich?  I like this sandwich, because the egg isn't being shoved in our faces.  I think it's turkey bacon, too.

(By the way, this mayo is a new plant-based product that is sweeping the nation.  Seriously.  I can say the texture and taste is just like Kraft's mayo and you won't miss a thing if you try it.  The company has also come out with a vegan ranch dressing, but I haven't been able to get my claws on that yet.  Supposedly it is being rolled out in Target stores, but my local Target has no idea what I'm talking about when I ask for it.)

After James put a spoonful of mayo on the sandwich, he tapped the spoon on the rim of the jar a few times to shake off any excess.  Paul complimented James about this, saying that he likes the way James doesn't waste anything.

Jozea is quiet first thing in the morning, which is nice.

I don't want to look too closely at what Victor is eating here, because I think I know what it is.

If I photo shopped the spoon handle out of this picture, it would look to me like Victor is vomiting.


Frank has been scurrying around gathering items he needs to build his sandwich.  He asked Nicole to cook an extra piece of bacon for him, and visited the storage room in search of an avocado.  He asked Victor's advice on it, and Victor said after another day or so, that avocado would make some good guacamole.

Frank:  Yeah.  But I just want to put a few slices on my sandwich now.

You can see they finally re-stocked storage with all of the produce on the left side of this picture.  They also usually fill up that fridge and freezer with meat and other perishable items.

This is James working on his sandwich.  He thanked Nicole and told her it was delicious.

And now it is time for Frank to build his sandwich.   He didn't want a breakfast sandwich---he explained he is partial to using roast beef and turkey. Here he is carefully carving out some pieces of avocado.

Jozea leans in to observe Frank's technique for adding the meat, which I think is from the Ralph's deli.  I think Ralph's is the same thing as Kroger on the west coast.

For such a big beast, Frank is very delicate when putting together his meals.  Like a true foodie, he focuses on the details, and doesn't rush it.  Everything about that sandwich has to be just right.  He was looking for the Dijon mustard and this caused a minor stir.

Bronte:  We have Dijon mustard?  I didn't know we have Dijon mustard!

He's got the tomato thinly sliced on top of the meat, and is ready to move to the next step.

And then I started cursing, because the camera views changed.  This is my favorite damn thing to do on the live feeds, to report on what and how they eat.  But the camera operators blew it, because I never got a chance to see the finished product.

(But I'm sure it looked like this, a somewhat identical sandwich Frank made during BB14.)

I guess Corey's abs are nice to look at, but it's not the same thing as a gourmet sandwich.

I think they tried to make it up to me with this camera angle, but I still can't see the damn sandwich.

Tiffany appeared, and had a jumbo bowl of some sort of "puff" cereal.  The house guests usually put all of the cereal boxes on top of the fridge, but they can't do that this year due to the Eiffel Tower.

Yes, you read that correctly.

And here's something for all of you Natalie fans.

And again.

It's actually a pretty modest swimsuit, as far as bikinis go.

Natalie rinsed off her hands and then leaned over and dried her hands on the bottom of Frank's towel, giggling.

Frank:  Damn my girlfriend is going to beat your ass, Natalie!  You just pinched my butt!

Natalie, giggling:  No, I didn't pinch you!

Frank:  And she'll be pissed when she finds out you're short, because I like short girls!

And more Natalie for you.  Everyone in the house talks about how tiny she is.

It comes up in this conversation, too.  This little chat started a little awkwardly.

Tiffany:  So, is it true that everything is bigger in Texas?

Corey:  Um.  Well.....uh.

Tiffany, bailing herself out, sort of:  Like the people...are the girls big?

Corey: Um.  Well...uh.

Corey finally got out of this jam (sort of) by pointing out that Natalie doesn't look like she's from Texas, because she's too small.

(The Texas girls are just going to LOVE that.)

And then Paulie came over and got right in between them. Look at Corey's body language in the picture below.  He got shoved over to the side.  Paulie asked Tiffany if she was comfortable.

Tiffany:  Yeah, I'm okay.

Paulie:  I just wondered if it was okay if my arm landed on you...people say I have heavy limbs.

Tiffany:  Well...yeah it is's dense.

They discussed how Paulie's low body fat make him dense, and Corey points out that muscles make a body sink in water, but fat floats.  Tiffany was on the swim team in school, so they talk about how the Olympic swimmers are all muscle, but they are constantly pushing through the water and are amazing athletes.

Paulie is planning to have a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich later this afternoon.

Then Corey left them alone to do some real talking.  Tiffany told Paulie last night that she was Vanessa's sister, and now he wants to talk freely about the topic.

Paulie:  I loved Vanessa last year....when she said she liked girls, I was like damn.  I'll bet you two were fucking badasses, not taking any shit from anybody.

Vanessa is 14 months older than Tiffany, and Paulie is two years older than Cody.

Paulie:  Nobody fucked with Cody because of me....nobody.  After I graduated and left school, someone started some crap with him and I took care of it.  My dad taught us to stick together.

Paulie described his sister Angelina, saying she is a badass, and beautiful too, with long straight black hair.

Paulie:  So, I remember you said you were open to being with either men or women, but do you lean a certain way?

Tiffany:  It all depends on the person's energy, their personality...I can find both men and women attractive.  And I've had feelings for both.  I like people with confidence....someone who knows themself...and someone who is fun, and exciting to be around.

*** SIDEBAR***

OK.  I'm going to just say it.  Paulie follows around Tiffany like a puppy dog.  He is obviously smitten with her.  They sat at the chess table together on Friday night and she told him who her sister was.

(By the way, she is telling everyone who doesn't know that her name is Tiffany Reed.)

I think once Paulie knew the truth, it suddenly became obvious to him who she was, and they chattered away about how both of their siblings got so far in the game.  Paulie assumed that Steve and Vanessa were like Cody and Derrick, but Tiffany said that although Vanessa and Steve connected as nerd-types, they did not have the friendship that Cody and Derrick had.

Tiffany:  She and Steve were both too smart to take each other to the end.  She knew that....she should have won...

Paulie: Yeah, she should have.

HERE'S THE THING:  They were pretending to be playing chess, but they didn't touch any of the chess pieces.  The chess board was set up for the start of a game, but they didn't touch it for a good long time.  They just sat and stared at each other while they talked.  It reminded me of being on a really good first date----I had one date where the waiter had to come back three times to get our food order because my date and I were too busy talking to even look at the menu.

Does Tiffany have a thing for Paulie too?  Even if she doesn't, she might need to pretend like she does, because Da'Vonne is all over the fact that they spend so much time together.  She is very suspicious of it, and has a good reason to  be.

What if Tiffany and Paulie end up being the Final Two?  It might be fun to have a whole season of siblings, actually.  This sort of thing is a common scene in the house....looks kind of cozy to me.


OK.  Back to the backyard.  And the idiots.  That is Jozea covering his head with the yellow towel,  It doesn't look like it, but he is running his mouth like crazy.  Jozea is LIVID that James had the NERVE to show up at a "house meeting" that Jozea was holding.

Jozea:  He was like, are you having a meeting?  And I was like YES BITCH.  I can have a meeting anytime I want!

Jozea really hates James now, but he apparently thinks that James is going to vote to evict Paulie on Thursday.

Victor:  He knows he better vote that way, or his ass is going out next.

Jozea:  When I make HoH I'm going to put his ass up on the block, BYE MISS THING...I'm running this house.  I can have a meeting any time I want to BITCH.

And Jozea also has some issues with Tiffany.

Jozea:  Tiffany doesn't even know what this game is all about!  That bitch is so stupid!

(ha ha ha ha ha)

Paul came out and joined in on the conversation, too.  But he had some things to say about Nicole.  He wants to be sure that Nicole knows that if she puts one of them on the block, they're going to fight to get off the block, and she'll be the one getting screwed.

(But Frank is the one who put Paul on the block!  Nicole put Jozea on the block and he's still there!)

Jozea also made a number of statements about how there would be hell to pay at the Wrap Party.  He said that everyone will go home and watch the episodes, and the DR sessions, and that revenge will get ugly at the Party.

I think Nicole, Paulie, James and Tiffany are all on Jozea's Shit List for the Wrap Party, but if he really does watch the episodes, then he may come to blows with the entire cast, and maybe even members of Production.

NOTE TO PRODUCTION:   Metal detectors, body scans, and good old fashioned pat downs may be necessary at the door.  Better safe than sorry.  Because you can't argue with insanity.

At some point the talk turned to politics, and things got heated out there, as you may have heard.  Jozea had a lot to say about the current presidential race, and his views about life here in America.  I don't really want to get into politics here, even though I have some definite opinions about what they were talking about.

Things got ugly on Twitter, and elsewhere online about the matter.  I don't think anybody should hate anybody based on their political leanings, and if the BB fans hate someone simply because they don't plan to vote the way you are---if you lash out at them because of that, you are no better than the terrorists.

But what I feel you need to know now is that Jozea is an IMBECILE, plain and simple.  Even Paul could tell that the conversation was one he didn't want to be a part of, and left the backyard.  And that is certainly telling---that a camera whore like Paul would hide backstage, off camera.

At one point Jozea was comparing the Great Wall of China and the Berlin Wall to the wall that Trump wants to build at the Mexican border.

Frank:  That is a whole different story.....China built that wall to keep the invading Mongolians out brah......YOU NEED TO READ A FUCKING BOOK SOMETIME BRO!

It was funny.  I'm hoping to see that part on the CBS show, because I think Victor may have realized that Jozea is an idiot during that conversation.  But maybe he already knew that because we saw him go to Nicole and squeal on Jozea being the one who wanted to target the veterans.

Natalie had some interesting things to say about being  from a family of immigrants, and how they came to the US to make something out of themselves.

It's kind of unusual to have just one house guest in this big space all alone, with 14 other people living there.

Tiffany was very thorough applying sunscreen to Paulie's back.  She didn't miss a centimeter, and look who was sitting there watching it all.

One issue with Da'Vonne is that whenever she sees anybody talking, she gets paranoid and thinks they are plotting against her.  She didn't like Tiffany sitting and talking to Michelle (even though Day is in TWO alliances with BOTH of those girls), and she doesn't like Tiffany getting so cozy with Paulie.

Tiffany is aware of this though--I heard her joking that she was "in trouble" for talking to the wrong people.  I think she needs to be careful here, because as Vanessa said last year, they knew Da'Vonne was going to blow--the goal was to NOT be the target when that happened.

By the way, Wil Heuser is working on the BB18 Saga, and Jozea will be making quite a scene in episode one.  Just a guess.


  1. Can't wait to watch this eviction.I can't stand Jozea the asswipe.

  2. OMFG... Jozea will be WIDE EYES OPEN when Julie says he's EVICTED... it will be CLASSIC ...☺...

  3. I hate the term "Old Lady" can't stand it when people use that. Josea is an idiot. My 12 year old is smarter.

  4. My Boston Terrier is smarter than Jozea.

  5. Oh my! Should I be ashamed to follow Jozea on Twitter for ALL the wrong reasons? It will be like the after party that never ends. LOL!

    Speaking of parties - CBS may want to rescind Jossie's wrap party invite. He seriously sounds dangerous and sociopathic - as in his +1 will be a fire arm.


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