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Hate the Game, Not the Players. #BB18

I turned my live feeds to "go live" and ended up seeing an interesting conversation between Frank, Da'Vonne and James in the HoH suite.  They were talking about Tiffany, so Frank knows the secret, too.  It might not even be a secret at all anymore, at this point.

Frank:  I like Tiff, but she's not as smooth as her sister.

Da'Vonne:  No, she's not.

Frank gave the example of newbies coming in the dark bedroom and Tiffany makes some big elaborate excuse for being in the room, like having a migraine, the lights bother her, etc.

Frank:  I was like, baby you're doing way too much.  That's not necessary.

James says that the resemblance to Vanessa is uncanny, with her face, mannerisms, and even her hands.  He has to keep reminding himself that he's not playing with Vanessa.  He and Da'Vonne agree that Tiffany is more social then her sister.

Day:  Uh huh.  Vanessa wasn't going to talk to you --you had to go up to her, but Tiffany isn't like that.

James says that Tiffany "stares at people" just like her sister does.  He's been watching her and it's obvious.

James:  I think she's trying to play her sister's game, too.

Da'Vonne wonders what is going on between Tiffany and Paulie, because she has seen them together talking quite a few times.  Frank and James haven't noticed that (but they will now).

Day:  Maybe they're just flirting...

James:  But Paulie is flirting with all the girls.

Frank feels like they can trust Tiffany though, because she "knows so much, and we would know if she told everybody else about it."

Frank:  And Paulie, too, because I haven't heard anyone talking about how we asked him to be a pawn or anything.

***  OK.  THIS IS BIG. ***

The new competition that will apparently air on Sunday night's CBS show is called "Road Kill", and I think they played it last night.  From what I can tell, the winner of the Road Kill comp gets to make a third nomination.

The winner has not been announced yet ---I guess the timing of the announcement will be part of the new weekly ritual.  I'm sure the tension is breeding paranoia in there.

Frank says he won it, and obviously the vets know, and he says Paulie suspects he won, but that's okay for their game.  The vets are throwing names around, saying that they need the right people nominated so that Jozea (?) will go home.  They know that the PoV will factor in this equation, so that will be part of their decision.

Frank:  Who knows, maybe Bridgette can go up as a scapegoat, if we have to.

They have a group of 8, and Frank says that they will be fine as long as one of them wins the Road Kill or the HoH competition every week, so they can control at least one nomination and will have the votes.

I think this alliance includes the following house guests:

James, Day, Frank, Nicole, Tiffany, Michelle, Corey & Zakiyah

(But they are all in other sub alliances, too, which are probably short-term for the vets, but might not be the case with the newbies, particularly those bloodthirsty newbie girls.)

I would think Paulie would be included in that group, but apparently not.

Da'Vonne points out that she thinks all four of them were brought back because they all had to fight tooth and nail in their seasons to stay in the game.

Frank:  And Day neither one of us got to use our social games when we played the fist time.

James:  We all have good social games, so....

Da'Vonne enjoys some crunchy chips and a beverage, noting that Victor must think he's the HoH, the way he just comes up to the HoH and eats Nicole's snacks, and grabs her music headset and the remote to the Spy Screen without even asking.

Da'Vonne:  I was like, is she your woman or something?  If I win HoH, Victor won't be up here!

(I don't know about you, but I'd buy a ticket to that showdown.)

The feeds went to FISH for what seemed like a long time, so I flashed back a little and found James making breakfast.  I knew it would only be a matter of time before the whole egg situation would start up.

(Not a fan of eggs.  The taste, nor the smell, nor the entire concept.)

Bridgette had some issues with her pixel costume.

Victor helped her untangle some sort of piece of white string.  Bridgette has beautiful skin, which is a must if you are wearing that costume.

And then Corey helped her get situated. You can see that on camera it really does look like she's blurred out at certain angles.

Corey was annoyed that a pan he needed to use was dirty, and sitting in the sink filled with water.  The last thing he wanted to do first thing was scrub a pan, he says.

(Well, get used to the filth, Corey, if you're going to stick around for awhile.)

There is chatter about the schedule for today.  James explained that they will first have to pick players for the PoV, then they will have the competition later today (usually when the costumes are ready).

I've also heard chatter about how the storage room needs to be replenished, that they are down to the last of their weekly groceries.

And now we see the storage room for the first time this season.  It does look kind of sparse...that table on the left is usually covered with fruits and vegetables.  The cereals and other packaged items are usually displayed on the right side.

That table really kicks ass.

James: I just realized that this table is made out of a turbo engine (or whatever).

Frank:  Michelle noticed that two days ago, so that does that say about you?

We see you checking your look Victor.

Paul has joined the kitchen crowd and is being his usual loud self.  They have a lot of cookies left over from last night but it looks like they were smart enough to store them in a secure container.

(Because the ants are back already.)

Jozea joins the group, and there is a lot of chatter about various digestive issues.  Apparently eating a huge meal so late at night isn't conducive to feeling comfortable before a competition.  Jozea is still prancing around in his undies.

I wonder what his tattoos say, like that one on his spine?  That had to hurt, right?

They all laughed because Josea sprinkled on Metamucil on his peanut butter sandwich, but apparently that was an effective delivery method.  And that's all I have to say about that.

Frank came in and made everybody laugh.

Frank: I just feel like my butt cheeks are on front street.

I heard him say later that they gave him a new costume, but his "butt is so big that it makes the front tight, too".

Frank shows those boys how shout outs are done.

Frank:  Shout out to Mom and Nana!  Shout out to Dirty Mike and the boys!

Then Frank apparently "forgot" his "old lady's" name and they tease Frank about Ashley from BB14.

Frank:  There's no ashes in here!

Then he told the story about Zebra Cake Dan and Jungle Juice Chris after giving them shout outs, too.

Frank says that both of those guys were watching the live feeds on their phones all day long when they were at work during BB14.  He also says he promised his Mom that he wouldn't curse like last time, so he says "Sorry Mama" every time he slips and says the Eff Word.

You better apologize to Nana, too, they tell Frank.

Frank:  No...Nana doesn't watch the live feeds.  But my mom watches.

Bridgette: mom can't do that, because she works.

Frank, pretending to be insulted:  Well, my mama works too!  She actually minimizes the screen on her computer when she's watching and when she hears my voice she stops and watches.

A little earlier Tiffany visited Nicole in the HoH to get ready, saying that the bathroom is so crowded downstairs that it makes her nervous.

It sounds like Paulie got off on the wrong foot with the vets because he was apparently attached at the hip with Glenn.  Nicole says they spent every minute together, and that Glenn made it clear that the vets were his first targets.  Tiffany is surprised about this.

Nicole: No, they spent every second together...and I was watching Paulie.  I didn't know if he would be against me or not, since I played with his brother, so I had my eye on him the whole time.

I can tell Tiffany respects this information.

Tiffany understands now why Nicole didn't pick Paulie for her team, but says that Corey is going to be a beast in the competitions.

I always thought that if you have super-long hair like Nicole, that you need to be especially gentle with it when it's wet.  But Nicole is using one of those brushes with a rubber base and she is just ripping through her hair, brushing and brushing it in what sounds like a violent manner.

Here are those kneesocks that Tifffany has been wearing since last night.  I know the eyes look a little frantic, but her expressions don't come off like that during the conversation.  She says that she thinks Paul is very athletic, and can compete hard when he needs to.

Day:  Um hmmm.  That's what I've been trying to tell ya'll.

Tiffany:  When he's in Beast Mode, he's wilding out.

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