Friday, June 24, 2016

Don't Tell Nana, But Frank is Naked. #BB18

Just kidding.  Frank and his Category 4 teammates "won" the MysteryLand punishment, which apparently includes wearing a "pixel suit".  I'm sure BB is calling it a catchy name, but that is just the name I'm using.

You can see that the costume entails some sort of nude briefs, with a "pixel" cover for his back and front.  Paulie is also dressed in this attire, as are Bridgette and Michelle.  It's a funny costume, and I'll bet it will actually look like a blurred-out screen on the CBS show---it kind of looks like it's pixeled out in that top picture.

Here's cute little Bridgette, in her naked pixel James' camo visor.  I'm sure Bridgette's family panicked, turning on the live feeds and seeing their girl looking like a nudist.

The house guests all gathered at 1:00 am to eat a big feast that was prepared to celebrate the end of the first Have Not week.  Da'Vonne, Jozea, Zakiyah, and Paul were all ravenous, watching the clock and waiting to chow down.

Natalie and Victor did a lot of cooking for the event---barbecued chicken, macaroni and cheese, as well as some potato dish that Frank really liked.  This is Bridgette gingerly eating a chunk of that chicken.

Bridgette baked a bunch of cookies last night, too, setting them out on a huge platter to prepare for the end of the Have Not week.  You can see she's sitting next to Paulie, who is also "naked", and that's Corey with his back to us.


I watched the kick off of the live feeds on TVGN (i.e. Big Brother After Dark), and ended up watching over half of the show before I fell asleep.  The live feeds for yesterday are wonky---I'm not able to go back and look at anything before midnight, so I am just going to spew what I can remember seeing and hearing on a stream-of-consciousness basis.  Which is what I usually do, actually, but in a more organized fashion.

Paul and Jozea were both Have Nots, and are thus digging into the feast.  Jozea ended up spitting this bite back onto his plate, but I don't know what happened to it after that.  Both of these people are trying to create all of the drama they can.

As usual, the house guests aren't really sure of the exact time in the house, and were all trying to guess when 10:00 pm rolled around, and the feeds went live.  They guessed wrong, and apparently some things were said when the feeds were live that Corey Brooks was very concerned about.

I didn't hear it myself---but I guess Jozea made a statement like "fuck all of Corey's girlfriends out there", and it sounds like Corey played along with that in a joking manner.  I'm not sure if he said stuff about the girlfriends, or if he "joked" that he liked Jozea now.  (Which I think was the gist of what Jozea was joking about.)

When I first saw Corey on the live feeds, I thought he might be on the block now, based on his mortified expression.  And Paul tried to act like he was too cool for school during his pre-season interviews, but clearly he's a TryHard.  Look at his ensemble below....more about him later, I'm sure.

Food Note:  As midnight approached, Paul prepared his favorite sandwich, a peanut butter, jelly and bacon creation.  His sandwich may have been delicious, but Paul is OBNOXIOUS.

As we've seen with Bridgette wearing James' visor, I think they are all switching hats tonight.  I don't know whose animal cap Victor is wearing, but I'm just going to guess that James brought that in this summer.    You know that kitty cat hat he wore last year belonged to Julia Nolan, don't you?

I don't know if you can tell, but Jozea is at the stove in the picture below, loading up his plate again, wearing a pair of briefs.

Yes, he's in his undies.  The thirst is real, people.

I noticed that James is kind of floating from room-to-room, easily entering and exiting the conversation.  I heard Natalie throwing some line at James earlier, saying that he always "smells so good" when she's near him. (He seems the type to spray on a lot of Axe Body I right?)

James also taught her to do the two-step, and I have to say James taught me to two-step, as well, at the same time.  He wasn't flirting with her in a gross way---just being friendly.

I don't think the camera guys like Jozea, but maybe I'm just reading into some of the angles here.  Just before I took this, we got an extreme close-up of him taking a bite and chewing.  He's still on the block with Paulie, as far as I know, but we still have the new mystery competition and maybe the PoV being played sometime this weekend.

So who knows.  (Nicole's nomination of Paulie was STUNNING in it's STUPIDITY, though.)

This is what our sweet boo Cody posted after watching the first premiere episode on Wednesday night.

And then Cody didn't tweet again until after Thursday's CBS episode, which featured Nicole making her (horrible) nominations.

Bronte, chilling at the table.

Natalie seems to be making friends with everybody, even the women.  She did A LOT of cooking tonight, but I didn't see her load up a plate,  She did taste things as she went along, but I guess everyone isn't hungry at 1:00 am.

She said she undercooked the macaroni, so the pan of mac & cheese needed to cook for longer than usual, but the cheese on top of the pan was browned and crunchy-looking.  (That is one of the pictures I would go back and take now if I could....also the HUGE pan of chicken pieces.)

I heard Bridgette say that there is a long list of things she'd like to learn to bake this summer.

Bridgette:  I make a good tart, though.

(LOVE a good fruit tart or cobbler.)

And Tiffany looks like she borrowed Jozea's hat, right?  Her outfit was interesting---she is totally covered with black pants and a black top, but she has very bright multi-colored kneesocks on over her pants.   

At one point I saw her sitting in the nomination chairs with Michelle, who had a blanket wrapped around her "pixeled" body.  They were speaking in low murmurs, and then James sidled up to Tiffany and sat on the couch.  He gestured at the camera, and then at Tiffany, and then addressed Vanessa, saying something like "I didn't work with you, but now I am with your sister".  It wasn't those exact words, but it was a friendly nod to last summer.

So James knows, too.  So far that is Michelle, Da'Vonne, and James confirmed as Tiffany Truthers.  James was speaking softly, so maybe it's still somewhat of a secret.

Oh, and Frank called Tiffany, "Tiff".  As in, "There's another potato over here Tiff, if you want it".

Let me tell you about Paul.

OK.  I already said that no one was sure when the feeds go live.  We hear them say EVERY DAMN SUMMER that BB will make some sort of announcement that the live feeds are on, so no one thought the feeds were live.  But they were, of course, right on schedule. As soon as they found out, there was a series of situations in the house.  I told you about Corey's stricken face when he learned they were live----he actually went into the lounge area and sat next to Tiffany and told her "everything I just said was live".

Tiffany expressed a shocked face, and then recovered and patted his leg, telling him it would be okay.

Jozea automatically started addressing the camera in the kitchen, saying a bunch of stuff that I don't remember.  They can hear the cameras rotate and focus on them, of course, as they move about the house.  Whenever Paul saw someone talking  to a camera, he immediately got right up next to them, or in front of them, to make douchey poses.

Like, "I'm so rad, dude!"  "This is fucking gnarly, bro!"

And so forth.  He even got UP ON A FUCKING BAR STOOL so he could get closer to the camera.  I don't think I've mentioned that Paul is also wearing his undies instead of pants, but they were longer than Jozea's (thank god) and had an American flag motif.

So much for Paul's plan to be the cool, "I don't care" guy.

Of course within 10 minutes of 1:00 am, the Have Nots were already full.  As usual.

In the bedroom I saw Frank laying in bed, talking to a few people who were in the room with him.  I think Corey and/or James was there, and get this:

***Paulie was sitting right up next to Zakiyah in a chair, with his arm around her.  The cameras zoomed in on her hand rubbing his left leg.***

And I've already told you Paulie is wearing the same costume as Frank. Yep.  But then I think they realized they were on camera and Zakiyah created a space of several inches between their bodies.  It looked awkward.  Those kids didn't know how good they had it without the live feeds, right?

I also heard them talking about Bridgette, I think.  Maybe saying that she didn't want to sleep in the same bed as a guy?  Is that right?  Corey said he respected her rules, but was wondering what would happen if someone passed out or fell asleep in her bed.

I also saw a quick conversation between Frank and Paulie, where they sounded like they were going to protect each other.  Frank said "Corey, too, obviously" and Paulie agreed.  I think everyone likes Frank, because when he went in the kitchen to join the 1:00 am feeding everyone said "FRANK!".  And when Tiffany got called to the DR I waited to hear if they started talking trash about her at the table, but I didn't hear suspicious conversations about her.

Here is Da'Vonne loading up her plate with a big mound of mac & cheese.  She seemed in good spirits and was yucking it up in her usual fashion.

So, a few minute after the feeds went live, Paul left the room and came back wearing those glasses and some sort of sports bra, which he stuffed with oranges.  He then visited a few of the rooms and made some "funny" statements about how saggy his chest was.  I mean, he kept going and going....and I saw Tiffany just staring at the back of his head.

She didn't see the humor, and neither did it.

I still don't.  But trust that Paul's thirsty display was the polar opposite of "cool".

But I heard Da'Vonne say that she's glad she "said all of her stuff" before the feeds went live.  I think they were telling personal stories, naming names.  Those newbies should listen to the vets on this issue, but you know they won't.

Nicole was crying softly at one point, saying that when the feeds went live it became real for her (or something like that) and she thought about her parents and brother.  The BBAD cameras were moving around a lot, but I think Nicole told at least a few people what happened between her and Hayden.

I say this because I heard her say this:  "...and thank you for not saying his name......I'm protecting him, too......because it's nobody's business...."  before the cameras moved again.  Whatever happened between them, Nicole is still suffering from it.  I'm sure we'll hear the deal at some point.  I"ll let you know if and when that happens, of course.

I also heard Nicole say, "I talked to my mother", and at first I thought that as HoH she got a phone call or something, but I think she was talking to her family through the cameras when she knew the feeds were live, and that made her tear up.

I just looked at Hayden's twitter, and this is all he's had to say so far about BB18.  Apparently as soon as Nicole said she was single on the CBS episode, fans started giving Hayden shit online about it.  But young people are supposed to date, and break up.  It's part of life, and building your romantic resume.  It's all good, Nicole.

You're on TV, Nicole.  You can have the last word as soon as you're ready to make a statement.  And you've got a bitchin' thigh gap in this picture, so you win, hon.

And there was quite a bit of burgeoning drama about some sort of house meeting that would be happening at 2:00 am.  I heard the vets whispering about it in the bedroom.  That is Frank's bed on the far right---I think he has a single.  James thinks Frank was invited, but Frank says he wasn't.  Frank thought James was going, but now James says he wasn't invited, either.  I think James said that Corey, Tiffany and Michelle weren't invited either.

James:  Why would Jozea call a big meeting and make it obvious who is not included?

Frank:  Because he's a fucking idiot.

Da'Vonne walked into the dark room and they told her they were just talking about that "vacation they took".

Day:  Nairobi?

(That is apparently what they are calling the lounge area, where Jozea's house meeting is scheduled to take place.)

After she left, Frank told James that he probably didn't get invited to the meeting because he goes to bed early, and that "someone will tell him later what was said".

I will certainly try to watch that meeting and report back here.  In my real life, I actually got a new client late yesterday afternoon through a referral who needs a rather big project completed this weekend.


I wanted to say "DON'T YOU KNOW THE LIVE FEEDS ARE STARTING TONIGHT?" but of course I didn't.  It's good money, so I'm doing it.  I will try to multitask and do both jobs, though, my real job and this one, but I might be a little slower than usual.

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