Wednesday, September 30, 2015

TMZ Must Have Had a Slow Day.... #BB17

because they apparently took a quote from Austin abut how "in love" he and Liz are and made a story out of it.

Did Austin call them? Or did he run into their ubiquitous LA photographers on the street and give them a quote?

Austin says he and Liz "met each other's families".  Well, of course they did.  Their families attended the live finale of the TV show they were both on all summer.  That's hardly like the situation where you take someone home with you for the holidays.

But I guess their relationship outside the house has to start somewhere.  I've heard Liz say that she plans to come out to LA for a week (on Oct 8 - 15, maybe?) and also swing by Las Vegas to see Vanessa.  I think Julia is coming with her, and they are also going to try and take some business meetings, too, so it's not just a love trip.

But who knows.  Maybe these two crazy kids can work something out.   You can read the TMZ article here, and re-live the Zingbot's crushing comments all over again.

Personally, I wish TMZ had asked the really tough questions.  You know, about the lack of hand washing, and the reported odor problems.  But that's just me.