Friday, September 25, 2015

More Party Pictures - Let's All Toast to the End of Another Season. #BB17

I have collected more fun pictures from the Big Brother 17 post-finale festivities.


All of Jeff's backyard interviews are out there on the CBS All Access site now, and maybe even on the plain-old CBS website or You Tube.  They are light and breezy, about 4-5 minutes each and are fun to watch.  Sometimes I forget how nice it can be to just sit and enjoy the view, and not feel the need to describe it.

Anyway, Vanessa's interview is interesting.  As she was coming over to speak with Jeff she started talking to Austin, explaining her reasons and apologizing for throwing his ass out of the house, yadda yadda yadda.

Jeff knows to just let them go....and try to get the mic in there.

Jeff give us the "boy it's hot out here" wavy hand motion, but Vanessa and Austin have clearly patched some things up, and are on the road to recovery.  After all, if Vanessa can exchange pleasantries and claim to forgive Steve, Austin can give her a break, I think.

Shortly after this, Jeff basically told Austin to kick rocks, so he could talk to Vanessa.  And Austin just skulked off, over to where you see Liz on the left, and grabbed both of her shoulders.  She shrugged him off---I think he was interrupting her interview.

Ha ha ha.

Vanessa's interview with Jeff was good.  She was very energetic and said she was so thrilled to be able to "just talk to people".  Jeff always gives each house guest a gag gift "from the dollar store" and her gift was a box of tissues with her face on it.  But instead of tissues coming out, there were beanies in there.

Johnny Mac's gift was a good one, too.  It was a little plastic guitar, with dental floss used for the guitar strings.  Johnny pretended to floss with it, and was surprised to hear Jeff compliment his guitar videos on You Tube.  He thought that channel had been shut down for the summer.

OK.  So the big event of note was Rachel Reilly's wrap party Thursday night that she's been throwing with her co-host Ryan Carillo for the past few years.  Civilians can buy tickets to the party, and lots of fans apparently line up outside to catch glimpses of them.  I hear that Steve and Johnny Mac were very nice to the fans.

Here are Brendon and Rachel arriving, and posing in front of the Step and Repeat.  The tweeter, @DrunkEnough, was apparently on the press line and did a ton of witty tweeting about his evening.  I used quite a few of his pictures here---but you should check out his Twitter to really see what's up.

Inside the party, Liz cut off Austin's beard tail.  Just thought you'd like to know.

I hope they saw that mess safely deposited in a trash can, so it didn't fly into someone's drink or something.  Or god forbid, land on top of the nachos.

Fun Fact:  Once the Twins were sequestered, Production called their mom and asked her to send a variety of matching outfits for the Twins, so they could switch out during the live show each week in the early season.  These green dresses were one of the outfits she bought them, but they never used it on the live show.  CBS didn't reimburse Mrs. Nolan for the clothes, but I think they should have, since the Twin Twist was a CBS initiative.

And here's another, without The Beast.

Clay is no stranger to the "red" carpet.  I love how @DrunkEnough lets us see the little ID board that they use during these events so that the photographer knows later on who was in the picture.

Just a little Hollywood secret there.

Apparently Steve tried to hold his ID board like you would for a mugshot, until someone corrected him.

Liz and Steve were very happy to get their phones returned yesterday.  I think they had to wait until they finished their studio interviews with Jeff.

Where did Steve learn that?

Robyn Kass gathered the BB men together for a few pictures backstage at the Finale.  I wonder why Jessie's shirt is off?  Anybody know?

Now Jeff and Jordan squeeze in, and Frankie has to try and take over the scene.  And Jessie tries to outdo him, of course.

I'm sure Frankie still has plenty of real fans out there, but for me, I love to hate his presence in these pictures.  If you're not annoyed enough now, just wait.  I'm saving a few for you that may cause you to use a lot of four-letter words.  So get ready for that.  It's coming.

Rachel posted some pictures from her party.  You know, during Liz's pre-season interview, Rachel asked her if she had a twin sister, and Liz told her she had a sister who is 10 months older.  While that is certainly true (i.e. Angela Nolan), the publicist didn't like Rachel asking that question, so Rachel knew she was on to something.

(CBS should have squelched all of the "Nolan Twins" modeling references out there, if they wanted to keep it a secret from the Super Fans.)

With Clay and Shelli.

And with can see that standing with Jackie brought out the Vegas in Rachel.  She gets those hand and hip motions just right here.

NOTE:  Unfortunately I think the feud (or whatever it is) between Jordan and Rachel is still a thing.  While I see Brendon and Jeff in the same spots sometimes, I never see Rachel and Jordan together, or even refer to each other anymore.  Something happened with regard to an appearance last year, apparently, but I don't know what it is.

This picture is funny because everyone is leaning down to get on James' level.

And this picture is funny because Jace had no idea that there were Twins in the house until Julie Chen told him after his eviction.  And when Jace was in the house, he was after Liz, big time, and used to talk to Austin about it all of the time.

Check out Becky Burgess.  Va-Voom!

Except I hope that's not the price tag for her top, hanging down.  Not that Johnny Mac would care, though.

And look at Frankie, rudely interrupting Steve's photo shoot.  And what is with that stance....what the hell is he doing?  LEAVE STEVE ALONE!

Told you you'd hate Frankie...and look at that hashtag....

And again.  Why is he jumping in everybody's shot?  Doesn't he know how rude that is?

Maybe he's back on drugs again, after the cancellation of his hashtag show.  Or whatever it was.  That might explain this horrible behavior.

Let's try to get in a better mood now, after that hot mess.

Surely you heard Steve gush about Christine Brecht all summer, saying that she was his favorite BB16 house guest, and how she was so sweet to him after he wrote her a fan letter.  Christine has returned the favor, and has been rooting for Steve all summer.

So this is a sweet picture, with probably the most genuine smile we'll ever see from Steve.

Amber Borzotra, in a BB16 Hitman Sandwich.  Let's just ignore the rude photo-bomber on the right, who is likely Ryan Carillo.  Although I'd like to see Derrick put him in a chokehold or something.

I mean, I can see doing that to Cody...but Derrick?

And here is a super cute picture of Christine and Amber and...ugh.  There he is again.  Amber's comment may or may not be throwing some shade by not mentioning who I'm not mentioning.  Right?

Here's Da'Vonne, showing us her party dress.  I don't see her in too many of the group photos, but I assume she was there.

And here is Jason, getting turnt up with Becky, Jackie, Jen Johnson (BB8) and Ashley Iocco (BB14).

Jordan says she is enjoying a well-deserved night out with her Sugar Daddy. I'm assuming the Sugar Daddy is Jeff.  And I think they went to Rachel's party, but check Derrick's twitter out today.  Apparently he and Jeff were in the front row of some sort of surprise Kanye West concert and there is footage of them dancing and Jeff singing.  (yes, Kanye).

But I didn't know it was Kanye until someone else told me.  But I recognized Jeff and Derrick.  So take that, Kanye.

Ha ha ha.

So I'm guessing they party hopped?  Does anyone know?

Here is Johnny Mac, getting manhandled by the gorgeous Brittany Martinez from BB16.

I hope Johnny Mac is able to remember all of this, so he can tell the tale later.


Mr. @DrunkEnough got this great snap of McCrae chatting up Steve outside the venue.

But who is the guy with the  #PlayDirty T-shirt on?  I hope Robyn Kass got his number, because we all know I love some good old-fashioned Dastardly Deeds on my favorite reality shows.

(Sorry Vytas. I was looking forward to it.)

Spencer, leaning in to meet James Huling.

And with Vanessa, who was wearing her new engagement ring.   She's recovering just fine, ya'll.

And her is Vanessa and her ring again, with a cameo appearance with Shelli's best friend Lindsey from the ATL.

Shelli had one of the strongest support systems of any of the BB17 house guests.  Not only did her sister tweet tirelessly in her support, but Lindsey did, too.

Here are Shelli and Lindsey, along with two of Shelli's brothers--I think her twin Wes is the one on the left.

Oh, and Clay Honeycutt is there too!

Shelli and Clay went to the party together, too, of course.  I don't see much mention of the GoFundMe account that Clay and Audrey started on September 9th.  They were trying to raise $65,000 to fund their own reality webshow, but the total funds raised is still at $190 from what I can see.

Seems like this weekend would have been a great time for Audrey and Clay to promote it, but it doesn't look like Clay spent much time at all with Audrey.  Are they still BFF's?

And here is the touching goodbye scene at LAX.

Until next time, Clelli.

(One of the readers suggested the name "Clash" instead of Clelli, which is actually much cooler, but it was too late once Jason was evicted and started throwing the name Clelli out there.)

And here is another great Sneaky Shot of Steve talking to his Mommy outside the party.  I'm sure it was really loud in there, and they needed a place where they could hear each other.

Or maybe they wanted to bum a smoke from McCrae, who knows.

I watched most of Steve's interview with Jeff on the CBS website yesterday, and he was saying how long and overwhelming Wednesday was for him.  After the show and all of the backyard press, Steve said they had a "small gathering" of the cast and crew of the show, and he ended up sitting in a corner for about 30 minutes.  He said there was a long stream of people wanting to take selfies with him, and it was weird.

I wouldn't like it either, Steve. It's fun to think about being famous, but I'm sure the reality can be exhausting. Steve's mom did a great job rolling with the punches this year, and supporting her son.  She's a longtime SuperFan, too, so that must add an extra layer of strangeness to this whole experience.

After many years of following James Rhine on Twitter, I had to stop this year because of his constant bitching and negativity about this BB season.  So I am surprised to see him showing up for the party and mixing it up here.  Is that Kat Edorsson from Survivor that Cody is hugging here?

And I know you see Ryan Carillo's boyfriend over there on the right, straining to make a name for himself.  We see you, hon.  You can go home now.

Thank you Julie Chen.

Now, who is going to sweep up all of that confetti?

TMZ Reports: Vanessa and Mel Make a Deal. #BB17

Well, it didn't take long for TMZ to report the Big News.

Mel actually said on a podcast last week that she planned to buy Vanessa a ring and propose to her after the Big Brother Finale.  So we knew something that Vanessa didn't....and that certainly won't happen very often.

You can read the article here, and see the announcement video and get a peek at Vanessa's ring.

And get this:  Vanessa is beanie-free now.

Congrats, girls.