Saturday, September 19, 2015

HoH Part 2 - What's a Five Letter Word for "Disciple Who Dreams of Betrayal"? #BB17

The time since the end of the HoH Part #1 competition has been filled with pain, and medication.  I don't think Steve has been bothered by pain as much as the girls have.  They have been using ice packs and I think both of them may have seen a doctor in the DR.  I know Vanessa did, due to the pain in her neck.

The competition was Wednesday night, but they finally got her some muscle relaxer pills sometime late Friday.  Anyone who has ever taken muscle relaxers understands how good that can be...when you have severe pain (lower back for me) and then you pop a Soma.  I don't think they even allow Soma prescriptions anymore, that stuff is so good.

Anyway, Liz had been speculating that Production would delay the Part #2 because they are pretty sure harnesses will be involved, and due to the pain they might let them have a few extra days to recuperate.  But we all know that won't happen...Production has a schedule to follow, and that schedule waits for no one.  (Teamsters, baby.)

So Vanessa got called to the DR last night, and everyone assumed it was just another visit for meds, but soon afterwards the feeds went down, signaling it was time for the competition, and everyone was forced to watch Jeff try and make Amber (BB16) seem like she had something to say.


Amber has NOTHING to say.  (Oh, she did say she just finished her first major motion picture, and the film would come out shortly.  I did a little digging, and the movie is called In The Company of Strangers.  Amber's role is "waitress".)

And Steve won the Part #2 competition.

When the feeds come back we see Steve and Vanessa talking in the dining room.

Vanessa:  That took so long.  I was PTFO a long time ago.

Steve:  What?

Vanessa:  I was passed the fuck out.  The drugs make me tired.  I'm out of it right now.

They celebrated Steve's win quietly.  He seems like he's a little in shock about it.  It sounds like they did have to do some climbing in a harness, and solve a crossword puzzle.  The letters were all provided for them, so that did provide some help for some of the answers.

Vanessa:  Good job.  You did it!  I knew you would.

Steve:  I really can't believe it.  I think we should tell her.  I don't want her to feel like shit.  What should I do?  How should I act?

Vanessa:  Just be normal.

Liz came in and can't believe that their scores were so close.  Steve's time was around 28 minutes, and Liz's time was 31:11.  Production gave them 90 minutes to solve the puzzle before point penalties were taken, so they are surprised they both finished so quickly.

Liz:  I had problems with "Double Eviction".  I just stood there for like 3 minutes....the clue was "happened twice this summer" and I was like, what the hell?

Steve said he had trouble with that one, too, but he looked at the remaining letters and was able to unscramble them.

Liz:  Some of the clues were so hard, like "eliminated third in Busted Moves".

Vanessa:  What?

Liz:  That was the name of the competition...did you even know that?  And it was Audrey, so they could have just said she had a blanket or something.

Most of the clues were vague, like "male house guest"  (It was Jeff.), or "not Zinged".  Vanessa wondered it the climbing part was difficult, but Steve said it wasn't because there was a counterweight to help them.

Steve: The thing with the competitions with a physical component, is that you can't go crazy worrying about the physical part, because then you won't be able to think straight.    That's like Nosa Scotia, And BB Comics.  I won those because I took my time and thought about it.  It doesn't do any good to hurry and grab letters if you have no plan for the word.  Did you win any comps like that?

Vanessa:  Um.....the face morph thing.

Steve:  But that wasn't really very physical.

(FORESHADOWING.....but not quite a RED FLAG.)

Meanwhile Liz is gathering things together for her shower.

As soon as they heard Liz get into the shower, Vanessa and Steve started talking.

Steve:  You have no idea how much I want to go crazy right now.  I'm just trying to stay calm.

Vanessa:  Me too.  But she's're young too, but she's really emotional.  So I don't want to go crazy and jump up and down either.  Plus my neck really hurts right now.

Steve:  Do you really give a shit about your neck right now?

Vanessa:  No, not really.  But I'm on drugs right now.  I can't really feel it, and I'm out of it.

Steve, being Steve, wants a hug.

Vanessa:  Please be careful.

Steve:  Why?

(OMG. How many times does she have to tell him?)

Vanessa:  My neck really hurts.

Vanessa:  The whole thing just took so long.  I thought it broke, like that time Austin broke the button, and that was what was taking so long.

Steve:  I just feel like we need to tell her.  Like last year...Derrick and Cody gave that courtesy to Victoria...they told her about their Final Two deal.

Vanessa:  I think we should just let it sit tomorrow, and then we'll see.  We should wait as late as possible...the later the better, unless you want to deal with constant campaigning.

Steve:  I just can't believe we're having this conversation...I trust you Vanessa, you know what's best.  I just can't believe we're here...I thought you were a liar Vanessa.  (RED FLAG #1 - Vanessa won't like being called a liar.)

Vanessa:  What?

Steve:  You said we could do it and I didn't believe you.

Vanessa:  Oh.

Steve:  Now it's just down to bragging rights with the Jury.

Vanessa:  What?

Steve:  For HoH's.  (RED FLAG #2 - Even though all three of them have won 3 HoH's before this week, Steve is being uncharacteristically aggressive.)

Vanessa:  Oh.


Liz, in the shower:  No-ah!  I can't!  I'm in the shower!

Steve and Vanessa immediately went upstairs

Steve:  Now I just need to weigh more than you.  (RED FLAG #3 - See RED FLAG #2.)

Vanessa:  What?

Steve:  So my scale is on the ground before your's.

(The Final Two competition in the past few years involves standing on a huge scale in the backyard.  As the winner chalks up points, their side of the scale drops down until it is on the ground.)

Vanessa, about to PTFO:  But why?  You don't even need to win.

Steve:  I'm not gonna throw it!  But it's for the Jury stuff...winning HoH's.  (RED FLAG #4 - See RED FLAGS #2 & 3.)

(I know Vanessa is aware that Steve wants to win the game, but he is showing way too many cards and acting in a manner more consistent with his late-night solitary ramblings, than his conversations with the other house guests, including Vanessa.)

Liz arrived, fresh out of the shower.  As soon as she had gotten out of the shower, BB again ordered her to go upstairs.

Liz:  What the hell-ah?  Why are they doing this right now?  (It's after midnight in the BB house.)

Steve:  I don't know.  Maybe they need to repair something.

Steve was happy to hear that his Lion King soundtrack was still loaded on the iPod for them.  (or whatever they have in there).

Vanessa: Yeah.  Your pictures are still up here, too.

Steve lets Liz listen to the music.  She says there are still two Sublime songs on there from when she was HoH.

Liz:  The Lion King...who asks for that in here?

Steve:  A 22-year-old nerd with bad social skills.

(There was an uncomfortable moment on Thursday night when Steve announced to the two girls that he would need to get used to sleeping in a room alone again.  Liz was surprised that he doesn't have a roommate.  Steve said he didn't have any friends who like him enough to live with him.  There was silence in the room after Steve said that.)

Steve, being Steve, thinks it is a good idea to stick something in between Liz's toes repeatedly.

It is a laminated card that says that as HoH, he can listen to The Lion King soundtrack.

Steve:  I'm treating you like I treat my mommy.

As soon as the lockdown was over, Liz and Vanessa left the room.  Liz had been saying she was starving to death because she ate a grilled cheese and soup at about 3:00 pm.

(That must be a record this summer for the longest time Liz hasn't eaten anything.  Just saying.)

When they went downstairs, Vanessa and Liz went to the kitchen, and Steve went back to prepare for his shower.  Liz announced she would be making turkey burgers.


Liz:  No-ah!  I'm so hungry!  I'm not going to be in there for like 20 minutes!  (she has to put on some makeup)

Steve goes into the Comic Room and immediately starts his mumbling rants.

Steve:  I think Vanessa is on to me...I need to back the fuck off.

(Steve has been practicing his F3 speech to evict and blindside Vanessa for at least two weeks now.)

(Of course Vanessa knows that Steve will evict her if he wins the final HoH.  I mean, duh. She's on muscle relaxers, she's not stupid.)

I think the final HoH comp usually is sort of a crapshoot, depending on how well you know the other hosue guests and are aware of their view of the game.  They usually ask the Jury members questions that are on tape.  A typical question might be:

What was Austin's most treasured moment in the BB house?

a.  When Mr. Pectacular put the PoV necklace around his neck
b.  When Liz agreed to be his girlfriend

Then they guess Austin's answer, and then watch the full video to see what the answer is.  There are usually some oddball answers, and having superior social skills might give Vanessa the edge here.  She has tried to be alert for people's motivations and feelings this entire game, in order to read people, so she might be better able to guess answers.

But with Jury members like Jackie and Becky, getting the correct answers will make it a crapshoot for everyone.

I think both Vanessa and Steve NEED to win the Final HoH round in order to stay in the game.  I think Liz is the one who can relax this week, actually.  She can just enjoy her turkey burgers and count down the days to her $50,000 prize.  Just a guess.

I wonder what Andy Herren thinks Steve will do if he wins.

Andy is right, you know.

But Cody will certainly get hit with a lot of shrapnel in the week ahead, particularly if Steve avoids "pulling a Cody".  (or "a Woo").  The mistake Cody made will never go away.

And Andy may be right about this, too.  But even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.

Just kidding with that jab at Andy.  But I know he'll never read this.  Andy only pays attention to people who trash and insult him.  And that's not me.  I like Andy.

The camera crew is winding down, too.  They can probably staff the whole operation now with one or two guys, tops.

I kind of wish they give the house guests a deck of cards so they can play poker this week.  I would love to see Vanessa whip the tar out of both Liz and Steve in Texas Hold 'Em.  Maybe we could all learn something if she teaches while she plays, like she did when she played chess.  (She even played without her Queen in some of the matches, to give herself a handicap.)

Maybe she can play with one of her cards up, to give them the advantage.