Tuesday, September 15, 2015

No New News....Just Wasting Time...And Dishing Dirt on Miss Cleo.. #BB17

I don't know anything about who was evicted last night, or who won HoH.  We used to get spoilers every year, when they let BB fans sit in the audience. "Miss Cleo" used to always get a seat in the audience for that eviction, and would start tweeting out spoilers as soon as he was on his way to the car in the parking lot.  During BB14, he even snuck a camera in there somehow and took a picture of Jenn City sitting on the couch with Julie Chen.

But CBS smartened up after that, and since BB14 they have had an audience full of employees for this late-season "secret" eviction.  So any spoilers should be taken with a grain of salt.  Most of the people in the audience probably don't even watch the show, and would certainly like to keep their jobs.  So it's very hush-hush. Supposedly last year the results got spoiled when the live feeds went up unexpectedly for a few minutes, but to my knowledge this hasn't happened this year. (Not from a valid source, anyway.)

So...about Miss Cleo.  After CBS put the kibosh on having people like him in the audience for the "secret" eviction, he decided there was no reason to keep his identity a secret, and came out of the closet as Michael Shapiro.  He started out BB16 with extremely lewd tweets about Cody, but then cleaned up his act and worked hard to befriend the family members of certain BB16 house guests.  I don't really want to get into all of the dramatics about all of that here, so I will end my discussion of Miss Cleo with a few pertinent details:

1.  Miss Cleo was instrumental in spoiling the news of Jeff and Jackie joining the BB17 cast this year.  (He always did have great connections within the TAR system. When Rachel and Brendon were on the show, he had frequent updates about their progress as they traveled around the world.)

2.  Miss Cleo tweeted on August 24th saying there was a "family emergency" and he'd be gone for a while.  It turns out Miss Cleo was arrested for forging prescriptions for a variety of narcotics on August 27th, and had quite the operation going.  As usual, Reddit has great ongoing coverage of Miss Cleo's plight, and you can join the conversation here.

3.  Miss Cleo has been very vicious towards Vanessa this year, accusing her of being a pillhead.  I'd like to point out that Big Brother only dispenses medication to house guests who have valid prescriptions...so those of you who believe in karma will get a chuckle out of this. I have a feeling Miss Cleo won't even have a stash to look for when this is all over.

4.  Supposedly Evel Dick is very upset that people are tweeting and talking about Miss Cleo's arrest.  That's rich, right?  Evel Dick thinking it is inappropriate to speak ill of others?  Maybe it is the fact that we are talking about facts here that upsets Evel Dick....and maybe this hits a little too close to home for him.  After all, Miss Cleo can't run a huge pill distribution network all by himself....

Birds of a feather....


I took these pictures a few days ago...on Sunday or in the wee hours of Monday morning I think.  Might as well post them now, with as much info as I can remember.

Steve was doing some frantic pacing, talking to himself and occasionally us.

He ate what appeared to be chocolate pudding, but I think it was actually ice cream.

He toyed with the PoV necklace that was hanging by Johnny Mac's picture on the memory wall.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

Steve sliced and ate a lemon.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Steve refuses to eat any salsa or spices, but chews on a raw lemon.

Austin must have been saying something here, but I don't remember it.

**UPDATE***  I remember why I took this picture now.  Austin told Liz that he used to have his lower lip pierced, but hadn't worn jewelry there for years.  So Liz took out one of his earrings and found out that the hole in his lip still works.  So that is Austin wearing one of his stud earrings in his lip.  But just for a few moments, I think.

Johnny basically told both Steve and Austin not to worry, that he'd be keeping them.  He also had a few meetings with Vanessa where it sounded like they agreed that Austin needed to go, and Vanessa said she'd be happy to break the tie.

Vanessa: It's time to make a big move, and blindside someone.

Johnny appeared to agree, but would then tell Austin and Liz that he couldn't keep up with all of Vanessa's crazy strategy talk.

To be honest, I'm not sure what Vanessa or Johnny Mac's true intentions are as far as this eviction goes.  And that is rather exciting for a change.

Steve came out and interrupted the conversation and it was very, very awkward.  As usual.

I think Austin needs to be the one voted out, due to his showmance, but as a live feeder I am ready for Steve to go.

Due to Steve's various issues, everyone has gone easy on him. But I have heard him say very inappropriate things many, many times on the live feeds.  Mostly about sexual issues (i.e. trying to talk to Vanessa about her perceived feelings about the clitoris) but also about racial matters.  There was a very uncomfortable conversation one time sitting at the kitchen counter where Steve explained that "every season needs a token", and then proceeded to go through each season and name the black BB players.

Yep. Steve did that. I didn't cover it, but the time stamp must be out there somewhere, or the You Tube video. It was within the last month...but that's all I can tell you.

And I know that if someone else, say Austin, was stupid enough to say something like that, TMZ would have covered it by now.

He stayed up and talked to himself, and it sounded like he was practicing his speech to evict Vanessa from the final three.

Steve:  I think I did it...I made Final Three.

John listened to Vanessa's music and had a great conversation with her about his guitars and such.  A few tidbits:

*  Vanessa took violin lessons as a child, and learned to play the drums from Guitar Hero (or something like that).
*  John's favorite guitar solo is from Corey Hart's Sunglasses at Night, saying that people would never expect it.  (I know I didn't.....but that is a good song, actually.)
*  Vanessa claimed not to know that Gwen Stefani was the lead singer of No Doubt, or that she was the lead singer on Moby's song South Side (even though that was the CD she has now!).
*  For this reason, I suspect Vanessa is playing Johnny, because I have heard her say that she thinks she dresses like Gwen Stefani outside the house.  How can she not know Gwen WAS No Doubt?
*  Spider Webs is one of Johnny's favorite songs.  When he said that, Vanessa immediately started singing Don't Speak under her breath, further proof she is lying about her No Doubt knowledge.

(So...maybe Vanessa wants John to vote for Austin to leave, and she will break the tie and evict Steve, leaving Johnny looking like a traitor to Austin.  Right?)

There is a big tax deadline today, so I've been quite busy, but I did flashback to the first week of the season to play in the background as I worked.  A few interesting things:

*  I forgot how CLOSE Clay and Audrey were.  H was always laying up in bed with her, talking smack.  Interesting.
*  I saw Clay and Jeff make a Final Two deal in the storage room, and both swear on it, several times, before Clay went and talked trash about Jeff to guess who, Audrey.
*  I saw Jeff kind of rip Jackie a new one for daring to speak to him in front of Clay.  He thought that would make them a target in the game.
*  Jeff told Jackie that he told everyone the two of them had a falling out after TAR, but got very irritated when Jackie asked for details about what he said.  (Jackie:  I'm allowed to ask, Jeff.)
*  Clay was VERY rude to Jace, giving him the snotty silent treatment when Jace dared to talk to him when he was...guess where...in bed with Audrey.  Jace was on the block at this point and tried to make light conversation but Clay gave him irritated one-word responses.

Like this:

Jace:  How was your day...good workout?

Clay:  Yep.

Jace:  I really think you'd make a great physical trainer Clay..you've got it in you.

Clay:  ***crickets***

Jace:  Maybe just for a little while...

Clay:  ***crickets***

Jace:  Or maybe you could be in GQ.

Clay:  Hmmph. That's more like it.


If you're looking for some fun flashbacks to watch while you wait impatiently for tonight's show, try watching the wee hours of July 4th---after 1:00 am or so in the backyard.  Jason had an interesting conversation with Audrey about being gay and how he has to play it down in certain situations.  And they also had Giselle the Giraffe in the backyard, wearing Meg's skirt.

Just before two, James ran and grabbed Giselle to "fornicate" with her, and after that Giselle had a hard time standing up straight.  Da'Vonne was out there, too, so it's like old times and fun to watch.

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 11 #BB17

Wil took a week off, but is back in top form with this one.  Sit back and enjoy the following exciting and hilarious moments:

*  Julie Chen is busted by a nun for sparking up a doob in the girls' bathroom.
*  Mr. Pectacular frolics in the backyard wearing his tutu.
*  Steve's mom has been busy doing laundry and scrubbing Steve's play toys.  (I nearly spit out my coffee every time Mrs. Moses appeared on screen.)
*  Vanessa strikes a hard bargain for her vote.
*  Meg got a little crazy upon arrival at the Jury house.
*  Kim Davis got the boot.  (Wil lives in Kentucky, so her story is particularly relevant for him.)

I feel like that "outfit" that Julie wore on the live show last Thursday was a gift for Wil.  Why would Julie wear that?  It looked like she was wearing sweatpants under a dress from the preteen department.

Can't CBS afford a stylist?