Friday, September 11, 2015

Being Cocky Can Get You Killed. #BB17

Last night was the last live Thursday show...we will have a special eviction episode on Tuesday night, and if history is our guide, that Tuesday show will be taped in front of a live audience, but not a real live audience.  I mean, the people will be alive, but they will be CBS employees who won't go blabbing on the internet about what they saw.  They might not even know the names of the players at this point.

But I digress.  The live feeds are down as of 9:45 am BBT today, and will be down until just after BBAD airs tonight.  Today while the feeds are down, the nominations are expected to be held, and probably also the PoV competition.  Maybe even more than that.

And Liz will go on her luxury trip she won last night.  I think Vanessa is going with her, after much back and forth discussion.  Assuming that Liz can take a guest, of course.  Production needs to get that trip out of the way in the next day or so, since there is a possibility that anyone can be evicted.

Mark on Twitter has a juicy scoop...apparently Ariana Grande is performing in LA tonight, and Frankie has tweeted that he is on a plane on the way to LA.  So....attending an Ariana show is a definite possibility, right?  And probably budget-friendly, too.

If Frankie shows up on the "luxury trip" then we will all have something to talk about, won't we?

Remember during BB14 when Danielle and Shane thought they were going to a big fancy awards show, and they ended up going to some damn gymnastics exhibition?  I mean, sure they were the gymnasts from the Olympics, but the house guests didn't know who they were...they weren't watching the Olympics in the BB house that summer.

OK, so what is going on in there right now?


Grooming procedures took place before the live show.  Johnny Mac told Julia recently that he started cutting his own hair while in dental school to save both money and time, and said he's done it since then.

Vanessa was watching him do it, and was very nervous about it.  I think she was worried about him cutting off too much hair, rather than hurting himself.  His back and the floor were already littered with long scraps of hair.

So she stepped in and helped him with the top part.

Johnny was thankful.  He liked it.

Then Vanessa got out the clippers to work on the sides.  Note that the hair on Johnny's back is the hair he cut himself, not his back hair.

Vanessa:  This side looks really seems easier than the other side.

Johnny:  Maybe I just have a weird head.

You can tell he's enjoying having her hand on his head.  It probably feels great after months in virtual isolation and years of no visits to SuperCuts.

Then they tackled the back hair situation.  The plan had been for Austin to use the clippers to cut the hair down, and then to help him shave it.  In the early weeks of the game, Da'Vonne used her Nair to help Johnny out, but no actions have been taken since then.

Vanessa:  How long have you had it?

John:  Since Da'Vonne was here.

Vanessa:  No, I mean, how long have you had back hair?

John:  Since I was 25.  It just came out of dad doesn't have it.

Vanessa guesses that his dad is the Irish one, and his mom is Polish. Johnny confirms this is the case, so Vanessa says the back hair must come from the Polish side.

Vanessa:  My husband was Italian, and he had really long back hair....this is nothing compared to that.

The Twins and Austin came in during this process and everybody said Johnny's hair and back look great.

Steve cleaned up his own facial hair, but did not have a crowd watching.

The Twins were not happy about the directive from Production to wear athletic clothes. Julia did not want to be evicted wearing casual attire.  You can see that she made loose waves in her hair--that was the plan.

They cooked up a box of faux chicken nuggets and chowed down.  It is true that those girls are always eating, but for the most part they eat good balanced meals with plenty of protein.  And they are tall...5'9" or 5'10", so they need plenty of energy.  And they have those brisk young metabolisms, too.

Julia likes to mix honey with ketchup as her dipping sauce.  She tells us that she knows it sounds gross, but it is delicious and we should try it.  Per usual, Julia is constantly singing random snatches of songs, and also speaking lyrics, too.  But Production doesn't like any of that, of course.

I like Julia.  She was easily my favorite twin.


OK, so the HoH competition was over within an hour of the live show, and Vanessa won.

(You can see that here, and here, and here.)

Vanessa wasted no time getting down to business.  I think they are all aware that the schedule this week will be an accelerated one, and she doesn't have any time to waste.  As usual, and as expected.

She started asking Austin the tough questions, like who did he think Steve or Johnny Mac would have put up if they won.

Vanessa: Don't lie to me..I mean it...don't lie.

And then she had the same type of conversation with Liz, after asking her for a moment to talk.

Vanessa:  Don't lie to me...I want to know the truth.  What did Steve think you would do if you won HoH?

Liz:  I told him what he wanted to hear!

Vanessa:  I understand.

I would love to be able to recount each question fired, and each answer mumbled back in each of these conversations, but this is Vanessa Rousso we're talking about.  Topics move quickly, and it is hard to keep up.  I can only imagine how it feels to be on the receiving end, particularly if I was one of those house guests trying to hide information from her, and unsure of what my associates may have told her.

(Can you imagine what life will be like for Vanessa's children?  Who may or may not have peeked at their Christmas presents, or taken something out of her medicine cabinet?  Those kids better come clean and just admit they did it, even if they didn't do it.)

Then she pulled Steve into the Hammock Room, and started firing the questions at him.

Vanessa:  Who would Austin have put up if he won HoH?  Think really carefully, because it all comes down to this.

Steve:  Well, I think it would have been some combination of you, me and Johnny.

Vanessa:  Don't tell me what you think...tell me what was said.  And don't lie to me.

Steve:  He didn't really tell me definitively.

Vanessa:  But did he tell you that you would be safe?

Steve:  Yes.  Do my answers line up?

Vanessa says yes, and tells him that Austin lied to her, and she has a reason now to make him him her target.  Austin either lied to her, or has deals on both sides.

Vanessa:  You keep your mouth shut about this.

Steve:  About what?


Vanessa:  About what I just said...about keep your mouth shut, or..

Steve;  You can backdoor me.

(No, Steve should know there are no more backdoors..every HG plays for PoV.)

Vanessa had a lot on her mind last night.  That is for sure.  Meanwhile Austin stress ate in the kitchen, and Steve paced around.  Austin admitted to Vanessa that he told both Steve and Johnny that they would be safe if he won HoH...he had to tell them something, he said, but his words didn't mean anything.

Vanessa went in to the Comic Room and had a chat with Johnny.  She says she wished he had won the HoH.

Vanessa:  I don't think I'm capable of throwing a comp...I'm just too competitive.  I know you were right behind me, but so was Austin.  If I slowed down to let you win and you dropped an egg, or I dropped an egg...I just couldn't let that happen. It was a one-egg game.  I couldn't take the risk.

Vanessa:  What kind of deals did you make with Austin?

Johnny said he didn't have an explicit deal with was more of an implied thing.

Vanessa:  You know what's funny?  Austin made deals with Steve to put up you and me. And he made a deal with you to put up me next to him, and a deal with me to put up you and Steve.  And he was out there dropping a lot of eggs tonight.

Johnny nodded.

(The implication is that Austin didn't want to win HoH, because he was covered on all sides.  But then Johnny Mac starts making mistakes, that may end up being fatal before the nominations are made the next day.)

Vanessa:  Who did Steve think you were putting up?

Johnny:  I never actually talked to Steve about it.

Vanessa:  Really?  Why would you want to work with me and not Steve?

Johnny:  Because people hate you!  And they love Steve.

Vanessa says she knows she has to win the PoV next round, or she's out.  She storms out saying, "fuck my life".

Vanessa's company is highly sought after now, and Liz came in and asked her to talk, and they went into Storage to chat.  (Liz knows she may have made a mistake when she talked to Vanessa earlier, and is trying to do damage control.)

Liz:  Look, he's bugging out.

Then Liz confessed that she made a deal with Steve, but of course Vanessa already knows this, and Liz knows she knows.  Liz is a little nervous, and repeats that she told Steve whatever she needed to at the time to get his vote.

Then Austin barged in, and started defending Liz's deal with Steve.  He claimed they have both been loyal to Vanessa from the start.  Austin is twice as nervous as Liz, and is talking very quickly, unlike his normal tone.

Vanessa:  Something just feels wrong...there was way too much whispering before the show tonight.

Vanessa:  Look.  I love you all, but I'm going with my gut on this. I'm trying to match up what people say with their incentives, and doesn't all make sense.

(I thought Vanessa was going to start crying here, and it was late here on the East Coast.  And my dog wanted to go to bed, so I tapped out here, thinking I knew what would happen.)

But I was wrong.  Vanessa eventually came around to the idea of putting Steve and Johnny on the block, with Johnny being the target.  Steve was not happy about it, but Vanessa told him to trust her, that one of the two of them would win the PoV next week and cast the vote to evict.

But then Johnny Mac came in the room, and had an interesting conversation with Vanessa, where he made the following statements, among others:

*  My goodbye message tonight was really nasty.  I told her that I wished I could evict both of them!
*  I hate all of you!  You all voted me out!
*  Go ahead and put up me and Steve if you have to.  I'm not as nervous as he is...I've been evicted, and it's not that bad.
*  I'm well aware that you and Steve had an alliance of five with the AusTwins, because when Liz put up me and James she said she would keep the people safe that she's been working with this whole game....don't try to lie Vanessa.  (Vanessa told him that once Austin fell in love with Liz, that deal was off as far as she was concerned.  But the damage was done, once Johnny said that to her.)

*  I'm going to play for the PoV next week, too, and I'll give you a run for your money Vanessa.
*  Me and Steve are more likely to win the PoV next week than Austin and Liz...oh, I mean Austin and Steve are more likely to win the PoV.  (Ooops.)
*  I could have won a lot of comps in here if I wanted to.
*  You're in a bad spot this week, but if I win HoH, I can put up whoever I want!

*  Yeah, I'll admit it. Steve and I are a showmance in here...a twosome.  (not romantic, of course)
*  If I win the PoV tomorrow and Steve leaves, I'm okay with that.

As they wrapped up, Vanessa said her shoulders hurt so bad from the comp tonight that if the PoV involves arms, she might as well give up now.  She thanked Johnny for "not blowing smoke up my ass".

Then Steve came in,  with obvious hopes of changing Vanessa's mind to target Johnny Mac.  He laid out M & M's one color for each remaining player, and started his argument.

But before that, Vanessa told him a few things Johnny Mac just said.

Vanessa:  He said, I hate all of you!  Just like Dr. Will!

Steve:  But he has never seen Dr. Will.

Vanessa:  Then maybe he's just crazy smart like Dr. Will...he is a doctor!

(Of course Johnny Mac has seen Dr. Will.  He's a closet SuperFan.  Duh.)

Steve tries hard to prove his point that Liz and Austin need to be split up this week, but Vanessa later told Austin that Steve made it even clearer to her that he wanted to go to the end with Johnny.  Vanessa told Austin that Steve is actually the only person who broke his word to her, by lying and saying he had no idea she was the backdoor target when Becky was HoH.

(Everybody knew, except Vanessa.)


Have you noticed that a high percentage of former BB players are constantly addressing fans on "You Now" or other online applications?  They frequently do this before or after the CBS shows, and even during the commercials.

What could they possibly be saying, and why would we need to hear it?  (Of course, we all know what happened with Zach last year....and his constant need for fan attention.  I don't watch Zach's broadcasts, but I hear that he begs fans for money and gifts.  And they give it to him...)

Clay is on the You Now bandwagon now...and I see constant tweets about his broadcasts.  So this morning, I tuned in to one of them, on tape a few hours later.  And what do you think I saw?

Clay in a cross-filled room, making breakfast for Audrey.

Yes, Audrey.

With lots of flirty banter and teasing.  Yep.

I had a hard time watching this, because there was a smoke detector low-battery alarm going off EVERY 10 SECONDS OR SO,  And no one seemed to hear it but me.  I find this unbelievable.  How could people live in a space with so much of that infernal beeping?

I have no idea what is going on here, or why Audrey is at Clay's house.  He was at her home in Georgia a few weeks ago.

BTW he did not discuss Shelli at all, except for when fans asked questions.  For example:

Q:  Do you miss Shelli?

A:  Yes.

They were more concerned with bantering about Clay's cooking, and talking about his bare chest.  I know that the two of them are starting a business, and want the fans to kick in about  $65,000 so they can produce a reality show where you watch "reality stars" live in a house and tell them what to do.

Good luck with that.  I hope Clay's house doesn't burn down.  Better replace those batteries, too.

(And there was a house keeper walking around in there, too.  Doesn't she hear the damn beeping?)