Thursday, September 10, 2015

Vanessa Wins HoH. #BB17

Here she is with her 10th and final egg, moving into the home stretch.

Johnny had just placed his ninth egg, so she was well in the lead.

Vanessa: That's it, guys.


The Golden Geese Were Busy This Week, Laying All of These Eggs. #BB17

The skies are getting dark in the BB backyard.  Vanessa and Johnny Mac both have 7 eggs, Austin has 6, and Liz has 4 eggs.

Steve keeps having to go over and count the eggs...he can't seem to remember where they stand.  Vanessa dropped one when she was halfway over the rainbow and said "Fuck!"

This is Johnny working on his 7th egg.  They all get comfortable letting the egg drop on the way down, saving a few inches of work.

Steve calls out the score.

Austin:  Don't count your eggs before they hatch.

Johnny:  Don't count your eggs before Steve the Leprechan counts them..because he might take them away!

Liz went for the Luxury egg--you can see it over there to the right.  That was the right thing for her to do...she clearly wasn't in the running to win HoH.  If she can take a guest, that means Austin will get to go, too.

This is Austin placing his 7th egg.

Meanwhile Vanessa is going for her 9th egg. She said earlier today that if it looked like it was down to the two of them, Vanessa might throw the HoH to that still an option?

Would Vanessa still do that?

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Someone's Hopes are Getting Smashed. #BB17

This is the classic "egg and chicken wire" comp, but the twist is that they have to work in an arc, going over their own heads, rather than just right in front of them.  There is also a luxury trip out of the BB house that someone can win, but putting an egg in that prize slot could cost them the competition.

The competition will end as soon as both the HoH title and the trip have been awarded.  The trip has to be NFL-related, right?  Since CBS has the rights to the games?  Janelle got to attend a live taping of Two and Half Men during BB6, and the audience all yelled stuff to her about hating the Nerd Herd.

Just saying.

And the live feeds come back immediately.  With such a low-tech comp, they shouldn't need too much interaction from Production.

They work quietly.  You can hear Austin breathe and do a little cursing, talking to himself.

Austin is the first to get two gold eggs, I believe.

Liz is struggling, but is very quiet.

Soon Vanessa has two eggs, too.

And the cameras close in, to be sure we know that.  Steve announced that Liz finally got her first gold egg.

(So it is safe to say Liz ain't winning this one...)

Then, just moments later, Vanessa has three eggs.  And she is also quiet, concentrating on her little gold eggs.

Austin says he fucked one up, and this is getting hard.  Johnny made a comment about having bloody fingers, which might mess up his bowling league activities.  Liz announces when she got her second egg  and Steve makes the official announcement seconds later.

John, Austin and Vanessa are all tied with three eggs.  Vanessa handles her little egg carefully.

And then she has four eggs, in the lead by a few minutes.  And then she has her fifth egg, half the way there.

Meanwhile Austin says his shoulders are killing him, and Johnny says his are, too.

Vanessa:  My shoulders are fucking killing me.

The cameras show us that Vanessa lost a golden egg, probably her first egg, during the live show.  This is likely what allowed Austin to take the lead at first.  He's cramping up, he says.

(I wonder if Julia squealed on Vanessa to John on her way out of the house like she planned to?  Austin urged her to do it, but to make sure it didn't get traced back to him and Liz.)

Yeah, like Vanessa wouldn't figure that out.

Ha ha ha.

Steve makes the cheesy announcement Production says in his ear:  A lot of gold is falling under this rainbow!

Steve:  Vanessa makes her 7th egg!....Is it seven?

Vanessa: I don't know...

Clean Up on Camera 3 - The Beginning of the End #BB17

I took a few pictures that I never posted...sorry.  We haven't had a lot of new, exciting news since the whole PoV blowup.  It's been rather quiet since then.

The pictures start on Tuesday night... here goes.

When I logged on to the live feeds and saw this, I was confused.  Who the hell is that?  I actually thought it was Gina Marie for a minute.

The Lack of Hat threw me is Vanessa, of course, lounging in the hammock, looking pensive.  Things are winding down in there, you can feel it.  That house feels really empty now, and there is no where for the remaining house guests to hide.

Austin wonders what Audrey is doing now...and he tells the story about how James made Audrey an omelet and Austin helped him deliver the tray to Audrey in the Have Not room.  He said they kind of rapped on the door, opened it, and set the tray down just inside the door.

Austin joked about how smoke billowed out of the Have Not room and the sounds of the monster inside.  Julia said that that tray stayed in there on the floor for two days, with Audreys glass of juice and everything.

Johnny:  Yeah, Audrey gave zero fucks...she was eating, taking hot showers, using blankets...why didn't she sleep in a real bed after all of that?  She slept on the floor in there..that's a lot better than the dentist chairs.

The Twins didn't realize Audrey took hot showers, and they both think the fans must have hated Audrey breaking the rules like that.

(I know Slop Becky hated it.)

Vanessa, still laying on the hammock, announced that she just saw a bat fly over the backyard, and this created quite a stir.  The Twins jumped up to investigate.  John confirms that he saw it, too, and it is smaller than a bird, but much larger than a bug.

Vanessa demonstrates how both wings flap when the bat flies.  For the record, Julia seems more interested in observing wildlife, while Liz seems like the type to swat at the bat with a broom.

Austin:  Bats are scary...don't they drink blood?

(Isn't Austin a part-time vampire?)

Vanessa:  I don't know about that.  But they're blind.

Julia:  Oh yeah...blind as a bat...that's where that comes from.

Vanessa:  Did you hear that?  Listen...they use sonar to get around...did you hear it?

They see the bat again and realize that he is probably flying towards the lights in the backyard in order to catch bugs.

(Unlike the BB Canada house, the BBUS backyard is open air, which is nice, but also allows the occasional drive-by shouter or banner plane to interrupt the game.)

Julia: I love the bat.  The bat is so cute.

Johnny: The bat is cute.

Suddenly they heard a loud noise that someone thought was a gunshot, but Johnny thought it was just a production noise of some sort. Based on what he's said about the neighborhood where Temple is, I think he would know what a gunshot sounds like.....

Julia was on bat watch, and seems content to leave this week.  At one point, Liz wanted Julia to stay and have her chance to win BB, but then the plan shifted, and Julia will be the one to leave this week.  Julia has been very cheery about it, saying she's waving the white flag and all, and is most looking forward to drinking wine in her hotel room.

That sounds like a reasonable request to me.

Johnny played pool with Austin, and commented several times about how good he felt after only two beers.  He's used to drinking a lot more, of much stronger beer, and is surprised about his drop in tolerance.

Johnny:  I feel good.  Is this what two beers does to me now?  Two light beers?

Vanessa found a herd of ants on the round chaise lounge.  I don't know if you can see them, but they are there, marching in a line across the stripes.

And the scene the next morning, in the old Audrey spot.

Steve was super tired, after all of the frantic activity in the house.  I think he really wanted Liz to leave this week, but after Vanessa got through with him I think he accepts that having Julia leave is the correct choice.

It's not the week that Steve wanted to have as HoH...he really hoped to make a huge splash by evicting Austin, but after Austin won the PoV that dream died.

I wonder what the Jury will say when they learn that Julia was voted out over Liz?  Whatever they say, it will likely be offensive to Julia.

Ever since their "breakup" last Saturday after Austin won the PoV, Liz has seemed to be super-attached to Austin, more than she was before.  I was hoping her anger would last all week and make things super uncomfortable for Austin, and super entertaining for us, but of course that didn't happen.

Austin didn't have to send flowers, or write her a note.  He apparently just needed to lay there in his bed and that was enough to bring her back to him.


Get Ready to Make a Big Difference, America. #BB17

Because it's time for another important America's Vote.  You might recall that the last vote resulted in America choosing for the house guests to make "bunny ears" in their photo booth pictures.

I know...what photo booth pictures?  Who gives a crap?

Well, at least this choice involves food...I can get behind this one.

I picked cupcakes, but don't let me influence your vote.  You have the right to choose, too.

And just because I feel like it, and because I'm a big fan.