Sunday, September 6, 2015

The More Things Change, The More Things Stay The Same. #BB17

So I'm sure you know about the PoV drama that happened early yesterday afternoon.  If you don't know, by all means please get up to speed here.

The Twins had a good cry and some red wine, which led to a well-needed nap for both of them. In their absense, Austin took it upon himself to make dinner.  These are the plates for the Twins, which they did not get around to eating for a few hours.  Note that Liz's plate is on the left, with the chicken arranged in a heart-shape, specifically for her.

(And no, it's not a sign from above, like seeing the Virgin Mary on your french toast...Austin arranged the chicken that way.)

The Twins weren't interested in eating when they were first called to dinner.

Vanessa:  Well, that's strange. Because they really love to eat their dinner, don't they?

Austin: Yeah, that's what I always thought.

The house guests were pleased to learn that the backyard was open for them and made a lot of noise when they went outside, which woke the Twins up from their nap.

I thought this camera view was strange.  Everyone was going outside at the time, so things were shifting. What is the green section on the left?  Is that part of the behind-the-scenes action?  Or just the bathroom sink cast in a strange light?

Julia saw their plates, and laughed at the heart-shaped chicken.  They figured out it had been about two hours since everyone ate dinner, so I am really hoping the plates were stored in the fridge.  No way would they leave it out on the counter, would they?

LIz's response upon seeing the dish was to wonder why the piece of chicken was so "big and gross".

They ate and said the marinade was good.

Liz:  I swear. I'm ready to just leave now.  I understand how everyone else felt now.  I just want to sleep all week and then leave for the Jury house.

Julia: Don't say that.

Liz:  I love you more than life itself. (starts to cry).  I really do.

Julia, crying now too:  I just think we need to remember that we're sitting here crying in a parking lot. And look at us----I never expected to make Final Six.

Liz:  I know.  But we need to really think about this.  What we do now could change both of our lives. We walked in here, both as Liz, but now it's your time to shine.

Steve interrupted their conversation after coming out of the DR and went over to find pizza sitting on the counter.  (Yep, just sitting there.)

Steve finds that the center of the pizza isn't cooked property, and is still kind of frozen.  This leads him to believe that Johnny Mac is the one who cooked the pizza, and says he will nuke it before he eats it.

Right in the middlle of the sweet sentiments and the sisterly crying, Liz sees something on her plate.

Julia: Ewww.  What is it?

Liz:  It's an ant.  Okay, we're done.

But as you can see, Liz kept eating.  She had two or three more bites before spying another ant on her plate.

Liz:  Look, there's another one.

Julia:  Then you really should be mad at him again.  He tried to poison you.

I think Liz kept eating, and I didn't notice Julia feeling the need to inspect her own plate. Like those ants just happened to infiltrate Liz's plate, but not her own.

Julia did the dishes, in that dirty water that was already just sitting in the sink.  There was a brown tinge to the water.  You'd think they'd all get food poisoning or something, from the conditions.

The Twins went outside, where everyone except Austin was gathered.  Austin was in the DR for his long session going over the PoV competition, and I think his absence allowed the girls to try and blend back in with the other houseguests.  A sort of icebreaker, if you will.  They said it was cool out there, and they talked about some of the day's events.

When they walked outside for the PoV competition today, one of the Twins noted that the Bowlerina competition was the one that McCrae won, sending Amanda out of the game in BB15.

Johnny:  After you said that, I saw the two empty chairs in the back and I thought that McCrae and Amanda might come back in today.

Liz:  Oh that would be great, so Steve could get to meet McCrae.

Steve:  But then we'd have to deal with Amanda, too.  She really is a terrible person.

Vanessa  No one is really a terrible person.  You might not like the game they played, but they're not a terrible person. I didn't watch the live feeds, though.

Steve:  Amanda does appear to be a genuinely mean-spirited person.  She constantly trash-talked everyone, and antagonized people, and she was a bully, too.

Julia; Yeah.  Amanda's a bully.

Steve started talking about Muslims and Texas, and how the entire state is totally conservative, except for the Dallas area.  He also started talking about President Obama's purported ethnic background, and Vanessa had to tell him that was a very sensitive topic for them to be discussing out there.

Julia wanted to talk about how fine Jessie was.

Julia:  Oh, he's just my type, with all of those muscles.  He's a little short, though.

Steve:  Yeah, he came up to my chin.

John:  You'd be okay with that, though...

Julia;  Yeah, he'd be okay with me.  Is he married?  Is he single?  Will he be at the wrap party?

Vanessa:  Look at're in love.

Steve:  I can't imagine Jessie being married.

Vanessa:  Does he live out here?  Or did they fly him out here?  How old is he?  Do you think I have a chance?

And so on.  Julia watched BB10, but remembers Jessie being much younger.  They calculate that Jessie was Steve's age now, 22, when he was on BB the first season, and must be around 29 now.

The Twins slept together in the Comic Room, as planned.  But after the wakeup music this morning, this is the sight we saw in the Purple Room.

Yep.  From what I could hear them mumble, it sounds like they both went into the storage room during the first wake-up song to get fresh batteries, and whatever was said in there caused Liz to go back to his bed with him.

I'm hearing that Julia was urging Liz to pretend to get back with Austin, for game purposes.  I can only think she is trying to get him to use the PoV on her....I don't think there is much chance of that, but it would be fantastic if he did.

Liz really liked (likes) him, I think.  She kept saying last night that she was heartbroken in addition to being mad.  That would be a bad feeling to have, in addition to everything else going on with her right now.  (i.e. getting betrayed, being on the block, her sister being at risk, etc)


PoV Aftermath - Things Sure Can Get Ugly When the Thrill is Gone. #BB17

Wow.  Last night was exciting if you are a live feed viewer.  The PoV was held, and the winner was Austin.

Or should I say Judas?  Because when Austin win the PoV, he seemed to totally forget that this would put the Twins at risk this week.  Or maybe he didn't care, since he was on the TeeVee and the PoV was presented to him by none other than Mr. Pectacular, Jessie Godderz  (BB10, BB11, and countless other BB appearances).

In fact, Austin says he felt that Jessie putting the PoV around his neck felt like Jessie was "passing the torch" to him.

You might recall Austin discussing....I mean dissing....Jessie during his pre-season interview with Big Jeff, saying Jessie wasn't a "real wrestler".  Well those chickens came home to roost during the PoV competition.


A little bit of followup after Friday evening's nomination ceremony, when Steve had the freaking NERVE to put both Austin and Liz on the block for eviction.  (Austin was actually the real target, even though he didn't think that was the case, but that is a moot point now, of course.)

The Twins were STEAMING that Steve planned to break up their little trio.  And as you recall, they were hurling insults at Steve saying they WOULD NOT be cooking for him or Johnny Mac any longer.

Liz:  No more Betty-Fucking-Crocker for them!

So when Steve went up to his HoH room, the Twins went into the kitchen and started making their habitual turkey burgers and sauteed vegetables.

That's Swiss cheese, if you're keeping score at home.

This really has nothing to do with anything, but the BB cameras teed up this shot for me so I took it.  Maybe Liz can put this in her scrapbook as one of her summer memories...or maybe she can use it as a dietary aid, as an appetite suppressant.

So the AusTwins prepared their plates, and invited Vanessa to join them.  You should note that none of them ever use buns for their turkey burgers, probably to limit their carbohydrate intake. Personally I find the bun an important part of the burger experience, particularly as a condiment-delivery vehicle and to contain the lettuce and the pickles, but whatever.

Johnny Mac sat at the kitchen counter, crunching Baked Lays chips.

(Just last week the Twins went on a tirade about Johnny, saying he never cooks but just snacks and eats whatever everyone else cooks.)

Vanessa prepared her plate and thanked the Twins for cooking for her.  She has also been goaded into a bunless burger lifestyle by Austin and the Twins this summer.  At some point Austin invited Johnny to sit down with them, so he fixed a plate and sat down.

It was awkward.  The Twins were not happy about this, and didn't acknowledge him.  At one point one of the Twins jumped up and put the remaining turkey burgers (two, I think) into a Tupperware container and put them in the refrigerator, saying they would eat them later.

Austin tried to break the ice by making a disparaging comment about Johnny's plate.

Austin: Oh, so you eat it old-style...with the bun.

Johnny:  Yeah.  Heh heh heh.

Yes, that is the way you are supposed to eat a burger, whether it be turkey, bison, or veggie.  This is America, Austin, and we should not be afraid of bread.

Here's The Thing:

Apparently Steve was watching this on his Spy Cam, and waltzed right into the kitchen and asked if there were more turkey burgers.  Austin directed him to the refrigerator and Steve helped himself to one, saying "Thank You" into thin air.

You could just feel the Twins' resentment crackling in the air.  I'm not even sure Steve knew what he just did...if he knew how they DID NOT want Steve or Johnny to eat the dinner they prepared, or if he knew he was sticking it to them right in front of everyone by eating a turkey burger.  But he did, just the same.

Tip for The Twins:  If you don't want Steve to eat something, add a lot of flavor to it....maybe some chili powder or visible chopped garlic.

OK.  Enough of that.  You know I try to keep you updated on the Important Food Topics.


There is no more need to pick PoV players anymore...all of the house guests will play every time.  So Production is able to prepare the costumes ahead of time, and any other game-related adjustments, and can start the competition a little earlier.  I think the feeds went down for the competition around 1:00 pm BBT.

After a few hours, the live feeds return, and one of the first things we see and hear is Vanessa, doing one of her Mile-a-Minute-You-Can-Trust-Me-You-Have-My-Word speeches.  And she's repeating herself already. And she's frantic.

Things did not go well out there for Vanessa today.  You can feel the desperation and the panic. I don't know about you, but it makes me very nervous.  I always want BB to say STOP THAT to Vanessa when she spins out.  It's tough to watch, but tougher to listen to.

And that is Johnny Mac in the pretty yellow tutu.  It was the "Bowlerina" competition that we saw during BB15, the week when McCrae and Amanda were on the block together, and McCrae won the PoV, which resulted in Amanda heading out to the Jury house that week.

Austin won the PoV, and is crowing about Mr. Pectacular being the one to put the PoV necklace around his neck.

Austin has already removed his tutu, and there is no sign of Vanessa's tutu. Austin is strutting around the house, proud of his win.

And the Twins are upset.  Apparently Austin was not a gracious winner, and turned into Judas out there, putting on a Big Show for everyone.  He made it clear he would be saving himself with the PoV, and this has upset Liz greatly.  Apparently she really believed Austin when he's been saying all summer that he was just here for the experience, and has won already by meeting her.

(Ha ha ha)

And Vanessa is upset, saying she can't understand why Liz was cheering when Austin won, asking Julia this question repeatedly.

Vanessa:  Doesn't she know what that means?  That she will now be on the block with you?

And Liz is already making statements to indicate that her relationship with Austin is over.  She's embarrassed...this whole thing will be so embarrassing for her.  There are unfavorable comparisons made to Clay, who of course quit the game under the guise of letting Shelli stay, a chivalrous action.

And Austin is mad at Vanessa, because apparently at one point in the competition, one of the Twins asked Vanessa for advice, and she suggested they target Austin.  (It was one of those comps where you had to pair off against another player in order to eliminate them.)

So Vanessa was trying to defend herself against that, saying OVER and OVER  that she was merely giving advice to a friend, and she would have given anyone who asked advice about their best option, too.  As usual, Vanessa went WAY TOO HARD on this topic, seeming to forget that other people have bigger problems than she does, and she has plenty of time to smooth things over later, when she has a better grip on her emotions.

At one point, she told both Twins that she had "so much information about Austin...if she told them they would both realize he is not looking out for them".  Julia immediately seized on this statement, saying she believes Vanessa, and that she's never trusted Austin.  And that comment got back to Austin, too.....not good for Vanessa.

(Because this is yet ANOTHER OCCASION when Vanessa should have just stayed out of it, because it really didn't involve her...)

(But I think we will see on Wednesday's CBS episode that Austin may have lashed out against Vanessa during the PoV competition...because he later "apologized" to her, saying  he was playing it up for TV.)

Liz went to lay down in the Have Not room, and Austin went in after her.  She was crying and saying that she knows Julia will be on the block with her, but she doesn't want to campaign against her.

Liz:  Have you been hiding stuff from me?  Because Vanessa said she had a lot of information about you.

Austin:  She's trying to set me up again!  This is the second time she's done this to me!  And I know she's been telling Julia shit about me...trying to poison her against me!  I've been thinking all day that we should have stuck with James.

Austin:  Look you have to believe me.

Liz:  But how can we get Steve to put up someone else?

Austin:  Well, that's for you girls to go up there and do right now.  (cold)

Liz:  I don't know-ah.

Austin:  Here's something...Vanessa has been wanting us to get rid of Steve for weeks now.

Liz:  So?  How would that change anything?

Austin:  Go up there and tell Steve that!

At this point, Liz has had enough.  She stands up and makes a speech as she prepares to leave the room.

Liz: Honestly, I'm so over this game!  I'm over all of these plots!  If it's my time to go, it's my time to go!

She marched into the bedroom to gather things for her shower, with Austin and his Mighty Veto Necklace following close behind.

Austin: Are you telling me that you really want to give up now?

Liz roots around in her bag, zipping and unzipping things.  She does not answer, and will have no communications with Austin in the next hours that aren't argumentative, or telling him to get the fuck-ah away from her.

Meanwhile Steve and Johnny have a quick moment in the HoH.  Steve is very nervous about John being up there...he doesn't want Austin to think they are working together.

(Duh.  Even the Big Dummy knows that, Steve.)

Johnny says that he heard Vanessa try and save Liz in the comp before Julia.

Steve:  Liz?  Before Julia?  Why would she do that?

John:  She told her that her sister would go up on the block.

Steve:  What? She told her what my nominations would be?

(Duh.  Even the Twin Dummies knew that, Steve.)

John:  She was trying to get on the Twins' good side, in case they win the next HoH.  She's trying to set herself up for next week.

Steve:  I'm not even going to talk game right now.  And there will be a lot of new information trickling out tonight and tomorrow....

They are both happy that things went the way they did, and feel they are set up well for next week.

Steve:  Well, Vanessa and Austin won't have that Final Two anymore, will they?

(Steve does not know that Johnny Mac has Final Two deals with both Vanessa AND Austin right now.)

Meanwhile the Twins are facing some harsh realities.  Julia thought that Austin would throw the PoV to her...that was the plan to make sure that all three of them would be safe this week.

Liz:  He's made it clear he's all about himself.  He knew he wasn't the target this week.  This is so embarrassing!

Julia:  He doesn't want to go to the Final Three with us, because we wouldn't choose him.

Liz:  He just told me to throw Vanessa under the bus with Steve.  But Steve won't change his mind.  You have to stick with Vanessa if you're the one who stays...and you need to win something so you have a chance to win this game!

During all of this, Liz has been crying, and sobbing at times.  She went into the Purple Room and got under the covers, trying to hide, but Austin found her and sat on the bed, with one big Paw on her side, touching her.  Austin kept loudly sighing....trying to get her to react.  Finally, she did.

Liz:  Austin, could you please get away from me?

Austin did, but not before standing and posing in the mirror, still wearing his PoV necklace.  He told Steve and Johnny Mac that his wearing the necklace was an ode to Janelle, because Janelle always wore her PoV necklaces for hours, so that the live feeders would know who won.  He wore the neckace for several hours, only taking it off after Vanessa explained to him that parading around with it was rubbing salt in Liz's wounds, making her feel that he's not on her side.

Also, take a look at Austin here.  Doesn't he look like he's shrunk a little?  Particularly his pecs and his arms?  I know he hasn't been working out every day in there, but I wouldn't expect muscles to shrink that quickly.  Would you?

He did make a disparaging comment about Jessie, while everyone was talking about how ripped and swole he was.

Austin:  Jessie has access to supplements that I cant get in here....

(Aha.  Interesting....)

He almost has Moobs, now, right?  Let's give it a few more weeks and see what "develops".

In this picture Austin has retreated to the relative safety of the Comic Room, but that room won't be safe for long.

Liz officially moved into that room, in order to sleep with Julia for the next week (so she says).  Julia tried to cheer Liz up, saying that according to Vanessa, Austin really cared for Liz.

Liz:  That guy...he's not the one.

Julia provided entertainment, by throwing Austin's things across the room, yelling "I'm JUDAS!" as they both giggled.  You can see the Judas hat on the floor, but Julia later picked it up and put it in the chair with Austin's other things.

Julia:  That hat is DISGUSTING.

Liz made her promise that she would try to get along with the others, so she could stay in the game and try to win.

But Liz had to wrestle with some hard truths.  Austin couldn't just leave her alone for the evening, as suggested by the pragmatic Johnny Mac.  He had to keep going in there and pestering her, which led to The Big Meltdown.

Liz:  Your reaction when you won proved a lot to me.  I just want to be with my sister now.

Austin:  But...but..

Liz:  This isn't going to end well.  You knew the whole time what the plan was.

Austin:  I wasn't in on anything!

Liz:  You're so full of shit!  You can't stop bragging about how you won!

Austin:  You're way off base right now.  I ruined my life for you!

Liz:  Oh really?  You ruined your life for me?  How's that?

Austin:  I fell in love with you and chose you over my girlfriend!

Liz:  I thought that was over!  You said it was over!

Austin: Well, not totally. I officially broke up with her over you!

Those are tough words to hear for Liz.  I'm sure she's thinking about all of the things the TV viewers will be seeing, and probably thinking about what the Jury might say to her when they learn what happened.  For some reason, she really thought that Austin might want to use the PoV to save her, even if that meant that Julia would go up in her place.

(Austin would have been voted out if that were to happen, so if Liz can somehow get him to do this by Monday afternoon, the payoff could be MAGNIFICENT.  Picture a shoeless Austin skulking out to sit with Julie Chen...but alas that will likely not be the case...)

And note that Austin has repeated the comment that he made about ruining his life OVER and OVER to every other house guest, so it's not like he slipped and said it once.  He's going to obsess on it over and over again.  I said it on Twitter, but how great would it be if Austin starts pining over his ex-girlfriend, saying how much he misses and loves her?

The Twins got into Steve's bottle of red wine that he got in his HoH basket.  Steve doesn't drink, of course, but requested a bottle of port wine just for everyone else to enjoy.  He didn't get port wine, but he got red wine, and that's good enough for now.

(Vanessa explained to everyone that port has a much higher alcohol content, so that is why she requests it in her own HoH basket.  Port is very sweet, and is meant to be a dessert wine, but it does the job if you drink a few glasses of it...)

Liz spoke throughout the night about how this situation paralleled Amanda's situation in BB15, how she was on the block with McCrae, and he won and didn't use the PoV on her, and she went home.

Liz:  I was so embarrassed for her.  And I'm so fucking embarrassed for me!

Julia:  But both McCrae and Austin are super fans!  Austin has a BB tattoo on his leg!  Clay never even watched the show before, so you can't expect Austin to do what he did.

(Thank god.  Because what Clay did SUCKED.)

They guzzled the wine, and huddled together in the bed.  Vanessa came in and drank with them for a little while, gushing about how she thought of them as sisters, and urging them to think strategically about which one had a better chance of winning this thing.

(I think Vanessa wants Liz to stay, as she's a bigger threat now.  That kind of contradicts Vanessa's earlier actions, but it seems to be the way she's headed now.)


I keep seeing the fans talking about wanting to see Austin's ex-girlfriend Jen on the CBS show.  I highly doubt she would do that at this point.  She didn't sign the release so he could even talk about her on the live feeds, and she also threatened to dump him if he went on the show.  (That is the reason Austin gives for him leaving sequester in BB16.)

I do want to point out a very Low Blow that CBS did to Brendon Villegas during BB12.  After Brendon hooked up with Rachel Reilly during that season, it became quite the polarizing story line.  I was SHOCKED to see that CBS filmed  a segment with Brendon's ex-fiance with her making disparaging comments about Brendon's various tactics with the ladies.

And Brendon had no way to defend himself.  He didn't even know about it until the show was over.  I thought this was in very poor taste on the part of Production, since Brendon's relationship with her had been long over before he appeared on BB12.  In fact, they had been engaged, and had a very bad ending to the relationship, with Brendon taking her to court to get his ring back.

I don't know the outcome of all of that, but I know it was shitty of CBS to air that segment, without giving Brendon the ability to respond.  In fact, I kind of can't believe that Brendon has such a good relationship with CBS now...after they did that to him.