Saturday, September 5, 2015

Steve Gets the Deed Done. #BB17

When Steve woke up yesterday morning, he wanted to get things going right away.  It was obvious that he wanted to talk to Austin and/or Liz, because he went downstairs and started pacing back and forth from the bedroom where they slept, and down the hall and back.

Then he apparently decided to get in the bed next to them, to be ready whenever they awoke.  He got in bed, and then got up and went across the room to get pillows, coming back to the bed and kind of slamming them around.  He wasn't being quiet at all.

A little part of me was worried that Steve would end up seeing something he shouldn't see....because Liztin, you know....

But Austin finally looked over at Steve.  Steve said he hoped that he didn't wake him, but he wanted to talk.  Austin got up out of bed and went straight to the Hammock Room with Steve.

Steve got right to the point.  He's been thinking about it, and he can't bring himself to nominate both of the Twins at the same time.

Steve:  That just seems like a slap in the face.  I can't do it.

Austin:  Are you putting me up?

Steve:  I have the votes.

(But the votes for what.....that is the question.)

Austin sits slumped, listening.  At one point Liz knocked and opened the door.  Steve said he wanted to speak with her, too, but would like to finish his conversation with Austin first.

Austin:  Who is your target?

Steve:  I don't know, but I don't want you to go this week.

Austin: You don't want me to go this week?

Steve:  I don't want you to go this week.  I have the votes.

(Those two sentences don't really answer Austin's question, and Steve knows it.)

Austin:  Have you talked with Vanessa yet?  Is she on board for me to stay?

Steve:  I have the votes Austin.  I want you to stay.

(Sneaky, sneaky Steve.)

Then Liz came in for her turn with Steve. Steve told her that she's probably going on the block, next to Austin.  (He's not allowed to tell them his exact plans before the ceremony, apparently.)

Liz was calm at this point, saying that she knows he has to do what's best for his game, but then points out that she's been HoH three times, and has never put him on the block.

The meeting didn't last long.  Liz said she knew this day would come.  Steve asked for his customary hug and Liz left the room.

Johnny Mac came in, asking Steve "do I need to be talked to now?"  Steve said they might as well make it look like it, so Johnny came in and Steve told him what just happened.

Steve:  I told him I have the votes to save him, but....

(No, that's not exactly what he told Austin.)

Steve also did a lot of whispering to himself (and us), saying that "she thinks she is the target, but she's not...)

Johnny told Steve that Vanessa was "freaking out" in there, worrying that Steve would not put Austin on the block.

Johnny Mac went and got into bed, where Vanessa was, and they started stealthily whispering back and forth.  Steve joined them and BB called them out by telling Vanessa to put on her microphone.

They start whispering about the PoV, and the votes.  Steve wondered if Vanessa would use the PoV if she won it.

Vanessa:  I'll do whatever you want me to do with it.  I'll vote however you'd like me's your HoH Steve.

Meanwhile, Liz is crying, back in bed with Austin.  She thinks Julia will "be destroyed" when she  hears about this. (Julia is in the DR now.)

Liz:  This is war now.

Austin: No, you can't be like that.  You can't act like you're going after Steve now for revenge.  It's the worst thing you can do. We knew this was bound to happen.  It's a miracle we've made it this far together.  Only one of us can win the game.

Liz:  I know.  I just don't want to be separated and have to go to the stupid fucking jury house!

Then the anger set in.

Liz:  I'm such an idiot for not taking that mother fucker out!  I never nominated that fucking nerd once!

Austin:  We're the Clelli means more airtime.  We're going to get a lot of airtime this week.

(Note that Austin knew already that they would be targeted for eviction this week....he actually wanted a Twin to get evicted to take some of the heat off him for being part of a trio.  But Austin thinks that either Liz or Julia will be evicted....but depending on the PoV results, the house has other plans for Austin.)

Vanessa hugged Liz in the bathroom.  Liz knows she's an ugly crier and is trying to control it. Vanessa tries to cheer up, pointing out that things would be much worse if she was on the block next to her sister.

Vanessa:  You have to hide how you feel...the last thing you need to do is make Steve think you want revenge on him.

Liz:  I know-ah. Austin said that, too.  I know it makes sense for Steve.  I'm being a big dumb baby. If I go then you need to look after Julia.  One of you needs to win this game!  We need a girl to win!

Julia came out of the DR and Liz hit her with the news that she and Austin would be going up on the block.

Julia: Oh my god-ah.  Oh my fucking god-ah.

Julia is angry, folks.  And that anger bounces off her on Liz, compounds and bounces right back.

Liz:  It's the Twins against the rest of the house!

Julia wonders why Steve isn't nominating Johnny Mac---this must prove they have a Final Two.  And why isn't Vanessa being nominated, since she is a much stronger competitor and has won more comps?

Liz:  Because there are three of's makes more sense for him to try and split us up.

Julia:  Well I'm not voting for him to win this game!  He's sending out my sister!

(Do they not even consider for one moment that the hulking Austin may be the target?  Or  how they can make that happen?)

Liz wants to burn Steve's shoes...she hates those "stupid gunboats".  In fact, they are the nastiest shoes she's ever seen.

Julia later started badmouthing Austin to Liz, saying that when Shelli got nominated, Clay didn't leave her side the entire week, and even sacrificed himself for her.  But now they hear Austin talking in the kitchen with Johnny and Julia can't believe he can even "talk to those mother fuckers".

Julia:  Why isn't he in here with you right now?

Liz calls Steve a nerd, pointing out that he "sleeps with his fucking teddy bear", and that he should "go eat his Fruity Pebbles and play in traffic".  They know they need to win the PoV tomorrow, and plan to eat and sleep well in order to be ready for it.   Julia plans to pray, like every 30 minutes to give her additional strength to win.

Liz vows that she will not be cooking for everyone, and that Steve can eat his cereal and fuck off for all she cares.

Vanessa listened to Steve's Daft Punk CD and had some good things to say about some of the songs.  She told Steve how she tried to calm down the Twins by saying that Steve didn't have many choices, etc.

Vanessa:  But Liz said Austin told her that Steve told him that he's not the target...why would he say that to her?

Steve:  Well, that's more ammo for me.

Vanessa knows Steve feels paranoid, but says that she doesn't think they will be anyone's target next week, that they would go after Johnny Mac first.

Steve:   I'm just glad Cocoa is here for this. (the teddy bear)  Cocoa is part of the reason why I'm here...did I tell you that?  Because Cocoa was on the spaceship with me, and someone saw him.....

(i.e. Steve was clutching the damn bear during his semi-final interview week and the casting people saw Cocoa and asked him about it.)

While Steve caresses Cocoa, Austin caresses Liz, knowing they are on camera, and will be for most of the day.  Liz's mind is turning, and she knows that if she wins the PoV, then Julia will go on the block.  She wishes Julia could win PoV, but it's hard to count on her for comp wins.

Austin:  We have each other...they can't take that away from us.

And I must point out that Liz was very dramatic about two things:

*  As mentioned yesterday, Meg packed one of the Twins' toy robots from the Zingbot competition and they were LIVID about it, calling Meg a fucking bitch, and saying that she did that right on camera, so everyone would know she was a thief.

*  And at one point Liz remembered Steve pulling her and Julia into the Hammock Room yesterday, asking for their promise not to nominate him if he voted to evict Meg in return.  Now she says he asked them to "swear on their family" and she is incensed by that, saying that he did that on camera, and "everyone will see what a little shit he is."

My Point:  Surely Liz knows that everything she is doing is on camera, too, right?  And I'm not just talking about the repeated sexual activity with Austin (sometimes in the middle of the day, with all lights on), but all of the trash talking she does with Julia, heavily weighted towards personal attacks.

Also:  I know from experience that after this is all over, the other house guests will have PLENTY to say about what Liz and Austin were up to in there.  When they get debriefed by their families, and especially by the fans, they are going to rip Liz a new one.  Julia too, but not as bad.


And finally, after a long day of waiting, and scampering, and crying, the nominations were finally held, about 5 hours later than usual.

And here's your proof....Steve did it.  He nominated Austin and Liz for eviction.

And here's more proof.  Liz is sobbing.  Austin is not, but he is there to comfort her.

John, Vanessa and Steve were having a quiet conversation in the kitchen, saying that this is only Liz's second time being nominated, and it's Austin's first.  Then Julia came in the kitchen and things went tense as she moved about the kitchen in silence.

I'm guessing she's opening up a can of tuna to make herself a tuna salad sandwich, since that is her habit.

The silence is thick.  Steve speaks.

Steve:  Julia...can I ask a favor?  Can I ask a favor?  If anybody wants to talk to me, they are welcome to come see me.  I mean, if they want to.

Steve nervously eats a banana, standing up and sitting down several times, before leaving the room.

Liz pulled herself together enough to eat a salad, angrily stabbing her fork in the bowl.  Julia pointed out that they mocked Meg last week for crying when she was nominated.

Liz:  I know.  But she didn't get nominated by one of her friends.  It's a totally different situation. I mean, what did she expect?

Vanessa came in an hugged Liz, saying she hates to see her like this, and if there is anything she can do to make her feel better, than she will do it.

Liz:  Just keep the kitchen clean, please.

Meanwhile Steve goes to the HoH, and then celebrates when he is alone, fist pumping and calling out "Suckers!".

Steve, to us:  Well, the deed is done!