Friday, September 4, 2015

Vanessa's Game Theory = Everyone Else's Shame Theory. #BB17

And the new HoH winner is:  Steeeev-ah.

They held the competition late last night, bleeding into the first hour of BBAD.  The competition had a baseball theme, and involved some sort of six-sided puzzle with pixilated images. It all came down to Austin and Steve in the end....and Steve sure picked a good time to win.


Earlier in the afternoon, the house guests milled around and started getting ready to get ready for the live show.   The Have Nots have had their fill of slop, but Johnny Mac cooked up one last batch of it so they could get something in them before the show.  They get to eat at midnight, but midnight was a long way off at this point.

James and Meg weren't doing much campaigning, in case you were wondering.  They spent most of the day in the Have Not room, complaining about their predicament.  When James was out on stage talking to Julie Chen after his eviction, he admitted to her that he spent most of the week with Meg, supporting her.

Some of you "Jeg" fans may think that's cute and all, but that's not the way to win Big Brother.  If they are so sure that they were goners, then that is the time to go all out, because you have nothing to lose at that point.

Except the game.  They lost the game.

Liz and Austin napped.  I don't want to spoil any surprises for you, but there is a pretty good chance this little love affair will have to continue outside of the BB house, come this Thursday.

Austin did whisper a little with Vanessa, telling her about how Steve cornered the Twins earlier today to ask them if he was safe this week.

Austin:  I thought that was weird....

(Not really, Austin.  Steve may be weird, but asking for safety is not.)

Austin's hair must have been damp, because when he pulled the flat iron against it, there was a slight sizzling noise.  I guess it could have been some sort of oily substance, though.

Meg's speech about being the "activities coordinator" was ridiculous.  Doesn't she know that Johnny Mac LOATHES pot ball?  And he LOATHES people chanting "pot ball  pot ball" even more?

Oh well.  What's done is done.

Meanwhile, little did Meg know that Steve was still agonizing over the vote....he was torn between doing what he thought the fans might want, and what his alliance might want.  He told Vanessa that his illness last night was a direct result of his nerves.

Vanessa: I want to tell you something, but I don't want to hurt my game.  Wait a minute....(thinking)...okay.  I told you I went to Duke, right?  And majored in Economics?  Well, I wrote my Master's thesis (or something like that..) in Game Theory.  I'm an expert in strategic decision-making in games, and I've thought out every angle of this.  The decision we've made is correct.

Steve:  But why is that a secret?

Vanessa:  I don't feel like telling everyone about that.  But I've gone through all of the scenarios and you have to trust me...this will give us the best odds going forward.

Steve:  You better not be fucking me.

Vanessa:  Steve....look at my past actions!  Have I ever screwed you over in here?

Steve:  But we don't know who will win HoH.

Vanessa:  Well, nothing is ever guaranteed.  But you have to play this hand...your next hand could be a bad one, but this move gives us the best percentages right now.

Steve got into a tangent about physics, and how gravity is pulling them together right now.  Vanessa countered that the wall is pulling her in another direction, and Steve started talking about energy and the impact that moving your arm has.

(I'd be lying if I pretended to understand Steve's discussion of physics, but it sounded smart to me.)

Vanessa:  I think I'd really like physics.  But you would love game theory, too.  It's like physics, but with people...their motivations and incentives, and the probabilities of action.

(Or something like that....)

Steve:  Did you talk about that a lot with them (i.e. casting)...I'll bet that helped you get casted for this.

Vanessa: A probably did.


Austin joined them, and Steve jumped back into his discussion of science, and global warming.

Steve:  It drives me crazy to hear people talk about warming is a fact, not an opinion.  It's's physics.  Austin, you know the Twins are against vaccines, don't you?

Austin:  WHAT?  They are?  Why?

Steve:  Because it's not natural, or something along those lines.

The three of them embarked on a very interesting discussion from all sides, with both Steve and Vanessa professing their early interest in the space program, as children.  Steve started talking about the Mars One program, to send people to live on Mars by 2027.  Vanessa didn't seem to know much about it, and was shocked to hear that people have already applied for the 4 spots, and that they will never return home to earth once they go.

Vanessa:  That's so sad...they need to make a movie about that.

Austin;  They already have.

Vanessa:  I might do it, if Mel could go.

Vanessa brought up the trips to the moon that you can buy now, and said she thought the moon would be inhabited before Mars, since Mars is so far takes about four months of travel to even get there.  One of her friends developed the Mars Rover and she says he is in the You Tube video about it and seems very excited about this topic.

Austin started describing his studies, and how stringent the reading requirements were...he had to read nearly a book a day at one point.

Steve:  That sounds horrible.

Austin:  No...I was into it!

He discussed how we need to study the Atlantic Ocean, but to be honest I would understand physics before I understand all of Austin's stuff.  But it was certainly a thought-provoking discussion for three such disparate people to have in the Big Brother house, on the eve of a double eviction.  I might actually flash back and listen to it again, so I can learn something.

(If nothing else, I am now interested in Mars One and will be keeping an eye on the program over the next decade or so.)

They also discussed lighter fare, like how excited Austin and Vanessa were to do some "camping" on Finale night in the hotel.  In Vanessa's HoH letter, Mel mentioned coming to LA for the Finale with their two I don't know how that will work out, camping-wise.

Steve:  So am I the ONLY house guest who won't be camping on Finale night?

Vanessa:  You never know.

Steve:  I'll be in a hotel room with my parents!  And who would I go camping with anyway?

Austin:  I dunno...some groupie?

Steve:  A GROUPIE?

(Ha ha ha)


After the live show, there was an eerie calm, as everyone digested what just happened, and tried to gear up for the next HoH competition, to be held at any minute.  In the kitchen, Julia was happy she finally won something.

Johnny:  Yeah, you got a W.

Julia:  Yeah...a W.  Is that a win?

Johnny: Yeah, it is.  Heh heh heh heh.

Liz thinks this is the worst HoH to win, because she doesn't get many benefits, because a new HoH will be crowned soon.

Vanessa is already back in the game, playing hard with the current hand she's been dealt.  She says it was so hard to sit on the sidelines tonight for both competitions and have no control over what just happened.  (She was the only house guests not picked to play in that PoV.)

They moved to the Hammock Room to talk privately.  Austin knows he needs to protect himself now, so Vanessa pitches him on throwing the next HoH comp so that someone else can be responsible for evicting one of the Twins.

Vanessa:  Maybe we should both throw it.

Austin:  But what if someone wins PoV and then something goes's a big risk.

Later, Vanessa scampered over to Johnny Mac and told him that he should tell Austin that if he wins HoH, he will put up the Twins, to try to get Austin to throw it to him.

Vanessa also theorizes that if the HoH comp is a mental one, then the next one might be physical.  She thinks maybe she or Steve should win the mental one, to save Johnny Mac for a physical comp.

(If Vanessa wasn't a crybaby, then the entire Big Brother community would be giving her game the respect it deserves.  She has everyone in that house working for her right now.)


In week #7, Vanessa was the backdoor target, with a UNANIMOUS vote expected to evict her.  Now it's week #11, and since week #7, Vanessa has managed to send four of her enemies out of the house, one after the other (Becky, Johnny Mac, Meg, James) and have her RETURNING ENEMY on her side now, with a stealthy Final Two deal.

It's fucking spectacular.  I don't care if you like Vanessa or not.  You don't have to.  It's not a required part of her game model.

Meanwhile Steve is wound up tight, trying to get some rest before the HoH competition, because he's had virtually no sleep in the last 36 hours or so.  He laid down, then got back up, then laid down again, talking to himself the whole time.  And also to us, basically LAMBASTING the Nolan Twins, saying that for them to keep Johnny Mac over James was one of the stupidest game moves ever.

(Because James was targeting Vanessa...but Johnny Mac is targeting them.)

Steve, hissing:  But I will BENEFIT from your thank you!  You are IDIOTS, Nolans!

Even though Julia and Johnny are both tired, Julia refused to get back in those dental chairs one last time.  Johnny Mac decided to take one last snooze in them, because this is the end of the Have Not program this year.

He took his time removing his trousers and folding them, even going through the motions of emptying his pockets before putting on his plaid PJ pants.

The Twins unpacked Julia's things, and discovered that Meg had stolen one of their little robot toys from one of the competitions.  (Probably a decoration from the Zingbot comp.)

Twins: That fucking bitch!


Jumping ahead to midnight, Julia and Johnny Mac rejoiced at the end of the Have Not week.  Their dinner was still cooking as the clock struck midnight, so they shoveled down handfuls of M&Ms and walnuts as they waited.  Julia went over to the trash and ceremoniously dumped a bowl of gumdrops in to it.

Johnny Mac:  No more of that until BB18!

They had steak and vegetables, and there was pizza in the oven.  The Have Nots served themselves first, of course.

Julia:  This is so good.

Steve got himself a slice of cheese pizza.  He's feeling better now, he says.

The HoH competition was hard, they say.  Johnny says he was kind of freaking out until he realized "Jason was the first one".

Big Brother took two of the dining chairs, by the way, now that they are down to six.  They all know they will have DR sessions tonight, so they are preparing to be awake as long as possible.

Steve reports that when he was in the DR, they didn't even start to cover the double eviction yet, so they know they are in for a long one.