Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sometimes A Flip Flop is Just a Shoe. #BB17

I apologize in advance if this is choppy.  There is a lot going on here and there on the live feeds and I'm not able to capture everything in pictures right now.

Yesterday Vanessa dashed outside to get her cardio as soon as the wake up music played. She's been doing the elliptical work a few times each day, trying to increase her sessions by two minutes each day.  I think she was up to 24 minutes today,and says it is hard to to make that happen.

Julia came outside and said she wanted to get some sun, but Vanessa said she expected BB to come on the intercom at any minute and tell them to begin an indoor lockdown.

And what do you know....BB called a lockdown.  Vanessa was trying to take care of laundry issues before they went inside....Steve had clothes in the washing machine and Vanessa had promised him that she would put them in the dryer for him.

Austin came outside and Vanessa presented him with his folded laundry...his clothes were sitting in the dryer so she folded them to make way for Steve's clothes when they were finished with the wash cycle.  Vanessa spoke out loud to the cameras, saying Steve's clothes only needed two more minutes...then one.  BB gave her the time to get his clothes started in the dryer before they went inside and the shades closed around them.

Within minutes, the house guests heard the sounds of building in the backyard, complete with banging and clanging.  They even heard people in the backyard talking, right near the sliding doors.

Flash forward a few hours, and this contraption was set up in the backyard...a large boomerang-shaped wooden board, slanting down at both ends.  They were also given 10 balls to use for practice.  There was a laminated card for them to read, that recommended all of the house guests practice playing.

So this clued in Vanessa that there might be a Double Eviction, but that idea doesn't seem to be widely recognized as truth at the moment.

They are trying to roll the balls up in such a way to have them curve over to the left without falling off the board.  This competition will look much different if it is one for the live show...there will be colorful decorations and obstacles, and all sorts of glitz and glam.

If this is going to be used for the second HoH competition tonight (after the live show but before BBAD begins) then they will probably just slap some paint on it and call it a night.  An example of this would be the big wooden snake they practiced with during BB13, where they had to roll balls along the back of the snake.  Production basically just decorated the snake and let them play.

It's hard to know who would be good at this competition, based on this practice session.  But it gives them something to do, I guess, and something to talk about.  There was speculation later that James was trying to look bad during practice, perhaps to help keeping Meg tonight seem like a better idea, but that might be reaching, to assume that.  Because this will be a crapshoot, and anyone theoretically has a chance to win, and a chance to lose.

Austin made the cookies last night for the first time, and didn't do a very good job separating them. But I'm sure they tasted great, as all freshly-baked cookies always do.

Julia is nervous about the vote, and had a meeting with Liz and Vanessa to discuss it.  The girls seem to be focusing on Austin as a potential vote to evict Julia.

Liz:  What if Austin votes to evict Julia and blames it on Steve?

Vanessa was shocked that Liz brought that up and said that same thought had occurred to her, too.  Julia says that Austin never makes an effort to speak to her, and earlier today stood in front of the bathroom mirror with her for five minutes and never once spoke to her.

Vanessa suggested that Liz speak to Austin and tell him how heartbroken she would be if he votes Julia out, and appeal to his romantic nature.

(Maybe Vanessa will try to blame Austin for Steve's vote to evict Julia, if indeed that is what happens tonight...)

Julia practiced her speech for tonight, and it was a good one, but she's very nervous about getting up and speaking.  She plans to mention that the night she came into the house to play as Julia, she feels like she won, but would like to stay later in the game to prove the Zingbot wrong about her being the lesser twin.

Liz gave her good feedback on her speech.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Steve Moses has been TORTURED about the vote for tonight, pacing around and mumbling to himself about it.  He even talked to the Jokers Updates crowd, telling the camera "Jokers, I know that the Twins need to be split up...I know".

He spoke with Vanessa last night about it, and she was very aggressive in pushing the reasons why Meg should stay, saving the Twins for later in the game.  She basically told Steve that Austin did want the Twins to be split up, so one reason to keep Julia is to avoid doing Austin's dirty work for him.  Steve went back and forth, and forth and back, all night long, going to bed and then getting up minutes later to seemingly go vomit, mumbling all the while.

Steve can't do it on his own, of course.  He needs a third vote to evict Julia (along with James' vote).  So if it is going to happen, Steve needs to have the chops to be able to turn someone's vote himself...probably Austin.  But maybe Johnny Mac.  Or maybe both.  Who the hell knows.

We won't really know until we see the show tonight.  Because even if we think we know, when Julie Chen announces at the top of the show that tonight is a Double Eviction, you just know there is going to be a huge energy shift in that house, that will continue through the commercial breaks and right up until the time they walk down that hallway to vote.

If we see Steve run to vomit....then we might have an idea that drama lies ahead....

Austin played Johnny Mac in chess, using the new timer that Steve made to hurry things along.  Austin is really getting into chess now, and says he considers each match to be war.

Meg wore her flower crown, adorning herself on her last night to campaign, and what might be her last night in the BB house.

She asked Steve to sit and talk with her, starting off the talk by saying she does expect to be leaving, but she needs to approach him because that is "what you do in this game".

Meg pointed out that if they leave both Twins in the game right now, no matter what happens, they will control the votes with Austin, giving them too much power in the house.  She says if they keep her this week, they could band together to fight.

Steve mostly stares and nods before asking Meg for a hug at the end of their conversation.

Steve:  I like hugs.

(You know Meg hasn't been very nice to Steve in this game, don't you?  I don't think Steve forgets this, and I have no idea if he forgives this....but I don't think he will use this as reasoning to evict Meg tonight.  Hopefully he knows better than that.)

Julia and Meg both started packing and made light chatter during the chore.  They both brought a lot of jewelry to the house that they never wore, mostly because it clanked too much for Production's liking.

Meg got these shorts from the competition where she had to run through the foam and I think she is offering them to Julia.  They are a size 26 but Julia says she is a size 27, but she'll give them a try.  They are Mossimo, so they are probably from Target.  Production had a history of shopping for competition clothes from Target, you know.

This is what Julia plans to wear tonight, with a pair of Guess heels.  There is a green dress that she also wanted to wear, but she fears it will be "too bright".  Meg approves, saying she likes it.

This morning, Steve brought up his pillow and blankets to the HoH room like he's done every Thursday morning, setting up his space in the corner to sleep during the HoH lockdown.  He greets Vanessa who is scrambling around in the bathroom, enjoying her last moments of HoH privacy while she can.

Vanessa went to sleep early last night, and wonders if she missed anything.  Steve says Meg did ask for his vote (as discussed above), but that's about it.  Vanessa reports that she spoke with Johnny Mac last night, and told him all of the same reasons she told Steve about keeping Julia.  Steve says he never did talk to Austin about it, because he just assumes that Austin will want to keep Julia.

Vanessa:  If you are gong to change the vote, please just tell me.  If you do it and don't tell me I'll be so lonely....but if it's a game move and you do it than I'll respect you...just tell me.

Steve asked to speak to the Twins, pulling them in the Hammock Room.  He asks them both to promise that they won't nominate him, or use him as a replacement, if either of them win HoH tonight.  They both promise they won't.

Julia:  I heard James up scampering last night.

Steve:  Look, it's done.  Let's nip this in the bud.  It's done.

Twins:  Thank you Steve.

Steve tells the kitchen group that he was up "scampering all night long".

Vanessa:  All night?  Why?

Steve:  Um...bathroom activities.

Vanessa talked about mixing and mastering music with Steve, saying she uses a bunch of equipment including three monitors.

Steve also had a moment alone with Johnny Mac, asking him if they are still set with their vote.  Johnny said he thinks keeping Julia is the safest bet for them right now, and Steve agreed it is too big of a risk to take at the moment.

But there was a moment of hesitation.... a second when Steve misunderstood Johnny, thinking Johnny made this decision randomly, but once he realized that Johnny was referring to the randomness of the HoH crapshoot device, he seemed resigned to the decision and left the room, shoulders slumped.

Note:  Things look set in stone right now, and maybe they are, but I caution you that the announcement of the Double Eviction could turn things upside down.