Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Vanessa Tweets: I See a Light At the End of the Tunnel #BB17

I'm tempted to make the cliched "train" joke, but  that is Becky's deal, not Vanessa's.

Vanessa Blogs: I Won't Explain My Strategy Until October. #BB17

First of all, I can't believe CBS printed that....that she plans to write blogs in October to explain her strategy.  Does that mean they will be printing them on the CBS website? Isn't that way, way, way too late?

I did hear Vanessa tell the others that she used her blog to write a series of messages to her family and her girlfriend, so that part checks out.

Coming into this week, I would have told you that I was the odds-on underdog to win that HoH competition! I have never won anything 'physical' in my life… and I should have been the first one to fall off of "Dizzy Land"… but now I understand the power of back-against-the-wall adrenaline and sheer strength of will and heart.

It is an amazing thing to realize firsthand just how much potential is locked within each of us if we abandon the limiting ideas that we cling to about what we aren’t capable of achieving

Strategically, I have so very much to say, but I am going to wait until I get out to touch on that any further. I plan to release a series of strategy analysis blogs in October detailing my mindset and strategy throughout this Big Brother season. For now, the end is near… and all I can think about is how much I miss the people in my life… so I would like to use this space for a series of open letters.


You have no idea how much I miss you... I think about you every minute of every day and am counting down the days until I get to see you! Thanks for the new maroon beanie… I love it… and that green one was getting ratchet!! I’m so proud of you for working out every day. That’s way better than I have been doing… but I guess I need to step up my game now because I’m going to see you in just over three weeks!!

I’m also super happy to hear that you are working on producing some music of your own. I can’t wait to listen to what you have put together, baby!!!

Also, you should hook up the Pioneer CDJs to the DJM mixer in the studio and watch YouTube video tutorials on using that setup. When I get back, I want you to be ready to DJ some gigs with me ASAP!!! I want you to know that I would have swung around on that HoH ride from hell for another hour and a half just to hear from you.

Knowing that you and Maverick and Bear are out there supporting me means everything to me, and has given me the energy I needed to get through the last few weeks. I agree with you that this experience has sparked both of us to grow as individuals and will also definitely make us stronger as a couple!

I am so very lucky to have you in my life. <3 span="">



I have been thinking about you a lot lately, sister. I am wondering how things are going at your new job, and, also, if you are keeping in touch with any of the friends you made in Vegas when you were out there visiting me earlier this year. I want you to know that some of the things you taught me have helped me get through this experience during the tough times. I love you and miss you and can’t wait to hear from you!



I miss you so so so much!!! I am so sad that I haven’t been able to be there for you in planning this wedding!!! However, I want you to know that as soon as I get back I want to hear every detail!!! I’m also curious how things are going with your new job and how nice it must be to finally be done with school!!

Give Kimba a hug for me!!! Love you so much little sister!!!!



I don’t even know where to start… I am the luckiest girl in the world to have had you as a mother. Without the strength of character, integrity, and work ethic with which you raised us, I would never have been able to make it this far into this experience.

It has tested and tried me on every level, and at every fork in the road I have been guided by the echoes of your voice and life lessons that you have imparted to me. I hope that you and Jim were able to enjoy lobster mini-season and that you are reinvigorated for your return to work (which I think is right about now).

Send Jim and the rest of the family my love!

With love,

a great deal and can’t wait to see you soon!

As a lifelong game enthusiast, I want you to know that this is—hands down—the greatest game that I have ever encountered, and possibly the greatest game out there, period! I had no idea just how much strategy would be involved, nor how much I would be challenged philosophically, psychologically, and intellectually along the way.

I feel so very very blessed to have been able to take on this challenge.


First the Shouting...Then the Scampering. #BB17

Just another Tuesday night in the Big Brother far, that is.  Liz is cooking dinner...looks like pork chops, covered with some sort of marinade.

I heard Vanessa tell Steve that she offered to help Liz with dinner at least four times, but Liz obviously prefers to cook alone.  Then they had a quick game discussion, saying that if they win HoH then James might be the target, with Julia up as the pawn again.

Vanessa:  I could be your pawn, but obviously I prefer not to be.

Steve:  No,  don't want that.

Vanessa:  But what about Austin?  He's never been on the block before...let him be the pawn.

Steve:  What about me?  I've been on the block more than all of you put together.

Vanessa:  But you had our support.

Steve started quoting Peter Brown from BBCAN, saying he didn't watch that whole season but he watches Peter's You Tube videos and "is a big fan".  (***rolling my eyes here***)

Steve:  Peter Brown made probably the best statement I have ever heard about this game...he said if you have to win a comp, then you are doing something wrong.

Vanessa, after thinking deeply:  Yeah, that's pretty profound.  But you said he left in 6th place?  Then something was obviously wrong with his game.......

Meanwhile Liz is still adding ingredients to her pan of pork shops.  Parmesan cheese?  That might not be necessary....but I don't eat meat anymore so what do I know.

And Liz has a pan full of veggies...looks like broccoli and peppers.  I later saw her squirt both mustard and ketchup in the pan.

Liz called everyone to dinner, and then Austin and Liz started plowing through their own plates of food. They didn't bother waiting for the others to join them, they just started shoveling and chewing.  The noise against their microphones was deafening.

Steve wanted to try a pork chop, but admitted he was nervous about the potential flavor of the pork chops.  As in, there might be some flavor, and he was afraid of it.

They made Steve guess what the marinade was made of for the pork chops.  Steve guessed vinegar, mustard, red pepper, orange juice, and honey.

Vanessa:  Can we tell him?  I want to tell him what else is in there...his best friend is in there....(sarcastic)

Austin:  There's ketchup and barbecue sauce in there, too.

To Steve's credit he did not spit out his mouthful of pork chop, but said he's thinking the mustard cancelled out those two ingredients.  He ate it, so good for Steve.

There are cashews in the vegetables, and Vanessa says she loves them because they remind her of boiled peanuts.

So, while everyone who can eat is inside eating, Meg, James and Johnny Mac are outside playing pool.  Julia is in the DR, so everyone is accounted for.

Suddenly, there was a noise over the wall...the Drive By Shouter paid a visit and had a few things to say, basically that America wants Julia to be evicted, and that Austin and Vanessa have deals with everyone.

(I am certainly part of America, but I do not endorse this message.)

You can see my coverage of that here.  James was the first one to speak of it, but he got the message wrong, by saying that he heard "Austin wants Julia out".  They three of them were shocked and tried to be silent, with James telling them not to say anything to anybody.  I think they were aware that if they made a big deal about it, a lockdown would be called.

Meg was flustered, saying she was having a hard time playing pool now, but agreed to play again against Johnny Mac.  Liz came outside and asked them what was up.  They all tried to engage in casual conversation, asking Liz about her dinner.

James got on the elliptical trainer, and soon they were joined in the backyard by Austin.  Then it happened could hear the Drive By Shouter over the wall as BB made an announcement.


The message repeated several times, one after the other, probably an attempt to drown out the shouter, who is just on the other side of the wall.

Austin:  Someone has a megaphone!

They all file inside one after the other, but slowly.  James is slowest of all, bringing up the rear.

Then the feeds went to FISH for a few minutes, presumably while Production told everyone not to talk about what just happened, and probably not to believe anything they might have heard.

When the feeds return, we see Meg and James walk into the Have Not room and immediately go into the far corner.

Meg:  What the hell was that?

James:  Well, I heard that clear as a bell.

In the kitchen Austin appears pensive...did he hear anything that was said by Mr. Megaphone?  Is he wondering if America is against the AusTwins?

Liz wants to take a shower before making dessert, but Austin has other ideas.

I think Liz is enjoying Austin's company now, but when she learns that America isn't clamoring for their showmance, I think she will see the light of day and make a run for it, escaping to Miami in an attempt to rebuild her soiled reputation.

Or maybe she and Austin will hit the seedy post-BB club circuit, pimping themselves out for a few hundred dollars an appearance.  Time will tell, I guess.

Meanwhile Vanessa was pensive, too, musing over her collection of HoH letters.

In previous seasons, we learned that certain house guests may have had coded messages in their HoH letters...that is one reason why Production re-types them, so they can't see the actual handwriting.

(There was discussion of this scandal during BB12, which you can see here.)

Production might even re-word certain paragraphs or sentences now, to prevent blatant coding in the letters.  Because a good message from home, from a family member who watches the live feeds would be ten times more helpful than a Drive By Shouter.

Vanessa has quite a few HoH letters stacked up to read at this point.

And Steve is up to something in the kitchen, taping cups together and doing something with sugar.

I found out later that this is salt, and Steve was making a timer that they could use to play speed chess, giving each player a limited amount of time to make a move.


While in the Have Not room, an emergency meeting was being held.  Johnny Mac says he just read the Rule Book, and they are not allowed to talk about what they heard over the back wall.

James:  Okay.

Johnny:  But you can campaign.....

Johnny discusses the idea that Austin might vote to evict Julia, but try to blame it on Steve.  The good news about all of this is that Meg has finally stopped crying and is not interested in napping at the moment.

They plan to approach Austin later in the evening and make a play for his vote.

Meanwhile, Steve, Austin and Vanessa are talking in the HoH room, but it is clear they are focusing on the weeks ahead, having already decided what they plan to do this week.

Austin:  I just don't want anyone to think I'm going to be a Clay, sacrificing my own game for Liz.  I'm not married to her...yet.

Johnny Mac strolled in, eating gumdrops, and made himself at home.  They discussed topics like Dan Gheesling's book about how to be cast on reality shows.  Vanessa says she would love to write a book about BB strategy, and has written several articles in the past about gambling strategies.  Vanessa says she loves to write and enjoys it.

Vanessa watched Johnny Mac intently as he spoke...and you know what that means.  she's evaluating him and what he might really be saying.

Vanessa:  Is the Have Not food getting to you?

Johnny says he's trying to figure out the whole vitamin thing...he has been taking them too late at night and then he can't go to sleep  But tonight he's adjusting the timing so he can go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

(I'm sure he's aware that his late night scampering might not be appreciated by this group.)

Liz demands to know why this indoor lockdown is so long.

Austin:  They're probably just trying to make sure everything is okay.


The Drive By Shouter Strikes Again. #BB17

Last night, the BB Drive By Shouter delivered a message to Meg, James and Johnny Mac as they played pool in the backyard.

You can't really hear the Shouter in this clip, but you can see the house guest's shocked reactions.  At this point, Production didn't realize what happened, but the moment has been scrubbed from the live feed flashbacks, probably to discourage more Drive By Shouting.  As soon as Production figured things out, an indoor lockdown was called and that was that.  The DR always strongly cautions them to not repeat what they heard, and it may or may not be correct.  But you can't unhear what you already heard, of course.


The incident HAS NOT been scrubbed from the live feeds, after all.  I listened in at just after 9:13 PM BBT with my wireless headphones and could hear the shouter, but could not distinguish the words.  James got it wrong, though, because the Tweeter above is the guy who does the Drive By Shouting, at least for the past two years.


It is important to note that Johnny Mac is one of the people who has secret deals with Austin and Vanessa, so he is probably a little scared of being found out.

I'm not sure that James and Meg can capitalized on this information, which is only partly true.  But the Drive By Shouter will certainly cause some drama, and perhaps a little chaos, which is always the goal.

The Big Brother house is on the back of the studio lot, and just over the wall there is a busy street and an apartment complex, apparently.  So it can be relatively easy for someone who knows what they are doing to pull a prank like this.

I don't like people on the outside messing with the game, but if it happens I certainly need to report on it.

Last year we had the same problem with the Drive By Shouter, and Frankie seemed to be his target.  You can see that here.