Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Let's Put a Damper on the Scamper. #BB17

What a difference a week makes for Johnny Mac, huh?  Last week at this time he was a Dead Man Walking, and now he's having an easy week, and has made some pretty solid alliances within a group, and also individually.

Julia and Meg are on the block for eviction, and no one knows that this week is going to be a Double Eviction week.  Meg is expected to be evicted, getting only James' vote to stay, but as you know this is Big Brother and anything could happen.

Johnny does seem more relaxed, and might actually be enjoying himself a little this week.  It probably helps to know that he's now a real part of something, for the first time in the game.  And maybe after actually being evicted, nothing else seems like that big of a deal.

The starting place for this post is Monday night, around the dinner hour.

They talked a little about the first days of the game, when both Vanessa and Da'Vonne had Fast Forward passes to give out.  Both girls held little meetings in the Hammock Room to decide what was best for them, and Johnny told them that after Da'Vonne asked him "So, are you REALLY a dentist?" he was so freaked out that he never did go in and talk to Vanessa about her Fast Forward pass.

Johnny:  We ran out of time, and Da'Vonne freaked me out.

Vanessa:  Oh...I wondered about that.

(I recently went back and watched the first three episodes of the season.  If you get bored with the live feeds, I actually recommend this.  It helps you remember where everybody came from, and you notice little things about the early days of the game that you might not have noticed the first time around.  But I did see Da'Vonne ask Johnny about this, and his apparently futile attempt to assure her that yes, he was indeed a dentist.  Da'Vonne:  He just doesn't give off that dentist feeling....)

Steve used pain as an excuse to tell everyone he needed to go "yell at Vanessa".  Apparently she has been prodding him to get more exercise every day, so that they can both be better competitors in the final competitions, sure to be endurance-related, or active challenges at the least.

Steve says he ran for 20 minutes and is sore going up the stairs already.

Vanessa:  Steve, I've been thinking.  We need to think.  I'm glad you came up here.  We need to think about everything.  What if this week is a double eviction?

Steve: I don't think it will be.  It's probably next week, or the week after.

Vanessa:  But that would be really late in the game.

Steve:  They've done that before...didn't you see BB8?

Vanessa says the first season she watched "like normal" from beginning to end on TV was BB10.  She did watch some You Tube clips of Evel Dick, and read the Wikipedia page on BB8, though.  Steve went off on a tangent, as usual, about minutia with the former seasons, rather than get into details with Vanessa about this week, the actual Double Eviction week.

(I thought she might say something about maybe not voting Meg out this week, but if she wanted to say it, she never got around to it.  I think Vanessa wants Meg out for real though, because she's made two big enemies this week and doesn't want Meg around to vote her out if she's on the block.  Or nominate her if Meg were to stay and win HoH, but c'mon...it's Meg we're talking about.)

And since it's a Double Eviction, the competition is sure to be Q & A, which will not favor James, who never likes to study.

James is too busy for that right now, are you kidding?  He's got too much going on to busy himself with memorizing things.

Liz and Austin made grilled tuna tacos.  Liz likes her's on a flour tortilla, but Austin says the corn tortillas are much better for you, with lower calories.  Julia likes corn tortillas, too, but since she's a Have Not she's sitting at the counter and trying not to even look at her sister's plate.

Steve watched Becky and Clay make a "pasta dish" one time, and was very excited about eating some, but then he says Becky dumped a load of sour cream and salsa on it, and Steve says he almost cried because he would never eat anything with sour cream or salsa on it.  Austin and Liz interrogated Steve about his story, and finally figured out that the dish that Clay and Becky made was enchiladas, not pasta, and they both remember how tasty they were.

Steve likes his grilled tuna taco just plain, with "no flavor".  They all tried to guess his Taco Bell order, and he finally told them that he gets three soft tacos, with lettuce, cheese, and a little tomato.  No sauce is ever added, he says.

He told them about his trip to Epcot when he was 8, when they ate at a restaurant in "Morocco", Steve asked the waitress which dish on the menu had the least flavor and his sister was mortified.  I have heard Steve mention this Disney trip several times this summer, so it must have had a big impact on him.

Steve says he does have a huge sweet tooth, and when he gets ice cream or yogurt he likes all of the flavors, and all of the toppings.  He even likes to mix up the toppings, and enjoys getting a waffle cone or bowl, too.

(A psychiatrist might say that Steve is stuck emotionally at a kindergarten level with his fear of flavor and distrust of adult foods, and might even try to figure out what happened at that age to create so much fear......but of course I am not in that line of work.)

Vanessa came in to get a taco and wore sunglasses with a flag theme.  I remember Shelli say that when she was packing up to come on the show, she was looking for a pair she owned that looked just like that, but never found them and didn't bring them.

The group had a laugh about the Outback Dinner they won a few weeks ago.

Vanessa:  I'm glad I took Becky to that dinner...that worked out well....so she could backdoor me at her next opportunity!

Austin:  And James took Clay, and look what happened with them....(James evicted Clay.)

They all laughed, and Steve scolded Vanessa for inappropriately using the term "backdoor".

Steve:  In order to be backdoored, you would not have had the opportunity to play for the PoV, and you would have to leave that week, so you did not get backdoored.

Vanessa:   I'm working on that Steve, and I'm trying to correct it.

The group realized that Jace, Jason, Jeff and Audrey were all truly backdoored this year, and Steve says that after next week, no one can get backdoored because they will all play for the PoV.

(Actually, due to this weeks DE, the backdoors will no longer be possible after this week.)

Austin did the dishes after dinner, and the cameras kept a close eye on his scrubbing and rinsing procedures.

They talked about the casting process, and Steve says he made eye contact with two different people during finals, but neither of them came on the show. He feels that he made some inroads with them through the various motions and gestures.

Austin:  But you're not allowed to talk.

Steve:  I know.  We didn't speak...but I still talked to them.

(I can only assume these two people were not girls, unless they were over the age of 40.)

You might know that Austin made the finals of the BB16 casting process. and was in the final days of sequester when he decided to leave and go home.  He said that he was worried about his girlfriend breaking up with him, since she was very much against his being cast on the show.  Ironically, this is the same "girlfriend" that Austin was "in love with" when he was cast this year.  I heard him say he was getting off a plane after a trip to Costa Rico with that girl when he got the call to go to BB17 semi-finals.  He indicated that things were very rocky with that girlfriend and he was glad for the distraction.

Liz is putting on a face mask and Julia gave her a hard time about it, asking her if she wasn't self-conscious about wearing that on TV, with everyone staring at her.  She wasn't.  Liz doesn't care even though Julia said she looked like a Smurf.

Julia:  So Austin, you were in sequester last year and you just left?


Austin:  Did I tell you about this Steve?  I know you would geek out over it, but Donny tried to hand me a newspaper last year.

I think they were all in a room waiting for their final BB16 interviews, the ones where you meet the CBS people like Les Moonves and get the final blessing.  I heard that Derrick confirmed on some podcast that Austin was a finalist last year, so this must be where he saw Austin.  Austin isn't someone you would forget seeing, particularly for a Police Sergeant like Derrick Lavasseur.

Austin:  I saw Frankie, Cody, Derrick, and Victoria, too.  I remember Victoria, because she kind of reminded me of Rachel...she had on a dress, like a Rachel-type dress.

Julia asked questions about Cody, as she always does...was he tall?, etc.  Austin says that he was so afraid to get in trouble with Production, he was scared to take the newspaper from Donny.  Instead he kind of waved him off and shook his head.

I'm sure Donny probably thought it was his beard or Austin's beard that would make the show.  He probably thought he beat out the other beard since he never saw Austin in the house.  According to Derrick, Hayden Voss was an alternate, and got Austin's spot on the show last year.

Those that could drink were happy to get a booze delivery last night....one bottle of wine and two beers for the three drinkers.  (Austin, Vanessa and Liz)

Liz:  Whoo hoo!  Let's get fucking drunk!

Julia is very sad that she can't have any alcohol, but Vanessa says she is saving the rest of her port wine until Julia is finished being a Have Not so they can share it.  Vanessa still has the cigarettes that Jason gave her and the Twins and Austin want to help her smoke them...maybe on Thursday after the show, they say.

Liz, her mask cracking on her face: Cheers, Bitches!

Vanessa talks about how Steve is very obvious when he's guilty about something, saying that's a sign of a good person, when they are able to feel guilt.

I think they poured the beer into glasses so they could share them before drinking the bottle of wine.  Both Liz and Vanessa admitted today that they were so buzzed that they fell sound asleep, and didn't wake back up after that.

But Austin stayed up late, playing pool and chess with Meg, James, Steve and Johnny.

While everyone was drinking and talking, Meg and James were doing what they do best.

And it was the same thing this morning.  Meg got up to participate in the HoH Picture Time, but James refused to get up and pose for pictures.  He was too tired, he said.  The house guests brought in the large styrofoam "gumdrops" from the Have Not "Gum Slops" display for props in a few pictures in the Have Not room, but that was it for James.

Meanwhile, Vanessa had a creative idea for a group photo by the memory wall.  They all got into position, and then Liz got up and hit the timer on the camera so they could take their group shot.

They all stood by the memory wall, pointing at their own pictures and trying to make the same facial gestures as they pictures.  It's a good idea.  I love the memory wall as a picture backdrop...such great lighting.

Liz looked at it and said it was great, but they really needed James to make it complete.

Vanessa;  Well, I asked him, but he didn't want to get out of bed.

Austin:  We really don't have room for him, anyway.

(Yes they do...Steve could scoot over next to Austin and James could squish in between Steve and Liz, just below his own picture.)

Liz wanted Austin to go get his top hat, but he claims he doesn't know where it is now.

They took the same picture again, for insurance.

Then the guys did an exaggerated version of Steve's intro montage gesture of pushing his glasses up on his nose.

Austin made a comment to the Twins about Steve acting sketchy, and Julia kind of freaked out with Liz about it later.  She suddenly became very paranoid, saying that everyone else stayed up all night scampering, and if Steve is the reason why she leaves this week, she's going to be very upset.

Julia:  I only agreed to do this because I was told I was safe!  This is the worst feeling. I'm never going to be a pawn again.

Steve knocked on the door, saying Austin told him to come talk to them.  Oranges in hand, Steve went over to hug Julia, reassuring her that nothing has changed.

Steve:  I told you that she was going to start campaigning at some point, but that nothing she could say would make me change my mind.  NOTHING!  NOTHING!  It's done...it's already done...you have my vote.

Julia:  Thank you Steeev-ah.  Should I stop sleeping at night to stop the scampering?

Steve:  You have the votes!  You already have them!

Julia:  I really hate being on the block

Steve says the difference for him last week when he was on the block is that he didn't worry about it at all.  He knew he was safe.  There is a problem with the microwave and Steve helped the girls fix it.  He discovered there is an issue with the electrical outlet---when the coffee maker is plugged into the same socket the microwave oven is not working.  Steve started the arduous process of asking the DR personnel if they could move the microwave....and getting that approval will take time, of course.

Meg and James slept, their commemorative sticks of butter at their sides.

Vanessa and Austin had an important conversation in the HoH Suite.  Austin pointed out that the same time in BB15, the Exterminators formed and ended up running the rest of the game.  (While McCrae and Amanda slept.)

Austin:  This is the time of the season where you need to stay up late and just grind it out with people. You can't let them start talking and get together against you...all it would take is for the four of them to put it together.

Vanessa:  Oh, yes...please stay on top of me with this kind of stuff.  I'm so introverted it's easy for me to just stay in my room.  We have to get rid of people who can win this game, like Steve.  He'll win all the competitions, and I know he can beat any of us in the Final Two.

They agree they can both beat Johnny Mac over Steve with the Jury, and that one of the Twins should target James for them.  Austin pointed out that he was talking to James and Meg last night, Steve wouldn't leave them alone at all.

Austin:  He's probably worried that they'll tell me something he said.  Do you think we're the villains this season?

Vanessa:  With the jury we are, for sure.  And once Meg goes in there, I'm fucked even more with them.

Austin said he realizes now what Vanessa was trying to talk to him about last week, that it's going to be too hard for him to try and worry about the safety of three people.

Vanessa:  You were trying to save a whole herd!

Austin says the stress of it was killing him, and they both agree that this topic of their end game needs to stay between the two of them, of course.  Austin indicated that if Vanessa was on the block with Julia, he would vote for Vanessa to stay.  They both agree that their chances to win the game are probably about even if they go to the end together.

They are both worried what James and Steve would do if they won HoH....Steve won't tell Austin who his targets would be.  (Because he told Vanessa his targets would be Austin and Liz!)  Austin says that when the time comes, he will soften people up and Vanessa can come in with the hard facts to push their agenda.

Austin:  I need you for that in this game, and I always have.

Liz joined them, and they discussed Julia's nervousness about this week.  Vanessa says to send Julia up to talk to her if she needs more reassurance, and suggests that Liz keep an eye on Steve this week, and be involved in as many of his conversations as she can be.

After Liz and Austin left, Steve came in the HoH, and Vanessa asked him about Meg's campaigning.  Steve says she told him she is going to start campaigning on Wednesday.

Vanessa:  Do you think Austin might want Julia to leave this week?  And he might vote to evict her but blame his vote on you?

Steve:  No!  That wouldn't happen...it's so dirty!

Vanessa:  Well, the thought crossed my mind.  I want you to be leery of it.  But the only way that would happen is if Johnny Mac voted to evict Julia, too, but I don't think he would.

(The thought has crossed James's mind, too...he is calling it the Trojan Horse plan, and they plan to approach Austin with the idea soon.)

Vanessa asked if Steve knew any other secrets about Austin, other than his Judas story.  Steve didn't know what she was talking about....but I'm guessing Vanessa was thinking about Austin's hinky "Judas Vote" in the early days of the game, but Steve didn't know about it so Vanessa didn't bring it up.

Vanessa is nervous about Austin figuring out that the two of them are working with Johnny Mac.