Saturday, August 29, 2015

PoV Aftermath - Sh*t Got Messy Tonight. And The House is a Wreck, Too. #BB17

The PoV competition lasted over 4 hours, and when the feeds returned, the house was a mess.  Oh, and get this:

James won PoV.


John was the host, and he is helping clean up the bedroom, where clothes, shoes and apparently pretzels are strewn all over.

I think the competition was similar to an old one, where each competitor has to hide something and try to keep the others from finding it. If it's like the others, they each got turns running in the house to look for someone else's hidden object, which would eliminate them from the competition.

I don't know if you can see, but Austin is holding a handful of pretzel sticks.  Someone asks where those came from, and Steve says he got them in his HoH basket.

They're just filling up garbage bags with crap. Steve is apparently trying to clean up the kitchen, and calls out a clarifying question to the group.

Steve:  So any food that's on the floor....that's gone now?

Everyone told him to throw the food away.


Meg's clothes are everywhere, and she keeps complaining about one of her shoes being across the room. You can see that even the mattresses were ripped off the beds.

James got that basket for Meg and tried to help her gather everything.

This isn't mine, Meg says.  (the bikini top)

The girls figured out later that it probably belonged to Shelli, and that she probably has the bottoms with her in Jury.

We did see Vanessa for a few minutes, up in the HoH room, mad as a...well, mad as a hatter.  She's in the shit now, because she will have to nominate someone else to go on the block.   And now she has a big enemy in James.

The Twins are livid.

Liz:  I saw my stuff had been thrown all over, so I went in and threw Meg's clothes all over.

Julia:  Liz!  How did you know it was her?

Liz:  Well, I'm only cleaning up our stuff.  No one else's.

Apparently James hid his item under the rug, and no one found it.   One of the Twins hid her's inside a pizza box, so when she ran in the house to search and saw the pizza box on the floor, she already knew she was out of the game.

It sounds like Austin unzipped one of the duvets and hid his item inside.

Ultimately the ants won, too, when you think about it.  Austin said the kitchen stunk and thinks it is the bacon that smells.

Austin:  All that food.....gone.  I refuse to clean up all of that cereal.

Austin says once all of the obvious hiding places had been searched, people had to get more creative, and they were all in a hurry so that explains the mess.

Steve:  I used to have an underwear drawer, but I don't anymore.

A Twin:  Oh, the Hanes?  They're all out there, in the hall.  I'd be so pissed if my stuff got messed up and I didn't even participate.

(Steve didn't play, nor host.)

Austin tries to put the Hammock Room back in order.

Vanessa found Austin's item, and is upset about it.  She tells Julia that she knew James hid his under a rug, and she looked under every rug.  I think she found one, but didn't actually "find" it because she thought it was Julia's, and she wanted her to win.

Julia:  Meg will still go home.

Vanessa: How?

Julia:  You can put up John. If we all vote for her, she'll leave. (i.e. the AusTwins)

Vanessa:  You guys will really do that....all three of you will vote her out and not him?  Are you sure?

Julia:  Well, who else?  James is downstairs so happy that he won...I want him out so bad.

Vanessa:  They must really  be pulling for him, to give him a physical endurance comp that I should have never fucking won, and now this one.

James put a huge yellow sectional piece of furniture over the rug where he hid his item, and no one thought to look under it.

Vanessa:  This was perfect for him...with all the times he hides from us in here.  He's so sneaky.  This was his comp.

Julia:  I really don't care whether Meg or John goes...whichever you want.

Vanessa:  Well, now that James and John are so close...maybe I don't know anymore.  And now Meg and James are coming after me...great.

Julia: I want him gone so bad. You don't understand.

Vanessa:  I don't know what to do now.  I can't tell you guys to vote out Meg over John, because John is after you guys, and Meg sucks.  She never wins anything. This game is all about incentives...there is no incentive for you to send Meg home unless she's on the block next to James.

Julia:  I want Meg gone, but Austin and Liz want John out, I think.

Vanessa: Might as well go downstairs and help clean up.  I'm so frustrated.  I gave it everything I had...I've got bruises everywhere from lifting up stuff.  And I found Austin's!  There was just no way to know...

Julia: And I found yours, too.

Vanessa:  It just shows we think alike.  Well, James won it fair and square.  Good for him, but it sucks for us.

Austin is the one who threw cereal everywhere and refused to clean it up, and Julia is pissed.

Julia:  Oh, I hate him.  I hate both of them.  I want them both gone.  But I want Meg gone, too, before she floats her way to the end.

Whiners, Aren't We All? (The Players, and The Fans.) #BB17

Last night there was a lot of favorable chatter about Steve's speech on Thursday night's live show.  Everyone was impressed with how well Steve delivered the speech, as well as the content of the speech itself.  Then they started razzing Steve about how it would be impossible to improve on that speech, so all of his future speeches on the live show will never measure up.

Austin:  You've already done the whole 'I'm a superfan who is so happy to be here' routine, so you'll need to figure something else out next time.

They like that Steve mentioned his Spin the Bottle kiss with Meg, and then they discussed Johnny Mac's speech in less-glowing terms.  Note that Johnny was out of the room at the time.

Whenever Johnny speaks on the live show, everyone always comments on how Julie Chen looks distressed and a little angry at him, particularly the first time he was in the nomination chairs on eviction night, next to Jason.  Johnny mentioned the "stains on the Whackstreet Boys" tour bus and the house guests said Julie looked livid.

(We were watching Johnny Mac, as part of the audience of the show, but the house guests could see Julie on the monitor in the living room.)

Last week they thought Julie liked his speech when he was next to Becky better, but they can't imagine Julie was happy about the whole "gas management" comment that Johnny made this week.  The picture below is Julia imitating Johnny Mac in the DR.  Ever since she heard him screaming in the DR from the living room, she is very suspicious about his behavior, since he is such a quiet person on an everyday basis.

They also discussed the America's Favorite Player vote.  Austin had an opinion on this, saying that Shelli wouldn't win unlesss "Clelli" was some huge phenomenon with the fans.

Austin:  But their whole thing was too perfect....America likes flawed couples, like Brenchal, and me and Liz.

Vanessa said that Clay's game got better over time, and that he definitely learned things from Audrey and applied them after she left.

Vanessa: When Clay was lying about knowing about Jason going on the block though....that is when some of his problems started.  I know Shelli had to get onto him a few times, telling him that they can't expect to come out of every situation looking good.  But what scared me about Clay is that he seemed like that kid who was always able to use his charm to get out of things....

Austin:  Yeah...that is scary.

Upstairs, Vanessa prepared for nominations, and chatted with Austin about her speech.  She wanted to be entertaining, and needed some help with how to phrase things.  Since Austin has so much entertainment experience, he volunteered to help, using examples of how wrestlers enter the ring and interact with each other as support for his ideas.

They ended up using chess concepts as ideas for the nomination speech.  Vanessa was going to nominate James and Meg, calling Meg James' queen and using the word pawn, too, of course.

(BB speeches using chess analogies are as old as Big Brother itself...)

Austin threw in "chess pieces aren't we all" as an idea for a closer, and Vanessa liked it.  She planned to use it, saying "victims and chess pieces aren't we all" in her ending statements.  The Twins came in and heard Vanessa practice her speech, and said they loved it.

Liz:  You should throw your beanie and just walk off, like Austin did with his top hat.

Vanessa said she couldn't possibly get away with that, but she stood up and showed Liz how ridiculous it looked to prove her point.  The beanie she is wearing is a new one that she got in her HoH basket.

Then Vanessa sat alone and went through the speech a few times.  She got a lot of good things in her HoH basket, including another bottle of port and Ginger Beer.  Her CD was by some artist who does "deep house" music.  Julia was familiar with her and immediately put on the headphones and started dancing to Track #5 (I think.) and said it was her favorite.

Vanessa also got a long letter from Mel and it made her feel better.  Apparently she's been worrying that Mel wouldn't love her anymore----she's really the only one in the house that came in there with a committed relationship.  (We can't count Austin...)

The Twins:  Of course she loves you!  Why would you think she wouldn't?

Vanessa:  I don't know....I don't hear anything in here...maybe I'm hated by America and she....I don't know!

Mel has taken trips to Montreal and Orlando this summer and Vanessa discussed the trips with the Twins, who wanted to know all of the details.  Vanessa was very proud to announce that Mel's long dark hair is "all real", which is apparently not very common these days.  Mel also has shaved part of the right side of her head and everyone said Mel was very good-looking in all of her pictures.

Meg, looking at one framed picture:  Bow chicka bow wow.

They were locked down outside for a little while, and when the screen rolled up to let them back in the house, they found another Have Not surprise.

The foods displayed were "Gum Slops", which apparently add all sorts of varieties of gum drops to the allowed slop and condiments this week.  Then Vanessa read the card, making a surprised noise and saying that people were not going to be happy with what she had to say.

Vanessa announced that while this would be the last week of Have Nots this summer, she had to choose FOUR people to live the Have Not life this week.  This was indeed a surprise....they were expecting to have to nominate two people, not four, which is half of the house at this point.

Johnny Mac volunteered, and after some grumbling, Julia did too.  Vanessa said that Steve has already done it three times, so she pointed at James and Meg and told them they would be Have Nots.    If they were following the (boring) rotation schedule that has been established this summer, it would have been the AusTwin's turn, so Vanessa definitely upset a few (only TWO) people by nominating Meg and James.

And those two were PISSED, going immediately into storage to grumble and complain, and also to grab some of the gum drops.  I need to point out that in advance of the lockdown, every other house guest was up and had breakfast, and was doing some game talking.  But Meg and James both slept, so not only were they not trying to play the game, they were not eating a good Last Meal.

Meg:  If I would have known......

Meg has a bad feeling about today, and says that she thinks it will be a horrible day for the two of them.  (She suspects they will be nominated.)

They went right into the Have Not room to stake out the dentist chairs they want first.  Meg immediately got into her chair and tore open a box of Dots.

Meg:  They're pretty good....the sour ones are good.

She says she can't wait to win HoH so she can nominate some people.

Later on in the evening, James and John ate bowls of slop while watching Austin prepare dinner for the four house guests who could eat it.

John: If I could hit this with some would be really good.

James:  Yeah.  It's crazy that we can use restaurant-style salsa though.  That stuff is good.

When I see a camera focused on a doorknob like this, I switch over as fast as I can to make sure I don't miss something.  Because usually this means something.

But then I realized this was the door to the WC, in the bathroom.

And then the camera panned back to show us Liz doing hard labor, wiping down the shower.  I want you to know that this happened a few minutes before BBAD came on the way is Liz going to be cleaning the bathroom live on POP TV.

Those girls know exactly when that show is on---watch the live feeds sometime just as BBAD is ending....the nose strips come out pretty quickly.

But the cameras show us this....maybe she was trying to get hair off the shower floor or something, because that does not look like an effective shower-cleaning tool.

Were they trying to tell us that the doorknob needed to be sterilized?  Because that would make sense to me...seems like one of those Clorox wet wipes could take care of that.

She did wash her hands vigorously, with soap.  The camera crew wanted us to know that.

Is that cabbage or lettuce in the storage room? Shouldn't lettuce be refrigerated?  And the grapes, too?

Meanwhile Vanessa enjoyed the dinner that Austin made.  I think Liz helped, too.  There is a salad that contains a lot of different items, like hearts of palm.  That might be some mac and cheese on her plate, too, but I'm not sure about that.

Julia came through and was jealous of the salad, but said she hoped to lose 5 pounds this week as a Have Not.

Vanessa:  Five pounds?  From where?

Austin:  Don't even get me started with that topic.

They wondered why the backyard wasn't locked down yet.....usually they are locked inside earlier on Fridays so that the PoV competition can be set up.  Vanessa wondered if it was Labor Day weekend or something.

Austin:  No, I don't think so.  Because if it was they would have banged out a few competitions already like they did for July 4th.  There's either something different planned, or maybe it will be a late night PoV comp.

Vanessa:  I'm glad the Morphomatic comp is over.  I'm tired of staring at the pictures.

(I heard Vanessa say last week that she memorized the facial features by assigning objects to each person's face, like almonds for Da'Vonne's eyes, and a bird's beak for Meg's nose.  She showed Meg what she meant by that and Meg seemed to understand the comparison....Meg didn't even recognize her own nose in that competition.  Note that I never heard Vanessa discuss this facial feature strategy with anyone until AFTER the competition was over.)

Liz is having a turkey burger patty without the bun, in an attempt to control her carbs.

Vanessa:  You don't like the bun?

Liz:  I do, but I ate one last night with just ketchup and mustard, and it was good.

Vanessa points out that the Jury is full of friends of Meg and would be stupid to keep them in the game.

(You know what's stupid?  Keeping an open bowl of gumdrops in the middle of the table like that, when you know there are MILLIONS of ants living with them on that parking lot.)

Something about her posture here is just weird to me.  Is she trying to avoid putting her face in the beard?  Doesn't it look odd, like she's not committing to the hug?

(He didn't force her to hug him...she went in as much as he did.)

Finally just after 9:30 the indoor lockdown was announced.  Maybe there was a shift change at 9:30 or something.  TV shows usually have a detailed production schedule, with specific time schedules for each part of the crew.  Because they are all unionized, there are required break and meal times, too, so the timing of everything is often planned out very carefully.

If someone has experience in reality TV crew stuff, please share info if you can.  Most BB fans love to "talk about production", even if it is another show, or a show you can't name.

James and Johnny Mac were playing pool when the lockdown was called, and rushed around to finish their game, talking out loud to the cameras to let them know they were trying to rush it.  Finally, just after 9:35 they went in the house and Johnny said goodbye to the backyard.

I'm sure you know that Meg and James were indeed nominated by Vanessa earlier in the day, and were very upset by her nomination speech.

Meg:  What was that speech?  I didn't even understand it.

They feel like they were suckered into a deal by Vanessa, but point out that if either one of them wins the PoV and saves themselves, Vanessa would not want to nominate Steve or Johnny Mac, because either one of them would go home.

James:  One of the AusTwins would have to go up as a pawn...that will be interesting.  Let's see if they trust each other.

Meg:  I was thinking about and me are the only people in here who haven't had some sort of big blow out with Vanessa.  So because we try to stay quiet, we're the ones who are called the schemers.  She's so paranoid.

James:  She's nuts.

Steve came in the Have Not room to get some socks out of the dresser, and says he's sorry to interrupt, and he'll try to move his stuff out of the room soon.

James:  No, you don't need to do that.

Steve:  But for the nocturnal stuff....

James:  Oh, you walking around in the middle of the night?  Oh yeah please get your stuff out of here before then.

Steve:  That's actually why I moved my stuff in here last week.  No one was sleeping in here so I could come in here a lot.  Well I'll leave you one mime said to the other....

(I guess that was a joke...)

Meg:  Maybe we made a mistake that week when we voted to keep Vanessa....but with Shelli the same exact thing could be happening.

James:  Yeah.  Shelli would have hooked up with the AusTwins...they were sorority sisters and stuff.  This is a really tough cast.  Everybody is fighting here....there's no Victorias in here.  They did a really good job getting a good variety of people, and a great job picking a crazy person.


I missed the vote this week.  Of course I mean America's Vote, which is always focuses on the most important issues of the game.

Can you believe this shit?  Effing "Fun Dip"?  Like they don't already have a house full of candy in there already.....