Thursday, August 27, 2015

So Much Scampering in the BBH: Johnny Mac Finally Gets Busy. #BB17

Well, the time to scamper is officially here.  As of last night, it was pretty much going to be a unanimous vote to evict Johnny Mac, but he's been waiting, watching, ready to strike, apparently.  I think he knows that if he wants to win this thing, he needs to go balls out and make some big moves that would impress the jury.

Of course he needs to do that to save his butt this week, too, much less win the game.

He met with Meg first thing this morning in the Have Not room.  He told her he has nothing to lose at this point because he expects to be told any minute now that he doesn't have the votes to stay. 

(Vanessa already told him that late last night, but Johnny told her he had a plan for what to do this morning.  This must be part of that plan.)

Johnny told Meg about his deals with Steve for a Final Two, and also his agreement last week for a Final Five with the AusTwins and Steve.  When Meg learned that Steve was so heavily involved with the AusTwins, she said "shit" numerous times.  So if you see this scene, and words are bleeped out, you'll know it was "shit....shit....shit".

Johnny told Meg that he thinks he can get Vanessa's vote, but it depends on having James and Meg's votes, too.  He assures Meg that if they flip the vote, Johnny will own up to his involvement, saying he put together the entire plan.  (Of course he will....he needs to start playing the damn game sometime, but the AusTwins will still be mad as hell, probably at Vanessa, not him.)

Johnny wanted to have a meeting in the Purple bedroom at 5:00 pm to finalize their votes.  (If you don't know, that is just only an hour before the live show starts, and might even be before the rehearsal.)

Meg told James all of this news, and James went in to talk to Johnny and heard it all for himself, too.  Johnny told James that Steve planned to evict Jackie during the double eviction, even though Johnny wanted Vanessa to be the one who was evicted.  He thinks Vanessa is pissed at the AusTwins because they have betrayed her, and she might be persuaded to change her vote.

James and Meg discussed everything they learned, and are nervous about what is going to happen.  James can sense that they will be targeted, and seems to be leaning towards flipping, depending on what Vanessa decides to do.  He remembers that Becky told them that she had a Final Six deal, too, and look what happened to her.

(I'm thinking that if Vanessa flips, she will come up with a reason for the switch and tell the AusTwins ahead of time, so that if there is an all-out war after tonight she can get out of the line of fire.)

Then Austin went into the bedroom and had a little chat with Meg and James.

Meg:  Steve gives me a weird feeling.

Austin: Look, I'm not even voting tonight.  You should talk to Steve and get him to promise you something for your vote.

Austin says that Steve still has issues with Vanessa after everything that happened this week, implying that Steve will target Vanessa if he stays in the game and wins HoH. 

Meg:  He just seems so confident today.  I don't know why, but that really annoys me.

She points out that Steve has never even seriously approached her to ask for her vote.

After Austin left, James pointed out how Austin kept defending Steve.

Meg:  Yeah, he got nervous about that.

They can hear Steve laughing down the hall, and they say Steve is out there laughing with the Twins---he knows he has their votes.  They plan to have a talk with Vanessa and see if she tells them the same information that Johnny gave them about all of the alliances she was in with the AusTwins.

Meg:  We need Jackie to come back tonight...or Becky.

James:  Well, if Shelli comes back in and starts working with them again, and Steve is here with them, then we're in trouble.  They have a good team.

Meg:  Think it's time to blow things up?

Vanessa came in and they hit her with some game talk.  Meg told her that Steve blamed his double eviction plans on her.

Vanessa:  I had nothing to do with that.

James:  From what I'm hearing, there's a lot of Final Five deals around this house.

Vanessa:  You can do the math.

James:  But who's the real Final Five?

Vanessa:  If we have the votes, I'll go with you.  Brass tacks.

(When the Goblins formed the Brass Tacks alliance with the AusTwins, they said they didn't want Vanessa to be in it....and the AusTwins said OK.)

Vanessa:  Was there a Brass Tacks group without me?  If you tell me that they cut me out of Brass Tacks, then I'll do whatever you want.

No one really answers her directly, but Meg says she thought they were working with the AusTwins until Johnny told them that he was in a Final Five deal with them and Steve..

James:  Well, I love all of them to death...

Vanessa:  Me, too.

Liz walks in the room, coming up quietly behind Vanessa.  James slyly changed the topic, saying that choosing who to vote out was a tough decision.

(Sneaky sneaky sneaky.  I love it.)

Vanessa ended up telling them that she had an idea, but would sit on it until they could talk later, after the HoH lockdown.

Then James went into storage with Johnny Mac and Johnny went over the same info again, stressing that the AusTwins were playing both sides of the house.

James:  You just dropped a bomb on us, man.

Johnny:  I know, but this has been my plan from the start.  I needed to wait until there wasn't enough time for them to react.

James:  But it all depends on Vanessa...what's she gonna do?

Johnny:  Yeah. If she doesn't show up, then vote me out.  I don't want you two to hurt your game if I can't get the votes to stay.

James: But what is Steve up to?

Johnny:  He wants a Final Two with me, but he's not doing a very good job of it.  He kept a lot of information from me for a long time.

But then, after all this excitement, Vanessa went up to the HoH where Steve and the AusTwins were getting ready for the HoH lockdown.  Steve loves this time because it is the only time when Production lets him sleep on the floor, so he has his favorite spot in the corner every week.  Whens she walked in, Vanessa said, "who's up here"?  When she learned it was just them, she addressed Steve.

Vanessa:  Steve, they want you to talk to them more about the vote.  They feel like you don't care if they vote for you or not, and it's raising suspicion.

Steve jumped up and Vanessa had to tell him, "no, not now!  it will look like I came up here and told you to do that...lay back down...get back down".

Austin:  I already told him he needs to try and express some gratitude.....ask for their vote and be appreciative.

Vanessa assured Austin that she will tell him everything they tell her, but she needs to get back downstairs so it doesn't look like she's working with them right now.

Vanessa:  Trust circles....remember Austin?  I'm building trust circles.

Then plans change as she sees Meg appear in the HoH room for the lockdown.

Vanessa:  How much time do we actually have before we have to come up here?

Meg:  About 30 minutes, I think.

Vanessa left the room as Meg got comfortable on the couch.  You can see Austin's tattoo here that he has to cover up in the middle so that you can't read it.  It is some sort of song lyrics, and says "Fated to Pretend" or something like that.

The Twins started FIGHTING about who had to lay where in the bed, and where Austin would be laying, and just then we went to FISH for the lock down.


Austin started the day yesterday in the kitchen working with garlic.  I think they were trying to make "corn flake fried oven fried chicken" or something like that.  Not sure why that involves garlic, but whatever.

The point is, he did wash his hands immediately afterwards, and used soap, to boot.

So at least that's something.

I don't remember why I took this picture....probably due to the Butter of Steve in the background, from the OTEV competition.

They played Slingband again last night, and I didn't have the patience to watch all of that today, so while looking around for some juicy live feeds, my screen defaulted at one point back to midnight on Wednesday, and James and Meg were in the pool, talking mad game.

Meg:  I was so scared at that PoV meeting....even though they were all fighting right before it.

James:  Yeah.  We were dancing in our beds when that happened.

Meg:  What is the deal with Vanessa?

James:  She's playing to win, that's what she's doing. And whatever her game is, the Zingbot got it.  You know she was dead in the water in here...and she turned it around.

They are both impressed with what Vanessa has done in there.

James:  But in my goodbye messages, I said that "they made me do it", and blamed it all on them.

They both laugh about that.

The AusTwins chatted with Vanessa on Wednesday night and Austin was getting irritated with Johnny Mac.

Austin:  He said I should keep Steve in here, so he can keep winning comps!

Steve comes in, wearing a hoodie in what must be the manner pictured in a diagram in the Nerd Handbook.

Steve made some sort of offhand remark about what he told the others, that if he won HoH he would put up whoever comes back in the game with one of the AusTwins.

Vanessa had to ask Steve if that was supposed to be a joke, and he said it was.

Vanessa:  You need to say that, explicitly!  And the rest of you should ask him!  Did you hear what he just said?

Steve:  I think Johnny Mac is when he speaks on the show his hands shake.

Julia: Well there are only 8 million people watching!  Of course he's nervous!  Let's see how you do when you have to speak.

Austin:  Eight million?  It might be more....because I was the HoH this week.

(How creepy is this picture?)

Meanwhile there is James, with his Butter of James proudly displayed behind him, talking about Steve with Meg and Johnny Mac.

James:  I just can't handle Steve winning America's Favorite Player.

Meg:  Well Big Brother is all he ever talks about....all day every day.  What could America possibly see him doing on TV?

Johnny:  Maybe he's slaying it in the Diary Room.

James:  What's he saying in there....CONTROL ALT DELETE?  No, I changed my mind.  Steve won't win AFP, because he's going to win Big Brother instead.

Meg is confused:  You can't win both?

James starts to explain that the winner of the show can't be AFP, and we get FISH while they discuss it.

Steve came in and parked himself, and the conversation abruptly changed, of course.  Meg tells them that she had to prepay all of her rent for the summer before she came in the house.

James:  Well, you must have money then.  Because that must be, what, $2,000 for three months rent?

Meg: It's more than that. But it's money I had for a long time, in savings. But I won't have any when I go home....I'll be broke.

James:  You'll have this money...and that will be at least $16,000.


Meg:  That money is going to be gone very quickly....with taxes, living's expensive where I live.

James:  Well, no one said you have to live in NYC.

Meg:  I wouldn't be happy anywhere else.

James:  I thought you were spontaneous!  Why can't you just say you'll go try living in the country for a year to see if you like it.

Meg:  I would never be happy there. I already know that.

Julia knew exactly when the POP TV show ended, and put her nose strip on right after that.  You know, so we wouldn't see it.  She says she uses it once a week to dissolve blackheads, and recommends that Steve put one on right now.

He refused.

Steve is a nocturnal creature, and wanted someone to play chess with him.  Julia declined, but Austin agreed to play, with Liz watching on.

Johnny Mac flossed, preparing to end his day.

(As we've seen, he had big plans for the next morning.)

He had a quick whisper with Vanessa, who told him that he would not have the votes to stay this week.

Vanessa:  Here are the factors...your relationships with the jury, and you're more personable than he is.  People like you more.

John:  I thought they liked Steve more.

Vanessa:  Well, fuck if I know.  I'm the last to know around here.  Seriously, I do hope you come back, Johnny, because I think you and me and Steve can be strong in here, and go far.

John:  I hate to say this, because I know you're scared (to change her vote), but I think we're gonna look so dumb...we have the votes to take them out.

Vanessa:  If they don't win HoH, I feel strongly that something is going to happen.  Because people are getting fed up.

Johnny:  Sleep on it. But me, you, Meg and James can flip the vote.

Vanessa:  I don't think so...I think James is really close to Austin.  I think he is actually higher up with them than Steve and I are.  Do you think I can trust Steve?

Johnny:  You have to.  But I think the only difference between me and him is that he's going to flip later.  I'm ready to flip now, and make some big moves.

(That's because Johnny Mac has to do that now, and Steve doesn't. Big difference.)

I'm sure you already know this, but the chess board is very modern this year.

And then hours later, Steve is alone, roaming the house, which is quite common.  I heard him tell the others that he does that in college, too, walking up and down the hallways in his dorm in the middle of the night.  Apparently he's had to discuss his habits with the RA's from time to time, because they were concerned with security and safety.

James:  If you did that where I live, you'd get picked up by the police. You can't just say, I'm going for a walk at 3:00 am.

Steve paced in the Hammock Room and practiced his speech.  At one point I think James heard him talking and came in there to see what Steve was up to, but went back to bed when he realized Steve was just being Steve, talking to himself.

I think part of Steve's speech is that he came in the house "socially inept", and is still socially inept, but he "has a cool haircut now".

Steve said he wanted to come off very sincere, not fake, and is shocked that he will have a full minute to speak on the live show.

(What in the world will Johnny Mac say if he has a whole minute?  I'm sure Julie Chen will be sweating that...)