Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Is it HoH PIcture Day Again....Do We Have To? #BB17

Liz was the first person to wake up and stay up today.  She was eating, of course.  The girl likes her food.

Austin got his camera for the HoH picture session and he wanted to put a bar of Irish Spring in just about every picture.  Liz and Julia yelled at him for this, because they don't think CBS will use the pictures.

Meg got hit in the eye with a piece of chocolate yesterday and I think she has a purple bruise.  Someone in the DR looked at it and gave her an ice pack for it.

Another Irish Spring ad.

They all pretended to laugh in this picture like they were on a cheesy sit com.

Supposedly there was light rain or mist coming down out there and some of the photo shoot models were angry about it.  Hint:  "What the fuck-ah."

At one point they saw one of the Production Beefcakes on the roof and Austin tried to take a picture of him.  We got FISH, of course.

Poor Johnny Mac has to act interested in this process for the second week in a row.  Being on the block will force you to do things you don't want to do.

This was a good picture of the guys jumping.  Julia made them do it again so that James wasn't blocking Johnny.

Meg and the Twins wanted to take a picture of their heads in a triangle, but Austin gave Julia a really hard time about the placement of her head.

While this was happening, Vanessa and Johnny could have a quick conversation using normal, non-whispering voices, because they knew exactly where everybody else was at that time.

Vanessa:  Wouldn't it be funny if the person competing to come back in was from the first five evicted, and not the last four?  And we've been going crazy about the wrong thing?

(What Julie Chen told them about the Jurors still having a chance to come in the game would refute this, though.)

Vanessa says this was the worst HoH picture day yet...everyone is so tired and they really didn't put much creativity or energy into it, except for the Twins.

Speaking of the Twins, the original BB Twins, Adria and Natalie, aka the Fitness Twins, are now on Twitter.  I can still tell them apart---that is Natalie on the left and Adria on the right.

Those Twins had to make it unnoticed until after the fifth eviction, and then both of them could come in the game.  They were big mumblers, and also very big pro-Christian fundamentalists and ended up being very polarizing once they were playing together in the BB house.  But the anticipation of the big reveal was one of the most exciting Big Brother moments ever.

This You Tube video gives some background on how the the twist played out in the early weeks of the game, when the Fitness Twins were switching out, and then the live reveal from Julie Chen before the Twins began playing as individuals.

Obviously Michael "Cowboy" Ellis couldn't digest the information that Julie gave them, because he kept saying "it's Holly....it's Holly" even though Holly had been evicted from the game weeks earlier.

The house looks so tacky!  And the show was so low-tech!  And Diane Henry's tan....my god...her tan.

Team Meg Gets the Job Done. #Bb17

You have have heard Johnny Mac talking about running Tough Mudder races, but did you know Meg was supposed to run a Tough Mudder race last week?

She's mentioned on the live feeds that her friend Andrea Boehlke put a group together to run the Tough Mudder on Long Island, and they named the team "Team Meg" to try and makes sure that Meg wouldn't skip out on it.

Well, Meg missed the race, but she had a good reason, being on Big Brother and all.  Note the cute Team Meg T-shirts.

Poor Andrea, having to hang out with all those guys, all by herself.

Meg better get busy coming up with an excuse to get out of it for next summer, because it sounds like Andrea already has it on her calendar.

Scenes From Last Night - Doing Lines With the Devil. #BB17

This news may shock you, but Austin put on a new pair of shorts yesterday that were presumably clean.  He got them in his HoH basket.

In the earlier BB seasons, they used to have a luxury competition in the late weeks of they game where they get new clothes---as much as they can put on their body in just a few minutes.    I think the last time they did that was BB11, but I could be wrong.  Some of the clothes were designer clothes...really nice.  I remember hearing Drew Daniel read the label on one of the sweatshirts he got and when I looked it up on the internet, it retailed for $160.

But I digress.

It's important to note that Meg is versatile. She doesn't need to just lay around in bed.

Vanessa decides to work out and wants Liz to join her.  Liz says she just can't work out in the BB house, and then admits she just doesn't want to anymore.  She's folding towels now and seems to take pride in her work.

I need to point out that those Twins, particularly Liz, seem to eat all the damn time.  They are either eating, or cooking, or talking about eating, or how hungry they are.  So we might want to keep an eye on the size of things over the next few weeks.

Let's face it, it will give all of us bitches something to do.

Liz had been sitting outside in a small group with Johnny Mac, but when she came in she said she just couldn't fake it anymore.  She hates him and wants him gone.

Yesterday afternoon Liz and Julia sat in the HoH and took turns RIPPING Johnny Mac, about how much they can't stand him.  (They were extremely pissed about Johnny ratting them out earlier in the day.)  I understand later that Julia told Austin that she felt badly about it, and that the Twins can bring out the worst in each other, but here are some of the things that were said.

*  What kind of fucking dentist talks like that?  Julia tries to imitate his voice, and trust me it was not flattering.  (Funny, but not flattering.)
*  They hated his PoV speech, which included saying that asking Vanessa to use the PoV on him was like asking a lion to save a gazelle, and then asking Vanessa NOT to use it on him.
*  FYI The AusTwins were also skeptical of his eviction  speech on the live show when he was up against Becky.  If you recall Johnny listed the nice things that Becky does around the house, and all of her talents, and Austin said he thinks it was supposed to make them all seem like idiots.
*  During the PoV ceremony, Liz wishes that she could have shot flames out of her eyes at him, she hated him so much.
*  Liz addressed the live feeders and tells us that all Johnny does is sleep around there, and he can just go back to bed as far as she is concerned.
*  Julia says he "never cooks" and just eats what everyone else cooks or eats cereal or fruit.
*  Julia said he looks like a skeleton with a hairy back.
*  Liz did a little dancing skeleton routine and said that is Johnny Mac.
*  One Twin said that if it got down to it, she would vote for Meg to win it all over him.  (Ouch.)

But now Julia sits with him at the hot tub and makes conversation.  They want to ask BB for some liquor, and across the yard James (playing pool with Meg) is excited about that.

Julia:  James is a one-beer queer!

John:  Well, I think James probably drinks more in his professional life than he does here.

James says he will drink any one of them under the table.  Johnny says he usually drinks gin and tonics when he goes out.  He has been a leery drinker since one night when he got sick off too many Car Bombs.

Johnny:  I remember drinking only one Car Bomb. But from what I heard the next day, that is not the case.

Julia's favorite girl scout cookie is Thin Mints.  Vanessa says her favorite is the Samoas, but Julia takes offense to that choice.  John says he likes the short bread, and then James says he likes the peanut butter Tag-a-longs. (They are all wrong.  The correct answer is the peanut butter Do Si Do's.)

(You know the Twins were Girl Scouts until high school, right?  Yes, high school.)

Other conversational highlights are as follows.

*  Johnny has been cutting his own hair for about 5 years.  He started doing that when he was in dental school, because he needed to save the $20 per month and also the time it took to go get the haircut, because his studies were so demanding.
*  Julia wanted to go back to school at one point to be a dental hygenist, but her mother said if she is going to do that, she needed to be a dentist.
*  For the first 2 years of dental school, the students practice on dummies, but they need to use real teeth to practice doing root canals.  When the dental students are accepted, they are told to start collecting teeth for this purpose.  It sounds like Johnny had to ask local dentists for their extracted teeth.
*  Now John's boss's son is in dental school, and John saves his extracted teeth for him to use in school.
*  Julia thinks we will have a nationwide shortage of doctors and dentists because of how expensive it is to get the education...she decided against it because she didn't want to be in debt in her late 30's.
*  Johnny has considered privatizing his student loans, but hasn't been offered the right deal yet.  Apparently the government is easier to work with if you ever have issues making loan payments, but the banks will just come after you immediately.  He needs a better incentive from a bank than just a half-point drop in the interest rate to make the switch worthwhile.
* Julia always wanted to be on CNN as an anchor, but is more interested in crime stories than politics. She mentions the show Dateline and says she would like to work on a show like that.

Meanwhile, after their workouts, Vanessa and Austin have a quick chat about the game.

Austin:  I have thoughts.

Vanessa says that he knows who she wants gone (Steve) and says that she and Steve have the same basic skill set, so if he is gone she can win more competitions, which is good for their group because she will never target the AusTwins.

Vanessa: But Johnny could win some comps, too...he's no dummy, and the others may think he is someone to pull along in the game because they don't think he can win. I'm ready to win an HoH...I'm ready to do what needs to be done.

(And feast your eyes on those stacks of nicely-folded towels.)

She agrees that Johnny Mac is too "X factor",  and then she tells Austin what Johnny told her yesterday during their planned meeting.

Vanessa:  He said the two of us are expendable....that if he goes, I will be the next out, so you shouldn't trust him because he's after you three.

Liz joins them and they talk about the 5-person alliance that was created last week to get Vanessa out.

Austin:  Steve was really aggressive about bringing Johnny Mac in....he said he didn't have a group, and Steve was the one who brought him up to the HoH to make the deal, not me.  I was the last one in the room, and it was already all set up.

Austin described how Becky came in the HoH last week and used candy to demonstrate all of the bad things Vanessa has done in the game.

Vanessa:  Well, she really tried to set up something with me....that whole Generals thing, but that never happened.  I'm surprised that you believed her.

Liz:  I'm hungry. I'll go start dinner.

Austin isn't sure that a juror is actually coming back, and they might be making a mistake by behaving as if that will happen.  But Vanessa points out that what Julie said to them is the same things she said last year to the BB16 cast, so she's pretty sure someone will return to the game.

Vanessa:  Even if we keep him, we can not trust Steve.  He is very fake....I could say some things...but he is very fake about so many things.  I just need to stay calm and zip my lips about it, but he's not to be trusted in here.

Austin:  So maybe we should evict him....but Johnny Mac is so vigilante right now...he needs to go.  Steve is like the Rain Man, and Johnny Mac is like Taxi Driver!

They laugh about that and Austin says Johnny will show up in a mohawk and start killing everybody.

Ugh.  I need to point out that I heard Jason Roy on a podcast, and he said Austin smells like "old garlic bread".

So I guess Liz does, too, now.

They are cooking tuna filets tonight for fish tacos, and Julia is going to make her famous guacamole.

Meg and James have a little joke tonight about meeting each other in a bar and being on a date, and then going on a double date with Austin and Liz.  While Liz cooked, Austin started "cutting up the fun stuff", crushing Nerds into a powder to make lines so they can have fun on their double date.  It will be explosive, he says.

Liz:  But don't Nerds tend to hurt your performance?

Austin chuckles about the Nerds reference and says she has a point.

James held up a bag of powdered sugar and said he had plenty of fun stuff right there.  Meg was cracking up, of course.  Austin was trying to dance around it, calling it "fun stuff", but James just said "Cocaine" and Meg thinks the POP TV audience is scandalized.

That didn't stop James from cutting up some sweet lines for Meg.

The cameras show us the "Team Fruity" area of the back of the cereal box.

These are Julia's tacos as she plates them.  I guess there is some tuna filet under all of that guac.

And lots of tabasco sauce, probably a habit picked up at Loyola.  I worked in New Orleans for 6 weeks one time, and I got in the Tabasco habit myself.

Yes, Austin uses napkins.

They started discussing the "One Night in Paris" tape starring Paris Hilton, and Steve asked at least three times if it "was a sex tape" and they had to keep saying "yes" over and over.

Meg:  POP TV hates us.

Meanwhile, Vanessa and Johnny Mac have a quick conversation that will probably make a lot of the fans very happy.

Johnny:  I have ideas....if I'm gonna stay here, I have to work with you.  You're my number one...because you're the devil that I know.

Vanessa:  When you see me outside of here, you'll see that I'm a very kindhearted person.

John:  Oh, I know.  I'm sure.  But in this game...

Vanessa:  I understand.

Vanessa:  Austin and the Twins have some concerns about you, and I don't know if I can change that, but I've been trying.

John:  I know..I've seen it.

John:  But the two of us, we've been like badgers, going at each other.  If I stay, I'll do the dirty work.  I'll make it clear that I'm going after them (the AusTwins), and then we'll be able to get the other two with us (the Goblins).

Vanessa:  I told the AusTwins that you had no reason to be on my side, but Steve is very fake...so fake....I'm not gonna lie, it feels really bad to know that the whole house was working to get me out.  At least you've never that that in here.

John:  We'll talk, but if it's not you and me in here, I might as well just go.

Vanessa:  If you stay, we need to cross our fingers that Shelli is the one to come back, or Becky if she will listen to you.

John:  I think she will.  What's also good for us is that if we are two, and we don't like each other in here, then we're not going to be seen as a target.

Vanessa: Then I'm not going to talk to you much, at least overtly.

(Now finally we have some people thinking around there.  I do think there is a good chance that Johnny will go this week, but if he is the one who returns on Thursday --the revolving door situation--then Vanessa is set up pretty well.  I think Johnny will appeal to the Goblins and tell them he is going after the AusTwins to get their votes to stay this Thursday.  He's already laid that groundwork by telling Austin that, who promptly told the Goblins that Johnny had the nerve to say that to him.)

(No one said Austin was smart....and certainly not strategic.)