Monday, August 24, 2015

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 9 #BB17

This episode might require partental supervision, as it contains:

*  Sexual contact
*  Twin-on-Twin profanity
*  Dirty talking
*  Violence


Summer of Tattletales #BB17

It's been a bad, bad Monday morning for Steve and Johnny so far.  I went to the grocery store and came home to find out I missed a big hour of live feed action.  In the hour leading up to the PoV ceremony, both Steve and Johnny Mac had some moments that are best avoided when you are on the block for eviction.

Basically, yesterday Vanessa had a long, cleansing discussion with Johnny Mac in the backyard.  She and the AusTwins had a plan to have a Q & A session with all of the other house guests to make the most of their HoH and PoV powers this week.  They wanted to find out everything they could about who was working with whom around there, so this conversation was part of executing that plan.

Johnny ended up opening up to Vanessa and they cleared up their old issue that caused the fight with Clay, and Johnny actually made statements alluding to the fact that he and Vanessa were both in a tough spot in the game and they should consider working together.

At this point, Vanessa wanted to push Austin to nominate James if she used the PoV, and told Johnny that she, Johnny and Steve might be able to work something out. Showing that he might be ready to play the game now (finally), Johnny pointed out that it might be best if everyone still thought they were angry at each other.

Now, this morning, Austin has already decided that he will not be putting up Meg or James, so Vanessa met with Johnny Mac to tell him that she did all she could, but the PoV would not be used.  Johnny Mac then told Vanessa that a five-person alliance was formed last week between himself, Steve, and the AusTwins with the sole purpose of evicting her.

Vanessa froze, taking this in:  Are they only working with me now because I have the PoV?

Johnny:   I don't know about that.  But the targets were you, and then apparently me and then Steve.

Meanwhile, Steve makes a snide comment to Meg and James, alluding to the "group upstairs" as a "powerful fortress".  The Goblins, of course, scampered right to Austin to report this.

Vanessa asked Liz about the 5-person alliance, and she said it was true, but Steve orchestrated it.  She said her heart was broken last week after the things Becky said about Vanessa, and she is so glad they cleared the air this week.

So now the Twins are mad at Johnny Mac for squealing on them.  (I don't think he meant for Vanessa to run around and tell everyone...I think Johnny wanted to give her some information so that she would keep him over Steve.)

Vanessa called Steve in to the Have Not room and he probably thought it would be a normal, cheery conversation as he walked in there.  But Vanessa got right to the point.

Vanessa:  So, tell me about the 5 person alliance you put together last week to get me out.

Steve:  Wha--what?

Vanessa:  Was there an alliance to get me out?

Steve:  It was something that was discussed, but I didn't orchestrate it.

You can hear Steve's panic in his voice, and his breathing.

Vanessa:  I think you did, and you don't have the balls to admit it.

Vanessa, voice breaking:  You don't have my vote...Good bye!  And if I were you I'd be breathing heavy too.

And as she walks out she says to Meg and James, who are right there, that "I'm voting Steve out this week, so if you want him out, he's gone".

Vanessa talked with the AusTwins and said that she's not angry at them, because Austin had a right to be angry with her, but Steve had no reason to betray her like that.  Liz says she regrets making that alliance now (I'll bet.) but Vanessa says she appreciates that they didn't  nominate her this week and she forgives them.

Austin:  Did Johnny Mac say that he had an alliance with us?  Did he use the word "alliance"?

Vanessa said yes, and Austin and Liz looked at each other.  Last night Steve went ON and ON his his Steve-like way, telling them not to use the "A word" with Johnny Mac, because he didn't like that....he preferred to word "team" instead.  So now they think Steve is lying about that, too.

Austin convinced Vanessa that the 5-person alliance was probably more of a "group", but Steve was the one who put it all together.  (But I think Austin is the one who orchestrated that plan, actually.)

Austin came down to the bedroom and Steve kind of went at him in front of Meg and James, saying "is that how it happened Austin...I put that group together? is that how it happened?"

Austin:  Well, I don't think you need to attack me.

Steve:  I'm not attacking you.

Austin:  When you say it like that, in front of other people, then yes you are attacking me.

Steve immediately started apologizing in his weird Steve-like way, saying that he didn't mean to be rude, and is very sorry if it came off that way.  Then he paused and repeated it again.

James:  Control Alt Delete.

James and Meg start giggling.  They couldn't help it.

I'll bet Steve wants his Mommy now.


The PoV ceremony was held, and the PoV was not used, so either Steve or Johnny will be leaving this week.  And the only happy people in the house right now are the Goblins, who have been miraculously spared this week, and are enjoying hearing the AusTwins vent about what happened this morning.

Austin:  He, like, came up to me and like, said, like we need to have it out.

Meg: Oh my god.  That's ridiculous.