Sunday, August 23, 2015

Vanessa Gets Down to Brass Tacks, and The Script Gets Flipped. #BB17

After 1:00 am BBT, the Twins were in the HoH room and Meg went up there and immediately started bitching about Vanessa.  Meg was upset that Vanessa had the nerve to try and comfort her when she was crying in the shower.

Meg:  It had nothing to do with her....I just needed a moment!

The Twins:  Oh my god-ah. Of course.

They turned on the Spy Screen and saw Vanessa sitting in the living room.  They knew that she was waiting for Austin to come out of the DR and they were enraged by this.

The Twins: Oh my god-ah...look at her!  She's trying to talk to Austin.

(The fucking NERVE of Vanessa!)

Then they saw Austin come out of the DR and Vanessa took him into the bedroom with her.  They thought this was just unbelievable, that Vanessa would do that.  Steve, Johnny Mac and James visited the HoH room at some point and heard the same story, about Vanessa brazenly approaching Austin for a private chat.

(Obviously the Twins are the only ones not worried about getting put up on the block if Vanessa uses her PoV, but they are trying to relate to the others and hear what they have to say.)

Meanwhile, Vanessa gets down to brass tacks with Austin.  She says she strongly suspects that she was the backdoor target this week, and says she overheard Johnny and Steve earlier when they were playing chess.

Vanessa:  All they did was whisper up there.

Austin says that he did tell Meg that Vanessa was the target this week, but he was lying to her and Vanessa says she understands.

Austin:  I knew in my gut that I couldn't put you on the block.  I got paranoid about you but I realized you have always been my girl in this game.

Vanessa: I know...I was like that about you, too.  I wish that you would tell me things that concern you...I wanted to win that Veto so you wouldn't have to get more blood on your hands.

Steve burst in and they both looked at him.

Steve: I interrupting something?

Vanessa:  Yeah..kind of.

Steve turned around and left and they continued their discussion.  Austin thinks Johnny has been lying to him about Vanessa, and says he now trusts her, and not Johnny.

Austin:  Johnny does not like you, Vanessa.  He told me that whatever deal he made with you, he'd come after you, and I'm telling you everything now.

Vanessa:  Look, people wonder why I'd want to go to the end with the three of you.  If we all get there and I lose because of a comp, then that's okay.  I'm okay financially....more than I'll be okay.  But I like you Austin...and I like the Twins.  We've been working together this whole time..

Austin: I think I've been trusting Steve too much.

Vanessa:  Me too....but he's very calculating....he can't be trusted.  He just lied to me about me being a target.  He's a two-faced phony fucker!

Then Johnny Mac opened the door and wondered if he could come in.  Vanessa told him to please give them a few more minutes, and he left, too.

Vanessa and Austin think that Steve has something going with James, because James wouldn't tell Austin who his target would be if he won HoH, and Vanessa saw the two of them whispering before the double eviction.

Vanessa:  I think he told him he had nothing to worry about....but why wouldn't he nominate him when he had the chance?

Austin:  Yeah...something doesn't make sense.

Vanessa says she understands why Austin lost his trust in her, and it was partly her fault...she should have been totally honest with him.

Austin:  There was just too much paranoia.  I'm glad we cleared the air yesterday, and I feel like I felt about you at the beginning of the game, and I hope you feel the same.

Vanessa:  Well, I did until I saw Meg crying!  Do you know what it feels like when you win something and no one is happy about it?

They talked it out, and Vanessa finally realizes that maybe all of the others had a plan for Vanessa to get backdoored, because they are all working together.

(I think Vanessa knows Austin was in on that, but she is giving him an out here, and is successfully planting the seed that the AusTwins are about to be outnumbered in the game.)

Liz came in and tried to act casual, like she had been looking for Austin, when the truth is that everyone in the HoH room was totally paranoid that Vanessa was planning to use the PoV.

Austin:  Vanessa figured it out...they are all working together, and are against us.

Vanessa:  That's why they wanted Austin to get me out this week....Steve, Johnny, Meg and James are working together, and when Becky or Jackie comes back it will be the five of them against the three of you!  That's why they were so upset that I won the PoV!

Liz:  Oh my god-ah.  I feel sick to my stomach.  But why can't we talk about it up in the HoH room?

Vanessa:  Because you had Meg up there with you.  And now everybody else.

Austin:  Let's go up there and kick everybody out, and make them all nervous.

The go upstairs and Steve seems to be the only one still loitering up there with Juila.  As if they rehearsed it, Vanessa goes into the bathroom and Austin starts getting ready for bed, snuggling in with Liz.

Liz:  Well?

Steve:  Well.

Liz:  You had something you wanted to say?

Steve:  No...I just wanted to come up here to hang out.  Because everyone is scampering, and I wanted to avoid said scampering.

Julia wanted to listen to Austin's music and Vanessa walked back into the bedroom.  There was an awkward silence, and Steve finally stood up and wished them a nice evening before leaving the room.

Steve left and Vanessa immediately started talking about what a phone little sneak Steve is.  They are worried that Steve is coming back up there, so Julia turns off the light.

Julia:  Let's let them think we're asleep.

Vanessa, giggling:  Oh...WE'RE asleep?  They know I'm up here.

They watched the Spy Screen and made sure the coast was clear before they turned the lights back on.

Vanessa started filling Julia and Liz on everything that was discussed.   Vanessa says that when Meg saw the necklace around Vanessa's neck, she burst into tears and wouldn't even look at her.

Julia: But she said she was upset about being a loser, and was worried for James.

Vanessa:  That is bullshit!  Total ca ca!  She didn't even know that I would use the PoV, she was just upset that I lost because it ruined her plan!

Now Liz says that last week they came to her and wanted her to backdoor Vanessa, too.  She says she did hear Steve tell James during the double eviction that he was not his target.  Austin wonders why Meg and James never came up to talk to him before the PoV.

Austin:  Meg's game is shit.

Julia:  Listen, Johnny Mac just came up here and I couldn't understand a word he said.  He's so weird.

Austin:  Something about him bothers me...something is off.

Julia: I know.  Me too.

Vanessa asks Austin if Johnny has ever talked game to him.

Austin:  Yeah, when he came up here and said he was against you, and he wanted you out, and he said he had no team at all.

Liz:  His main reason is the fight you two had before Clay got evicted.

Vanessa:  I've never met someone who couldn't just get over something.  He told me last week that we were cool, but I guess we're not.

Vanessa thinks that the whole plan was orchestrated by Steve, and turning the AusTwins against Vanessa was everything to them, because it isolated the AusTwins and got them to do their dirty work by evicting Vanessa.

(It's the "Liz Hands".)

They are going to try to get Johnny Mac to squeal on Steve, and they plan to tell him that Shelli and Clay told them some dirt about him, because they know that Johnny told Clay everything because he trusted him.

Austin:  Maybe we can try to tell James that Steve has been talking, and try to get them to squeal on each other before the PoV ceremony.

Vanessa:  Oh, we have all the power right now, because I can't be your backdoor pawn now.  And they're all worried about what we're talking about up here.

Liz:  They all came up here and told me that you were talking to Austin downstairs....even Meg!

They all laugh as they start to plan what they will say to each of them, to draw out the truth.  Austin wants to ask each one of them to visit the HoH individually, so that they are separated.

Vanessa:  I think we need to figure out what we want to learn, is it who they trust?  Or who they want out?

(The funny thing is that Steve and Johnny, and Meg and James, really aren't working together, although they certainly should be....)

PoV Aftermath - The House Guests Quietly Panic as Vanessa Clutches the Cards. #BB17

We broke a record last was the first time that the PoV competition lasted throughout the entire BBAD broadcast, ending well after 2:00 am here on the East Coast.  I kept falling asleep and would wake up and see they were still running last week's episodes of the CBS show, with a note that BBAD would return as soon as the competition was over.

Some of you may know that the Zingbot has had some medical emergencies in the BB backyard...specifically during BB12 and again in BB14.  In BB12 the girl in the costume freaked out and started yelling "get me out of this thing" and in BB14 there was some sort of heatstroke situation. I remember Jenn City helped the Zingbot recover and said it was exciting for her to get to talk to the medic, asking him where he was from, etc.

FYI -  When the Zingbot is in the house, the Zingbot's "zings" actually play over the intercom, and the costume is just worn by whoever will fit into it, I guess.  It is so hot in that costume---that is the reason why they have the competition so late in the day now, trying to avoid another medical emergency.

So that is what I thought might be taking so long...the Zingbot may need resuscitation, oxygen, etc.

But it turns out what took so long is that it was the famous "Morphomatic" PoV competition, where each house guest takes a turn guessing which pictures from the memory wall have been blended together into one (ugly) picture.  It used to be a competition that was played every year, but they've taken a few seasons off now.

And Vanessa won....according to Austin, she killed it.  Which must really kill Steve, because he probably thought he would own that competition.


OK.  The players picked to play for PoV were Vanessa, Meg and Julia.  I think Julia was picked as house guest's choice, and Johnny Mac randomly picked Meg.  Again.  Ironically, when he kept pestering Austin earlier in the day to ask who he should pick for house guests choice, Austin told him to pick Meg.

(So disappointing that Johnny Mac can't seem to think for himself.)

The T-shirts say "Newly Zingle, and Ready to Mingle".  Steve says he didn't know where everybody was, so he came upstairs to the HoH.

Vanessa thought she did poorly at the comp, because she "messed up three times", but Julia and Steve said they messed up, too.  It sounds like they had rounds of play, eliminating PoV players as they went.  Vanessa picked a few snacks from the HoH basket and went downstairs.

After she left, Julia said she thinks Vanessa will use the PoV to save Steve, and then Meg or James will go up on the block.

Steve: Do you think that will happen?

Julia:  I don't think she said if she planned to use it, but Meg said she saw you and Vanessa talk after the PoV.

Steve claims now that he never thought he would be good at the Morphomatic competition, but says mixing it with the Zingbot was a fresh idea for the game.

Steve:  The good thing is that you're not going up, Liz isn't going up, and Vanessa isn't going up, so that gives me three votes....I'm safe.

Meg is crying in the shower.  She feels like a failure.  I heard later that she had a hard time identifying her own nose in the morphed picture, so yes that is indeed pathetic.

Vanessa gave her a little peptalk, telling her she got through the first three rounds, so that is pretty good.

Vanessa:  And it's true...we really are in a parking lot, so you can look at it like that.

I love the lights in that bathroom.  They totally make the mood in there.  I would be interested to see if those lights could work in a non-TV bathroom setting.

Vanessa tells the kitchen crew that she hopes she said the right thing to Meg in there.  Someone points out that Meg might be sensitive after hearing the Zingbot's comments.

Liz:  I just remembered the Zings...

James says the whole night was so weird.

The girls had a quick whispered meeting in the Have Not room.  Apparently Steve is stressing out about all of this.

Vanessa:  Bet he wishes he didn't throw me under the bus last week now, huh?

Julia:  He thinks you're going to use it to save him.

Vanessa:  What?  Steve thinks I'm going to use it to save him?  Does he think I'm stupid?

Vanessa wonders why Meg is really crying.  The Twins point out that she probably thinks now that James will be backdoored, so she's extra upset.  They wonder if they need to stay in their Zingbot costumes for their DR sessions, because they all want to shower and change.

Vanessa:  I'm just glad to have finally won something again...because it's been a minute.

Vanessa just got her period again, and it's only been two weeks since the last one.  Liz says she just got off birth control, and hasn't had her period yet and it's been a month.  The three of them joked about that, but Liz said "obviously" she's not pregnant.

(After being on birth control pills, it can take YEARS for your body to regulate itself and get back on track.)

I'm just including this picture because this is cool lighting, too.  I don't think I've ever noticed it before.

James handles the stress pretty well, making chatter and foraging for food with the other house guests.  Apparently Jace's picture was in the Morphomatic, which is kind of a funny twist, since his picture was removed from the memory wall several weeks ago.

Steve:  If they showed everybody's body from the waist down, I guarantee you Austin and I would win in seconds.

Austin agrees.

Steve:  I'd be like...that's Liz.....Meg....Vanessa....

Austin:  Clay.

Steve:  Yeah...Clay could present a problem.

I know Vanessa is reading the situation, wondering how deep the Austin-James relationship runs.  If she saves someone with her PoV, James will likely get nominated.  But she thinks that breaking up Steve and Johnny Mac would be better for her game.

She's watching.  And calculating the odds.

At one point Austin and Vanessa had a moment alone in the kitchen and Austin made the "he's crazy" finger motions to her and whispered about Steve.

Steve's zing involved "being a baby who wants his mommy".

(Steve's mom is a SuperFan so she will probably love that...)

Apparently Austin pitched some sort of hissy fit in the HoH room and threw candy all over.  He says that the beefcakes are probably really upset about that, and having to clean it up.

(I think Production usually does some basic housecleaning at the end of the HoH week, but if Austin trashed the room, I think that's on him.)

Austin said the Zingbot is about 8 feet tall, and Liz said he was scary.

James thinks they might be the worst cast ever.  Apparently they got messy with some popcorn outside, too.

Steve: I feel sorry for whoever has to clean that up.

Austin:  Why?  That's their job...they signed up for it.

Steve:  I guess that's true.  At least they get to go home after they finish here.

(Pretty sure Production HATES Austin, right?)

James' zing had to do with being in the friend zone.  The Twins don't want to discuss their zings--Julia said it was a sore subject, so they might be good ones, right?  Vanessa's zing was something about her being a mastermind, but it's too bad that she cries all of the time.

You might be wondering what Johnny Mac is doing right now.  Well, he took to his bed, to lay and stare.  Shocker!

Vanessa tried to start up a game conversation, asking him if there is anything he can tell her that will help make her decision this week.  (i.e. wanting him to dish some dirt)

John:  No.  Nothing you don't already know.

Johnny says he's just been nominated so many times...he's just over it....if he goes home he goes home.

There is a bunch of new candy in the HoH room and Julia brought down a tray of it, saying there are Junior Mints and other delicious treats.

Meg is excited and picks through the candy to find the Junior Mints, because "they are the bomb".

Julia:  Friggin Sno Caps!

(So, movie theater candy...)

Vanessa asked Steve the hard questions in the bedroom, wanting to know if she was the backdoor target.

Steve:  What..this week?

Vanessa:  Yes, this week.  I saw Meg crying and she said that when she saw the low score, she knew it was me, and that I won.  So I think she knew that I wouldn't be the one going home, after all.

Steve denied this, and Vanessa clarified his answer, that he is confirming there was no backdoor plan to evict her this week. (She knows Steve is a big liar now....he should have come clean but of course if he did that Vanessa would tell the AusTwins that he said that.)

Up in the HoH the Twins are sweeping and cleaning up the big mess, while Julia complains about what a pig Austin is.

Julia:  He's spoiled and entitled...he's a brat!

Julia brought up the scandal at the bathroom sink earlier today, and is still livid about it.  Apparently she was at the bathroom sink washing her hands and Austin came in and was talking to one of the guys.  He shifted the faucet away from her to he could use the water stream, without even saying anything about it to her.

Julia was so pissed about this, saying that he's just entitled and feels like he can do whatever he wants in there.

Steve plows through chips like he doesn't have a care in the world.

Enjoy your snack, Steve.

And the two introverts with actual financial success outside of the house end up where they are most bed, trying to find some solitude, but for very different reasons.

If Johnny wanted to win this thing, he would start positioning himself with Vanessa RIGHT NOW, while he has the chance.  All he needs to do is say something about how the AusTwins need to be split up, or how Steve is working with them....but of course, he doesn't.  And won't.

Coulda Shoulda Woulda Johnny Mac.