Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Delayed Report is Better Than No Report, Right? #BB17

Sorry for the delay.  I just got kind of burnt out with everything.  To be honest, I thought the Thursday live show SUCKED and kind of made me think it's going to be that way down the stretch.

I took these pictures Friday and kind of halfway paid attention to the live feeds on Friday and Saturday.  I will post now, with whatever I can remember and try to get back on track after the PoV.  I think part of what has sent the season into a  spiral for me is the fact that Julie already told them that someone will come back in the game from the Jury.  Because Julie told them that, the house guests are thinking about that way too much, and it has ruined what could have been some great blindside moments.

Because it's not a blindside if you tell the person that they are leaving....

This is the last picture I took of Becky...she was showing her feet to Johnny Mac in an attempt to demonstrate how swollen her left big toe is, but that comparison is somewhat bogus due to the bandage.

And I'm sure you noticed that Becky did not appear to have a limp on the way out of the door.  She did have on flats, however, and apparently she had a cortisone shot a few hours before the show.  People are saying that Becky faked it, but we all saw that toe...she did not fake it.  I ripped a tendon in my left foot one time and I can say from experience that once you get that shot of cortisone, you don't feel much at all.

I find it more interesting that Julie Chen didn't even mention Becky's injury during their post-eviction chat, particularly since it did prevent Becky from campaigning...assuming she would have done that.  Maybe Production didn't want to even have that conversation about her getting an infection from the OTEV Buttah.

Because, lawyers.  And Becky already has lawyers representing her regarding the train injury, so....

After Austin won the HoH comp, it was a long, crazy night in the Big Brother house.  Things shifted and flip flopped several times that night. It was hard to keep track of who was who and what was what.

When Vanessa initially met with the Twins after the HoH comp, it seemed like they all wanted to target Johnny Mac.

Meanwhile Steve kind of turned aggressive, pushing his agenda with Austin to target the Evil Vanessa.  We will see on Sunday night that when the HoH comp was down to just Austin and James, they made some sort of (stupid) deal that whoever won, the other side would protect the other person and their main supporter (Liz and Meg, respectively).

The Scamper Squad (the AusTwins, Steve and Vanessa) met and Steve was very loud about not wanting to be a pawn this week.  Vanessa took offense to that and the two of them got a little nasty with each other.  Steve ended up leaving the room and refusing to listen to Vanessa later when she tried to apologize.

Austin got kind of drunk as the night progressed, drinking straight from a bottle of red wine.  Steve visited the HoH room again to speak with him, and got really pushy, saying he did not want to be nominated along with someone else from their group of five.  And he said that OVER and OVER and OVER.  He finally ended up saying it was okay if he was put up as a pawn, but not with one know...because he told us OVER and OVER and OVER.

Austin was really trashing Vanessa, and told Steve about his final two deal with Vanessa.  Austin really shit on Vanessa, forgetting that before he finally got together with Liz, she was all he had.

Steve, obviously fuming:  She made a final two deal with you? She did that?  She made a final two deal with you?  She did that?

(Because Steve thought he had one, too.)

And so on.  Steve did not believe that Vanessa would vote to keep him, and since they need three votes to be evicted this week, he was very worried that she would vote against him.  Austin later said that part of the problem is that the AusTwins spent so much time in the past two weeks trashing Vanessa, that Steve believes everything  they said, even though they know Vanessa is still on their side, at least for now.

Steve crowed over the fact that Vanessa is being blamed for him evicting Jackie last week, and Austin laughed and said he would try to pin the eviction this week on her, too.

(See, they are ALL lying, but they can all blame it on Vanessa, which is very convenient.)

Austin also called Vanessa a "Bible Thumper" and mocked her for this.  But the only reason why Vanessa read the Bible is that there is nothing else to read in there, and she was taking off a few hours from the game while she mourned being the clear backdoor target.  And she told everyone about the Book of Job because she was surprised about the story line, not because she was trying to push Jesus on anyone...but let's not let reality get in the way of the "Anybody But Me" strategy.

Then the Twins came upstairs, and promptly started trashing Vanessa, too, telling Austin just about everything that Vanessa just told him. You can see that the Twins did some touch ups on their roots earlier today.  Vanessa still had color left from her HoH basket, so they did her roots, too.

They do have a lot of blondes on the cast this year.  In the past, BB seemed to have a quota of blondes and they didn't want to have too many.  For example, during BB12 Britney said that casting wanted her to dye her hair because they had too many blondes on the cast, but Britney refused.  Annie Whittington (the Saboteur evicted the first week) is a natural blonde, but agreed to die her hair light brown to be on the show.  They obviously don't do that anymore.

Julia went off on a tangent, saying that she heard Johnny Mac SCREAMING in the DR tonight, from the living room.  She thought that was super sketchy because that is so far removed from the persona that he presents to them on a daily basis.

Julia:  Something is up with him.  I am so sketched out by him.

Austin:  Then he needs to go this week.

I must point out that when Steve was up there, Vanessa was Austin's target this week.  Austin is very easily influenced, but in the end, if the Twins tell him what to do, I think that is what he is going to do.  And Julia always seems to put a good word for Vanessa in, for weeks now, but doing so in a very subtle way, just kind of sliding her ideas into the conversations.

The next morning, Austin seemed contrite with Vanessa, as she pointed out how fishy it was that Steve initially refused to go on the block.  Being sober probably helped, to be honest.  And Vanessa getting a good night's sleep now that she's out of the Have Not room probably didn't hurt, either.

But she made some CRAZY statements about how Austin's family was trying to tell him through the pictures that they selected to "hang with his gay friend", i.e. keep her this week.  The picture in question was Austin doing gymnastics with some gay guy that he knows.  Or something like that.

(Vanessa was roundly mocked for this for hours by the others.)

Austin was really exited about making a big splash with his nomination speech.  He is really trying to get the WWE's attention, so he is planning to go all out with the whole Judas routine.

This clown nose was in his HoH basket, for some reason, and Austin says he might show up at the nomination ceremony wearing it, and never refer to it at all.  Which is pretty funny, actually.

Meg wasn't worried at all about today's nominations.

Because, Meg.

Johnny Mac did go into the HoH room last night, and at that time Austin made it clear that Vanessa was the target, and would probably be an initial nominee, since Steve didn't want to go up next to Johnny Mac, and Austin couldn't nominate James and Meg due to the deal he made out on the track with James.

Johnny Mac volunteered to be a pawn, of course.

Because, Johnny Mac.  But he is the target or the backup target, depending on who you ask around there.  Even Steve knows that, but I doubt he will spill the beans to Johnny about that because he wants to believe that he won't be the target.

Steve did tell Johnny about being part of Freaks and Geeks, though, because he didn't want Vanessa to be the one to spill the beans about that and turn Johnny away from him.

Vanessa looks very Culture Club this morning to me.  She is not going to just let shit happen without fighting it, of course.  They were all waiting for the HoH room lockdown while the Have Not foods were assembled for them on the dining table.  Meg was super pissed that it looked like she would have to be a Have Not again this week with James.  Due to their super-lame, cop-out rotation schedule, it would have been the Twins turn, but Austin's HoH win changed all that.

(I like it when they get mean and pick each other, or when the losers of a comp have to be Have Nots.)

So everyone was elated to emerge from the lockdown and find the dining table was now much smaller, and there was a note that said there would be no Have Nots this week.  I have personally heard Steve say that he "can't believe the table is smaller" at least 14 times.

You can believe it Steve.  It happened.

Steve went up to the HoH room for another round with Austin.  Steve didn't understand why Austin wouldn't put up James or Meg, and kind of threatened Austin by saying that it looks like he is favoring the Goblins over him and Johnny Mac.

Steve left and Austin did this with Liz, saying that he wished he wasn't HoH this week, because it was going to be a difficult decision.

The Twins both told Austin that it didn't make sense to target Vanessa, because she would not be targeting them in the next week, and everyone else probably was.  And leaving her in the game would leave a big target in front of them.

Julia:  And I'm so sketched out by Johnny Mac....he's the last one to join our group, so why would we keep him over someone we've been working with for weeks?

Vanessa's timing ended up being perfect.  She went up to the HoH and Austin asked the Twins to leave so he could speak with her alone.  He brought up James throwing the BoB when Vanessa was HoH and she apologized, saying it didn't matter at that point.

Vanessa:  And you lied....remember that?  You lied..that is why I doubted you.

Austin:  Yeah, I did.

Vanessa:  And I got over it, and since then we've been good!  It is stupid for you guys to get rid of me this week---I'm all alone in here and you know it!

Their talk was good, it felt genuine.  When Vanessa left Austin discussed it with the Twins, and they both agreed that they should keep Vanessa, and that Steve should go up on the block with Johnny Mac.  Johnny Mac will be the target, with James as the likely backup move.

Austin:  Well, I guess I should bring Steve back up here and let him know that is what is going to happen.

Just then, the feeds went to FISH to signal the nomination ceremony.  I think Production waited as long as they could---it was much later in the day at this point then the usual timing of the ceremony.

From what I've heard on the live feeds, Austin was Judas during much of the ceremony, and the girls said it was kind of scary.  I heard Steve say that Production actually asked him to tone it down a little.  I think he threw his Judas hat.

And Austin apologized later to Steve for what he said in his speech, saying it was "all a wrestling thing".

Steve: I understand.  You don't need to explain.

So it sounds like Austin cut a promo on Steve and Johnny, right? I think it is important to remember that Austin was with the "development league" of the WWE, never making the Big Show.  And that he left after exposing a big scandal involving one of the main trainers there.

So Austin going back to the WWE may be a stretch, no matter what he or Judas does this summer.