Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 8 #BB17

Wil has produced another great musical number here, covering the double eviction.  Watch this and enjoy:

*  Vanessa's boring poem
*  Austin, sporting a casual, daytime look
*  Johnny Mac rudely saying "whatever " to Julie Chen
*  A peek inside Johnny's dental practice
*  Some exciting cameos from former BB players, like Chef Joe (BB14), Jocosta (BB16), and musical collaboration from Christine Brecht (BB16).
*  I think I spotted Elissa in there, too...
*  Even Audrey and her blanket gets in on the act.


Liz: Oh My God-ah. I'm Blogging. #BB17

Liz addresses the *ahem* issue here.  And she spells "brass tacks" correctly, so that's something..

Hey BB fam!
First things first, I want to give a shout out to my wonderful family, I miss you guys so so much! Mom, I miss you, your laughter, and your cooking dearly. I’ve been making you proud and have been cooking up a storm in the house. Angela, I got your letter in my HoH basket this week! It made Julia and me cry so much. We miss our big sister more than words can describe, and it’s so great to hear you’re doing well back in the 305. Can’t wait to give you a cheek rub!

Since Daddy doesn’t know much about blogs, when you guys read this tell him that Juj and I miss him terribly and we can’t wait to give him a big hug. Also, Nena we miss you too much and we know you’re always up-to-date watching our shenanigans on the Live Feeds!

Lastly, I want to shout out my peeps at work! I miss you guys dearly and I can’t wait to see how much the company has grown over the past few months. :)

So, I’m sure you guys have been keeping up with us on the Live Feeds, but I just wanted to let everyone know how awesome it is to have my identical twin sister in this game with me! We are having one of the best summers of our young adult lives, and words cannot describe how excited I was to see her walk through the front door as Julia. (Finally!). It was so hard for us to live and function under one identity.

Although we are really similar, we have so many differences. The other Houseguests are able to tell us apart perfectly, which is great because it gets kind of annoying when people can’t tell us apart and refer to us as Twin 1 and Twin 2! All in all, we are so fortunate to have made it this far in the game. I thought we would for sure be the #1 targets as soon as Julia got here as herself.

Austin has been like the papa bear protecting his young cubs. He’s the best!

While we’re on the subject, ahem ahem, as I’m sure you all have seen, Austin and I have been getting pretty close :) He makes me laugh so much, and in this house you really need that! We love to cook together, work out together, hang together, and the best part about him is that he lets me yell at him and takes it like a champ. :P

Although he and I have been having a blast in the BB world together, it’s sad to think about life outside this house because he lives here in L.A. and I’m across the country in MIA. Things are going fantastic with him, thus far, so it will be interesting to see where we will be once we step back into the real world.

We are both hopeful we’ll make it work, so we’ll see where the journey takes us!

Now, let’s get down to brass tacks and talk about my game.

First of all, I am so stoked Julia and I survived Double Eviction! You have no idea how fast my heart was pounding that night! It was, by far, the most stressed I have ever been in the game thus far!

Thankfully, Steve won the loop comp, so I knew right away that Julia and I were going to be safe. Not only are we working with Steve—our alliance is called Scamper Squad, and it consists of Julia, me, Austin, Vanessa, and him—but we have also grown to love him so much!

Julia and I call him the little bro we never had. We are having so much fun getting him to open up and horse around the house with him.

All in all, it has been a very successful week as the reigning HoH. I have been having tons of fun with the final nine Houseguests. It really sucks I had to put Johnny Mac and Becky up on the block because I have grown to know and love both of them. However, as the numbers dwindle, I didn’t have much of a choice since I’ve never worked with them throughout the game, and I’ve made previous loyalties.

I hope to see Julia win HoH next week! She hasn’t won one yet, so that would be cool if the #TwinTeam stayed in power.

I’m signing out, but I hope you guys have enjoyed watching me grow and adapt to the crazy Big Brother world. It has been the ride of a lifetime and I’m so fortunate for this whole experience.

All my best,

They're Bored....We're Bored....We're All Bored. #BB17

On a scale from 1 to 10, last night's Boring Index was about an 9.2.  It was very, very boring.  It is true that Monday night was extremely fun to watch, so this makes last night an even bigger Snooze Fest.

(Last night was the BB Chopped competition.)

Julia lounged with Steve in the hammock, and discussed their school experiences.  Steve asked her a lot of questions, but not the repetitive, borderline-obsessive kind of questions.  He was surprised to learn that the Twins went to a Catholic high school.  It was a very small school, and was located right on the water.   She had to wear a uniform (khaki pants) and her best friend was Jewish.

Steve was surprised at that, but Julia said it was considered a good school so the religious part was probably secondary.  They had to go to mass at least once each week but her friend did not have to take communion.  Julia loved mass because they got to wear cute clothes.

Johnny Mac and Austin were working out together, with Becky doing her own thing nearby, but we could still hear Julia and Steve's conversation over all of the grunting and counting.

Julia and Liz both applied to University of Florida, but didn't have the test scores to get in.  She really wanted to go there, but ended up going to the University of West Florida for a few years until she could get into Loyola.  She doesn't regret it, because it helped her get into Loyola and living in New Orleans "changed her life".

Steve can understand how Julia feels about not getting into UF.  His first choice of colleges was MIT, but he didn't get in.

Steve, using hip language now:  I know the feels.

Julia ran track and field, and was a cheerleader for four years.  She had to explain the difference between cheerleading and what Jackie does as a dancer, because Steve thought it was the same.  Steve says he never went to one football game when he was in high school.

Becky heard this topic of conversation and came right over to give her two fourteen cents.  She says her local team was one of the best, and she always went to every game.

Becky:  Everybody went---it was our sport!

Across the backyard, at the hot tub Liz, Meg and James are chatting.  James is trying to be funny, bringing up everyone's family members.

James:  I wonder what Angela's doing?  (the Twin's older sister---by only 10 months)


James:  I wonder what Andrea is doing?  (ha ha  Andrea Boehlke, Meg's Survivor friend)


James:  I wonder what Mayor Maley is doing?  and Mary Kay?

Meg:  Mary Lou is my mom...not Mary Kay!

Meg thinks her family must have stopped watching this show weeks ago.

Upstairs, Vanessa and Steve tried to fight off boredom by playing a game of chess, but even that didn't work.  Steve had a bad attitude about it and made a number of combative comments about Vanessa's chess game, such as:

*  You're still up to your same shit.
*  You have no original content here.
*   Here I am trying to learn something, but you are just reciting the same old stuff that you memorize.

Vanessa tried to coach Steve, asking him questions about his planned moves and giving advice.

Vanessa:  But if you make that move, the game will be over.

Steve:  This game was over a long time ago.

She explained that chess players usually have a favorite opener and spend a lot of time studying how to execute it from all angles.

Steve:  Whatever.

Vanessa explained to Austin that Steve just stopped trying, like he does when he plays chess with Julia.

Vanessa made her Pickle Fried Pork again, and announced that there were a lot of clothes on the couch that belong to somebody, and it would be great if someone could check to see if they owned any of them.

Steve:  Why do I feel like that was directed at me?

Meg:  Well, they're all men's clothes.

James feels like he's gained five pounds in the BB house.  Liz says her mom primarily caters weddings, and her business partner does all of the other events they are hired to do.

James mentioned having the BB Slop Battle tonight, but there wasn't much interest in that.  No one wants to eat slop.

James:  If we had a Cupcake War, I'd be into that. I can make cupcakes without a recipe.

Everyone is surprised by that.

Meg thinks she could make cupcakes, too, and says she has actually been thinking about it.

James:  I'd need some powdered sugar....and some...I don't want to say it, because I'd give away my secrets, but I can make my own icing bag.

Austin made a number of comments about how Grandma can bake, and how her college roommate was Betty Crocker, etc.

In Steve's quest to "buddy up" with Austin, he claimed to have had contact with Colgate Palmolive regarding sponsorship deals for Colgate toothpaste.

Austin made a salad for Liz that included blueberries.

Outside Johnny tried to pretend to be interested in tonight's planned activity.  Apparently they are having some sort of mock trial for "Grandma" after James threw some chocolates at her.  Vanessa is Grandma's lawyer and is using Johnny Mac as her medical expert called to testify.

They discussed sub-dermal hematomas and so forth.  This morning Vanessa also discussed specific antibiotics by name with Johnny Mac, telling him she knows about it because Mel had a staph infection last year and they consulted with a doctor who is in her family about what to do about it.

My Point:  It won't be long until Johnny Mac starts rumors that Vanessa is a doctor, right?

Becky is going to be the judge in the trial, and she wastes no time being judgey and bossy about how things will be handled in her courtroom.

When it came time for the trial, Meg hobbled out using the Swiffer as a crutch and everyone laughed at her grandma socks and shoes.

I lost interest in this, and stopped watching.  It's just too douchey for me.  Meg herself said earlier that she has never known people who keep using the same inside joke over and over for three weeks.

Meg:  Maybe use it one week, and then come back to it weeks later.  But not three weeks in a row....I've had enough with the Irish Spring.  Please think up some new jokes.

Steve:  This is Austin and James you're talking about much originality are you expecting?


This morning Becky is in a lot of pain.  She went into the DR to discuss her toe at around 5:00 am, and over six hours later she still hasn't seen a doctor or gotten any medication to take.

Becky said her toe is swollen to twice it's size from yesterday, and she knows she is supposed to keep it elevated, but when she does that it throbs and is excruciating, but when she keeps it level it becomes more swollen.  She has been crying and her eyes are red.

She has an ice bath to soak it in.  Vanessa came to look at it and thinks it might be an infection, potentially a staph infection, and says she might really need a strong antibiotic to start the healing process.

Becky doesn't understand what is taking the DR so long to get a doctor.

I think she may have initially hurt her toe playing the OTEV PoV competition.  I know they had to trudge through all sorts of gooey and wet substances, so maybe that is where she might have been exposed to some bacteria.

I found a moment in the hammock in the wee hours of this morning, around 4:45 am, where Becky was in the hammock with Steve and Johnny and she put her feet right in Johnny's face.

I think the problem is just south of the toenail on her left big toe.  You can see some swelling, and apparently it is much worse today.

I know this may be a bad time to bring this up, but surely Johnny Mac has considered how this might impact the votes to evict on Thursday night.  If Becky has a serious injury, she might not seem like such a competition threat, after all.....